Who Can Get Through This Common Sense Test Without Looking Up The Answers?

Attending high school and university aren't the only ways to learn things. Life, in its entirety, is its own kind of school. In our day to day experience, we may not learn about rocket science or molecular biology, but we do pick up a different kind of smarts— common sense.

Just going about our daily business teaches us all kinds of things that a lifetime in a university wouldn't. We learn about people, culture, business, and geography, just by living as a citizen of the world. A stuffy college classroom may be the main image that comes to mind when we imagine an education, but the outside world is as much a classroom as a university lecture hall. The postman can be a professor, teaching us about what the stamps of different countries look like. Plaques along the street can be textbooks, helping to shed light on the history of the city. The random person on the train who talks to anyone who will listen about the Ant-Man can be looked at as a lesson in cultural trends (who says pop culture isn't part of a well-rounded education?). 

Just by living their lives, most people should come to know a certain set of facts. Is anyone brave enough to take this test and find out if they have what it takes to pass?

Question 1

What is the smallest country in the world?

There are 195 countries in the world, and just like we humans who populate them, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like Russia and Canada, go on for thousands of kilometers, and others, like Portugal and Italy, can be driven across in a day. But there's only one country that holds the title for being the smallest country in the entire world. There are a ton of tiny places, like Caribbean islands and little city-states, but one towers below them all when it comes to size. Can anyone name which of the following countries is the smallest in the world?

Question 2

Which film is the highest grossing of all time?

When one thinks about the history of cinema, there are so many big titles that come to mind. In the past few decades, blockbusters have taken over pop culture, with the main summer hits defining the water cooler conversation for the next year. But there's only one film that holds the title for the highest grossing film of all time. There are a lot of films that have made a ton of money worldwide, from superhero films to science fiction movies to romances. But there's one movie in particular that rises above the rest. Does anyone know which movie this is?

Question 3

In which country did the Renaissance start?

The Renaissance changed the course of history forever. Although we tend to exaggerate how "dark" the Dark Ages actually were, it cannot be denied that the Renaissance marked a time of cultural revolution and change in Europe. No longer was the main focus of society on minimizing the self and celebrating the church. People were still devout, but the focus of society shifted to celebrating humanity and the individual, with great focus placed on the ancient Greeks and Romans. Great artists arose, architects revolutionized cities and thinkers changed public discourse. Can anyone remember in which country the Renaissance actually started?

Question 4

Which of these languages is considered Germanic?

There are many different language groups in the world, most of which the average person isn't aware of unless they studied linguistics in university. There are Indo-European languages, Slavic languages, Romance languages, Sino-Tibetan languages, Uralic languages, Turkic languages, and even with all of those, we're still not even scratching the surface of the world's linguistic diversity. So many different cultures have evolved over the years, many speaking languages that have next to nothing in common with many of the other languages of the world. But there are a few language groups that most people are familiar with. Can anyone name which of the following languages are Germanic?

Question 5

Which substance is commonly used in pencil lead?

Hint: it's not lead. Although this question may seem to contain the answer, in this case, don't be misled. Lead is not a component in pencils, given that it's not exactly good for one's health. Contrary to popular belief, lead never actually was a component of wooden pencils. In ancient times, the Romans used a lead stylus, but nowadays, given that we know a bit more about lead and its detriments, we don't use it in our writing devices. But there is a certain type of substance that is commonly used in pencil lead. Can anyone name which type of compound this is?

Question 6

Where is Silicon Valley located?

Silicon Valley has paved the way for the modern world of technology. Just a few decades ago, we didn't have the Internet, social media or smartphones? We know- it's hard to imagine such a world. But this world of face-to-face communication and reading the newspaper instead of staring at our phones on the subway did once exist. Nowadays, Silicon Valley has changed the way we relate to both ourselves and the world around us. New applications and devices stream out of Silicon Valley every year, continuing to revolutionize culture and change what it means to exist in a modern world. Can anyone name where Silicon Valley is located?

Question 7

Which actor played Forrest Gump?

This movie is one of the great feel-good movies of the late 1900s. It tells the story of a man who manages to change the world, even though the odds are stacked against him. Despite being a bit slower than most, Forrest Gump is one of the kindest, most loyal characters ever depicted in cinema. He builds lasting relationships with those around him and manages to alter the course of US history forever, usually unwittingly. The movie shows us that great things can come from those we might not expect them to. Can anyone remember who played Forrest Gump in the movie?

Question 8

From which book is the quote, "Not all those who wander are lost"?

