Which Superman Villain Are You?

Superman is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe, and arguably one of the most powerful comic book characters in history. Clark Kent, also known as the Kryptonian alien Kal-el, is originally from a planet with a red sun. Therefore, he gains special abilities when he is exposed to the yellow sun of the Earth. His powers include super strength, flight, x-ray vision, heat vision, virtual invulnerability, super-hearing, and super-speed. In addition, the savior of Metropolis is also very smart and a fearless leader.

With all of these formidable powers on his side, you would have to be pretty brave - or pretty nuts - to face off against him. But that does not stop his many villains from trying.

The Man of Steel has a diverse rogues gallery. His villains include everything from ordinary humans, superpowered humans, aliens, cyborgs, magicians, imps from the fifth dimension, and even a clone of himself. Some of his foes have super-strength that rivals his own. Others battle him with their incredible intellect. His adversaries range from misunderstood anti-heroes, harmless nuisances, and then there are those who are pure evil.

Which Superman villain are you the most like? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1

Why do you hate Superman?

Every one of Superman's villains had their own personal beef with the hero. A reason that they despise him more than anything else in the world. What do you think would be your personal issue with the Man of Steel? What would motivate you to stand up against the alien?

Question 2

Do you like being in charge of others?

Do you like being in charge? Do you enjoy being a leader, or perhaps even a mentor, to other people? Or does that all sound terrible to you? Perhaps you would rather be told what to do instead. Or maybe you do not like being on a team at all.

Question 3

What is the BEST DCEU movie?

All of DC's Entertainment's recent live-action movies are a part of the DC Extended Universe, also known as the DCEU or the Justice League Universe. All of the movies take place in the same continuity and thus are all connected. In your opinion, which of these DCEU films is the best?

Question 4

What color is your costume?

What is the most important part of being a super villain? The badass, colorful costume you get to wear, of course! Your costume is very important for your image among criminals and heroes. It reflects who you are as a villain. It can even have a theme. What color would dominate your outfit? Purple, silver, black, or blue?

Question 5

What is/was your favorite subject in school?

Morty's math class in Rick and Morty

When you were in grade school (or if you still are) what was your favorite class to attend? What subject did you enjoy learning about the most? Did you look forward to English class all day? Or learning about the past in History? Were you a total Science nerd, or more into Math?

Question 6

Other than Superman, which Justice Leaguer do you hate the most?

Of course, we know the Big Blue Boy Scout is the worst hero of them all. But the other heroes of the Justice League are pretty terrible as well, in their own special ways. They are always in your business and ruining your evil plans. Besides Superman, which superhero do you hate the absolute most?

Question 7

What type of intelligence is most important?

You may have heard of book smart vs street smart, but according to the theory of multiple intelligences, there are actually several different types of intelligence in humans. Some of these are interpersonal intelligence (being people smart) logical-mathematical intelligence (number/reasoning smart) bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (body smart) or intra-personal (self smart)?

Question 8

If you could control one of the four elements, which would you pick?

Imagine you live in a world where people have the power to control one of the four elements, like the universe the shows "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra" are both set in. If you could choose which element to control - fire, water, earth, or air - which would it be?

Question 9

Which of these TV dramas is the best?

Out of these four television drama shows, which one do you think is the best series? The political drama "House of Cards?" The fantasy series "Game of Thrones?" The mystery show "Twin Peaks," which was recently revived? Or "Breakin Bad," which tells the story of a high school teacher turned drug dealer?

Question 10

What's your favorite season?

The calendar year is divided into four different seasons, each with its own distinct weather, holidays, and aesthetic. Which of the four seasons do you enjoy the most? The rain showers and fresh flowers of spring? The warm and sunny days of summer? The fall, when the leaves are changing? Or the festive and chilly winter?

Question 11

What is the WORST DCEU movie?

The live-action movies of the DC Extended Universe, aka the DCEU, often divide fans. The universe often takes a darker tone, which does not please everyone. Critics also tend to give the films negative reviews. While some viewers agree with the critics, many vehemently disagree. Which of these DCEU movies is the weakest, in your opinion?

Question 12

What's your coffee order?

You have got a few extra minutes before you need to be at work. You could really use an extra dose of caffeine to make it through your day, so you stop by the nearby coffee shop. What are you ordering? An espresso, a latte, a cappuccino, or a plan black coffee?

Question 13

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Imagine that you are going to be reborn as a creature of the animal kingdom. What do you think you would you be? What animal matches your spirit? A majestic eagle? An adorable, little squirrel? A strong and mighty wolf howling at the moon? Or would you awaken as a cat?

Question 14

Which city would you live in?

Say that you are driven out of Metropolis by the Man of Steel. It's temporary obviously - you are the best supervillain in the world and you'll get past him. But you need to set up shop in another city for the time being. Which of these cities would you go to?

Question 15

What's your goal as a villain?

What is the endgame for you? What do you hope to achieve with your villainous plots? Is it all just to make yourself rich and famous? Do you want to watch the world burn? Is your goal to become the supreme leader of Earth? Or do you only aim to creat chaos?

Question 16

Which fictional series is the best?

Out of these four famous, fictional book series, which do you enjoy the most? The magical "Harry Potter" books written by J.K. Rowling? The dystopian Earth of "The Hunger Games?" The tragic story of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket? Or do you prefer "A Song of Fire and Ice," aka the "Game of Thrones" books?

Question 17

Which deadly sin do you emulate?

