Which Trailer Park Boy Are You?


Sunnyvale Trailer Park is supposed to be a calm place in rural Ontario where the residents can relax and their lives. In reality, that’s simply not the case. Sunnyvale has a ton of issues they need to sort out before it can become a respectable retirement home. It has a drunk trailer park supervisor, an owner that won’t fire him, kids who throw beer bottles at pedestrians, people who don’t pay rent, three knuckleheads that cause continuous problems until they go to jail, only for the park to be taken over by some other gun-wielding lunatic until those three idiots get out of jail and take the park back.

Sunnyvale is certainly not short of entertainment. Even the most routine day can turn into a complete s***show. It happens time and time again. Trying to have a fair election? One of the candidates is drunk and the other is one drugs. Trying to sell the park to prospective buyers? The party was just crashed by flying jugs of piss.

I’m sure none of this stuff makes sense, it shouldn’t. It’s something you could only understand if you lived in Sunnyvale, which you don’t. But, by taking this quiz you can find out which member of Sunnyvale Trailer Park you are the most like, and can live out those experiences vicariously through them.

Question 1

What’s your highest education?

There are very few "university-educated" inhabitants of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, but book smarts aren't everything. You can learn a lot from doing different things. I mean, I don't know the first thing about growing dope, or fooling a police officer, but these guys do.

Question 2

What kind of clothes would we find you in on a given day?

People often use their clothes to show off a bit of their personality. This is even more important for TV shows because they know they can use a character’s clothes to influence the viewer’s perception of that character. Also, the more your clothes match a character, the more you would probably be likely to identify with that character.

Question 3

What’s the ideal day for you?

When you don’t have a real job, like many of the Sunnyvale residents, you can be busy doing a lot of different things finding ways to pay rent. But, when you do have a day off, you should take full advantage. What do you do with an entire day at your disposal?

Question 4

Favourite Food?

Everyone’s got a go-to food when they’re getting drunk n’ stoned. You gotta eat or else you start getting the spins, or whatever. Anyway just pick the food that you like the most here and let’s move on. I have some drinkin’ to do later let’s get goin’.

Question 5

What vehicle do you drive?

There's an interesting collection of automobiles at Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Everything from oldsmobiles, to beaters, to pickup trucks, to some actual nice rides. Some people even live in their cars. Which gets you from a to b?

Question 6

Favourite Movie?

Your favourite movie says something about you. It’s not the particular movie, but the type that matters. Comedy, romance, action, and horror all exist as movie genres because the target audience exists. Someone who watches comedies will likely make more jokes, and someone who watches more horror movies are possibly more adventurous.

Question 7

Favourite Music?

The type of music slightly differs from the movie genres. Music tastes depend on what mood you’re in on a regular basis, whether you relate to the subject matter, and your age usually also has an influence. Considering the main characters grew up together, they have similar tastes in music.

Question 8

Favourite Book?

To be completely honest, Sunnyvale isn't known for a large community of readers. That said, there are a number of residents that do partake in a good story every once in awhile because well, there isn't much else to do.

Question 9

What do you do for a living?

As I mentioned before, people who live in Sunnyvale Trailer Park don't tend to have the same normal jobs as people who live in big cities. Even if the job title is the same, such as a convenience store owner, the size and problems you have to deal with are way different.

Question 10

What is your drink of choice?

Ok so we've clearly estalbished that everyone here drinks, but what is your preference when it comes to alcoholic beverages? Sunnyvale has a surprising amount of people who drink liquor like it's orange juice, so don't feel intimidated if you don't pick the "manliest" option.

Question 11

Do you smoke?

Apparently 1 in 5 Canadian residents are tobacco smokers, but something tells me the ratio is much higher in Sunnyvale Trailer Park. Ask anyone for an extra smoke and there's a very good chance they'll have one to lend.

Question 12

Who is your least favourite person?

