Which Starfleet Captain Are You?


There have been many captains in the ongoing Star Trek series, and the debate about which one's the best continues to rage on. Most people think that either Picard or Kirk was the best captain ever, but there are those fringe Trekkies who believe that Sisko or Janeway were the best of all time. Everyone has their own opinion, and it looks like we're about to get yet another captain with the upcoming new Star Trek series. But the main question isn't who's the best Star Trek Captain. The question is which one is most like you. 

Each captain is so different. There are those who are very gung-ho, while others are clearly more deliberating and cautious. Some break the rules if necessary, while others adhere to Starfleet protocol 100% percent of the time. Some pursue relationships. Some even have families. Others stick to their job, preferring not to get too close to anyone. But there are so many other factors that make each of these captains unique. You probably have a captain in your mind that you want to be. But whether you actually share anything in common with this captain remains to be seen. Take the quiz and find out for yourself which Starfleet captain you are...


Question 1

Which Historical Figure Do You Admire?

Throughout the many series of Star Trek, it's become obvious that all of the captains look up to historical figures. This is funny because as Starfleet captains, a lot of people look up to them! Everyone has someone in history that they really look up to, and the captains in Starfleet are no different.

Question 2

What Is Your Hobby?

Even though being a Starfleet captain demands your full attention, all of our favorite captains in Star Trek always found time to pursue their favorite hobbies. After all, they weren't being attacked by enemy ships or being sucked into a wormhole ALL the time. But what about you? What's your hobby?

Question 3

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Drink?

Everyone has a favorite drink. Some starfleet captains are very open about their favorite drink. For others, it's a much more hidden thing, especially when that drink is alcoholic! Some like tea, some like coffee, some like ale, and some like even more exotic drinks. But what about you? What's your favorite drink?

Question 4

Who Is Your Greatest Enemy?

Although some of the enemies in the universe of Star Trek are repeated throughout various series, many of these enemies hold a special hatred for particular starfleet captains. These captains have a grudge against these races or things, and you can always bet that when they meet them, it's personal. But what's your biggest enemy?

Question 5

If You Were Locked In A Cellar For A Week, What Item Would You Want To Have?

Imagine you are to be locked up in a cellar for one week. You are allowed to take only one item down with you to keep your entertained for all that time. What would it be? It seems pretty obvious what the various Starfleet Captains would choose, based on their interests. Some even have prized possessions!

Question 6

What Would You To Your Appearance To Make You Stand Out?

Everyone tries a little to make themselves look unique, even if it's something very small. We all want to stand out in our own way, and as a captain of a Starfleet ship, it's their duty to come up with some kind of trademark. Some are a little more obvious than others, but every captain has done something unique to their appearance.

Question 7

Who Would You Be Most Attracted To?

Even though a starfleet captain is expected to maintain a professional mindset throughout their duties, many of them have developed romantic feelings for people over the years. Some of these are short flings, whereas others are more serious relationships that result in marriages and children.

Question 8

What Would Inspire You To Join Starfleet?

All of the captains of the Star Trek series because very well-known within the universe, and admired by Starfleet personnel in later generations. Some more than others. But what caused them to join Starfleet in the first place? That is a question that is as varied as the personalities of the various Star Trek captains. But why would you join?

Question 9

What Kind Of Ship Would You Prefer To Captain?

Each captain in each Star Trek Series captained a very different type of craft. Some were much more experimental than others. Some were smaller, sleeker ships that were built for speed. Others were larger crafts built to be the flagships of the Federation. And some weren't even starships, but space stations instead.

Question 10

What Is Your Weakness?

Every starship captain of the Federation has their own weakness. After all, they wouldn't be interesting if they weren't bad at SOMETHING. Some of these weaknesses are a little more obvious than others, but during the course of the various series you can really tell what each captain is bad at.

Question 11

What Is Your Greatest Strength?

Every starship captain of the Federation has their own special strength. After all, they wouldn't have reached the level they did without being good at SOMETHING. Some of these strengths are a little more obvious than others, but during the course of the various series you can really tell what each captain is good at.

Question 12

What's Your Best Subject In School?