This quote can often be found scrawled across buildings, written on pathways or tattooed on people's shoulders. It is inspiring for those of us who might not want to conform to the typical life path that society lays out for us. We are supposed to go to university, get a job and live out the rest of our lives with a partner and a family. That kind of life certainly has its merits, but so does wandering. Sometimes, we find the best things in life when we break out of the mold set out for us and wander the world's wonders for a while. Which book is this quote from?

Question 9

From which country was Pablo Picasso?

Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous painters in the world. He was renowned for his unique, trailblazing style of art. After the Impressionist movement, European art started to veer away from the typical realism of previous centuries. Instead, the artist's point of view was emphasized, with paintings becoming more abstract. Picasso helped to pioneer the Cubist movement, but throughout his lifetime, he experimented with many different styles. Although most everyone knows who Pablo Picasso is, not everyone can name the country he was born in. Can anyone taking this quiz pick out which of the following countries Pablo was from?

Question 10

What are the colours of the French flag?

We see it all the time at French restaurants, hanging from souvenir shops or in the emoji section of our phones. But it's funny how the brain can filter the fine details of our daily experiences out of our memories. Even if we've seen something a million times, it can sometimes be difficult to remember exactly what we saw. We forget the colour of the paint in our apartment building, or we can't remember how many steps lead up to our front door. In a similar way, we often can't remember what the flags of the world's famous countries look like. Can anyone pick out which colours are those of the French flag?

Question 11

From which country was Leonardo Da Vinci?

Nowadays, when we call someone a "Renaissance Man," we mean that they are well-versed in many different areas. They may be an expert mathematician, a seasoned clarinet player as well as a student of philosophy. Perhaps they know everything there is to know about European history in addition to the detailed biochemistry of cell biology. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the very first Renaissance men, and he actually lived during the Renaissance. He produced one of the most famous works of art of all time- the Mona Lisa. But he also came up with detailed plans for flying machines, dissected bodies and designed architecture. Does anyone know which country he is from?

Question 12

Which river runs through Washington D.C.?

Most early cities sprung up around water. One of the main things that humans need in life is water, so it would follow that our urban settlements would centre around this essential commodity. Most of the famous cities in the world have a famous river that cuts the land in two. In Paris, it is the Seine, which is famous for the gorgeous bridges that span its length. In London, it's the Thames, which the Tower Bridge famously hangs above. But there are many famous rivers in the USA that cut through America's big cities. Can anyone name which one goes through Washington D.C.?

Question 13

Which actor stars in Iron Man?

Back before the first Iron Man movie hit theatres, everyone had heard about Spider-Man, Superman and Batman, but Tony Stark was a bit of a lesser known hero. Nowadays, though, he is probably the most famous, well-loved superhero in the world (so they'd better not off him in this next movie). The first Iron Man movie started an entire universe of superheroes, with characters like Thor, Captain America, Doctor Strange and Black Widow following in Tony Stark's footsteps and joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But everything Marvel has become today started back in 2008 with the first Iron Man film. Who plays Tony Stark in these films?

Question 14

Which of the following creatures is NOT in Harry Potter?

Harry Potter defined the childhood of an entire generation. We would read them over and over again until the covers wore off. We'd wait eagerly at bookstores for the next one to be released. We'd line up at the studios to finally fulfill our lifelong dream of tasting butterbeer. From the magical creatures to the beautiful wizarding school, there was just something about the series that captured the attention of people both young and old. Many different creatures feature in the story, which the characters learn about in their courses at Hogwarts. Which of the following creatures is NOT in Harry Potter?

Question 15

Of which country is La Paz the capital?

We all know what the capitals of France, China and Britain are. But knowing the capitals of the most famous countries in the world is different than knowing the capitals of all 195 countries on the globe. Heck, it's hard to even remember the names of all these countries. Sure, we all know that Mexico, Canada and the USA are the big players in North America. But can anyone name all the countries of Africa? Or Southeast Asia? Or South America? Let alone the capitals of these countries? Well, let's start with La Paz. Which country is this city the capital of?

Question 16

In which state is the city of Atlanta?

Atlanta is well-known for its history, having played a central role in both the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and the Civil War that rocked America in the 1860s, 100 years before. Its economy is highly diverse, spanning everything from transportation to logistics to technology. It also is home to the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which has been the world's busiest airport for the past 20 years. Everyone has heard of this vibrant city, but not everyone can actually name the state that it is in. We all know New York City is in New York (kind of obvious) and that San Fransisco is in California. But where is Atlanta?