In small towns, everyone tends to know everyone. When you deal with the same people all the time, you're bound to run into disagreements, or get into fights with folks. If you can't settle things and make up with them, well, it's only a matter of time before you run into each other again.

Question 13

If you need something done...

A good thing about living in a trailer park where you know everyone is it's easier to ask for help from people you know than those you don't. That said, there are some real idiots, and you can't trust some people to do even the simplest of jobs. If you really need something done, who do you trust to do it?

Question 14

The Bottle Kids come by, what do you do?

The Sunnyvale Trailer Park is so poorly policed that kids frequently throw empty liquor and beer bottles at random people. They just show up during the middle of the day and unload of people's cars. It is ridiculous, but you get used to it after a while.

Question 15

What do you think of J Roc’s music?

Canada hasn't historically been known for its rap music until recently, but hip-hop culture has been slowly creeping north of he border for some time now. Most communities have at least on kid (usually white) who fully embraces the culture, durag and all. In Sunnyvale, that's J Roc. He not only talks in urban slang, he also has a couple mixtapes he's sitting on.

Question 16

How’s your relationship with your parents?

Family relationships can get a little complicated from time to time. In problems with less economic support, families aare less likely to stick together for whatever reason. Of the three main characters in Trailer Park Boys, we only really ever see one of their six parents, and even he is an adoptive father.

Question 17

What are you like at a party?

Life is hard. What do we do when we're trying to forget about life's problems? We party. In Sunnyvale, they party hard. The residents have seen their fair shares of greasy horror shows, and by now should know how to handle themselves. There are a few different types of people at a party, which are you?

Question 18

What do you do after a particularly rough day?

Everyone's got some kind of routine they go through from day to day. Some days, however, can be much more stressful than others. On those days it becomes much tougher to do whatever it is you normally do, and it's usually a good idea to do some self-care and relieve that stress. What do you do?

Question 19

How smart are you?

We did the education question early to get it out of the way. As you probably already know, a proper education won't get you very far in rural Canada, because everything's different. You can be as book learnt as you want but if you haven't done the street learning, you're no good anyway. How "smart" do you think you are?

Question 20

What are your thoughts on the camera crew that follows you around?

Trailer Park Boys is a show that's meant to be filmed as a documentary, but ends up being a tv show. Because the characters are aware their being filmed by the documentary filmmakers, the fourth wall is repeatedly broken. The camera crew interacts with the boys on occasion, and is sometimes responsible for the boys being jailed because they filmed crimes they did.

Question 21

What do you do if a wild animal comes up to you while you’re partying?

Part of the allure of living in a rural area is being outside, close to nature. Part of being in nature is sharing your space with other species of animal. This could happen at any time, but when you're partying you have to make a decision: does the animal become part of the party, or do you keep it as far away as possible?

Question 22

What kind of pet would you get?

As previously mentioned, you can encounter quite a few wild animals around the trailer park. The boys even adopted a mountain lion for a couple episodes in season 4 . They've each tried their hands at owning a pet or two, but there's always one that suits the person's personality more than the other pets.

Question 23

What do you do when you f*** up?

If the Trailer Park Boys do one thing: they take risks. When you take as many risks, and do as many dumb things as they do, someone's gonna make a mistake. We all know it's best to admit your mistakes, but, these guys are too stubborn for that. There's always someone else that can take the fall.

Question 24

What do you do when you get out of jail?

Because of all the illegal things that go on in the trailer park, and the fact the ex-cop trailer park supervisor hates you, you end up going to jail from time to time. People can change when they go to jail, or they can stay the same. If you were released on probation, how would you live your life from then on?

Question 25

Who has the best gut in Sunnyvale?

The beer gut is a Canadian rite of passage. First you learn to skate, then to drive, then to drink, then you get married and *BOOM* you now somehow have a stomach the size of a large beach ball. There are some absolutely epic guts in Trailer Park Boys, which is your favourite?

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