There are seven wicked elements of human nature that are the base of all evil transgressions committed. They are so egregious that they are often referred to as the seven deadly sins. They include pride, greed, wrath, and envy. Of those four sins, which do you emulate as a supervillain?

Question 18

If you could see one of these artists in concert, which would you pick?

You have the chance to see one of the top artists in the world perform live in concert. You can only choose one of these singers to see. Which one would it be? The incomparable pop diva Beyoncé? Zany rapper Tyler, the Creator? The non-stop hitmaker Taylor Swift? Or the badass Rihanna?

Question 19

Which movie genre is your favorite?

When you get some free time to venture to the movie theater, what kind of film are you most interested in seeing? What genre do you immediately click on when you open your Netflix account for a movie night in? Would you want to see a movie that will make you laugh? One that'll make you scream? An action flick? Or a rom-com?

Question 20

How do you spend your downtime?


You are generally pretty busy coming up with and executing all of your brilliant, evil plans. But in the rare moments you have some downtime, how do you like to spend it? What is the best way to unwind? Working out? Reading a good book? Playing video games? Or do you take the opportunity to get a head start on work?

Question 21

Who is your favorite Marvel villain?

As a DC villain, you terrorize the heroes of the Justice League. The villains of Marvel Comics go after the heroes of The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, etc. Which bad guy of the Marvel universe do you like the most? Thanos, Ultron, Dr. Droom, or the trickster god Loki?

Question 22

Which actor played Superman the best?

The Man of Steel is an iconic figure in pop culture. Thus, he has graced the silver screen countless times. Several different actors have portrayed a live-action version of the hero. Who played it best? Christopher Reeve? Tom Welling, who played young Clark Kent in the show Smallville? The most recent Henry Cavill? Or Brandon Routh?

Question 23

Which social media do you use the most?

Social media helps us all stay connected across the entire world. If you are not on any social media platform, you basically do not even exist. Which would you say you use the most? The professional networking site LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter, where you can post anything up to 140 characters? Or the picture sharing app Instagram?

Question 24

If you could only have one superpower, what would it be?

Say that you could only have one superpower to help you commit your evil deeds. Which ability do you think would be the most useful in your fight against goodness? Superhuman, enhanced strength? The ability to read minds? The power to fly? Or would you rather be able to move things with your mind?

Question 25

What mythical creature would you have as a pet?

Imagine that you could have an amazing, mythical creatures as your pet. But you can only have one. Out of these options, which would you choose? A magical and beautiful unicorn? A powerful, terrifying, fire-breathing dragon? A winged horse, better known as a pegasus? Or would you have a griffin?

Question 26

Would you rather be a nobody but loved, or famous but hated?

Which of these scenarios would you rather live out? Would you prefer to live in a world where you are not very well-known, practically a nobody, but are liked by everyone that does know you? Or would you rather be extremely known and popular, but hated by a lot of people?

Question 27

Which Greek god would you be?

The Greek gods of Olympus are all powerful, if not flawed. Each god and goddess of ancient Greece represented a certain power, emotion, or element of nature. Which would you be? The lightning-bearing ruler of them all, Zeus? Poseidon, king of the seas? Ruler of the underworld Hades? Or the war god Ares?

Question 28

What sounds like the most fun?

Which of these places would you want to spend an entire day? Where would you have the most fun? An amusement park full of rides, prizes, and junk food? A fun and informative day at the museum? Would you want to attend a TED talk? Or a day at the shooting range?

Question 29

Which DC villain would you team up with?

Even villains need friends! They often team up and work together to face off against superheroes and law enforcement. Which of these villains would you be willing to work with? The powerful and terrifying Doomsday? The horrific Joker? The immortal and intelligent villain Vandal Savage? Or do you refuse to team up with anyone?

Question 30

Which holiday is the best?

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. But which is the most most wonderful time of the year for you? The very first holiday, New Year's Eve? The costumes and candy of Halloween? The giant meal and family time of Thanksgiving? Or is Christmas the best one?

Question 31

What weapon would you use against the Man of Steel?

It is time to take the Kryptonian protector of Metropolis down. This is a daunting task since he is practically indestructible and extremely strong and fast. But there are a few ways to defeat Superman. What strategy would you come up with? Firing a Kryptonite bullet? A red sun lamp? Would you exploit his vulnerability to magic? Or do you think your own two fists will suffice?

Question 32

Which kids network is the best?

Nick Music

Which of these three networks did you grow up watching the most? The Disney Channel, home to live-action kids' shows like That's So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Hannah Montana? Nickelodeon, which created shows like Drake and Josh, iCarly, and Spongebob Squarepants? Or did you prefer Cartoon Network's shows, including Dexter's Laboratory Ed, Edd n Eddy, and The Powerpuff Girls?

Question 33

What are you having for breakfast?

You have just woken up and you need a yummy and filling breakfast to start off the day. What are you having for your first, and most important, meal of the day? Some sweet pancakes or waffles? A quick bowl of cereal? Or would you rather have some eggs cooked sunn side up?

Question 34

Pick your favorite Disney-Pixar film


The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios are the dream team of animated films. When the two companies team up, nine times out of ten the movie is an instant classic. Out of these options, which Disney-Pixar film is the best? Toy Story, Inside Out, Finding Nemo, or The Incredibles?

Question 35

What do you seek?

What is it that you ultimately seek in life? What drives all of your villainous behavior? What is the end goal? Is it knowledge of everything in the universe? Or it is power and status? Do you crave acceptance in society? Or do you aim to have extensive wealth and riches?

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