Who Are These People Cosplaying As?


Cosplay is something that more and more people are getting into everyday. It's a wonderful thing. People are able to cosplay as their favorite characters from their most beloved video games, animes, TV shows, and much more. All the while, they can see other people doing the same, and get inspired and meet people with common interests. And the level to which some cosplayers go to accurately depict their favorite characters is insane. Some people spend months on their cosplay outfits, and the end result is simply stunning. These are truly talented people, and they deserve our respect.

But while many people are just starting to get into the cosplay scene, there are many veterans who have been doing it for years. For those veterans, a quiz like this will be a piece of cake. They've been to countless events, and they've seen all of the cosplays imaginable. For you newcomers out there, this will be a challenge. But even if you don't do that well on the quiz, you'll still be able to see some amazing cosplays, so it's totally worth it. Well, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz to find out if you're a real cosplay enthusiast...



Question 1

Néréide Cosplay

This girl shows just how far many cosplayers go to make their outfits insane. Imagine how long it must have took to create all of this. The girl who is cosplaying here is known as "Néréide Cosplay," and she's obviously one of the best around. She even goes so far as to lie down in the water, which may actually give you a clue as to what character she's cosplaying as. So, do you know who she's cosplaying as? Take a guess...

Question 2

Termina Cosplay

This is a very talented cosplayer known in the cosplaying community as "Termina Cosplay." This is definitely one of the harder questions on this list. You might be surprised to hear what she's cosplaying as, because it's a very unique choice. While it may not be immediately obvious, when you find out who it is, you will see the genius of this all of a sudden. In any case, it's obvious that she's put tons of work into this amazing cosplay.

Question 3

Twinzik Cosplay

This is another very interesting cosplay by someone known in the community as Twinzik Cosplay. This is an amazing piece of work, mostly because of the fact that they've managed to change the actual dimensions of the human form. Because of the dimensions of the shoes and upper body, they've created a much more "cartoonish" type of person, and that's what makes this a really unique cosplay. But do you recognize this character? Do you know who Twinzik Cosplay is cosplaying as?

Question 4


Here's another very impressive piece of cosplaying. Right away, you get the sense that she was going for a very futuristic vibe. This is definitely a sci-fi character, as you can see from her advanced armor and technologically impressive gun. What I really love about this cosplay is the amazing colors she has brought into her outfit. Everything shines with an incredible amount of gloss and it really "pops." But can you guess who this talented cosplayer is cosplaying as?

Question 5

Lizzie Tallman

Lizzie Tallman is another cosplayer who has taken her cosplay to the next level. Whenever a cosplayer brings wings into the mix, it's always extremely impressive. And these wings look very cool indeed. I love the color coordination and how everything matches perfectly. It's clear that she put hours upon hours of work into this cosplay. I'm willing to bet that TONS of people were asking her to take pictures with the day she showed up in this cosplay. But who exactly was she cosplaying as?

Question 6


Here's another piece of very impressive cosplay by Fairyfantasticcosplay. Where do I even begin with this one? First of all, let's start with those amazing fists. They look incredibly realistic, and although they're definitely made of some kind of lightweight material, they are painted in a way that makes them look like they're made out of metal. Very impressive. And the rest of the outfit is incredible too. The colors, the detail, everything comes together to make this one of the most impressive cosplays ever. But what is the character?

Question 7


One of my personal favorites is this cosplay from RisaCosplay. She is dressing up as an extremely sexy character, but some of you might not be able to guess who it is. What's clear is that this cosplay is not only very sexy, it's also very well done. The colors and the details are stunning, and it really gives you the impression that this cosplayer is from a whole different world. But can you guess what character this amazing cosplayer is cosplaying as?

Question 8

Unknown Cosplayer

Sometimes the most memorable cosplayers are the ones that are completely unknown. Take this guy for example. No one knows his name, but that didn't stop him from making this list. His cosplay will be pretty recognizable to most people, although perhaps not to the younger generations. Why? Because this cosplay is from a piece of media that is actually quite old nowadays. Either way, the level of detail that went into this cosplay is pretty impressive. The only thing left is to guess who he's cosplaying as.

Question 9


This is one cosplayer that went above and beyond what most cosplayers do. Wings are impressive, but this is on a whole new level. The cosplayer behind this awesome creation is known in the community as T-Chan-Cosplay, and they clearly put a lot of time and effort into this amazing outfit. What I can't understand is how this thing is even staying upright. Those must be some seriously lightweight materials. Putting aside your shock, can you identify who this person is cosplaying as?

Question 10


This cosplay might not be as elaborate as the other cosplays, but it's just as impressive. Sometimes the more simple cosplays are the most memorable. This amazing creation was done by FTJCosplay, and she certainly did an amazing job. Part of the reason this cosplay is so amazing is because she herself is perfect for this character. She looks just like the real thing. Although this cosplay might not have wings or other elaborate things like that, there is a lot of detail that went into it. But just who is she cosplaying as?

Question 11

Unknown Cosplayer

Here's another unknown cosplayer who did a truly amazing job. I wish their name was known, because they really deserve credit for creating such an amazing cosplay. The amazing thing about cosplay in general is that it bridges the gap between the world of fantasy and the world we live in. It blurs the lines between your imagination and reality. And this cosplay is a perfect example of bringing that magical world to life. But do you know who this person is cosplaying as?

