Which Paper Salesman From The Office Are You?


One of the things that makes 'The Office' great is the fact that it's relatable. The setting is pretty clearly relatable, as lots of people work or have worked in an office before. But, what truly makes 'The Office' relatable are the characters. The dumb boss, the suck-up to the boss, the guy everyone likes, the nice old lady, the receptionist, the awkward intern, the gay guy, the fat guy, the crazy cat lady, the "guy who definitely works here, but nobody knows what he does",  the person who's much too open about her life, and I'm probably missing one or two here. 'The Office' has almost every type of person accounted for.

This is important as a viewer because, not only can you empathise with the character that you are like, you can also empathise with every other character that has to deal with a character with similar traits that you've seen in your own life.

Because of this, you probably already know which character from 'The Office' you are. It's not that tough to figure out since they're all so different. But take this test anyway. You may find you have more in common with other characters than you previously thought.

Question 1

There’s a fire in the office, what do you do?

The Office’s opening scenes are some of the best in television. The episode where there was a “fire” in the office was an instant classic. This was a good display of the different collection of characters in The Office because the real you tends to come out when your life's in danger.

Question 2

What would your job be?

This is pretty important for the result of your quiz. Often times our job isn’t the one we may want, but it’s the best one suited for us. People comfortable talking to other people are better off as salespeople, and good leaders often become bosses. It’s not always perfect, but knowing someone’s profession can give give you insight into their personality.

Question 3

What do you eat for lunch?

There are many different approaches to the office lunch, as near everyone I’ve met has different opinions on food. Some people bring food from home, others buy food on their break. Some bring leftovers, some make sandwiches every day. Some eat fast food, some are vegan. Some people eat M&Ms, others don’t eat at all. The important thing is not to judge.

Question 4

There’s a presentation in the Office, what are you doing?

Every once in awhile the employees will gather for something even more boring than a meeting: a presentation. This is usually put together by someone from the head office, and is either about something new they’re implementing, or showing employees how to use a service they paid for. Like everything else in a workplace, everyone has their role in this situation. What are you doing?

Question 5

Who do you think is the most important person in the office?

This question is a test of the ego. People have different opinions on what and what isn’t valuable, but they have biases that affect this. People are much more likely to say that traits they possess are more valuable than traits or skills that someone else may possess. Your answer to this question will likely depend on your willingness to admit that bias.

Question 6

There’s a pickup basketball game, where do you get picked?

Pickup sports games have been happening to people since they were kids. Every game has to start by picking teams. There’s the guy that always gets picked first, the guy that gets picked last, and everyone else in between. It doesn’t say anything about the game, or even your skill; it’s more about other people’s perception of your skills.

Question 7

The coworker you sit beside is away for a few days, what do you do?

Vacations happen, and if your company is smart, not everyone vacations at the same time. If your coworker is away on vacation, that could be a good time to mess around with the stuff in their work area. Maybe move a couple things around, hide a thing or two, or put their stapler in jello… or you could just not do any of those things.

Question 8

Your coworker gets back, now what?

Well, unless your vacations line up so that you aren’t there when your coworker gets back, you likely have some explaining to do. Unless, of course, you never actually messed around with any of their stuff, in which case your job now is actually worse. You have to ask how the trip went, and then pretend to care as they tell you the entire itinerary while showing you pictures for the next 3 hours.

Question 9

What’s your attitude towards work?

Not everyone works for the same reason. When you’re young you’re told you can be whatever you want to be. This line of thinking results in the kid thinking that everyone is in a job that they want. You then grow up and realize that isn’t the case whatsoever. Life complicates life, and some people aren’t privileged enough to be getting paid doing something to do.

Question 10

There’s a friendly competition at work, what’s your approach?

Sometimes an event arises at work that pits people against each other in the spirit of healthy competition. It can be a sports tournament, a work related challenge, or even just a dare during down time. There’s ALWAYS one guy who takes it way too seriously and tries everything he can to win. Don’t be that guy.

Question 11

What is one thing you wish people wouldn’t make fun of you for?

It’d be an understatement to say Michael Scott has had bad ideas as the manager of his branch. One in particular was when he tried to prevent bullying within the office by asking the employees for the one thing about them that would be off-limits for people to make fun of. Of course, whenever anyone said anything, they’d get made fun of for exactly that thing.

Question 12

If you were another race, what would you be?

This is taken directly from episode 2 of season 1, where Michael attempts to solve racism by getting the employees to pretend they are all different races, and then treat them badly so everyone knows what it feels like to be a victim of racial abuse. It didn’t work the way he thought it would. It never does.

Question 13

It’s photo ID Day, what do you do?

Just like every year at school, sometimes work has picture day. In the case of “The Office’, they were getting their pictures to be taken for ID’s to get into their building. Naturally, a couple of the office employees began having fun with the process, and of course it was at the expense of Dwight.

Question 14

What’s your password?

Online passwords are important. A weak password could lead to someone logging into your account and being able to do anything there you would normally be able to do. This is why it was a huge concern when one of the interns said that half of the office uses “password” as the password for their computers. It’s not only easy for you to remember, it’s easy for a hacker to guess.

Question 15

What are your views on PDA in the office?

Public Displays of Affection are 98% gross and the other 2% is reserved for Spiderman kisses. You’re entitled to your own opinions, but just know you’re wrong on this one.There’s no need to have to show affection while you’re at work. There are 24 hours in a day, and the average work day is 8 hours. That means you have 16 hours, every day to display your affection however you deem fit. Leave my line of sight alone.

Question 16

You’re in a super boring meeting, how do you get out of it?

