Which Original Team 7 Naruto Ninja Are You?

Did you grow up with the Naruto squad? We watched their struggles from silly arguments to real tragedies. We rooted for them when no one else did. We believed in them and their lofty dreams. We cheered as they grew stronger and cringed as they turned on one another. They have been through a lot, and so have we. Do you remember where you were when Naruto first mastered rasengan? When Sakura was stuck on the sidelines afraid to act, were you right there with her? When she finally broke out of her shell, were you there to cheer her on? When Sasuke left the village on his hopeless quest of vengeance, were you standing there shouting for him to come back?

Who are you in this ragtag group of growing ninjas? Do you see a piece of yourself in each member of the trio? Find out which of these three characters represents you the best. Which of your friends is the Sasuke, the Sakura, and the Naruto? Every group of friends has the sassy one, the angsty one, and the one with a little too much energy. Find out where you and your friends sit on the scale. Who is the the most Naruto of them all...for better or worse?

1Pick a master to train you.

Who would you like to help you reach your full potential as a ninja? There really isn't a cap to what a ninja is capable of so you may wish to learn from all of these experienced ninjas, but which is on the top of the list?

2Pick a jutsu.

What is one highly honed ninja move that you would give anything to be able to use? The feats that ninjas are capable of are truly astounding. There is nothing they cannot achieve with time and dedication. Which would you love to perform?

3In your family, you are the...

Were you the guinea pig of the family, the one that got the brunt of the developing parenting skills? Were you the invisible middle child, or the baby of the family? Were there no more to follow after you were born?

4Do you want to be famous?

How do you feel about stepping into the spotlight? Is that a dream you have always had or the sort of possibility that sends shivers down your spine? Would you enjoy living in the limelight or would you dodge back into the shadows?

5What kind of grades do you usually get?

Were you a straight A student, at least for the most part? Did you sleep through class and neglect to turn in assignments? Were you more of an average student with grades that scraped by just fine but were nothing to marvel over?

6Pick a ninja weapon.

What is your weapon of choice? Do you prefer the kunai, sharp and accurate? Is the shiruken more your style with its beautiful, curved blades? Everyone fights in a different way but these two weapons are universal. Which would you rather have shooting out of your hand?

7Pop quiz: Who was Naruto's first teacher on the show?

Do you remember who was the first to instruct the young Naruto and his awkward pubescent brain? Who was the one to try and get Naruto to study for his exams when his mind was clearly elsewhere? What is the name of the first of Naruto's teachers to appear?

8Pick a Japanese dish.

Which of these traditional Japanese foods is tantalizing to your taste buds? If you were at a Japanese restaurant, which of these items would you order? Which would you be content trying just a bite of, or maybe passing on altogether?

9Pick a ninja to brawl with.

Who would you love to fight just to see who wins? Do you think you could handle one of these talented ninjas, or do you just think it might be fun to try? Who would you like to cross blades with out of these four?

10Who is your favorite superhero?

Which of these superheroes do you look up to? If you could train to be one of these superheroes just like ninjas train to develop their incredible abilities, who would you want to follow in the footsteps of in your pursuit of justice?

11What is the single most important thing to you?

What is one thing that you need in your life more than anything else? Is there one thing that you would sacrifice other comforts and pleasures in order to protect? Every ninja has one great driving force that makes them who they are.

12Pop quiz: Who is this character?

Can you name this character from the numerous filler arcs? Certain members of the original trio weren't really around for his introduction so they are unlikely to recognize him but his powers are really something. What is the name of this character?

13Choose a battle ground.

Where do you want to duke it out with the notorious ninjas that plague the leaf village? Are the trees and good place to hide and catch an enemy by surprise, or do you need a wide open space to make full use of your jutsu?

14You can only save one.

If it was up to you to rescue one of these characters from certain doom, who would you set your sights on. You don't have enough time to rescue everyone, but maybe someone has a chance of getting out of danger on their own.

15The team needs a distraction! What do you do?

If you are put on the spot to capture the attention of the enemy, what is the move that you will choose to make it happen? A certain ninja seems to specialize in ridiculous distractions involving well placed clouds. What is your move?