Question 17

Which author wrote The Fault In Our Stars?

Whether fans saw it in theatres or read the book, it's hard not to love The Fault In Our Stars. It tells the story of two teenagers with cancer who fall in love and then face the perils of their disease together. It is tragic, funny and moving all at the same time, with the author somehow managing to capture the beauty of life and what it means to be in love all while telling the story of kids who have had their life expectancies cut short (not exactly chipper subject matter). Can anyone name the author who wrote The Fault In Our Stars?

Question 18

Of which element is "Au" the symbol?

We all knew our Periodic Table at one point or another in our life. Often, it's because it was mandatory knowledge for high school chemistry class- which means that for most people, the last time they actually saw a Periodic Table (which wasn't on Sheldon Cooper's t-shirts on The Big Bang Theory) was years ago. But some of the elements have symbols that are easy to remember. And some of the elements are so commonly seen in the everyday world that being able to recognize their associated chemical symbol becomes second-nature. Can anyone remember which of the elements the symbol "Au" represents?

Question 19

Which actor starred in the movie Footloose?

We've all heard the music, and most of us have seen the movie. It was a gem of the 1980s, telling the story of a young high schooler moving to a small backwater town and reckoning with the straight-laced adults there who have banned dancing. Having been a city-goer before he moved to rural America, the main character makes it his personal mission to make dancing legal again. Along the way, he pulls off some pretty epic dance moves, wins the girl and makes some pretty great friends (so, a typical 1980s film). Can anyone remember who plays the main character?

Question 20

Which language is spoken in Brazil?

Although most of us are familiar with the famous languages of the world, not everyone can name which country speaks which language. It's easy with places like France and Spain, which obviously speak French and Spanish. But when we look at countries that were colonized, it can be more difficult to remember which language is dominant. Almost all of the European nations colonized different parts of the Earth at some point or another, and in the globalized world that we live in, it can be hard to remember which countries started out as which colonies. Does anyone know what language is spoken in Brazil?

Question 21

How many prongs are on a typical fork?

We see them every day, but it can be surprisingly hard to remember how many prongs are actually on a fork. Although the human brain is capable of remarkable things, remembering the happenings of daily life is often not one of them. The things we see the most often become background noise in our everyday life, and their details fade in our memory like fog on a sunny day. Although most of us can summon the image of a fork without issue, it's more of a generic picture that comes to mind, without the intricate details. Can anyone remember how many prongs a fork has?

Question 22

In which year did the United States join World War II?

World War II is one of those events in history that everyone has a general idea of. When it comes to the details of England's Renaissance or the Antebellum era in America's south, we don't really expect an everyday person to have much knowledge. Sure, if that person is a historian of Britain's or America's history, then we certainly wouldn't be surprised if they started lecturing us on Shakespeare's impact on English culture or cotton plantations. But an everyman would probably have little knowledge on these subjects. World War II, though, is an event most people know at least a little bit about. Can anyone name the year America joined the war?

Question 23

Which of the following books is about World War I?

The two World Wars of the 20th century are well known by most everyone in the world. They defined the century, shaping which countries would come to dominate on the world stage and changing the way history unfolded forever. Between the sacrifice of the men who fought, the drama of nations in conflict and the heart-wrenching sorrow of families waiting at home, these two World Wars have become some of the most commonly dramatized historical events, whether in the form of films or novels. There is one particular novel that famously tells the story of a soldier who fights during World War I. Which of the following books is that novel?

Question 24

Which author wrote the book 1984?

1984 is one of the most famous books of all time. It tells the story of a man living in a totalitarian dictatorship in which "Big Brother" oversees everyone's activities. But it's not just what people do that Big Brother keeps an eye on- he also monitors what people are thinking. Anyone who acts against the regime- or even thinks a thought against the regime- is guilty of a crime and taken into custody. The book was published in the mid-20th century and is a warning against the perils of totalitarianism. The author is famously known as the conscience of his generation. Who is the author?

Question 25

Which of the following comedians does NOT have a late night show?

There are many different types of comedians out there. There are those who limit their work to stand-up comedy. There are some who work on Saturday Night Live almost exclusively. There are those who act in Hollywood movies in comedic roles. And then there are those who have taken on the role of late night TV host. These people are the comedians who sit at the helm of late night television, reciting humorous monologues at the beginning of every show, then sitting down to interview various guests. There are a number of famous comedians on late night TV these days. Which of the following comedians is NOT a late night host?

Question 26

Who wrote the hit Broadway musical Hamilton?