It’s amazing how much of work life mirrors that of being in elementary school. If you’re in a boring class, or a boring meeting, the bathroom is your ticket out. Now, once people start catching onto that, you may need to get creative with the next move, even if that next move is going to the bathroom twice as often and claiming a digestion issue.

Question 17

What’s the first thing you do when you get to work?

The first thing you do when you get to work is a crucial answer to this quiz because it shows where your priorities lie. Either that or you wanna get the crappy parts about work over with early… I guess that could be an explanation for updating Windows and getting coffee before talking to anyone.

Question 18

How would you describe your boss?

The ultimate question of honesty. Or trust. Or paranoia that your boss is watching this whole thing and is going to fire you based on your answer. Whatever you think of your boss, it’s definitely a good idea to only bring up the negatives to people who don’t have anything to do with your career.

Question 19

How can someone book an appointment with you?

Your willingness to meet up with others says a lot about you as a person. Generally, the more willing you are to go out and talk to people, the nicer you appear. If you open up to someone and grant them a face to face meeting, they will assume you care about them more if you tell them you’re only available via Skype call between 3:30-3:45p.m. on a Tuesday.

Question 20

What’s the first thing you would do if you became the manager?

Depending on your job, a lot of time can get spent daydreaming if you aren't terribly busy. One thing I would always think of is what I’d do if I were the boss. Luckily, Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton office has had quite a few changes in leadership over the years; enough change that we know what a few of the employees would do if they became the employer.

Question 21

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work?

This is very similar to the question about the first thing you do when you get to work, it’s just about a different set of priorities. These priorities differ much more at home than at work because people live much different lives at home as opposed to at work, where mostly everyone has the same duties.

Question 22

What’s your drink of choice during the work day?

I wanted to have some other options in here just in case any of you are unique, but I couldn’t do it because every character in The Office drinks coffee. It’s not like you were going to pick anything else anyway, were you? How in the heck can you work without coffee?

Question 23

How much healthcare should you receive in your job benefits?

I was trying to stay away from politics, but we need these questions so I’m sorry. The good thing about healthcare is your opinion on this is usually less based on your politics, and more about what actually directly affects you in your situation. Everyone wants as much health care as possible, but you don’t necessarily care as much if you’re not someone who regularly gets sick.

Question 24

There's free food at an event, what do you do?

There’s really nothing better than free food. It really takes the self-control of a Buddhist Monk to not give into the temptations of the succulent snacks put out by businesses with money to waste. It’s a rare good thing in a sea of terribleness that is working a day job.

Question 25

Your coworker says a phrase that could also mean something dirty, what do you do?

As the English language advances, the meaning of some words and phrases can change. We’ve all been in at least one situation where an unsuspecting adult says something seemingly innocent and a bunch of kids start giggling. Well, when you have adults with the mental maturity of schoolchildren, this situation can happen at work, too.

Question 26

What type of house do you live in?

As sad as it is, the house a person lives in can give you insight into their personality. At the very least, it gives you an idea of their socio-economic status. A condo owner in the city lives a different life from a homeowner in the suburbs, and both of those lives are significantly different than someone who lives in a farm in a rural area.

Question 27

You have a crush on a coworker, what do you do?

Office romances are way more common than they should be. It’s one thing if a couple that was together beforehand gets a job at the same place. Kinda weird, but everyone knows what’s up. When single people meet in a work setting, things can get messy pretty easily. “The Office” had many love stories during its run.

Question 28

How do you deal with a break up?

You couldn’t possibly expect every romance story in The Office to work out, especially when some of them involved the same people. Because the characters in this show are crazy, they naturally have some pretty crazy reactions to being broken up with. Some are extreme, some have no reaction at all. Just like real life.

Question 29

What do you wear to work?

Every job, especially professional ones have a dress code. But that doesn't mean everyone will wear the exact same thing. There's always some room for creativity in your outfit, and also the way you wear the clothes helps define your style as well. Of course, your clothing can give away a bit of your personality.

Question 30

Favourite movie genre?

Your favourite movie says something about you. It’s not the particular movie, but the type that matters. Comedy, romance, action, and horror all exist as movie genres because the target audience exists. Someone who watches comedies will likely make more jokes, and someone who watches more horror movies are possibly more adventurous.

Question 31

Favourite type of music?

The type of music slightly differs from the movie genres. Music tastes depend on what mood you’re in on a regular basis, whether you relate to the subject matter, and your age usually also has an influence. They don’t usually make explicit references to music tastes in the show, but we can infer based on the character.

Question 32

Favourite Colour?

Believe it or not, colours do have meanings attached to them. Red may just be visually appealing to some, but it also represents passion and aggressiveness. Conversely, blue represents peace. Pretty much every colour that exists have feelings or meanings attached to them, and are frequently used that way in art.

Question 33

What’s your favourite video game?

Just like movie and music genres, you can figure out what someone is all about by the video games they play. They have video games for everything now. With the popularization of online gaming tournaments, and streaming; the video game world has become a billion-dollar industry.

Question 34

What’s your favourite animal?

People are often asked what animal they could be, and they either pick one that reflects who they are as a person, or who they wish they could be. Small people may prefer to pick a large animal, so they can feel what it’s like, and vice versa with a large person picking a quicker, more nimble animal.

Question 35

Favourite Day of the Year?

For some people, there's always one day that stands out above the rest. There's a lot of good holidays, and they all have their own reasons why we like them. SOme are family holidays, some are party holidays. Some you miss work for, and others you go to work but don't do anything. Something to love every time.

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