Which Of These Characters Does NOT Belong In These Disney Movies?

Disney began their movie legacy in 1937 with the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This classic tale of a girl being saved by a prince would spawn an entire corporation of films involving princesses, dark villains, and magical songs.

Since then, Disney has hundreds of movies to their name, ranging from subpar to unforgettable. They've also been the ones responsible for popularizing many fairy tales for a new era, including the likes of CinderellaThe Little Mermaid, and Frozen. With minor tweaks to make them appropriate for audiences of all ages, Disney was sure to remain on top of the movie industry for a long time.

With so many movies (both animated and live-action) under their belts, most have a difficult time remembering which characters belong to which film. While it's easy to place a main character with their movie, it's when you consider the side characters that it starts to get tricky.

How well do you know your Disney movies? You'll have to search through your memories as we test your knowledge of the characters. For this quiz, you'll have to identify, in each movie, which character does not belong to the film. In other words, do you know who doesn't belong?

1Which character does NOT belong to Pocahontas?

The story of Englishmen coming to the America and encountering the Natives is a classic staple of history. That said, Disney wasn't afraid to buck some of those facts in favor of creating a movie that audiences would relate to more. This is the thinking behind the creation of Pocahontas. While it had some of the best animation of its time, it was seriously criticized for the creative liberties it took with historical fact as well as inaccurate interpretations of its characters.

2Which character does NOT belong to Alice in Wonderland?

Alice in Wonderland is one of Disney's older movies. It tells the tale of a girl who gets caught up in events as they relate to the mysterious world of Wonderland. It's there that she meets all kind of whimsical creatures, like guards made out of playing cards, and a rabbit that is intent on always being on time. It's there that she works with the creatures of Wonderland to save it from the tyrant that rules the lands cruelly.

3Which character does NOT belong to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney's first movie, and what a debut it was. Its success popularized many story elements that would be used by the company in the future. Starring the beautiful Snow White as she is hunted by an evil queen, she learns how to see the joy in her situation when she comes across seven lovable dwarfs who take her into their home. That said, she still manages to be tricked into falling for the evil queen's schemes.

4Which character does NOT belong to Peter Pan?

Peter Pan is a whimsical tale that is as close to wish fulfillment as Disney ever got. It tells the story of a magical land where kids stay kids and adults are the enemies. It follows the adventures of a normal group of kids. However, they're visited in the night by the mysterious Peter Pan. After teaching them to fly with him, he whisks them away to the magical world of Neverland. It's there that they help Pan defeat Captain Hook.

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