Which Serial Killer Are You?


As we get older, we start to think about the passions and interests that we'll continue to enjoy through our entire lives, usually discovering what it is that gets us excited from a fairly young age. Sure, some of these things may later become boring to us, but it's a well-accepted fact that something you start to love in high school is likely to follow you for a few more decades afterward. For some people, that interest is an obsession with some of the most unpleasant human beings on this planet. Some people just love to learn about serial killers.

We have to admit that we have always found it pretty fascinating to take a look at some of the worst serial killers out there, almost as if we're being pulled in by a sick obsession that we don't even realize is within us. It's not surprising though, as these people give us an insight into what it feels like to have some of the most extreme mental and personality disorders known to man. They also show us the lengths to which some human beings are able to stretch themselves, usually beyond the boundaries that most other people could ever see themselves passing.

So, are you ready to find out which serial killer you are? Are you the creepy, silent type or are you out there in clown makeup with a bunch of balloons? It's time to take a look at which serial killer you are by answering these simple questions.

Question 1

Why Wouldn't Someone Invite You To A Party?

No matter how popular you are, you can be fairly sure that there is at least one party that you're not going to be invited to at some point in your life. That's fine as well because it'd be weird if every single person in the world loved you. We all have our flaws. However, what would be the reason for you not being invited to a certain party? Do you know the reason or are you totally oblivious to it?

Question 2

How Do You Spend Your Birthdays?

Why is it that grown adults think we all have to care about their birthdays? We get that if a kid has a birthday, we've all got to turn up and pretend like it matters, but once you get past about fifteen, you've really got to start realizing that you're the only one who cares. Stop being so wrapped up in yourself that you think one day out of the year is all about you. It really is not about you.

Question 3

Pick A Genre Of Music

Music is one of the great things in this world that it's almost impossible to describe. The goose bumps that spring up over your body when you listen to a particularly good piece of music is one of the most pleasant feelings of all time. It's like the music is reminding you that you're alive. Could there be anything better than that? If you don’t like music, you need to take a long hard look at yourself and go buy some classic albums.

Question 4

What Is Something You Can't Live Without

We all have our little pieces of comfort that we need to get through the day. Some people like to say that this is bad, but we think there's nothing wrong with having some little enjoyments in life, whether they're bad for you or not. This is what separates us from the animals. Without these things, we would merely exist, never actually enjoying our lives. That is an existence that we wouldn’t want to live through if we’re being totally honest.

Question 5

Pick A Type Of Weather

Isn't it weird that we all have different opinions on weather? You'd think, what with it being a natural occurrence that we have can't change, we'd just sit back and let whatever happens to happen. Instead, we get fed up if it starts to rain and start to smile if it's sunny. What's so bad about rain? In a lot of ways, we’d rather be cold and wet than hot and sweaty, so where does that leave us with most people?

Question 6

Describe What Love Is

Isn't this one of the hardest questions of all time? How do you possibly describe what is essentially different hormones and chemicals firing off in your body, yet it feels like nothing you've ever been able to experience before with any drug or physical feat? Love makes you do truly insane things, in a way that nothing else can. The stupidity that you come under when in love is inexplicable to people who aren’t feeling it at the time, but totally understandable to those that are.

Question 7

Pick A Flavor Of Ice Cream

Look, we don't really like sweet foods or anything, but we will make an exception with ice cream because it's quite possibly the nicest food that anybody has ever invented. We will pretty much always pick savory first, but if you've got some ice cream lying around afterward, we will gladly help you finish that stuff off. If you don’t like ice cream then we really don’t think we could ever understand you. To us, you’re a freak of epic proportions.

Question 8

Pick A Group Of People Who Need Your Help

No matter what others may tell you, there will always be people who need your help. That's just a fact of life sadly. Seriously, if you get to a point in your life where you think you shouldn't be helping someone, you've got to take a serious look at yourself in the mirror and figure out when you became so cold. There’s something about a human being who gives up on the world getting better that is pretty infectious. You’ve got to be careful.

Question 9

How Would People Describe You

One problem that most people in this world have is the need to please others and the compulsion to worry about what they're thinking. Honestly, without this, the world would be a better place, one filled with people achieving everything they wanted without getting involved in how much this affects what people think of them. Thankfully, there are those out there who will do things out of the goodness of their heart, selflessly making things better without a care for what people think of them.

Question 10

Choose Somewhere To Hang Out

We honestly try to live by the concept that where you're hanging out doesn't really matter because it's all about the people that you're hanging out with. When you live your life like that, your level of enjoyment will start to skyrocket in a way that you can't understand. Suddenly, you will have much stronger relationships that you’ve never been able to have before, something that eludes some people for their entire life. Thankfully, you now know the secret to it all.

Question 11

Pick A Color

We don't really buy into the concept that the colors you're around in life make a massive change in your feelings and your emotions. Some people paint their babies rooms based on the color that will most likely leave them happy and comfortable, but as long as you're not putting up unpleasant images or painting the place black, we reckon you can paint the room whatever color you want. If your kid turns out bad, it’s because of you, not the paint.

