Which Pokemon Team Do You Belong To?


"To protect the world from devastation. To unite all peoples within our nation. To denounce the evils of truth and love. To extend our reach from the stars above."

You get the point. The Pokemon world is home to many organizations who have their own agendas that they try to impose on the rest of civilization. Sometimes, they have noble efforts, like Team Plasma's desire to free all Pokemon and other times, you get tyrants like Team Rocket. Whatever your fancy is, there is probably a team out there for you to take part in, and where you'll fit in with the rest of the crew.

Because of how long the franchise has gone on, there have been numerous teams introduced as well. Almost every region has their own team to stir up trouble and cause Gym Leaders and Pokemon Trainers to take action.

Here is where the real test lies: where do you align yourself? You could be a bright Pokemon trainer, or you could very well find yourself face to face with the baddest of the bad. However, the only person who can decide that is you, and we've put together a quiz to determine where you'd fit in the best.

Which Pokemon team do you belong to?

Question 1

What is your favorite Pokemon type?

Pokemon types are one of the most fundamental aspects of being a trainer. Some types are good against others, while other types are overall pretty weak. Choosing a type to use in battle is crucial, as it can determine whether you win or lose in the end. Some people like to specialize in a certain type, while others just catch whatever Pokemon looks good to them.

Question 2

Which region would you like to live in?

The Pokemon world is home to many different regions, each with their different locales and terrain. Johto is based on an older version of Japan, Kalos is centered around Paris, and Alola is clearly a variant of the Hawaiian Islands. At this point in the series, there is a region for everyone who would much rather settle down that trying to go everywhere and see everything that the Pokemon universe has to offer.

Question 3

Your Pokemon doesn't want to evolve. What do you do?

Pokemon have personalities that are more distinct than the animals of the real world. They can emote and understand the commands that we give them. They are also self-aware and have conscious feelings about what's happening around them. While most Pokemon get more powerful after they evolve, some would rather not go through the change. Instead, they prefer to be the way they are.

Question 4

You know a spot where Shiny Pokemon hide. What do you do with that info?

Arguably the most sought after type of Pokemon is Shiny Pokemon. These rare critters are alternate colors of their regular designs (like the albino animals of the Pokemon world). They're extremely hard to find and take a lot of bargaining among traders. They're not any different from regular Pokemon other than the color variation, but it's so satisfying to whip out a black Charizard during battle.

Question 5

What is your ultimate goal?

Everyone who sets out on a journey in the Pokemon world has to answer one big question: what is their ultimate goal? Without a clear direction in mind, they often cannot do well out in the world. By deciding exactly what they want to strive for, it gives them something to look toward. It gives them and endgame, so that they know when their journey is over and their real life can finally begin.

Question 6

What is the most important quality in a Pokemon?

Like we stated before, every Pokemon is different from just about any angle. Because of this, everyone prioritizes their own qualities. If a Pokemon doesn't look cool, they won't want it. If it's weak in battle, they won't bother catching it. You get the point. Whatever your needs are, they should coincide with your ultimate goal so you can achieve it confidently and effectively.

Question 7

Who is your favorite Pokemon among these choices?

Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle from Pokemon

With over 800 Pokemon nowadays, people have a much harder time picking a favorite than when there were only 151 to choose from. Each Pokemon is different and boasts its own set of attacks, stats, and abilities. Some people favor Pokemon for their design, while others simply like their personality. Whatever the reason, we each have our own favorites and we love them all the same.

Question 8

You're breeding for a Pokemon with perfect IVs and you get one that doesn't have them. What do you do?

Part of the complexity in Pokemon has to do with getting the perfect stats. Not every Pokemon has the same stats, and even training them the same way won't yield the same results (even if they're the same species). What most people usually do is go through a rigorous Pokemon breeding process, where they end up getting the creature they truly want in the end. Question is, what do you do with all of the duds?

Question 9

Who was your first Pokemon?

Choosing your first Pokemon is one of the most important things you'll do. As you continue your Pokemon journey, you will have a bond with that Pokemon stronger than any that come after it. You will go through ups and downs, wins and losses, until you finally work to achieve your ultimate goal. We all remember our first Pokemon.

Question 10

What is your favorite Pokemon game?

Game Freak had a smash hit on their hands when they finished and released the original Pokemon Red and Blue (or Green if you lived in Japan). These games spawned a formula and a series that would captivate the hearts of many people around the world. Due to its rock solid gameplay and its tried and true design, the games have continued to captivate people and still get made to this day.

Question 11

Which food do you normally eat?

Food is a major source of energy and life for us, but everyone has different ways of going about it. Some people prefer to stock up and plan out meal days, while others just go to the grocery store and buy whatever looks good to them. Wherever you go is entirely dependent on what you prefer and what you want out of food, and that's not right or wrong. You eat what you feel is necessary.