Hamilton is the Broadway sensation that took over New York City's theatre scene back in 2016. These days, it's still as popular as ever, touring and selling out shows in every city it visits. It tells the story of Alexander Hamilton and the Revolution of 1776- but there's something unique about the way it does this. When one imagines what a play about history would be like, hip-hop music probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But Hamilton tells the story of America's history through rap, with the Founding Fathers spitting verses about everything from slavery to the financial system to the French Revolution. Can anyone name who wrote this famous musical?

Question 27

Of which country is the beaver the national symbol?

The beaver is a pretty adorable animal. With it's large, flattened tail, it's furry little body and its adorable, tooth-dominated face, it's hard not to fawn over these little guys when we see them. They're so cute that it's pretty hard to believe they actually belong to the rodent family. In fact, they're the second largest rodent in the world. These oversized hamsters are well-known for the dams they build in the forest. They use their enormous front teeth to chop down trees, which they then haul to rivers and construct big wooden dams out of. They are master architects in nature, often changing the way ecosystems function. Of which country are beavers the national symbol?

Question 28

Who is the wife of Odin according to Norse mythology?

There's something incredibly captivating about Norse mythology. Between the giants, the dwarfs and the elves, Norse mythology is an entire world of glorious fantasy that predated Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings. In fact, a lot of the details of these fantasy series were inspired by Norse mythology. Plus, we can't forget to mention the famous Marvel superhero Thor, who's entire backstory is borrowed from Norse mythology. From the dwarf blacksmiths to the wars with the giants, Norse mythology is full to the brim with epic tales, which is why it continues to dominate culture over a millennium after the myths were first recorded. Who is Odin's wife in Norse mythology?

Question 29

According to Greek mythology, who gave the humans fire?

Although it's been a few thousand years since they were first recorded, Greek myths continue to captivate audiences even today. They have everything in them, from love stories to tales of war to yarns about heroes. Part of what makes these myths so fascinating is that they often explain the origin of existing, mysterious phenomena. Nowadays, we know why sound echoes, but back in Ancient Greece, mythical stories were used to explain this strange phenomenon. Similarly, stories were used to impart certain values to the younger generations. Icarus's mistake of flying too close to the sun is a lesson that everyone takes to heart, even nowadays. Does anyone know who gave humans fire in Greek mythology?

Question 30

Which book begins with the famous line, "Call me Ishmael"?

In life, it can be hard to find the time to read. We've all spewed the line "I wish I had the time to read more" at least once in our lives as a way to explain away the fact that we haven't read a single classic. But the fact of the matter is, we can MAKE the time to read. Instead of checking social media in the morning, commit to reading just five pages a day of that one classic that's been sitting on the shelf for a year. Rather than refreshing social media on the phone while on the toilet, bring a book in there so that questions like this one will become easier to answer. Does anyone know which book begins with the line, "Call me Ishmael"?

Question 31

Which famous science-fiction character says, "Luke, I am your father"?

We all love science-fiction. There's something about epic tales that take place in distant lands that's endlessly fascinating. Perhaps it's because these types of stories are able to offer social commentary in a different setting. When we watch movies about World War II or the Depression, we're seeing stories we all know well retold on the screen. But when we watch movies about space wars and the exploration of distant galaxies, we have no real-world parallel to compare these tales to. They stand on their own, so the commentary they offer on society can be looked at through an entirely different lens, without our own learned histories overshadowing it. Plus, they're pretty freaking epic. Does anyone know which famous sci-fi character says the line, "Luke, I am your father"?

Question 32

From which country was the great thinker Rene Descartes?

Philosophy is one of those things that can be hard to wrap the mind around. It's the discipline that seeks to answer questions about the meaning of life, existence and the universe. We all think about whether or not we're leading fulfilling lives when we're on long bus rides or in line at the local Starbucks. But philosophers make an entire life out of pondering these great questions. One of the most famous thinkers in the world was Rene Descartes. He was the philosopher behind the quote, "I think, therefore I am". Does anyone know which country this famous man was from?

Question 33

The Matterhorn straddles the border of which two countries?

The Matterhorn is one of those mountains that most everyone knows the name of. Its distinctive pyramidal shape is famous around the world, and even for those of us who don't climb mountains or venture into alpine territory, its image is usually recognizable, even if just because of the Disneyland ride. Often, tourists will visit the mountain town of Zermatt to get views of this beautiful peak. But this mountain doesn't belong just to one country. In fact, it rests right on an international border, with two countries able to lay claim to its splendour. Which two countries is the Matterhorn in?

