Which Pop Culture Vampire Are You?


Throughout the past decade or so, vampires have become amongst the most popular figures in entertainment. Of course, fans of the undead are well aware this vampiric presence in film, movies, and literature is hardly anything new, as the concept has been around for quite awhile. Vampires have, however, been steadily increasing in popularity over the centuries to a point where they’re entirely mainstream today, transcending above the usual horror genre fare and becoming iconic in their own right.

With so many vampires littered throughout pop culture, there’s obviously a huge range of personalities these undead monsters can inhabit. Initially, vampires were considered creatures of pure evil, preying on innocent humans and sucking their blood for pleasure. Over time, vampires have almost turned into sympathetic anti-heroes, suffering from their affliction more so than benefitting from it. Not that the vicious bloodsuckers have entirely disappeared, though, as they’re also usually around to mock these gentler vamps for daring to develop emotions.

Looking at the whole picture, even the biggest fans of vampire culture probably don’t want to go through the torment required to become undead. That said, there are also vampire fans who would literally die for the opportunity, and there’s no denying the change would bring along a few perks. If you think the good outweighs the bad, or are just curious about what you’d be like as a bloodsucker, take our quiz and find out which pop culture vampire you are.

Question 1

Would you be a good vampire or an evil one?

When the idea of vampires was first contrived, they were more or less the face of evil. Countless other monsters have been invented before and since, yet something about bloodsucking demons has made them endure for centuries, going through many changes in the process. Perhaps the most important aspect of vampire culture is that in time, less and less of them were purely creatures of hate, some of them even turning into righteous heroes who wanted nothing but to save the world. If you had the powers vampires possess, would the world suffer or benefit?

Question 2

Would you feel bad about killing humans and drinking their blood?

Once you can get over the process of having your own blood sucked and then replaced with the vampire kind, the hardest part about life as a vampire would probably be murdering humans and in turn drinking their arterial fluid. Needing to do this for sustenance, most vamps probably get past the ick factor pretty quick, but thinking about it is enough to have some people give up on the idea from the start. If vampires were real and you became one, would drinking blood gross you out, or would you revel the opportunity?

Question 3

Are you a socially active person?

By definition, vampires aren’t exactly warm individuals, and we’re not just talking about body temperature. Always for different reasons, almost every pop culture vampire throughout history has been a loner type in one way or another, generally only interacting with their victims and a small number of close confidants. Of course, like the idea of vampires as vicious killers, this perception has been changing a bit over the years, and nowadays, some vampires have developed fairly vivid social lives. Would you follow this lead, or stick to tradition and stay by yourself?

Question 4

What’s your love life like?

With how popular vampires are in pop culture today, it’s no surprise that people around the world are literally falling in love with them. “‘Til death do us part” doesn’t apply to vamps, making their romances truly eternal, something anyone wishing to become one should consider before making the change. Of course, to many people, this is a perk, and it might be why you’d want to become a vampire in the first place. On the other hand, the idea of an ex never quite going away could turn people off the idea entirely.

Question 5

Do you like animals?

Vampires hardly spend their entire unlives chasing down humans and drinking blood. Since they typically can’t go out during the day, much of their time is spent hanging out in their castles, crypts, or wherever it is they hang their weary fangs. In this respect, they’re just like us regular folk. Some vamps even retain the human quality of loving animals, be it the traditional dogs and cats or perhaps some darker pets like bats, snakes, or giant insects. Would you keep pets in your tomb?

Question 6

How do you dress?

In life or death, the way people present themselves can speak volumes about their inner character. A person who dresses exclusively in suits and ties is likely at a better place in life than someone constantly wearing a bathrobe, yet on the other hand, appearances alone don’t tell the whole story. That said, what a person wears usually is related to their personality in general, with the level of care they put in to choosing those outfits dictating how important it is to them as a person.

Question 7

Where would you live?

Unfortunately, vampires can’t exactly live amongst humans in plain site. Even the ones that don’t kill humans tend to freak them out, drawing all the wrong kinds of attention that could easily lead to a stake through the heart. Because of this, the housing market for vampires is fairly restricted, yet not so much so that there aren’t at least a couple options for the undead to choose from. Sunny beaches are pretty much out of the question, and the suburbs would probably cause problems. Given the remaining options, what would you choose?

