Which Super Mario Character Are You?


Since his debut in the early 1980s, Nintendo’s trademark hero, Mario Mario, has become perhaps the most popular and omnipresent video game character in history. Initially a simple plumber saving a princess from an evil monkey, Mario has ventured all around the world and throughout the galaxy, partaking in practically every activity under the sun while on his travels. With this much ground to cover, it should be obvious not even Mario could do it all alone.

Over 200 games have been created involving the Mushroom Kingdom where Mario resides or characters that live there in one way or another. This alone goes a long way in explaining how Mario became so popular, especially considering a shocking number of those games were not only great, but amongst some of the best ever created. This, too, is an area Mario isn’t solely responsible for, as over time other characters in his universe played just as big a role as the heroic plumber.

In particular, Mario’s brother Luigi, his love interest Princess Peach, rival King Bowser, and millions of hapless Toad Town residents have all become iconic characters in their own right. Like the titular man in red bringing them all together, few of these creatures find reason to talk all that much, but they nonetheless have developed full personalities over the years that might just match yours. Take our quiz to find out which Super Mario characters you have the most in common with.

Question 1

What’s your favorite color?

In the early days of video games, plot, writing, and characterization all took a heavy back seat to gameplay, meaning the first few Mario related games didn’t do all that much to differentiate the characters. Back then, all Nintendo and other developers really did was change one design’s colors and claim it was someone new, turning the famously red Mario into green to make his brother. If defining who a person is were this simple, which color would you be?

Question 2

What’s your favorite Mario item?

Before modern day video games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty brought a real world edge into the violence they portrayed, casualties in video games were generally caused by one character jumping on another’s head. This was the gold standard created by the original Super Mario Bros., though the red and green duo gradually discovered dozens of unique power ups to guide them on their quest. Which did you use the most?

Question 3

How do you feel about Princess Peach?

As the leader of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach is arguably the most important person in the domain Mario protects. While historians know the plumber was originally saving another young royal named Penelope, it was Peach who won over his heart and became his main heroine for the majority of Mario games. Naturally, all other Mario characters feel one way or another about Peach, as well. How do you find the Toad’s ruler?

Question 4

Are you a natural leader?

With enemies like Bowser and Wario constantly invading the Mushroom Kingdom, it says a lot about the Toad’s faith in Princess Peach that she’s never once lost their favor. Similarly, for a hero who clearly lets his guard down quite often, they never seem to lack any faith that Mario will eventually get the job done. This is largely because of their respective leadership skills—how do yours compare?

Question 5

Where would you want to live?

For as vast and expansive as the Mushroom Kingdom is, there are surprisingly few options for housing in Princess Peach’s land. Aside from the royal family’s castle, it’s pretty much just a bunch of identical houses for the Toads, and the public transport system is so flawed Mario has to trouble through the sewers. Nonetheless, the citizens all seem happy to be there, so long as Bowser isn’t rearing his ugly head.

Question 6

How’s your love life?

Despite the constant hustle and bustle of Bowser trying to separate them, Mario and Princess Peach nonetheless seem to have found some sort of love keeping them together through the years. Recently, Amiibo figures were released suggesting wedding bells could be in their future, unless the Koopa leader comes along and messing things up, as per usual. Does your situation match theirs, or are you even less lucky in love?

Question 7

Would you like riding Yoshi?

All right, so this probably looks like a trick question to most Mario fans, because it feels like a given that everyone on Earth would ride a Yoshi if they had the chance—and that goes for every size and color dino there is. From the early days protecting Baby Mario to simply helping him out during adulthood, Yoshi was the friendliest fire-breathing dragon around, but not everyone always appreciated his appearances. Did you?

Question 8

What’s your favorite Mario Kart item?

In Mario’s first 11 years of existence, the plumber turned hero already showed great signs of versatility, but it wasn’t until the release of a certain spin off series that his true potential started to reveal itself. Starting with the original Super Mario Kart, it became clear Mario could do literally anything, whether or not actual villains even came into play. Focusing on the original, which Mario Kart item made you think you were about to win?

Question 9

How do you react in the face of danger?

By and large, the violence faced in the Mushroom Kingdom is of the cartoon variety, making it hard to argue Mario, Luigi, or even Peach’s life is particularly dangerous. Even if Bowser were to get his way, Mario’s only punishment would be his eyes bugging out as he bounced off the screen, hardly a fate worse than death. That said, were danger to come your way in the real world, would you run or face it head on?

Question 10

Which of the following foods is your favorite?

Let’s face it, folks—for all his success in the field of heroism, Mario isn’t in the greatest shape when compared to his fellow iconic video game characters. Not that there’s anything to be ashamed of when it comes to wearing a few extra pounds around ones waist, as it merely means a person is a fan of food and not afraid to show it. Since that basically describes everyone, you should have no problem answering this question.

Question 11

What’s your biggest wish in life?

One of the quieter perks in the Mushroom Kingdom is that residents can literally wish upon stars, and so long as their wishes reach the right star spirits, they’ll definitely come true. Of course, Mario doesn’t have a whole lot to wish for, able to attain it all on his own. Peach, too, has little to worry about, with the resources of a princess and the aid of several heroes. You probably aren’t as well off, though, so what do you wish for?

Question 12

Which of the following is your favorite sport?

