Which Super Villain Are You?


Being a hero is so mainstream these days. What people come back to see are the villains. Batman wouldn't be as popular without the Joker. Luke Skywalker wouldn't be as well-known without Darth Vader. Anime shows like Death Note wouldn't have taken off so massively if it weren't for the villains themselves.

In real life, while we may not commit crimes or bring the world to end, everyone has an aspect of villainy inside of them. Furthermore, most villains aren't all bad and have aspects that make them relatable to the point where you can actually understand their point of view.

Wherever you may stand on this debacle, you may find yourself more like a villain than you initially realize. That said, why not embrace the darker side from time to time and see where you stand on the villain spectrum?

Everyone is different, but you'll often find yourself closer to a particular super villain. If you're curious as to which of these dastardly foes you align with, then continue on and take our quiz. After all, the mystery is already gnawing at you to figure it all out- you've already made it this far, so you might as well discover the truth.

Which super villain are you?

Question 1

What is your favorite weapon?

When becoming a hero or villain, it's imperative that you decide what kind of weapon you want to use. Will you take a more practical approach and use whatever the competition is using? Would you prefer to do something a bit more theatrical and employ a strategy not seen by many in your area? Whatever the decision, there are many factors to consider before picking out your weapon.

Question 2

How smart are you?

Don't let this question intimidate you. First off, you are only operating under how you perceive your intelligence. Secondly, even if you're not as smart as other people, that's not a knock against you. Everyone has different strengths, and that will show up when they become villains. The challenge at that point is for you to know what your strengths are so that you can operate with them in mind.

Question 3

Who is your least favorite superhero?

While superheroes are generally pretty cool to watch, there are some that don't strike a chord as much as others do. As a matter of fact, there are many superheroes that are generally disliked by both the casual and avid fans. Everyone has their own taste, but we guarantee that one of these heroes should be fairly disliked by all of you (or you just don't like superheroes in general- that's cool too).

Question 4

Where would you live if given the chance?

Where we choose to live is a big decision. Not only does it determine the course our lives will take, but it could potentially cut off ties we have with friends and family we've gained in our lives. It's not an easy decision to make, but we all have dreams of where we would like to go. Sometimes the distance doesn't matter, and other times, we would rather be as far away from everyone else as possible.

Question 5

What is your favorite superhero movie?

There are so many superhero movies on the market these days. Some are excellent, and others could've used some more time in the oven. Regardless of how good each one is, we all have our particular preferences and a favorite of the bunch. It's okay to like a movie that's not very good- everyone has their own reasons. We won't judge if you pick something that wasn't critically acclaimed.

Question 6

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

This is a question that is asked a lot. If you had one superpower, what would it be? After years of long self-discovery, we settled on super speed, as it would allow us to travel anywhere we wanted in the blink of an eye as well as be able to fight just about anyone that tried to stop us. You'll likely have your own reasons for choosing one of these powers, and whatever it is, we're sure that it will benefit you.

Question 7

What kind of music do you listen to?

Music is just as eclectic as any other form of entertainment in the world. Everyone has their own taste. Someone may prefer to chill out to jazz in the car while others may want to blast the top 10 hits of the week and break their speakers in the process. Whatever your tastes are, that will factor into how you carry yourself as well as how you will operate as a super villain.

Question 8

If you had the Infinity Gauntlet, what would you do with it?

The Infinity Gauntlet remains one of the most powerful objects in the entire Marvel Universe. When each of the Infinity Gems is united in this one metal glove, the wearer gains unlimited power. Many beings seek out this object in order to meet their objectives. But what would you do if you were given limitless power? Would you use it to try and fix the world, or would you give it u in fear of being corrupted?

Question 9

What kind of driver are you?

Another determining factor of the kind of people we are is how we drive. Everyone drives differently- someone could be the law-abiding citizen while another person could speed through each road until they see a cop. In this area, your driving is up to you (we all understand the risks). The point here is that it helps us and you to see the kind of person that you are and the kind of villain you'll become.

Question 10

You get jumped by a random stranger. What do you do?

It's not a situation that happens often, but considering the world we live in, it's not crazy to think that we could be jumped at any moment (especially if you live in the city). Because of this, everyone has their own reactions to something like it. How you react says a lot about how much control you have over your own mind as well as how you handle adversity. Do you tackle it head on or run to fight another day?

Question 11

Someone on the Internet criticizes your favorite movie. What do you do?

In this day and age, we live in a world where everyone has an opinion and nobody likes it. If you like a movie that everyone else dislikes, be prepared to get immediately shut down for it and vice versa. This is a reality many of us face on a daily basis and we must learn how to deal with it in our own ways. That said, everyone responds differently, and regardless of whether it's ethical or not, it shows our character.

Question 12

Who is your favorite villain?