Question 8

Are you afraid of vampire slayers/hunters?

Outside of the moral and personal implications involved, the worst thing about being a vampire would have to be the constant threat of people who hated your kind trying to kill you. Granted, it’s not like they’re in the wrong here, as the threat posed vamps pose against mankind speaks for itself. That said, not all vampires are bad, and some hunters are able to see this, meaning they might look the other way about your affliction if you ask nicely. Or you could just take care of the problem in other ways…

Question 9

What’s your weapon of choice?

For the most part, vampires don’t really need to use weapons. Changing from human to beast typically imbues them with certain super powers that make sticks and stones worthless, though a select few have chosen to keep using artillery if only for the fun of it. Because vampires are such combative, power hungry creatures of the night, the way they fight their battles is often a deeply personal decision that says a lot about the violence they cause. Would you need a tool to implement chaos, or are you strong enough without them?

Question 10

Would you ever turn into a bat?

Vampire lore switches from one source material to the next, yet there’s a reason a real life animal shares its name with the creatures of the night. Like the undead, vampire bats drink the blood of other animals in order to live, leading to a common belief that the two entities are somehow linked. Many versions of the vampire story imply Dracula and his ilk can transform into winged creatures and fly off into the night, making it easier to spy on victims and escape from enemies. Is this the sort of power you’d want?

Question 11

Do you want any magic powers?

Speaking of turning into a bat and flying away, this is only one of many super powers certain vampires have been said to possess. In addition to immortality and super strength, some vampires are also said to control the dead as necromancer, hypnotize the living, either fly or glide, and countless other abilities we mere humans can only dream of having. Not that we’d all necessarily want them, of course, because as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Then again, vampires revel in abusing that responsibility, so who cares about that, right?

Question 12

How’s your relationship with your family?

Depending on how you react to the change, turning into a vampire can be a fast way to lose your family and friends. Unless, that is, you happen to be extremely close to them as a human, in which case your familial ties may well cross over to the other side, as well. Several pop culture vampires have been known to honor their family’s legacies from beyond the grave, sometimes even switching the whole dynasty over to vampirism in the process. In this sense, going big and going home may well be the same thing.

Question 13

What do you do to relax?

Even creatures of the night need a little R&R sometimes. Hell, with how tumultuously crazy their unlives can be, it could be argued vampires need to relax more than actual humans, always on the run from hunters and always experiencing the incredible exertion bloodsucking must entail. For this reason, how a vampire chooses to wind down can be an integrally important part of their process. You probably don’t lead a life anywhere near as hectic as theirs, but you nonetheless do probably need a moment to calm down at times. What do you do when that happens?

Question 14

Would you be friends with other vampires?

All right, so we already covered whether or not you have a social life in general, yet there’s a more to friendship as a vampire than simply sitting around and chilling with your best buds. Vampire parties are different than human parties, and you might find yourself feeling pretty lonely if you weren’t willing to interact with your fellow bloodsuckers. Naturally, this could pose a problem to any wannabe vamps who intend on letting humans be and focusing on the kinder side of darkness, because not so many would be willing to make the sacrifice.

Question 15

Do you consider yourself well educated?

Being supernatural being possessing incredible strength, vampires don’t necessarily need to have a whole lot in the way of book learning. Street smarts are more than enough for a creature of the night, yet this doesn’t mean they’ve all eschewed education entirely. Some vampires think reading is the best way to kill time in between seeking out victims, while others feel an air of intelligence is a perfect way to get prey to flock to them. Other vamps still have just been around so long they couldn’t help leaning a thing or two up along the way.

Question 16

What are you most afraid of?

Generally speaking, when discussing fear in the context of vampires, it’s usually the undead who are responsible for the feelings of fright and anguish. That said, even the creatures of the night have plenty to fear in today’s world, and that’s not just because certain vampire hunters made it their life’s mission to stop their darkness forever. There are plenty of stressors and dangers vampires need to be wary of should they want their reign to last eternally, and failing to acknowledge this could spell their doom.

