Which Role Would You Play In A Teen Horror Movie?


The classic teen horror movie usually has a very predictable plot but that doesn’t make them any less fun to watch. There are usually a couple of stereotyped characters including a hot but ditzy blonde, a nerd with glasses, an over-entitled jock, and a wise-cracking sidekick somewhere in the mix along with a brave heroine and of course, a deranged killer. The killer will pick the friends off one by one and as the body count rises it will seem more and more unlikely that anyone will survive to make a sequel. The location will be somewhere isolated and you can bet that no phone will work for the duration of the movie. But even though we know the stories we still can’t get enough of these types of movies. Even if the plot line is full of gaping holes (which they often are) we love watching the characters running around scared out of their wits for 90 minutes. If you’re a big fan of this genre of film then you’ve probably wondered what character you would end up as if you landed in one of these movies. Now you can find out once and for all who you’d be in a teen horror movie with this quiz!

Question 1

You get offered a summer job looking after an old mansion. What’s your response?

A friend of a friend offers you the perfect summer job – looking after a sprawling mansion on the outskirts of town and getting paid to have fun. It seems too good to be true but what's the worst thing that could happen? It's not like this is a horror movie or anything, right?

Question 2

Which of these locations would you consider for a weekend break with friends?

The last few weekends have been very boring for you and your pals so you decide that you all need to get away and go somewhere fun this weekend. It’s up to you to decide which location would best suit the needs of the group. Which of these locations would you choose?

Question 3

You find a Ouija board in the basement – what do you do?

You finally buy your dream home but there's just one problem - the basement is full of junk. You decide to devote a weekend to clean it out and while you're busy you find an old Ouija board buried under a pile of boxes. Are you totally a believe or do you think think it's just a dumb game? What do you do with it?

Question 4

You come across a creepy rundown cabin deep in the woods. What should you do?

Feeling adventurous, you and your friends decide to take a stroll through the woods. After a while, you come across a strange little rundown cabin that looks like it hasn’t been occupied for years. The place gives you the creeps but you’re curious about what’s inside. What do you do?

Question 5

There’s a serial killer on the loose! What will you be doing?

It’s a dark and stormy night and there’s a killer on the loose. He’s escaped from a mental hospital for the criminally insane just outside of your town and now the police and media are warning everyone to stay indoors until he’s found as they consider him to be extremely dangerous. What will you be doing?

Question 6

You and your friends become lost in woods. What do you suggest to the group?

You and your friends decide to go on a camping trip to investigate reports of ghosts who have been spotted in the area. You’ve got cameras and drones and you are desperate to catch the entities on film but halfway through the journey, you seem to have become lost. What are you going to do?

Question 7

How do you feel about clowns?

If anyone is to blame for the steady incline in clown phobias it’s got to be Stephen King. After all, he was the creative force behind one of the most infamous scary clowns – Pennywise – who is due for a reincarnation this month with a new version of his story, It. How do you feel about clowns?

Question 8

Your mom gives you a vintage doll – what do you do with it?

Your mom just can’t seem to walk past a bargain shop or garage sale without buying something. This time she’s returned home with a stack of dusty junk and as she unpacks it she presents you with a strange antique doll. The doll is in poor condition and it looks like someone has tried to melt her face off. What are you going to do with her?

Question 9

Which of these do you find more terrifying?

We’re all driven by different things and get annoyed or scared for different reasons. Some of us can’t stand simple annoying noises like people eating while for others the thought of being alone is worse than any horror story. Which of the below things do you personally find more terrifying?

Question 10

Which of these Halloween costumes would you choose?

If you’re a big fan of horror movies and books then Halloween is probably your favorite time of the year. Do you love the process of getting your house ready for Halloween and planning your activities for the night? If you had to choose one of the below costumes for treat or treating this year which one would it be?

Question 11

There’s a killer in the house and you only have time to grab one object to defend yourself. Which of these will you choose?

Oh boy – things are pretty bad. There is a deranged serial killer lurking in the house and you find yourself stuck in the bathroom. There’s no way to get out of the window or call for help so you’re going to have to fight for your life. Which of these objects are you going to grab?

