Which X-Man Are You?


The X-Men are a much-loved group of superheroes from Marvel that have appeared in countless films, and innumerable comic books. This team of mutants is one of the best creations of Marvel, and they've made the company a pretty penny at the box office too. Pretty much everyone has seen these movies, and a fair few have read the graphic novels. As a result, almost everyone considers themselves a major X-Men fan these days. But one of the greatest things about X-Men is the fact that they're all so different. You really get the sense that they all have very different personalities.

What this means is that everyone has their favorite. Sometimes we choose our favorites because these X-Men remind us of who we really are. We see ourselves in their actions and words, and we immediately relate to them. And this is really important when telling the story of the X-Men, because these superhuman characters would be totally alien to us if they didn't show some human qualities that we could identify with. This personality quiz will tell you which X-Men you align with. You might be surprised by what the result is... Or you might feel like it totally sums up your personality...

Question 1

What Is Your Favorite Color?

The X-Men series has always been a pretty colorful bunch of movies (and comics). Speaking of the comics, the X-Men uniform was much more colorful in the pages of the comics than in the movies. In the first movie, the uniform was a pretty understated black leather, and Wolverine even makes a joke about "yellow spandex" as a reference to the original uniforms. Each character has a different preference when it comes to color. Which is your favorite color?

Question 2

What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?

X-Men were always a combat force. It would be nice if everyone could get along and solve their differences without resorting to violence, but that's just not the case most of the time. This is especially true when you're dealing with some of the most powerful mutants in the world, such as Magneto and other evil beings. And if you're on the side of evil, well then you're very familiar with violence. But when it comes to fighting, each mutant has their own method of combat. Which is yours?

Question 3

What's The Best Way To Get From Point A To Point B?

The exploits of the X-Men take them all around the globe. They protect those in need, wherever they might live. They also fight evil, wherever it should rear its ugly head. To do this, they need to be able to transport themselves quickly from one end of the Earth to the other. This means that they need access to a variety of vehicles. When it comes down to it, some vehicles are looked upon more favorably than others in the minds of certain mutants. What's your choice?

Question 4

What's The Best Way To Get The Job Done?

The X-Men have a pretty clear philosophy. They're there to protect the world, no matter what. But in terms of individual X-Men, each one has a slightly different point of view when it comes to getting the job done. Do you go in charging, making decisions on the fly? Or do you do things strictly by the book, adhering to predefined tactics and rules of engagement? Maybe you would rather just sneak right by all the obstacles. Or perhaps the most important thing to you is avoiding loss of life...

Question 5

There Is A Document Hidden In A Secure Building. How Do You Get It?

There have been many instances in X-Men where the main characters are presented with a tough choice. Sometimes, this choice involves doing something that is seemingly impossible. The audience is left wondering - how the hell are they going to pull this one off? But the X-Men always have a few tricks up their sleeve, and they always surprise us by getting the job done. But how would you get a document from a heavily guarded, secure building? There are many choices...

Question 6

What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

Every superhero has a weakness. Otherwise, they'd be boring as hell. Even superman, the most overpowered hero in the universe, has something that can bring him to his knees. So too do most of the X-Men, although sometimes their weaknesses are more mental and emotional than anything else. This gives us a chance to relate to them more, as they share some of the weaknesses we do as well. People have tried to manipulate these weaknesses in the past. But which one is your weakness?

Question 7

What Would Convince You To Join An Organization?

X-Men is all about picking sides. There are two very clear factions in the movie - the X-Men and the more "evil" mutants. Sometimes these are led by Magneto, sometimes by Apocalypse, and sometimes they are led by other nefarious villains. But the choice is always the same. Do you choose the righteous path with Professor X? Or do you go down the more extreme, radical path with those that oppose him? Leaders on both sides use various methods to convince mutants to join their cause. But what would convince you?

Question 8

An Enemy Has A Gun To The Head Of Someone You Care About. How Do You Proceed?

There are many situations in the X-Men movies that place a real burden on our heroes. They must choose between risking someone's life, or acquiescing to the enemy's demands. This is most common in a hostage type scenario, where someone has a gun to an innocent person's head, for example. Even more troubling is a situation where that innocent person is someone you care about. It's definitely a tough situation. But what would you do in their shoes?

Question 9

What Is Your Greatest Strength?

Every X-Man has their own strength. Sometimes these strengths are stronger than others, but there's always something that an X-Men does better than anyone else. This is usually what defines an X-Man, and their strength bleeds through in their personality, their actions, and even their uniform to some extent. But many of these strengths are more symbolic than anything else, and in that sense we can relate to them. But what is your greatest strength?

Question 10

A Team Of Mutants Ask For Help In Saving The World. How Do You Respond?

There have been many occasions were a mutant is asked to help in a massive mission. Sometimes the entire world is at stake, and the help of a particular mutant is essential to the success of the mission. Other times, it's the side of evil that is asking for help. In this situation, a mutant that agrees to help the side of evil might sway the tide of battle to the side of destruction, making it very hard for the X-Men to successfully fight back. But what about you? What would you say if someone asked you to help save the world?

Question 11

What Is Your Best Subject In School?

One of the key features of the X-Men is the school. Xavier starts a school that is for talented youngsters, but what that really means is that it's a school for kids with mutant abilities. This is not only a school, but also the base of operations for the X-Men and all of their members. This building also houses all of the technology and equipment that the X-Men need. But the school is also important, and each X-Man is good at a different subject. Sometimes these X-Men even teach classes at the school. But what's your best subject?

Question 12

How Do You Feel About People Who Are Different?

