Which Original Grey's Anatomy Intern Are You?


The cast of Grey's Anatomy has changed so much throughout the many seasons that the show has aired. Now we have all sorts of characters that were not there before. There is Nathan Riggs, Amelia Shepherd, and Maggie Pierce, for example. We have also had characters that came in somewhere in the middle, like Ben Warren, Jo Wilson, Jackson Avery, and April Kepner. No matter when these characters were introduced, they all hold a special place in our hearts.

Then there is the original cast made up of Cristina Yang, Derek Shepherd, Meredith Grey, Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber, Alex Karev, and many more. There are so many characters from the beginning of the show that did not make it to the end, either due to death or simply moving away. People like Cristina Yang, Derek Shepherd, and Izzie Stevens are good examples of this. There are very few that made it from the beginning to the end.

But this quiz is about the original interns. The show started by showing us the hectic life of interns through the eyes of Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev, and George O'Malley. Getting to where they are now was quite an adventure. One did not survive, one is running a hospital elsewhere, and one ran away. Two are still working hard at the same hospital that they started off at. Which one of these five interns are you?

Question 1

How much do you sleep at night?

Interns don't sleep much at night. They try to catch a few hours here and there whenever they can, but they often work extremely long shifts. It is hard to be an intern and needing sleep makes it so much harder.

Question 2

How many friends do you have?

When you're an intern, there is no time for a social life. You are mostly stuck with the other interns for long periods of time, so hopefully you're okay with that! Some people have lots of friends and some have one or two really good ones. How many friends do you have?

Question 3

How do you react in a tough situation?

Doctors get caught in tough situations everyday. In order to properly work in a hospital, you have to be able to make tough calls everyday. However, everyone has a different capacity for acting this way. What is yours?

Question 4

What is your favorite meal?

From pasta to pizza to salad to salmon to hamburgers to halloumi, there are so many different things you can eat. When you're stuck in a hospital for a very long period of time, you may end up eating a lot of cafeteria food. Life is not always about fancy restaurants and getting dressed up. Sometimes you're in scrubs eating cafeteria food at four in the morning.

Question 5

How much do you study?

Studying is an inevitable part of becoming a doctor. Med school is quite difficult and passing is no easy feat. You have to study to make it out of there. Even once you become an intern you must study. There is still the intern exam to pass! How much do you study?

Question 6

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Being an intern means being with people every hour of every day. If you get a moment alone, it is usually while you are catching a quick nap. Even then, someone might be sleeping near you. When you're more of an introvert, life becomes difficult. Even if you're a complete extrovert, you may get tired of these people eventually!

Question 7

How is your love life at the moment?

In Grey's Anatomy, romance is a popular theme. There is always at least one huge romance story going on. Some epic ones, like Meredith and Derek, started in the very first season. In fact, McDreamy slept with Meredith in the very first episode! How is your love life right now?

Question 8

Which subject would you prefer to take?

Medicine revolves around science. In order to get there, it starts all the way back in high school by learning things like general biology. Often, it is these classes that spike your original interest, Our of these basic science classes, which is your favorite to learn about?

Question 9

What is your favorite animal?

Animals are adorable. Every kind of animal is uniquely beautiful and brings something amazing to the table. Each of the original interns has a set of unique qualities that sets them apart from age rest. What kind of animal is your favorite?

Question 10

A loved one shows up at the hospital. How do you handle it?

Doctors are never allowed to treat family and it is for good reason. People tend to give up all sense of rationality when a loved one is in danger. Meredith did not treat her mother, George did not treat his father, and so on and so forth. There were some instances when patients became loved ones, and that never ended well. How would you handle such a situation?

Question 11

Who is your role model?

Role models are important and everyone has one, even if it's just someone that you look up to. Role models help us shape ourselves into the kind of people that we want to be. Not all role models even know that they're role models. Who is yours?

Question 12

How do you let loose?

Being an intern is very stressful so when you end a shift, you're going to want to let loose somehow. This may mean getting very drunk or it may mean watching a movie until you fall asleep. Everyone relaxes differently. How do you do it?

Question 13

Where do you live?

Your lifestyle is important in determining which Grey's Anatomy intern you are. Where you live is a big deal when it comes to being an intern. Do you have to take a lot of travel time into account? Maybe you carpool? Whatever it is, it is the next step in determining which Grey's Anatomy intern you are!

Question 14

What aspect of being an intern are you most excited about?

Even though being an intern is not fun, it does have very good aspects to it. You get to meet so many people, make new friends, learn new things, see surgeries, and so much more. It may not be a glamorous job, but it is essential to become a good doctor one day. What are you most excited about?

Question 15

Are you an anxious person?

Stress and anxiety levels rise when you live the life of an intern. To start with, you don't get enough sleep so there is no time to recuperate. Then you work long shift with no breaks unless you can catch a ten minute nap somewhere. Stress and anxiety levels will not diminish while you're an intern. How stressed are you to start with?

Question 16

Are you a reader?

Reading is a great thing to do during your free time. You get to immerse yourself in a whole other world or soak up some information through an informative book. When you become an intern, you don't have any free time anymore and thus lose your reading time. But, you do spend lots of time reading useful things for your medical journey. Are you a reader?

Question 17

Do you enjoy exercising?

Exercise is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but that does not mean that everyone enjoys it. Maybe you hate it so much that you never do it! Being an intern leaves you with no time to work out intentionally, but being an intern is a work out on its own. There is a lot of running involved in being an intern! Do you like to exercise?

Question 18

How was your childhood?

Everybody grows up differently. Parents are different, there are different kinds of siblings, sometimes pets are involved, and so many other factors come into play. Whether you had a good childhood or not affects your adulthood. How was your childhood?

Question 19

Who is your favorite new character on Grey's Anatomy?

There are several options to pick from when it comes to relatively new characters on Grey's Anatomy. Everyone who comes to the hospital takes a few moments to win over our hearts, but they all do in the end. Especially when they get along well with the older characters! Who is your favorite?

Question 20

What is your favorite Grey's Anatomy couple?

Grey's Anatomy is filled with so much romance. It is incredibly riveting and pulls the viewers in by being both relatable and extremely dramatic. There is death, divorce, marriage, children, and so much more that goes on in a Grey's Anatomy romance. Which one is your favorite?

Question 21

What kind of surgeon would you want to be?

Medicine is such a vague term. There are so many different types of doctors that you can be. One realm of medicine that you can go into is surgery and even within surgery there are so many options. Everyone goes into something different. What would you choose?

Question 22

Are you an early bird?

Interns always have to wake up very early on the mornings after they go to sleep the night before. Alarms go off very early and there is no time to click the snooze button. You have to get right up, get ready, and make your way back to the hospital for another long shift. Does this come naturally to you or are you a night owl?

Question 23

Which member of a group project are you?

In a group project, the participants are not always fair. The work never seems to be equally distributed and one person always tends to do more work than the rest. Sometimes people do absolutely nothing and still get credit. Which member of a group project are you?

Question 24

What kind of significant other are you?

Everyone behaves differently in a relationship. Some people are too clingy and others do not care enough. It is interesting to see all the varying kinds of relationships that exist. What kinds of a girlfriend or boyfriend are you in your relationships?

Question 25

How interested are you in medicine?

Maybe you watch Grey's Anatomy because you love a good romance story. Maybe you watch it because you love the excitement that comes from place crashes, car crashes, and fires. Or maybe you love medicine. Perhaps it's a combination of all three! Are you interested in medicine?

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