Which Shameless Gallagher Are You?


Have you ever watched Shameless and thought that their family reminds you of your own? Maybe, not to such an extreme level of shamelessness. It is a dramedy, of course. One of the most exciting things about a show like Shameless is that it exposes a way of life that's very real. However, it takes some of the worst case scenarios and makes them so extreme that it becomes funny. Meanwhile, it also take you to some very dark places that are real to a lot of people. We don't want to see The Waltons, or Little House on the Prairie. That's not depicting real-life, these days. We can watch it and daydream, but not relate.

Shameless has taken dysfunctional family shows of the past, like Roseanne, and My Name is Earl, but dug deeper into the poverty level. There really are families out there that are barely able to put food on the table, struggling to keep a roof over their heads, and mixing so much water with their cleaner, that it's barely got a Lysol scent to it anymore. There are parents out here, who abandon their kids, or are addicts. Hell, everyone's addicted to something. Even, if it's just coffee. This is a way of life that needs to be seen. Shameless has brought us that! There are more people out here who claim to see their own families in the Gallagher's than people who get mad at the show's content. Are you one of those people? If so, which Shameless Gallagher are you?

Question 1

Which Shameless age group defines you?

A big part of determining which Shameless Gallagher you are, would be defining which age group you fit in. Their ages range from 15-57. It's only natural that their personalities have a lot to do with their age group and the same goes for you. (Therefore, we've only added the Gallagher's who have gotten old enough to have an idea who they are personality wise.) Which Gallagher age group fits you the best?

Question 2

What's your educational background?

The Gallagher's might be the most shameless family around, but their education histories vary. They're all smart and could really get places in life. However, being smart doesn't matter when you chose to make the wrong choices, or are stuck in a situation where you just can't go that extra mile to get a college degree. Life just gets in the way sometimes. What's your educational background?

Question 3

Which of these is closest to being your type of girl/guy?

The Gallagher's are not specific when it comes to hook-ups. Most people aren't. You can always try to date any type of person you want. That doesn't mean that it'll become anything more than a hookup, or fling. However, you most likely have a type of girl/guy that makes you fall the fastest. The kind of person that gets your heart pounding. What type of guy/girl does that for you?

Question 4

How would you rake in some extra cash?

The Gallagher's are always finding ways to survive in different ways. For example, Frank avoids working like the plague, while finding ways to stay in an oblivious state of mind. Meanwhile, Fiona works her butt off. Still, all Gallagher's have done something Shameless to make ends meet at some point. Which of these answers is the most similar to how you would rake in some much needed cash?

Question 5

What Shameless activities do you get into in your spare time?

The one thing that defines the Gallagher's shamelessness, is how they spend their spare time. Most of the family members are hard workers. They pretty much have to be in order to ensure the family's survival, but they also have the tendency to get into some shameless activities, if and when they get the time. Which of these responses best describes the shameless activities that you would get into?

Question 6

Which occupation is the most shameless you would take to make ends meet?

You can't be a Gallagher without having had some sort of shameless occupation, or lack thereof. Even Frank Gallagher has had something that resembles a job, although not legit. I guess you could say that he's a professional freeloader at best. Still, most people draw a line when it comes to certain types of employment. If you were struggling to make ends meet, which of these jobs would be the most shameless you would be willing to take?

Question 7

Which Shameless character would you be most likely to have a fling with?

Do not confuse a fling with a relationship on this one. Every Shameless Gallagher has a type that their heart thinks ahead of them on. However, the majority of Gallagher's also love to have their flings. The only difference is that they all have their own shameless standards. For instance, Frank will ef anything walking vs his son Lip, who tends to fall for girls that are on his level, but most of his flings were high-class. Which Shameless character would you be most likely to have a fling with?

Question 8

Who are you sexually?

One thing that Shameless has put out in the open, (where other shows have failed miserably) is an openness with sexuality. Ian's relationship struggles with Mickey and his other partners has been groundbreaking. Of course, not everyone is gay, but many of the Gallagher's have either experimented, or as in Frank's case aren't partial to acting as long as there's something in it for him. Who are you sexually?

Question 9

How would you deal with an absent parent/parents?

The Gallagher kids grew up with a mother who's mostly absent physically and emotionally. She was rarely around and they never knew where to find her. They called her Hurricane Monica, because she used to just pop up unannounced, leaving chaos and destruction in her wake. Frank's there physically, but he's and alcoholic, drug addict and they're really better of without him. The kids have all learned to deal with their absent parents in their own ways. How would you deal?

Question 10

Have you ever been arrested? If so, what followed?

The majority of the Gallagher's have had arrest records. They've all gotten into shameless, and illegal activities. In some cases, they were just trying to survive the best way they knew how. Meanwhile, others were being downright stupid. We've all been there, whether it was due to recklessness, accidental, or some of us might be just be actual criminals. You never know, right? Have you ever been arrested and what followed the arrest?

Question 11

Which of the following Shameless things is closest to something you have done?

There are a lot of people who claim the Gallagher's remind them of their own families. A show about abandonment, poverty, and addiction is about as real as TV could get. However, the show is a dramedy, so they go to the extreme when it comes to what they will do to survive, or just because it's in the Gallagher blood. Which of these is closest to something you would do given these situations?

Question 12

What's your birth sign?

Yes, the Gallagher's all have birthdays. This also means that they have birth signs. It is believed that your birth sign says a lot about who you are. A lot of people believe that their horoscope tells them what's ahead in the future based on those signs. It only makes sense that your birth sign would influence which Shameless Gallagher you are. What's your birth sign. No cheating based on the photo. Only your true birth sign is allowed.

