Which Secondary Character On Friends Are You?


Friends is one of the most celebrated sitcoms of all time, proving to be a success by any definition of the word. People continue to watch the show to this very day, despite having seen every single episode numerous times and pretty much being able to quote the show verbatim. There is something about it that managed to draw people in at the time and has still kept its enjoyable feeling. Part of this reason is the characters, who manage to highlight personality traits hidden within the audience, both good and bad. You relate to these people and feel as though you could probably be friends with them as well.

However, this doesn't just extend to the six main Friends. The writers on the show threw a lot of characters into the show over its long time on television, with many of the secondary characters becoming just as beloved as the main ones. We all have our favorite recurring Friends character, a background fixture that you always hoped would return as each new series came about. That being said, it doesn't mean our favorite secondary character is necessarily the character that we're most like. We often tend to love or want what we can't have!

So, we thought it'd be fun to put together a quiz that will show you exactly which secondary Friends character you are. Just answer a few questions, and you'll find exactly how you would've influenced the lives of the characters in Friends, whether it's for a huge or a small reason.

Question 1

Pick An Age

We have found that the older you get, the more you realize that age is much less of a barrier than you make it when you're younger. Rather than it being a concept that matters, it starts to become a number that only the individual cares about. It's like a clock that nobody else is watching but you. When you're younger, you're sort of taught to delineate what people are like based on their age, but this couldn't be further from the truth in adulthood.

Question 2

How Funny Are You?

This can be quite a difficult question to ask somebody, because unless it's your job to make somebody laugh, you're going to look pretty big headed if you say that you think you're really funny, even if it's true! You can only really go off what other people have told you, but then, are they just being nice to you? Are you actually really unfunny but they don't have the heart to tell you so they just keep laughing at your terrible jokes?

Question 3

Pick A Meal

Look, we all have to eat, which is why some of us don't take too much pleasure into the food we put into our mouths, but we really think there should be a revolution that demands every single human being on this planet start to enjoy their food. This stuff is important! Being able to savour the things that you survive on is a basic part of human existence that separates us from pretty much every other animal in the world.

Question 4

Pick A Superpower

Yes, we spend the precious time we have throughout the day thinking about completely pointless things like this, because it means that we don't have to focus on the other things in our lives that we don't want to be doing. This may be counterproductive, but we can tell you right now that it also makes for a pretty chilled life. If anything, our superpower is definitely laziness. Others see it as a curse, but we know how to use it to its full potential.

Question 5

Pick A Board Game

Board games are one of those things from childhood that you think you miss, but then you get drunk at a mate's house with a bunch of people and actually sit down to play it, quickly realizing that you don't enjoy board games at all. The thought of board games is so much more interesting than actually playing them. We think it’s about time that people realized that and stopped forgetting they’re quite possibly one of the most boring ways to waste your drunken time.

Question 6

Are You A Romantic?

While we actually quite like the idea of seeing the world in a romantic way, we have to say that most people who think they're romantic probably aren't. Just because you bought someone flowers on their birthday or tried something new for them doesn't mean you're a romantic, it means you're a decent human being. A romantic is able to see the beauty in all things and understands that, no matter what, nature is unequivocally beautiful, with no exceptions to that rule.

Question 7

Pick A US President

Politics is something that divides many people, with some friends and family refusing to discuss it with each other for fear of offending one another, a policy that we think should be stopped immediately. People should have to step up to the plate and defend the way that they vote. If they're ashamed of how they voted, they should have to take personal responsibility for that as well, because they're affecting so many more people than they realize with their vote.

Question 8

Are You Confident?

Confidence is one of those things that we often try and breed into ourselves, but we struggle to keep it there with life beating it out of us. You have to remember that, no matter what other people think, as long as you're happy with who you are then that's all that matters. These people will try to bring you down, but as long as you're happy and confident, that's all that matters! Trust us. We know what we’re talking about.

Question 9

Do You Love Your Life?

One of the more forgotten realities of life is that, while there are definitely exceptions to this rule, most of our lives are ruled by the fact that we have to do things that make us feel fundamentally unhappy, but this is a lie sold to us at birth that you can deny if you want to. You don’t have to work a job you hate, just spend your youth working towards a job that you really want to do and make a go of it.

Question 10

Pick A Famous Magazine

While we love to read, we're also aware that sometimes you just want something easy to stare at and don't have to throw yourself into a complicated novel that actually takes up some brain space. Sometimes, you just want to pick up a magazine and read some easily ingested information and look at some glossy photographs. Honestly, people who say they only read novels and important books are just lying to look more intelligent than people who actually tell the truth.

Question 11

Are You Spontaneous?

While we understand people who like to make sure that every single thing is their life is planned, we certainly don't find it easy to be around those sort of people. On the other hand, we also get that you have to have some consideration in life or everything will be constant chaos, so we probably rank somewhere in the middle, closer to spontaneity than anywhere else but also pretty realistic in how we see the world and what our part to play is.