16Pop quiz: What is this called?

Can you name this move referred to as a doujutsu kekkei genkai? It is an ability possessed only by the members of the Uchiha clan, though having one of their eyes is just as good as being born as one. What was it called again?

17Pick an accessory.

What do you want to wear in order to stand out among the crowd? Anything goes in the Naruto world, so you can name your fashion and no one will call you out. You could even be a ninja and wear orange.

18Which describes you best?

What niche did the crazy high school world send you into? Did you take off with a certain crowd, or earn your place in the social pecking order? Which group out of these examples did you find yourself settling into?

19Pop quiz: What does the name "Sakura" mean?"

What is the definition of this common Japanese name? Many Japanese girls have this name which conveys a sense of delicacy and beauty. Sakura may not be a delicate girl, but the name complements her pretty pink hair. What does her name mean?

20Tell the truth: Do you ever run like a ninja?

Have you ever watched in a mix of excitement and confusion as a team of ninjas tucked their arms back and leaned forward to better their running speed? Did you try it out, maybe in the privacy of your own home when no one was there?

21Choose your catch phrase.

What do you say with conviction and personality? It may not be something that you say all the time, but some ninjas say their catch phrases more than others. If you had a catch phrase out of these, what would it be?

22Pop quiz: Find the naruto.

Do you know what Japanese item the main character of the Naruto series is named after? Can you pick out the picture from above? Naruto is named after a particular thing which is primarily known in Japan. It didn't get much traction in the US.

23Which house are you?

Which Harry Potter house has your name on it, or at least would open its doors to you? Would you be deviously smirking along with Malfoy or would you be changing the world with Harry, Ron, and Hermione? Maybe you are Ravenclaw, or even Hufflepuff?

24Kill one, marry one.

One of them will exchange wedding vows with you. The other will be on the other end of your blade. You must pick one because that's just how extremely specific hypothetical situations work. You have to make a choice so who will it be?

25Pick your favorite villain.

Do you have a favorite Naruto villain out of these four? They all have plenty to offer: amazing powers, fascinating and layered backstories, extreme levels of insanity...What's not to love? If you must pick a favorite, which one will it be?

26Pop quiz: Who is this hokage?

Konohagakure has had quite a few leaders in its day, and we've had a chance to get to know them all in different ways. Some were dead before the show even began, but that hardly gets them out of showing up.

27Choose a color to wear while ninja-ing.

You're a ninja on a mission, and you're staking things out with the stealth that only a ninja can master. What color do you wear to the mission? Black is a classic ninja color but don't feel restricted by tradition or logic.

28Tell the truth: Have you ever copied ninja hand signs?

Do you know any of the ninja hand signs? Can you copy any of them from memory? Do you know what they mean, or what they do? Have you spent any time figuring out how to hold your hands in the way the ninjas do in the show?

29Pick a Japanese dessert.

Which of these sugary delights looks best to you? Have you had the chance to try any of them? If you were at a Japanese festival and only had enough money for one of these traditional treats, which one would you choose?

30Pick a way to relieve stress.

What is something you would do to get the pressure off? We see ninjas sitting under trees, reading questionable books, and causing mischief around town in order to take a load off. Write your own prescription for something that will help you shed a little stress.

31What is your greatest strength?

Now it's time to look at what you personally have to offer. What are you better at than anyone you know, or at least a lot better than you used to be? Which of your skills stands out among the rest?

32Describe yourself in one word.

If you had to put the entirety of your personality and that word was one of the ones below, what would that word be? Can you be summed up in a similar way to a certain ninja? You may have more in common than you realize.

33What ninja skill do you want most?

The best part about playing a character is having all the skills but none of the hard work. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke have been training for most of their young lives. You get to skip all of that and just be awesome.

34Choose a Japanese word.

If you have ever watched the anime in the original Japanese, there are some words that you start to pick up. Which of these words sticks out in your head due to a moment from the show? Which do you like the most?

35What is your clan?

Is there a clan that you feel totally at home with? Are there people that you would love to be family with, or maybe feel a deep spark of commonality with? Which of these clans do you feel like a part of?

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