Question 12

What was your favorite teen horror movie?

Which of these titles would you say is your favorite teen horror movie? Do you think Scream was the best film of the genre or did you like the gore fest that Hostel offered? Perhaps you couldn’t get enough of all the creative ways people got picked off in the Final Destination franchise? Everyone has a favorite – which is yours?

Question 13

You hear a noise coming from the basement – what do you do?

It’s the middle of the night and you’re home alone in bed sleeping soundly. Suddenly you wake up, hearing strange scratching sounds coming from the basement. You lie in your bed under the covers and try to ignore them but they grow louder and louder. What is your next move going to be?

Question 14

Which of these are you most likely to buy at a yard sale?

Who doesn’t love a good yard sale? It’s amazing what people throw away sometimes and if you are lucky you might just find a hidden treasure or two if you take the time to stop and look. But sometimes you need to be careful of these unwanted items. Maybe there’s a good reason people don’t want them anymore.

Question 15

How popular were you in high school?

Most of us have mixed feelings about our time at high school. For some of us it was a great time, filled with laughter and good memories but for others, it was nothing short of a nightmare. If you were one of the unpopular kids at high school then you’ll understand just how hard it can be. How popular were you in high school?

Question 16

You go into the kitchen and find a huge mess. What’s your first assumption?

Everybody hates doing housework and there is nothing worse than finding an unexpected mess at home – especially when you are the person who has to clean it up. You wake up one morning and when you go into the kitchen for your coffee you’re confronted with an epic mess – what is your first thought?

Question 17

What is more likely to keep you awake at night?

Sleep is important but sometimes getting the rest we need isn’t as easy as just putting our heads down on the pillow and dozing off. Most of us have trouble sleeping from time to time – which of these is more likely to keep you awake into the small hours of the morning?

Question 18

Who do you think the scariest teen horror killer was?

Although most horror flick villains have a backstory they really don’t need one. We don’t expect too much from them and we don’t certainly don’t expect them to have a meaningful persona. Their role in the movie is just to show up and kill people, preferably looking as scary as possible. Who do you think did it best?

Question 19

Which of these activities do you draw the line at?

Even if you have an adventurous soul there must be a point where you simply stand back and say “no thank you”. Perhaps you have a fear of heights that stops you from going on those bridge jumping excursions or maybe your fear of being eaten by a shark prevents you from ever cage diving? Where do you draw the line?

Question 20

What is your favorite urban legend?

Urban legends are folklore stories; mostly designed to scare the daylights out of young impressionable people. They always happened to a friend of a friend and these stories have been keeping the lights on at sleepover parties for decades. Which of these creepy urban legend stories scared you the most?

Question 21

You and your friends accidentally hit a man with your car. What do you do?

You and your friends are driving home from a school dance on a dark and stormy night when out of nowhere a man appears in the middle of the road. You have no time to react and before you know it, you’ve hit him with your car. What do you do now?

Question 22

Who was your favorite teen horror heroine?

Everyone loves the heroine in a teen horror movie because she’s usually the only one who has her wits about her. While her friends are all off making dumb decisions, and getting picked off by the killer she’s surviving and that’s what we love. If you had to pick a favorite heroine who would it be?

Question 23

What should you never say in a horror movie?

The 90’s cult classic Scream finally introduced us to the “rules” of a horror movie. We learned that the virgin always survives and that if you want to live to see the sequel you should never do drugs or have sex. More importantly, we learned that we should never ever assume the killer is dead – no matter how bad it looks. But what should you never say?

Question 24

What’s your favorite horror film genre?

When it comes to horror movies there are just so many genres to choose from these days. Do you like the slasher and splatter type films more than the traditional monster themed flicks, or does a deranged scary killer get you every time? Perhaps you prefer the gritty found footage movies like The Blair Witch Project or maybe you just can’t get enough of horror-comedies like Scream?

Question 25

Which of these jobs did you have as a teenager?

Did your parents give you everything you wanted as a teenager or were you, like most of us, forced to take on a part-time job to buy the stuff you wanted? Having a job as a teenager can be a great experience, especially if it involves being social and meeting people. Which of these jobs did you use to make money as a teenager?

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