Question 12

Unknown Cosplayer

This is probably one of the easier questions on this quiz. Who could forget this character? He is a truly iconic person in the sci-fi/comic world, and tons of people chose to cosplay as him during a certain year. But while a lot of people cosplayed as him, not very many nailed it with the perfection that this guy managed. He really hit the nail on the head, and all the little details are meticulously done. But just who is this character?

Question 13


Here's another cosplayer who clearly put a lot of thought, effort, and time into his cosplay. You can see by the way people are looking at him that they are very impressed by the level of detail put into this cosplay. He really nails the "royal" appearance with that blue coat and the silver linings, and of course those spiked knuckles which are the trademark of this particular character. Is that enough to give you a clue as to who this character is?

Question 14

Unknown Cosplayer

Here's another easy one that I hope everyone will get. The great thing about cosplay is that there's no rules about who can dress up as what. We've already seen people dressing up as Pokemon, and it's great to see people giving their own personal take on their favorite characters. One example of this is people cosplaying as characters that aren't their own gender. This can lead to some unique and very interesting cosplays. But just who is this particular character?

Question 15

Jessica Nigri

This list wouldn't be complete without a well-known cosplayer like Jessica Nigri. She's earned the reputation among many as the "Queen of Cosplay." However, this title isn't without its price. She's often criticized by people who body shame her and accuse her of attention-seeking. But the whole point of cosplay is to be comfortable with your own body. That's what a lot of people on the outside just don't understand. But who is Jessica Nigri cosplaying as this time? Can you guess?

Question 16


Another amazing cosplayer is known as Akuriko on the internet and in the cosplaying community. And as you can see, she really knows what she's doing. Those who know the character she's cosplaying as will see it almost immediately. Why? Because her cosplay is incredibly accurate. It looks like it was ripped straight out of the media it belongs to. It also doesn't help that she is incredibly elegant, and so she can pull this off easily. But who is she cosplaying as?

Question 17

Joanie Brosas

Joanie Brosas is another cosplayer who is getting quite the reputation in the cosplaying community. It's not hard to see why. She is definitely one of the hottest cosplayers around. Many people are calling her the sexiest of all time, which is quite an accomplishment. Believe it or not, this particular cosplay is actually one of her LEAST revealing. If you want to see a really hot cosplay, google her Vampirella cosplay... But enough talk, which character is Joanie Brosas cosplaying as here?

Question 18


This is another simply incredible cosplay from a well-known cosplayer called TalaayaCosplay. I just love it when cosplayers are able to build such realistic-looking armor into their costumes. She really does look like she's from the future, and this costume must have taken hours and hours to complete. You can't argue with the finished product though, and I'm sure at the end of the day she felt like it was totally worth it. But which well-known character is she cosplaying as?

Question 19


Another stunning cosplay on this list was done by Minus10GradCelsius. Look her up, because she is capable of creating some of the most incredible cosplays you'll ever see. This one in particular is breathtaking. She really does look like an alien life form with this cosplay, and this is another one that probably took a very long time to complete. This could so easily have ended up looking bad, but she pulls it off perfectly. So, who is she cosplaying as?

Question 20


L-a-y-l-a is another cosplayer whose amazing cosplay is being used on this list. This one is a lot simpler that many of the other cosplays on the quiz, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. Those who recognize this character will get it right away - that's how perfectly accurate this cosplay is. A lot of its accuracy comes from the way L-a-y-l-a looks normally, she just has the perfect face for this particular character. So, which character is it?

Question 21

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is such a big name in cosplaying that we couldn't resist including her twice. Although she is famous for her more risque and revealing cosplays, she cosplays as pretty much everything else too. This one particular character is awesome because it's her own unique take on the character, and that's what makes cosplay such a wonderful thing. You get to see other people's interpretations of your favorite characters. This one should be easy. Can you guess who she's cosplaying as?

Question 22


Santatory is another cosplayer on our list that really deserves a place. She shows that it's possible to almost perfectly copy a character from everyone's favorite piece of media, and she does it with style. It's so good that you almost think that it's actually the character herself who is in the picture. Part of the reason this cosplay is so successful is the fact that she looks very similar to the actual character normally, especially her mouth. Can you guess which character this is?

Question 23

The Artful Dodger

Here is another amazingly accurate cosplay from well-known cosplayer The Artful Dodger. This is probably going to be one of the easiest questions on the quiz, as almost everyone can recognize who this character is from, or at least which universe she's from. But choose carefully. She's actually very similar-looking to another character from the same universe. She really nails this look though, and every little detail down to her facial expression is perfect. But can you identify which character she's cosplaying as?

Question 24

Mogu Cosplay

Here's another character that many of you will probably have no trouble identifying, and it was done by Mogu Cosplay. What's great about cosplay is the ability of cosplayers to keep up with the ever-changing universe of new video games, animes, and TV shows. And with all of those new things, comes new characters. This means that cosplay never gets old, and there's always new challenge to face next year. But can you guess who Mogu Cosplay is cosplaying as?

Question 25

Miss Nikida

Another famous cosplayer is Miss Nikida, and she's famous for all kinds of cosplays. This one in particular is very famous on the web, although guessing the character she's going for might be a bit of a challenge. The detail in this cosplay is really incredible, and you can tell she's put a lot of time and effort into it. A lot of these cosplayers are very talented at what they do. So, can you guess which character she's cosplaying as?

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