Question 34

Which comic book legend had cameo roles in Marvel movies?

Marvel has taken over popular culture. Ever since the first Iron Man hit theatres, Marvel movies became ever more popular in the public eye. But no one could have foreseen how incredibly dominant they would become on the world stage. Not only is Tony Stark a highly recognizable name now, but Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Falcon, Nebula and Star-Lord are all characters that most everyone who pays attention to Hollywood knows. Back in the 1970s, everyone knew who Superman and Spider-Man were, but these smaller heroes were definitely not famous like they are now. There's one particular comic book legend who is famous for his cameos in Marvel movies. Who is he?

Question 35

Who famously said, "Never, never, never give up"?

There's something about great speeches that sticks in the public consciousness. Often, moving speeches are delivered during times of great adversity when people look to their leaders for reassurance that everything is going to be alright. If the leader's speechwriters are on point and the leader is a skilled orator, these speeches can change the course of history. One such speech was delivered during World War II. It didn't have much in it, but the words that were said reverberated across the globe, and they continue to echo throughout history. Which leader famously said, "Never, never, never give up" during World War II?

Question 36

Who starred as the adult version of Simba in The Lion King?

The Lion King is one of those films that is enjoyed not just by kids, but by adults as well. It is the animated, animal-centred version of Hamlet, with Simba the lion rising up to usurp his misguided uncle Scar from the throne he wrongfully stole. Although all seems well in the beginning, it soon becomes clear that Scar is plotting to steal the throne from Simba's father, and after he masterminds the demise of his brother, he takes over Pride Rock. Simba retreats into the backcountry, but he eventually reclaims the throne from his uncle. Which actor plays the adult version of Simba?

Question 37

Which of the following elements is the heaviest?

Most of us haven't touched a chemistry textbook since high school. Although we often see the Periodic Table, whether on the t-shirts of our nerdy friends (we're just as nerdy, so no judgment here) or on the walls of university lecture halls, few of us pay enough attention to it to actually be able to answer questions about the elements. Sure, we all know that aluminum is a metal and that we probably shouldn't be decorating our bedrooms with uranium paint, but other than those basic tidbits of knowledge, the Periodic Table is a bit of a mystery to the everyday person. So can anyone taking this quiz name which of the following elements is the heaviest?

Question 38

Which Disney movie tells the story of ancient China?

We all love Disney. And its movies are getting better and better these days, with the writers telling all kinds of different stories about the world's diverse cultures. Moana was about a Polynesian girl trying to figure out where she belongs in the world and The Princess and the Frog told the story of a woman who wants to open a restaurant in New Orleans. But there is one particular Disney movie that is famous for its depiction of ancient China. Not to mention a certain female warrior who defied all expectations that people had of women during that time. Which Disney movie is this?

Question 39

In which city is Heathrow Airport located?

Although most of us know the famous cities of the world, from London to Paris to Tokyo, their airports are a different matter. Even though many of us partake in international travel, we often forget the names of the places we actually enter and leave the countries we visit in. People living in the United States may be aware of Newark Airport and Laguardia. But can anyone actually name the airport in Chicago? Or Houston? Or Toronto? Probably not. But Heathrow Airport is one of the most famous airports in the world. Can anyone name which city it is located in?

Question 40

What is the capital of Turkey?

We often are unable to name the capitals of countries we know. This is because the capital cities of the world's countries are often not the most famous cities. In Australia, the capital is not Sydney, but rather, Canberra. In Canada, the capital isn't Toronto or Vancouver, but Ottawa. One might think that the cities we come to associate certain countries with would actually be their capitals, but it's often the lesser known places that serve as the government's centre. Turkey is one of those countries we have all heard of. But can anyone actually name which of the following cities is its capital?

Question 41

Which famous singer's real name is Cherilyn Sarkisian?

Often, famous people adopt a stage name. They want to have a name that's easy to remember, striking and unique. So names like Bob Smith usually aren't embraced by people who want to get into the business of entertainment. Take Olivia Cockburn for one. These days, she's a famous actress, but she didn't become famous with her given name. Rather, she adopted Oscar Wilde's last name and became Olivia Wilde. Similarly, there is one famous singer who changed the moniker she went by on the international stage. Can anyone name which of the following singers has the real name of Cherilyn Sarkisian?

Question 42

Which famous author wrote about Tweedledum and Tweedledee?