Question 12

Pick A Weapon

To some of you, this might seem like a bit of a weird question, which would probably mean you're not like any psychopath because you understand that this sort of question shouldn't have an answer if you're a normal human being. Really, the only people who should be thinking about what weapon they should be using are taking part in a battle, not walking around among normal human beings like me and you. If you find yourself thinking about this a lot, you shouldn’t be allowed to carry a weapon.

Question 13

Pick A Facial Hairstyle

When we say accessory, what we essentially mean is which of these you would be happy to have on your face. That might seem like a bit of a weird question, as most people would rather they didn't have to deal with anything on their face. Sure, some people choose to have a beard, but even they would have to admit that having a crafted beard is more of a pain than not having one. That’s just some basic stuff.

Question 14

Pick A Location

It's insane to think how something like where you were born can have such a profound change on the sort of human being you end up becoming in your later life. You may not realize it, but we can tell you right now that so many people would change if their birthplace changed. In fact, moving to a specific place in adulthood can have a major change on who you are and how you see the world, which is crazy when you think about it.

Question 15

Pick A Fear

Fear is one of those things that brings us all together. No matter who you are, you will have some form of fear in the back of your brain that gets your blood pumping whenever you come across whatever triggers it. Even those people who throw themselves off cliffs and stuff like that must fear something. You’d probably find out that they’re scared of balloons or stickers or something. That’s what happens when your fear has nowhere else to go.

Question 16

What's Your Favorite Food?

This, if you ask us, can be one of the most polarizing questions of all time. Seriously, if you ask the wrong person or tell the wrong person that something isn't nice, you can very quickly have a fight on your hands. We wouldn't be surprised if there had been wars fought on whether or not a certain type of food was any good. If you don’t agree, you’ve clearly never had a strong opinion on food. We feel sorry for you.

Question 17

What Country Would You Like To Visit?

If you're like any of us, you definitely haven't done enough travelling in your life. There is a map in your head with numerous countries that have yet to be crossed off. However, you might not and have gone to so many places across this world, but we don’t really want to hear about that if we’re being honest. You’re essentially proving that, if we’d wanted to, we could’ve travelled to a lot of different places by now, which we don’t want to hear about.

Question 18

What Would We Find In Your Fridge?

You can learn a lot about someone from what you find in their kitchen because people's personality is definitely tied to what they eat and the sort of things they cook. People who don't think that's true should take a look at what they have in their kitchen and have a think about what we could all figure out about them from whatever they’ve got in there. All we’re saying is, if you’re having people over, stock the fridge. Nothing sadder than an empty fridge.

Question 19

Pick A Singer

Look, we know that every single instrument in a band is important, but we have to say that most of the time, we're watching and listening to the singer when we go to a gig. Sure, not every single second, but most of the time your attention is on them because they're in the middle of the stage and it feels like everything is pushing his voice up into the forefront. That being said, we’ve also got a soft spot for drums as well.

Question 20

Pick A Book

Not enough people read in the modern world. We're too wrapped up in television box sets and other forms of technological entertainment to realize that the written word is something to be ingested and savored. If you're not reading at least a book a week, you need to take a look at your schedule and find some time to fit reading in. We can promise you that it will have a massively positive effect on your life that you will notice almost immediately.

Question 21

Pick A Vehicle

It's insane to think that how we get about in this world can act as a symbol for what we're like as people, affecting how people around the world look at us. You would think we've got past the point where we need to judge people based on their vehicle, but that would probably be asking too much of the world. There’s a lot of antiquated stuff that we need to do away with which still manages to pervade modern life.

Question 22

Pick A Pet

Can you believe there are some people in this world who actually actively dislike animals? We can understand why you wouldn't like spiders or something similar to that, but how can you look into the face of a happy dog and not see something that deserves your unconditional love? That is something that we cannot abide. You need to get yourself out there and throw yourself at loving pets until you realize the potential they have to make your life better.

Question 23

Pick A Sport

Unlike pets, we've never understood why people like sports. This sort of thing will always perplex us, as well as placing us outside of the same group of about 99% of the population. Most people, whoever they are and whatever they do, enjoy watching or playing at least one sport. We can tell you now that none of them appeal to us in any way shape or form. Why bother running around when you can walk about for an hour and do some reading?

Question 24

How Smart Do You Think You Are?

What you've got to remember when answering this question is that most truly smart people in society don't think they're smart, while those of average intelligence reckon they're smarter than most of the world's population. Obviously, geniuses are geniuses, they're on a whole other level, but then genuinely smart people in this world will not answer this question in real life. They’re too smart for that. They know just how massive the spectrum of intelligence truly is. It’s never this black and white.

Question 25

Pick A Film

We've actually spent the past few weeks catching up on films as the past couple of years has mostly been spent on video games and books. It's amazing to watch some of these films, looking at what you've missed out on. It makes you feel like you could make a film like you want to write and direct one of these things. Is that just us? Are we ridiculously naïve to ever think that we’ll be able to get a film made?

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