After kicking things off with the automotive racing based Super Mario Kart, the red-clad plumber, his friends, and enemies have engaged in practically every form of athletics known to man. Mario has released games focused on golf, tennis, baseball, and soccer, and when that wasn’t enough, he teamed up with Sonic the Hedgehog to hold a video game Olympics. What game would you like to have joined in on the most?

Question 13

What’s your favorite outfit Mario can wear?

Throughout the vast majority of his careers as both a plumber and superhero, Mario has worn essentially the same outfit—red hat, blue shirt, red overalls. If there are Fire Flowers nearby, maybe he’d switch it up and wear white. Things started to change a little with the release of Super Mario 3, which introduced a number of special suits for the Mushroom Kingdom’s hero to wear. Which did you like the most?

Question 14

Which of the following describes your body type?

Back to the subject of Mario’s off-kilter diet for a superhero, it’s interesting that the Mushroom Kingdom’s most powerful resident is also in arguably the worst shape. On the positive side, it’s proof that appearances don’t necessarily matter when it comes to saving the world, which is why you can still be a hero yourself no matter how you answer this question.

Question 15

Which Mario enemy do you dislike the most?

For whatever reason, unlike the average video game hero, Mario doesn’t seem to harbor any actual bad feelings for Bowser, Wario, Donkey Kong, or any other villain he runs across. Sure, he’s mad at them when they kidnap Princess Peach, but once that’s over with, it’s all water under the bridge. Assuming we’re a little less forgiving than Mario, who amongst his rivals grinds your gears the worst?

Question 16

Are you comfortable traveling through sewers?

Okay, so there are plenty of elements about life in the Mushroom Kingdom that make it seem like a fun place to live, from the ride-ready Yoshi’s all over the place to the delicious mushrooms granting super powers. However, there’s at least one massive downside in the fact the sewage and public transportation appear to be one in the same. Is this all right with you, or does it gross you out a bit?

Question 17

How would you adapt to the paper world?

In late 2000, the Mario universe expanded once more in an unexpected way by going against the 3D trend ruling video games at the time for a more simplistic approach. The resulting Paper Mario series was a huge hit amongst fans of RPGs, who were happy to see a hilarious, densely scripted story with all our favorite Mario characters in such a unique setting. Still, it was a little weird they all turned into paper. Could you handle that sort of change?

Question 18

What’s your greatest fear?

Given how much he puts up with, it could be assumed that Mario doesn’t fear anything. On the other hand, he seems to freak out every single time he sees a Boo, which should be a common enough occurrence for him by this point he’s gotten used to it. While his brother Luigi ain’t afraid of no ghosts, his lack of involvement whenever Bowser’s around implies a different fear altogether. Do you have any such omnipresent worries in life?

Question 19

Which role do you take when in a group?

Whether you happen to be a plumber/hero or dedicate yourself to a more every day profession in an office, chances are you’ve been involved in a number of group projects in your day. Even if not, you probably took a class or two in school that forced you to play with others. Did this go well for you, or was it always a mess? Or maybe you just played it safe and stayed on the sidelines?

Question 20

Which of the following is your favorite non-Mario series?

It’s no surprise Mario became one of the most popular video game characters and series in history, releasing a fantastic game alongside the launch of practically every console Nintendo has ever made. In this respect, Mario can be a gateway to the wide world of video games in general, and chances are even if Mario is your absolute favorite, you’ve played a handful of others in your day. Which of these do you love as much as the heroic plumber?

Question 21

Do you like to travel?

Literally going wherever it takes to free Princess Peach from Bowser’s wrath, it’s hard to imagine a single place Mario has never traveled. He’s ventured through lakes of fire, shifted over sand lands, dove miles deep underwater, and always came out of the situation looking fine and dandy. Naturally, Bowser had to go through all these lands as well, creating them to ruin Mario’s day. You’d probably pick some better locations, but would do you do the same amount of travel as these characters do?

Question 22

Are you a hero or villain?

At this point in the quiz, we should probably look into establishing some certain aspects of your personality that would go a long way in defining how you would act in a video game. In the Mushroom Kingdom, anyone who allies themselves with Princess Peach is a hero, while those standing against her are the villains. Of course, Bowser sees it the exact opposite way. Where do you fall in the debate?

Question 23

How would your friends describe you?

Bowser and his minions notwithstanding, one of the nicest things about the Mushroom Kingdom is how friendly everyone is to one another. Toads and humans live in harmony, welcoming any weird, silly visitors that stumble into their territory so long as they don’t kidnap the Princess. Chances are, the people of Toad Town have nothing but good things to say about one another. Are your friends the same way in regards to you?

Question 24

What do you think about Donkey Kong?

All right, so pretty much everyone accepts that Bowser is a bad guy due to his practice of constantly kidnapping Princess Peach. At the same time, however, another erstwhile villain named Donkey Kong has slowly created a video game empire of his own, despite starting out the exact same way as the Koopa King. By and large, Mario fans seem to have forgiven DK’s early history antics. Have you?

Question 25

Which of the following is your favorite Mario game?

Although they share the same hero, characters, and in many cases, even the same plot, each and every Mario game is unique in its own way. With this much variety, how and why a person chooses their favorite is entirely a matter of preference, and one that may be made simply based on the one you played first. Out of these landmark titles, which did you like the most?

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