Question 13

How shameless would you be to get a place to stay?

The Gallagher's held on to their Aunt GInger's home for dear life as they were constantly struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Especially, Fiona. Nothing was too Shameless for her. She'd do anything if it meant keeping the house for her brothers and sisters. As for the other Gallagher's, they've all been out of the house and had to do some pretty shameless things to find another spot, even if it was just temporary. How shameless could you be if you needed a place to stay?

Question 14

You need booze, pills, money or drugs. Which Shameless way would you obtain it?

The Gallagher's have had to get either booze, pills, drugs, or money. Their parents were so messed up with their addictions and mental issues that they were left to fend for themselves. Surprisingly, most of the Gallagher's aren't into drugs, but even those who aren't find themselves needing money, or just end up helping someone else get what they need. If you had to score money, drugs, pills, or booze for whatever reason, which Shameless way would you do it?

Question 15

How would you react at the sudden appearance of a parent who abandoned you?

Monica Gallagher was the bipolar, fun, energetic, but wildly insane mother of the Gallagher children. She abandoned them time and again, to the point where her youngest son, Liam barely knew her. Whenever Monica did come home, it was always unexpected and she always threw the entire household into chaos. Plus, she had a bad habit of taking over and making it appear she'd always be there. The Gallagher’s always coped with Monica’s returns in their own ways. How would you?

Question 16

What's your addiction?

The Gallaghers aren't all useless, alcoholic, drug addicts. However, they are all addicts. They can't help it. It's all they've seen their entire lives. Besides, they are Gallagher's, after all. Plus, they've all had rough childhoods, despite Fiona's best intentions. Hell, most everybody in the world is addicted to something. Whether it be cigarettes, video games, TV. Which Shameless Gallagher's is closest to your own?

Question 17

Which Shameless rock bottom would be it for you?

We've seen every Gallagher hit rock bottom, except for Liam. Rock Bottom is when you spiral out of control to the point where you've hit the lowest point for yourself. It's when something happens that's terrible enough for you to want to change. Rock bottom is different for everyone. Some people hit rock bottom, only to change for a while and go back to that out of control spiral gain. Which of these Shameless situations would be rock bottom for you?

Question 18

What would be your Shameless dream job?

Every Gallagher has had a Shameless occupation, but most have also been lucky enough to get some type of dream job. Although, keeping those dream jobs is the problem. This is something else that allows us to relate to those Shameless Gallaghers. We've all had something good going for us and screwed it up at some point. So, which of these is closest to being your dream job?

Question 19

Which Shameless character/characters would you pick for your friends?

No Shameless Gallagher is complete without friends. Plus, who you hang out with says a lot about who you are as a person. For instance, are you the kind of person who takes in a person that you met in juvie? Do you just look at the outside of their story, or do you show compassion for them? Do you have wacky and wild neighbors, who's chaos rivals your own for friends? Are your friends all at The Alibi room getting drunk?

Question 20

How would you deal with your family' Shameless mistakes?

The Gallagher children have a very strong bond. This comes from them having to work together to take care of themselves, because their parents are not taking their parental roles seriously at all. However, the Gallagher children are still siblings, and have some very real moments of sibling rivalry. They have all had to deal with each other’s Shameless flaws and the consequences of one, normally falls on all their heads. How would you deal with your family members when they make mistakes?

Question 21

Which best describes your style?

Every Gallagher is unique in their style. They've all got their own styles in clothes, hair, and even cleanliness. This tells you something about each Gallagher. Do they care how they look? Are they often trying to hide their lifestyle through their clothing choices? Therefore, your own style would say a lot about who you are as a Gallagher. What would be your Shameless Gallagher style?

Question 22

What kind of Gallagher are you?

The Gallagher's all have very distinct personalities. Who they are and what they're becoming is everything. Most of the Gallagher kids are doing okay, despite the weight put on their shoulders by their parents. However, they are Gallagher's. So, of course they all have Shameless blood, which is often displayed in their personalities. So, what kind of Gallagher are you?

Question 23

What Shameless Gallagher thing do you value the most?

Every Gallagher has something that they value. We all do. It might be something that is huge and seems important to everyone, or it could be something that seems stupid, but it's still their thing. What a person values the most, can tell you lots about who they are psychologically. Are their values selfless, or selfish? Are they more caught up on material things? What Shameless thing do you value the most?

Question 24

What is your Shameless desire?

We often get so caught up in the Gallagher's struggles, that we often forget that they have shameless desires. All desires are selfish, when you think about it. However, sometimes you've got to be selfish to get where you need to be. For example, nobody liked Fiona in season 8. Why? Because she not only had a desire, but she decided to be selfish. She desired something and went after it, despite who got left behind. What's your Shameless desire?

Question 25

What's your Shameless Gallagher future lookin' like?

The Gallagher's might be have trouble getting getting their priorities straight, but that doesn't that they're doomed to have a shameless future, does? Fiona's gotten her a couple nice jobs. Frank's really smart, but dumb at the same time. That's where Lip gets his intelligence. He could really go places, if he'd only stop thinking that he doesn't deserve it. Why's he so hung up on the Gallagher way of life, anyway? Carl's made a lot of progress through the years, and Debs... Well, she's not doing terrible herself. Who knows what they'll accomplish? What's your Shameless future lookin' like?

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