Which Rick Are You?


Which Rick are you really? Are you Toxic Rick with everything boiled away except his spite? Are you one of the Ricks who once sat on the Council of Ricks, full of dramatic flair and self-worth?

If you were the smartest person in the known universe and could achieve anything you wished, what would you do with this amazing power? It isn't remotely possible for every Rick to do everything they imagined achieving, just like Rick C-137 imagined building a Jerry daycare right up until some other Rick did it. The path you choose as a Rick is not just what you planned to happen but all of the pitfalls and all of the soul-crushing choices that make Rick and Morty the show it is.

Which of your friends is the Doofus Rick? It's not actually a bad thing. He's a really swell guy, but just imagine. More crucially, which of your friends is Toxic Rick? This quiz is not a licensed psychological exam, but still, consider this fair warning. One of your friends may even be lucky enough to be Rick C-137, the Rickest Rick of them all.

There are six possible Rick results. Try to get them all! It won't be as easy as it sounds.


Question 1

What would you trade your Morty for?

Mortys are run-of-the-mill in the Citadel of Ricks. There are more Mortys than the government knows what to do with. Some comply with training to be given to new Ricks, but most slip through the cracks and commit petty crimes. What would you trade your own Morty for?

Question 2

Where will you portal to next?

Rick and Morty hamster butt world

Your portal gun can take you anywhere in the universe, or anywhere in any universe. It can even take you to the middle of a volcano if you aim wrong. You're the boss. Where would you like to go?Your portal gun can take you anywhere in the universe, or anywhere in any universe. It can even take you to the middle of a volcano if you aim wrong. Be careful not to run out of batteries or else you might get stuck there for a while. You're the boss. Where would you like to go on your next adventure?

Question 3

Pick a catch phrase.

Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty

Each Rick catch phrase contains just a little bit of meaning, sometimes a lot, sometimes very little at all. "Wubba lubba dub dub" means "I am in great pain." "Grass tastes bad" means "Grass tastes bad." There is a lot of variety. Which catch phrase do you use the most?

Question 4

You have 3,000 Flurbos. How do you spend it?

flurbos Rick and Morty Krombopulos Michael

You've done it! Your hard work has paid off and you now have access to a hefty sum of Flurbos. Where should this valuable money go to? The exchange rate to American dollars is not so great. Your best bet is to spend it on something that can only be found out in space.

Question 5

How do you defeat another Rick in combat?

Council of Ricks and Morty

A Rick is a formidable opponent. Whether you are a proud member of the Council of Ricks or the Rickest Rick of them all, your foe has the same super-intelligent brain and is capable of the same ridiculously potent feats. How do you take down a foe that is just as smart as you are?

Question 6

Pick a philosophical quote.

Tiny Rick crying

Ricks throw out philosophical statements like they throw out Mortys. They spend a long time thinking about what is wrong with the world and how they would like to change it. That is why it only takes the drop of a dime to get one of them ranting about politics.

Question 7

What is the most selfless thing you are capable of?

Not every Rick is capable of prioritizing someone else's needs over his own. In fact, it's considered laughable for a Rick to care about a Morty, despite the fact that the two are related. Would you risk or even throw out your life to save another's, or is the best you can do to hand an unwanted sandwich to your supposed partner?

Question 8

What does the word "Morty" make you think of?

Everyone knows that no Rick cares about their Morty. A Morty is a disposable but necessary resource. Without a Morty, a Rick is easily tracked down, apparently through his brain waves. It is simply not safe for a Rick to roam the galaxy without one, annoying as they can be.

Question 9

You can only save one.

Rick pointing a gun

Your life is full of difficult choices. Sometimes you only have a fraction of a second to decide whether to save yourself or a dear friend. You have turned your back on entire planets, even had blood on your hands in their destruction. Now it's crunch time again. Which do you save?

Question 10

Who is your best friend?

Squanchy with a BFF choker in Rick and Morty

You have a lot of people who apparently consider themselves your best friends, most notably Squanchy who carries proof with him wherever he goes. Who is your actual best friend, at least out of these four available options? Each one links to a personality trait of the Rick who got along with them best.

Question 11

What's your idea of a great adventure?

Rick and Morty eyeballs

You have been through more than anyone else could hope to go through. Normal things no longer cross your mind as interesting or worth your time. Only real ventures into the unknown count anymore. Which of these four steps out into uncharted territory speaks to your craving for a new adventure?