Question 12

Someone is cutting down a forest nearby. How do you respond?

As our world moves into a much more technological age, more and more natural landscapes are being removed to make way for big business. Many of our beautiful plant life has also seen its end because of this industrial expansion. Some people don't mind these changes, and others feel that it's going to bring long-term problems to the planet and are much more vocal. Everyone responds in their own way.

Question 13

You find a stray dog. What do you do?

Because of how irresponsible many people are when taking care of their pets, there are so many stray animals out on the streets. Numerous people have come across strays, and they respond differently according to how they view the situation. Some of us would much rather take the animal in and get it properly cared for while others would just leave it alone out of fear of getting attacked.

Question 14

What is your favorite color?

Color isn't a huge indication of the type of person you are, but it's interesting to see how many people can love so many different colors. Furthermore, that love for color can change over time, with many people having different favorites throughout their lifetimes. This love for a particular color affects many big decisions, though, like what kind of car they drive, what kind of notebooks they get, and the kind of food they eat.

Question 15

What kind of music do you prefer?

Like color, music is a form of entertainment where everyone has their own taste. Some like to jam out to metal and blow their speakers out, while other people love falling asleep to the gentle tones of a classical tune. Whatever you listen says a lot about the kind of person you are as well as factors into the kind of people you hang out with. In the Pokemon world, this affects people as well.

Question 16

What are your friends like?

As we grow up in this life, we will make a number of friends. Some of them will move away from our lives, as their purpose in our stories comes to a close. From then on, we gain and lose more comrades. The kind of person we portray ourselves to be has great effect on the people that spend time with us. Having friends strongly defines your character, and it's an important aspect of anyone's life.

Question 17

You hear a tale of a nearby Legendary Pokemon. What do you do?

Legendary Pokemon are the biggest prizes in any Pokemon game. While there are plenty of strong creatures in the franchise, none can come to the level of the Legendaries. These high-level beasts have a lot of power and great stats to combat any opponent that dares to challenge them. It takes a long time to effectively battle one, let alone trying to capture it. Don't even get us started on the Shiny Legendaries either.

Question 18

Your Pokemon gets tired during battle. How do you respond?

While Pokemon battles are major tests for the trainers themselves, they're also a test for the Pokemon partners. They have to be in perfect sync with their trainers in order to perform effectively. Many times, a Pokemon will continuously fight or take damage to the point that it becomes worn out. At that time, it becomes the trainer's decision to decide how to treat the situation.

Question 19

Which Pokemon would you Mega Evolve?

Mega Evolution was introduced in the sixth generation of Pokemon and changed up the metagame significantly. By giving a special Pokemon their associated Mega Stone, they can evolve into a stronger version of themselves for the duration of the battle. They sometimes even gain a new type to change the structure of the battle. The challenge comes in knowing which Pokemon to evolve.

Question 20

How do you prefer to travel?

The Earth is massive, and that means that we have to come up with different ways to explore it. Everyone has their own preference for getting around, and that includes determining how far and how frequent they are going to travel. Some people don't travel very far, and others like to go to every corner of the world. We all have our own ideas of the perfect "trip," whether it be a road or hiking trip.

Question 21

Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros fighter among these characters?

Super Smash Bros is one of the quirkiest fighting games to have ever been created. Not only is it one of the largest video game crossovers, but features gameplay that deconstructs everything about fighting games. It's not a perfect title, but has enough solid mechanics to keep it lasting in the minds of gamers across the world (even if some of you are just Melee fans).

Question 22

You're running low on money. How do you get more?

Money is what makes the world go round, and if you don't have enough of it, the world will keep turning without you. It's a necessity, and that leads many people to go to desperate measures in order to get by financially. Sometimes people will go to the last resort and steal to get the money they need or want, while others will just work harder and longer.

Question 23

What's your favorite Pokemon generation?

New Pokemon are introduced in Generations. Game Freak will come out with around 100 new creatures or so to introduce in a new game and milk them for a few years. After that, they create another batch of new Pokemon, and that brings another Generation to the mix. Many people easily have their favorites, but the reasoning behind it largely centers on how good the Pokemon look.

Question 24

What is your favorite Nintendo console?

Pokemon games will only ever appear on Nintendo consoles, and because of this, many people have grown up with the platform and still adhere to it today. Each console is different and marketed to a slightly different group of people (see the difference between the Wii U and Switch to know what we mean). Everyone has their favorite system.

Question 25

What position would you like to be in?

In the Pokemon world, there are multiple different roles you can take. While there are many similar jobs to the real world, there are some that are specific to the Pokemon world (like Gym Leaders, Elite Four, etc). The kind of team you end up being a part of feeds into the position you would like to attain, and whether you get there or not is dependent on how determined are to see your goals met.

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