Question 12

Pick A Job

When we were younger, the concept that a job would pretty much rule everything we do in the future was one of the scariest things that we could possibly imagine, to the point where we never wanted to get older so that we could still continue to find fun in the world. Nobody seemed to enjoy their job, so why we want to start doing that as well? Now we're older, we know that some people just don't want a different job, even though they hate what they do.

Question 13

Pick A Mode Of Transport

The way you get around in this world can have a major effect on how you see it and the rest of the people that inhabit it. If you're being driven around everywhere, you'll have a much different perception of an area than somebody who drives or cycles through it every single day. People often forget the sort of psychological effect things like walking can have on them as well. Something to keep in mind next time you decide to leave the house.

Question 14

What Is Your Best Trait?

If you ask us, people need to start being able to think of themselves in a positive light without thinking they're being bigheaded. We all have flaws and we all have positives to us, this is just a fact. Being able to acknowledge and recognize both of these things can have a real positive effect on who we are as people. If you just ignore them because you’re embarrassed or ashamed, you’ll never make an effort to properly change them.

Question 15

What Is Your Worst Trait?

As we've said, being able to identify these sorts of things mean that you can start to work on them for the other people around you, but at the same time, that doesn't mean you should always change who you are for others. Coming to terms with your flaws can also mean realizing that you actually love who you are, flaws and all, despite what other people may think of you. It can give you self-love and personal strength if done right.

Question 16

Pick A Weapon

Honestly, we don't think we want to be around people who have thought this question so much that they can answer it easily. This should definitely be the first time you've ever had to sit back and think about which of these would be the best thing to have with you if you needed a weapon of some sort. If you’ve considered using any of these to your own advantage or to cause somebody harm, we’re already scared of what you could be capable of.

Question 17

Pick A Band

When we were younger, we thought it was totally reasonable to judge someone based on what sort of music they like, but we've obviously realized as we've got older that this is a ridiculous thing to do. People still imply that the genre of music people listen to the most can actually tell you something significant about another human being, which is obviously utterly ridiculous in a way that we can't be bothered to get into with you right now.

Question 18

Pick A Sport

As we get older, we start to realize that sport can actually be a really interesting bit of entertainment, but as children, it's usually used as a form of oppression by P.E teachers who got bullied when they were at school. That being said, some people were just really good at it as children and they actually enjoyed it. We have never understood these people in our lives. We don’t think there’s a chance that we actually ever will understand them either.

Question 19

Pick A Drink

When we were young, we spent most of our time hating water and instead went for all of the liquids that are definitely terrible for us. Soda and fruit juice were the only things that we'd get out of bed for, so to get older and realize that what we always needed was water is a pretty major revelation. Anytime we feel pretty down these days, drinking water throughout the day makes a massive change, so god knows how different our childhood would've been with more water.

Question 20

Pick A Pet

If you've never had a pet in your life, then you have no idea what unconditional love is. There is something about coming home to a tiny ball of fur that will be your friend no matter what which really teaches you about how unconditional love works. Or, it can teach you that animals are pretty stupid and can be easily exploited if you want to exploit them. We never would, but we know that some of you out there definitely would.

Question 21

Pick A Bagel

Bagels are one of those types of food that people really need to start buying more because they're always great and it seems like we just forget that. They can be a great start to the day, incorporated into your lunch and can even be a dessert or a supper option. Seriously, they are utter perfection and we will not have anyone tell us otherwise mate. If you don’t like bagels, you can consider yourself an enemy of ours from now on.

Question 22

Pick A Coat

Coats are always forgotten when people start to think about the kind of thing that they want to be wearing out in the real world, even though they're definitely an integral part of the fashion ensemble if you ask me. Seriously, you can't get away with getting a terrible coat and relying on the rest of your outfit to carry you through the day. Not only will it keep you warm and dry, it will have you looking pretty fly as well.

Question 23

Pick A Precious Stone

Just like cars and other material objects, we don't really understand the appeal of precious stones and metals, but a lot of other people do so we'll let you choose from these four because we bet you do have a favorite. Do any of you think you could get in touch with us to let us know exactly what it is about stuff like this that makes them really appealing? We aren’t buying any of these for a lover in the future.

Question 24

Pick A Flower

Flowers are one of the most traditional symbols of emotions and respect that are still used in day to day life. Most of the time, we rightly leave behind traditions and old ways of living because we've moved past them, but there are some things that people continue to enjoy in modern society. When it comes to flowers, we honestly cannot blame them. We don’t really like people making us stay with the old trends when we don’t want to, but this we’ll allow.

Question 25

What Item Do You Always Have On You?

We always make sure that we have something on us as it keeps us comfortable. This is just one of those things that we all do and people just need to accept that. Honestly, if you're the kind of person who always leaves the house with nothing, then we don't know how you can deal with the life around you. You really need some sort of routine before you can get your life together. That is just one of those things about being a human being.

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