Because of the sheer number of heroes that exist in comics, there is also an insane number of villains as well. Each of them boasts a strategy that is just a little bit different, but their abilities and personalities are what make them memorable in our eyes. Like with the superhero movies, we each have a favorite villain that we would love to see on the big screen more often.

Question 13

Which adjective describes you best?

As we develop into greater people, we gain specific qualities that are used to describe who we are. Whether it be your parents or your friends, everyone uses qualities to label certain traits that they witness. We do it too. If you're unsure as to which adjective describes you best, ask someone close to you for an outsider's opinion, as they will be better equipped to answer this question than you.

Question 14

A friend accuses you of something you didn't do. How do you respond?

This is a situation we all face one time or another. Rumors get spread and sometimes, we're accused by those closest to us of things we didn't even do. However, it's how we respond that determines the kind of people that we are and goes to shape our relationships with others. When faced with this sort of conflict, what's the best way that you know how to deal with it?

Question 15

What is your favorite color?

Everyone has a favorite color. There was a theory long floating around that everyone had the same favorite color because our brains perceive color differently (our red could be your blue for example). However, that idea was debunked after it was taken into consideration that people's favorite colors can change over time. That said, it's an interesting thing to think about.

Question 16

Which of these comics would you read?

There are many comics out there, and we understand that a lot of you aren't into reading them. Those that are would be able to pick one out and dive into it without a hitch, but that's just not true for everyone. That said, each comic has a title that tries to sell the customer on the story it promises to tell. Based on these titles alone, which one would you like to read the most?

Question 17

You're a parent and your kid trashed the house. What do you do?

One of the biggest determining factors for how your kids turn out is how they're disciplined. When they do something wrong, it's the parent's job to make them see that (however you choose to do that is completely up to you). Even super villains have children and they have to take a step back and see what the kids do wrong and how they can help to improve their behavior in the future.

Question 18

What is your favorite horror movie?

Horror movies are a mainstay of Hollywood. While we don't get the phenomenal films that we once did, there are still plenty of experiences worth revisiting. Several movies of the 80s and 90s were extremely memorable for the non-stop scares and thrills they provided. These movies would later set the tone for what the horror genre could be. Unfortunately, many directors would end up dropping the ball.

Question 19

You're given a choice of 5 video games. Which one do you play?

Choosing which video game to play is a tough choice already, but having to choose from a myriad of excellent titles is even harder. With so many great games on the market, consumers and gamers essentially have their pick of what they want to play. Your preference in games says a lot about the kind of person you are- and as you become older, you'll begin to notice that (assuming you haven't already).

Question 20

Which city would you like to visit?

Living in a place is one thing, but traveling to visit is another. Not only are more options opened up to you (as you wouldn't have to permanently settle everywhere), the place you visit may never lose its charm, as you don't stay long enough to the point that you get homesick. Where you travel is completely up to you, but if given a choice of these popular comic book environments, where would you decide to pack up your things and stay for a few weeks?

Question 21

You're having a lazy afternoon. Which TV show do you watch?

While superhero movies are all the rage these days, superhero TV shows have been around much longer. While the majority of them are simply cartoons, that doesn't mean that they tell any less exciting stories. As a matter of fact, there are many superhero cartoons that are the pinnacle of what animation can be. Everyone has their top pick of which show they want to watch, and the choice is ultimately up to you.

Question 22

What is your favorite food?

Food is one of the driving forces of our existence. Everyone needs food to survive. However, that doesn't mean that we're not allowed to enjoy it. On the contrary, there are numerous chefs and business owners who make their entire fortune on creating food that tastes great. While that world isn't for everyone, we all have that one dish that rises above all the rest. When we have it for dinner, we bite the heads off of anyone who tries to take it.

Question 23

You find out your significant other has been cheating on you. How do you respond?

Unfortunately, many of us have been faced with the time where our significant other has cheated on us. The first feelings we typically have are ones of betrayal and anger. We ask questions like, "Was I not good enough?" or "Could I have prevented this?" The reality is that it was ultimately the other person's choice to cheat. Not yours. After that, everyone responds differently to those kinds of people. Some take the opportunity to walk away and deal with it on their own. Others take action.

Question 24

What is your desired role in the workplace?

Every work environment functions on a set of roles and chains of command. Some people are delegated to a particular position just because they're the low man on the totem pole, but others were completely born to take charge. Sometimes you can crawl up that chain as you prove yourself to be an effective worker, but that is dependent on where you are. That said, there is always a position that we all desire and a role we would like to take.

Question 25

If you could have one movie starring a villain, what would it be?

There are so many villains in all of the superhero movies that have spawned throughout the years. However, with the focus being on the hero rather than the villain, many of them get shafted and underdeveloped. There has been a rise to make movies based on these villains, but nothing major has been released. Everyone seems to have their character of choice, and that leads to many ideas of what a super villain led movie should be. Which one would you like to see the most?

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