Starfleet Academy is something that all the captains went through when they were very young men and women. This might seem like a dream to all us trekkies out there, but it's hard work as well. Each captain probably excelled in one particular subject. But what about you? What is your best subject in school?

Question 13

Who Would You Choose For Your Commanding Officer?

One of the toughest decisions that a starfleet captain has to make is the choice of first officer. The first officer is your right hand man (or woman), so you need to really depend on that person. Various captains have made drastically different choices in this area, but each one has been a success.

Question 14

What Do You Think Makes The Best Leader?

There are a lot of qualities that make a good captain and a good leader. Many of the star trek captains have these qualities in spades, and it's clear that they were promoted to the rank with goof reason. They might not have all the qualities, but they have a lot of them. But what do you think is the most important quality for a leader?

Question 15

Who Would You Want As Head Of Security?

Security is another important issue on board every major starship in the federation. Appointing a Chief Of Security is another major decision on board each ship. It's almost as important as the choice of first officer. Because if something goes wrong, you need to protect the crew. Who would you pick as your chief of security?

Question 16

Who Would Be Your Closest Friend On Board A Starship?

Starfleet captains might have a tough time choosing their first officers and their head of security, but their best friends on board their ships isn't really something they can choose. This is something that happens naturally, and often (but not always), this happens outside of the chain of command. But who would be your best friend?

Question 17

Who Would You Want As Your Chief Medical Officer?

Another important decision to make is the choice of medical officer. This is a very important role to play on a starship, and a good medical officer means that everyone feels a lot more safe. We've seen a huge variety of different medical officers throughout the various seasons of the show, but they all offer something unique. Which one do you want?

Question 18

To What Degree Do You Agree With The Prime Directive?

Throughout the series, we've always been confronted with the Prime Directive. This is the guiding set of principles that all starfleet officers, especially captains, are expected to follow without fail. It involves not interfering with other worlds, especially those who have not had contact with other planets yet. But do you agree with this?

Question 19

How Familiar Are You With Deaths In The Family Or Within Your Group Of Friends?

Throughout the Star Trek series, there have been many deaths. But it seems like some starfleet captains have suffered more from the loss of their close ones than others. Some captains have really tragic pasts that really tug at your heartstrings. Others never really seem to get close to anyone. How familiar are you with these kinds of losses?

Question 20

How Important Is Family To You?

Family is an important theme across many of the Star Trek series, but for some captains, this is more important than it is for others. Some captains seem completely focused on their duties and responsibility, leaving little time to raise a family. But others seem to juggle the family and professional life well. Which are you?

Question 21

Who Would You Choose As Your Science Officer?

Another important choice for a Starfleet captain is the appointment of a Science Officer. This is an important role on board any starship, and one that involves a lot of intellect. But which type of person would you choose? It's clear that each Star Trek captain made a unique choice, but which one do you like the most?

Question 22

To What Degree Would You Agree With The Following Statement: I Rely On Emotions More Than Logic

The battle between logic and instinct is one many of us are familiar with. Some of us rely on our intellects, while others seek guidance from our emotions. The truth is that strength can be gained from both sides of the spectrum. But some rely on one side more than the other. What about you? Which do you rely on more?

Question 23

Who Would Be Your Chief Engineering Officer?

Yet another important appointment for any good Starfleet Captain is their choice of Chief Engineering Officer. This role on board any starship is crucial, as this person keeps the ship running. And without a functioning ship, the crew is hopeless and without purpose. But what kind of Chief Engineer would you choose?

Question 24

How Would You Make Money If You Were Desperate?

What would happen if these starfleet captains never joined the academy? Can you imagine where their lives would have taken them? Or what if they got kicked out of Starfleet, and suddenly had to find a way to make a living. What would they do? The more important question is what would YOU do in that situation?

Question 25

What Kind Of Animal Best Symbolizes You?

Many cultures believe that each person has their own "spirit animal," an animal that totally symbolizes who they are as a person. While some of the captains never revealed their spirit animal or animal guide, Janeway did in fact find out her spirit animal with the help of Chakotay. But which one of these animals best symbolizes you?

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