Question 17

Which emotion describes how you most often feel?

Just because their hearts don't beat, doesn’t mean they’re dead on the inside. Enough questions on this quiz have focused on love and relationships that it should be clear vampires still feel emotions, both in relation to themselves and the world around them. Of course, not every vamp necessarily feels the same emotions, especially as their unlives continue to throw new and unknown events their way. It’s extremely hard to boil down everything a person feels into a single word, but if these four were the only ones available, which would you choose to describe yourself?

Question 18

How do you feel about going out during the daytime?

In recent years, arguably the most controversial element of vampire lore has related to sunlight, and whether or not the concept causes the undead to burst into flames. After all, these are creatures of the night we’re talking about, so even if vampires could go out during the day time, it would go against their trademark secrecy and mystery to do so. Unfortunately for some, not all vampires appear to feel the same way, with some seeing day time activity as preferable to staying up into the wee small hours.

Question 19

Would people consider you vain?

On paper, there’s nothing wrong with a person loving him or herself, and yet vanity is still considered such a vicious character trait some even call it a deadly sin. Granted, vampires don’t really need to concern themselves with such issues, yet this alone doesn’t mean they’ll all immediately surrender to vanity. Self-obsession is a trait both good and evil people are capable of, so long as it doesn’t veer into total selfishness. The problem here is that most vampires can’t recognize that line, and cross it in cavalier fashion. How about you—are you so vain you think this question’s about you?

Question 20

How would friends describe your personality type?

Like regular people, vampires are probably prone to exaggeration and self-aggrandization whenever tasked with describing themselves, and we can’t expect any different from you as a human quiz taker. Everyone is naturally inclined to focus on the good when explaining the type of person they are, but our friends don’t always give us this sort of courtesy. Especially to a vampire, what others say about them is far more important than what they say about themselves, with lying that much easier when the mouth is disconnected from a soul.

Question 21

Could you hold your own in a fight?

Whether you reckon yourself a good vampire or a bad one, chances are there’s going to be an unfortunate amount of violence in your unlife. Actually, it may not be all that unfortunate if you’re into that sort of thing, as the super strength vampires possess would make someone who was a strong fighter in life an absolute killer as a demon. Even a meek weakling can turn into a minor beast when bitten by the darkness, but until that happens, would you survive in a fight or would you wind up a victim?

Question 22

Do you like eating vegetables?

By and large, the only meal vampires are interested in consuming is human blood. If not the human variety, they’re probably out looking for some other animal or living creature to feed on. Point is, these vamps aren’t all that interested in eating their greens, nor do they necessarily have to be. In fact, some vampires have a strong aversion to garlic, which would make them almost afraid of the idea, not wanting a light snack before dinner to threaten their undead existence. Would this be new to you, or do you already refuse to eat your veggies?

Question 23

How do you deal with life’s problems?

Let’s face it—life isn’t perfect, and that goes for humans and vampires. Everyone has stress in their lives, and the way we deal with it usually dictates how we feel, think, and generally act in relation to the world at large. Most vampires would probably just bite their way through difficult scenarios, and that’s their prerogative, but as human beings, things aren’t so easy for us. Without the power vampires possess, how do you deal with life when it doesn’t seem to be going your way?

Question 24

Who is the most important in your life?

Whether they like to admit it or not, even vampires will inevitably interact with other living/undead creatures and make connections with them. How deep these connections go is entirely up to them, of course, and some may choose to never truly make a friend, lover, or even something resembling an acquaintance. That doesn’t mean they’ll truly be alone, though, as the nature of vampires means enemies are constantly abound, and people trying to kill you should be extremely important to you as well, albeit negatively so.

Question 25

Would you rather be human or a vampire?

Ultimately, it all comes down to this one, as those other questions don’t really matter if you’d never want to be a vampire in the first place. Of course, we’d have to ask why and how you got this far into our quiz if that was the case, but that line of thinking wouldn’t do anybody any good. No matter the answer, you’ve made it this far and are about to find out which vampire you would be, so maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you even want to be undead in the first place.

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