Differences are a major theme in the X-Men movies. X-Men are symbolic of people who don't quite fit in with everyone else. But then in the grander scheme of things, some mutants consider themselves to be better than mere humans. It begs the question, "What IS different?" Mutants and humans alike want the same things deep down. They both want safety, love, and respect. But there's always someone who is going to tell people that one side is better or vice versa. How do you feel about people who are different?

Question 13

How Do You Feel About Normal Humans?

In the X-Men movies, a big theme is the rivalry or interaction between humans and mutants. When mutants first start being discovered, it's a major source of conflict in the Marvel universe. At one point, there is even a serum that turns mutants into humans, and this causes a major conflict. Sure, there are some people who are very afraid of mutants. But many humans are willing to live side by side with, and the same can be said for mutants. But some have very strong opinions about humans. What do you think?

Question 14

What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. And mutants are NOT excluded from this. Whatever their vice may be, chances are they're shown off in the movies, and some are more innocent than others. Whether they're reading people's minds without their permission, or just sitting down with a nice cigar, everyone has something that they've become a little addicted to. This is no different than you or I, and it's another opportunity to relate to these mutants and their personalities. But what's your guilty pleasure?

Question 15

What Type Of Animal Symbolizes You?

Everyone has an animal that they identify with. You may not know your animal, but you definitely have one. Some Native American tribes go on "spirit quests" where they must go out into the desert and find their "spirit animal." This is an important part of their initiation rituals, as it tells them who they really are inside. X-Men are no different, as they show some very telling similarities to animals - some more obvious than others. But what about you? What animal do you identify with?

Question 16

What Would You Do To A Captured Enemy?

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their prisoners. We learned that the hard way after years of experience in the many world wars, the Vietnam conflict, and pretty much every major war since. Right now ISIS is doing horrific, unforgivable things to its prisoners of war. The X-Men have differing opinions on how people should treat prisoners of war. Some say they should be brought to the proper authorities. Others say they should be killed. But what do you think?

Question 17

If Times Were Rough, How Would You Make Money?

When times get rough, sometimes we have to resort to pretty desperate measures in order to make money. We've all been there. Well, maybe we haven't, but a lot of people know this feeling. We must do things we never thought we'd do, just for a quick buck. Sure, it sucks at the time, but it beats starving. Many of the X-Men characters have been in this situation before, and we as an audience enjoy seeing these characters when they're at their lowest point. But what would you do to make a quick buck?

Question 18

Your Enemy Has His Back Turned And His Running Away From You. How Do You Proceed?

What would you do if your worst enemy in the world had his back turned and was running away from you? Running from a fight is a pretty cowardly thing to do, and some would say the best thing to do is just to let them go free - and fight another day. But others would say that this is the perfect opportunity to strike, and put an end to them once and for all. Others still might say that it's the correct thing to do to stop them, but not kill them. But the real question is what you'd do in that situation...

Question 19

How Do You Feel About A Serum That Turns Mutants Into Normal Humans?

There have been some pretty incredible twists in the X-Men movies, but perhaps the most incredible was the addition of a serum that could turn mutants into regular humans. Mutants who had been struggling with their abilities for many years immediately flocked to the medical centers to get treated with this serum, while others vehemently opposed it. It's a really tough issue and an interesting addition to the X-Men series. But how do you feel about the invention of such a serum?

Question 20

Which Ancient Mythological Entity Do You Identify With?

If you really think about it, the ancient gods of old were the first ever "comic book heroes." These were the first ever superheroes, and children looked up to them in the same way that our children look up to comic book heroes like Superman, Wolverine, and Batman. And some of our heroes are obviously influenced heavily by the old gods, like Thor for example, who is an exact replica of an ancient Norse god. But what about you? Which mythological entity do you identify with?

Question 21

If You Could Travel In Time, Where Would You Go? Future Or Past?

Time travel is actually a pretty frequent thing in X-Men, and it adds a whole new dimension to the already complicated timeline that is the X-Men universe. Sometimes we follow our favorite heroes back in time, in their efforts to save the world before evil can manifest itself in the future. Other times, people go into the future, to save people they have never met. In both situations, it makes for a stunning story and one that really keeps us on our seat

Question 22

How Do You Feel About Forcibly Turning Humans Into Mutants?

We've already talked about the serum that could turn mutants into humans, the so-called "cure" for mutation. While that caused a huge amount of controversy and conflict, perhaps an even bigger crisis was sparked when Magneto unveiled a new device - one that would trigger mutations in humans. This is the opposite of the "cure." It was instead a catalyst that would turn humans into mutants, forcibly. But what do you think about such an idea? Is it the right thing to do? Or do you have concerns?

Question 23

Who Would You Want As Your Ally?

They don't call them a team of mutants for nothing. While there are some powerful mutants out there, not many could go solo and still get stuff done. That's why it's important for the X-Men to get stuff done together, as a team. Some X-Men work really well together, and they're frequently seen teaming up and taking on foes together. Some even invent special moves together, and these moves end up working out surprisingly well. Others like to work alone. But what kind of person would you like as your ally?

Question 24

What's The Worst Possible Fate You Can Imagine?

Although the general vibe of the X-Men movies is pretty bright and upbeat, there are some pretty tragic things that happen to various X-Men throughout the movies. Some of these end in deaths, and some end in people doing things or having things done to them that are worse than death. All of these things are so bad that it's hard to choose which one is the worst. But according to you, which one of these options would be the worst fate imaginable?

Question 25

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would It Be?

If left to their own devices, X-Men often go their own way. Some of these mutants are not made for constant fighting, and try to move away and live out their lives in peace. Of course, this never really works out, and inevitably they get called into action when their peaceful lives fall apart. Often, we catch up with these heroes as their trying to live a normal life at the start of the film. But what about you? If you could live anywhere in the world - where would it be?

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