Question 12

What is the most evil thing you can do to someone?

Strawberry Smiggles cereal commercial in Rick and Morty

Everyone has their limits, and not just when it comes to alcohol consumption. Every single person,even different versions of Rick, has a different stomach for violence. The more the Rick has seen, the more bitter and spiteful he becomes. Which awful thing can you imagine yourself doing without losing your lunch?

Question 13

Pick a song.

Mr. Boldops Rick and Morty Get Schwifty

It seems annoying to Ricks when someone else breaks into song, but no Rick hesitates before improvising a new hit single. Some songs are little more than nonsense but others have a message hidden somewhere in the wacky lyrics. Which of these amazing songs puts a spark in your eye?

Question 14

How do you ditch someone at a party?

Abradolf Lincler from Rick and Morty

Have you ever gotten stuck at a party talking to Gear Head and Slow Mobius? What about Abradolf Lincler walking into the room and drawing attention to himself all the while claiming that you are the single person responsible for his creation? What is your way of dealing with these people at parties?

Question 15

What do you want the world to know?

Morty Pirates of the Pancreas in Rick and Morty

One of the most profound things about a person can be boiled down to what effect they wish to have on the world. It can be hard for a single person to make much of an impact, but at least we can express one thing to all of those around us. What is the one thing you want everyone to pass on to everyone?

Question 16

What do you watch on interdimensional cable?

Strawberry Smiggles cereal commercial in Rick and Morty

If it's happening on TV in any dimension, it's at your fingertips. You can watch the news from faraway places, even catch yourself from other worlds doing crazy stunts you've always wanted to try. Shows that were canceled in your dimension are on the air somewhere else, so what do you tune into?

Question 17

Pick an insult.

Beth doing horse surgery mad at Jerry in Rick and Morty

Every Rick has pent-up energy that has to come out one way or another. Some Ricks have the luxury to walk all over everyone, which just makes the smugness even more potent. Others are shoved entirely under another Rick's boot, but that doesn't mean they are going to lash out.

Question 18

What's your style?

Are you a classic Rick with a white lab coat and a powder blue shirt, or do you go your own way? Perhaps you need extra flair to demonstrate your success to the world. Maybe you need something entirely different to help you hide away. What is your Rick outfit of choice?

Question 19

Which is more important?

Jerry's parents from Rick and Morty

When Rick has his mind probed by the Galactic Federation, we take a peak at a possible timeline in which Rick chooses family over science. The story turns out to be totally fabricated, but Rick is as aware as anyone that he truly does care about his family, whether he wants to or not.

Question 20

One of them must go.

Community characters in the study room

Being a Rick is all about making difficult choices. Ricks just live on a different scale from other people. Ricks are in charge of making decisions no one else will ever have to make, such as which dimension to move to when their old one is no good. Which of these four things do you choose to do without?

Question 21

What will you tell Mr. Meeseeks to do?

Rick and Morty - Mr. Meeseeks

For all of his strengths, Mr. Meeseeks is just a normal blue guy. He cannot control minds or make miracles happen. He just has two arms and legs to work with, but he does great things with them. He seems especially good at motivation speeches. What will you have him do?

Question 22

What do you do if your Morty's legs are broken?

Morty with broken legs Rick and Morty episode 1

There are plenty of things you can do to fix your Morty's broken legs. Even modern science will do. The future offers much greater forms of treatment but it might be annoying to go all the way over there and figure out the exchange rate. What do you do if your Morty gets hurt?

Question 23

Which sounds like the most fun?

Rick and morty surrounded by Ricks

Part of being a Rick is becoming super jaded after a while. Only things that are literally out of this world spark any interest. Either you've been cooped up in the Citadel of Ricks or you have been to Hell and back and survived, so which of these four things sounds the most worthwhile?

Question 24

Who will you bring on your next adventure?

Rick, Morty, Summer, and Beth pointing guns at memory parasites

You and Morty make a pretty decent team, but the rest of your family is always hoping for an invitation. Beth doesn't make it obvious, but Summer will guilt-trip you to the ends of the Earth. You also have plenty of other friends who you've met along the way.

Question 25

Which do you regret the most?

Beth drunk with Summer from Rick and Morty

As a young scientist, you left your daughter behind and explored all over the universes. You offered no explanation as to why you left or why you came back, but told Ice T that you can't just float through space forever. Which of these bears on your conscience more than anything else?

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