We all know these two famous characters. Whether our friends dressed up as them for Halloween or we saw them in Hollywood movies about the story they come from, they often appear in popular culture. From their frumpy attire to their grumpy faces to their strange little hats, they are as striking in their appearance as they are in their actions, and most anyone who sees them depicted in film remembers them well. But before they starred in movies, they were in a famous book by a certain author. Can anyone name which famous author wrote about Tweedledum and Tweedledee?

Question 43

In which country did the dish huevos rancheros originate?

Huevos rancheros is a famous brunch dish across all of North America. From the delicious meat to the eggs to the avocados that often accompany the dish, this meal is a favourite amongst brunch-goers. It has everything one could want in a breakfast dish. Protein, vegetables, eggs and healthy fats are all included in this meal- but these ingredients come together in a way that tastes downright amazing. Even though the dish is a fairly healthy way to start the day (at least better than waffles), it certainly doesn't taste like it's good for the health. Can anyone name which country this dish comes from?

Question 44

In which century did America purchase Alaska?

Everyone has heard about this. Throughout history, America has purchased land on a few different occasions. It bought Louisiana and it bought Alaska. Purchased from Russia, Alaska was bought for one heck of a price. If one were to calculate what the land was actually worth these days, it would be exponentially more than what America actually paid. Although most everyone knows that Alaska was bought from Russia, not everyone knows in which century this deal occurred. We all know that Alaska is home to bears, salmon and gorgeous scenery, but can anyone taking this quiz name when it was purchased?

Question 45

From which country was Confucius?

When we imagine the great thinkers of world history, Confucius is a person who comes to mind every time. He wrote at length about the concepts of sincerity, morality and the properness in relationships, all towards the end of living a just life of service. His ideas form the basis of Confucianism, a popular school of thought and way of life in Asia. Confucianism emphasizes filial piety, respect for elders and veneration of the ancestors. Although most people have heard of Confucius and Confucianism, not everyone can name which country this famous thinker was actually born in. Can anyone taking this quiz answer this question?

Question 46

Which civilization built Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu is seen as one of the must-visit destinations of the world. Between its idyllic mountain scenery, its incredible architecture and the fascinating history of its construction, Machu Picchu draws visitors from all backgrounds, whether they're interested in the history of it, the beauty of the Andes or just a selfie (which- let's be honest- we all are). Although everyone has heard of this Peruvian destination, not everyone knows which civilization was actually responsible for building the amazing structure that would become Machu Picchu. Can anyone taking this quiz pick out which of the following civilizations built Machu Picchu?

Question 47

What is the name of the main character in The Matrix?

The Matrix is one of those film trilogies that most everyone has seen. It's up there with The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. During the years that these types of film series are in theatres, public discourse is often dominated by their discussion. It's similar with Marvel these days. Although no one can agree on anything much these days, we all can say with 100% certainty that we're as pumped as can be for Avengers: Endgame. The Matrix was similar in its day. Pop culture was full to the brim with references to the blue and red pill, Morpheus and Trinity. Can anyone remember the name of the main character?

Question 48

Which of the following instruments is a woodwind?

Although not everyone plays an instrument, most of us have a general knowledge of classical instruments. Whether from playing an instrument in the junior high band or from the philharmonic symphonies our fathers dragged us to when we were younger, most of us know that symphonies usually feature a woodwind section and a string section. The flutes are a light, airy sound, with the pointed croon of the violin section offering a warm backdrop of sound. Even though most of us know a bit about musical instruments, not all of us are that well-versed. Can anyone name which of the following instruments is a woodwind?

Question 49

Which of the following cities is famous for its coffee?

Coffee. It's what human society runs on. Many different cities around the world would cease to function without it (which is only kind of an exaggeration). In North America, most everyone starts their day with a steaming cup of joe, riding high off the caffeine on their way to work. And in the middle of the day, when the afternoon snoozies set in, another cup is in order to ensure we make it through the day. But not all cities are equal in regards to coffee. There are some cities that stand out above the rest for their excellent cafes. Can anyone pick out which of these cities is famous for its coffee?

Question 50

Which of the following animals is not native to Australia?

Australia is well-known for its unique animals. As an island nation, the animals native to Australia have been evolving in isolation for thousands of years, and this has led to some pretty interesting creatures. One of the standout characteristics of Australia's fauna is that a lot of it is poisonous. From jellyfish with a dangerous sting to life-ending octopi to poisonous spiders, a lot of Australia's wildlife isn't exactly user-friendly. But a lot of Australia's animals are perfectly safe. Most people have a general idea of what Australia's wildlife is like. Can anyone pick out which of the following animals is NOT native to Australia?

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