Which Of These Characters Does NOT Belong In These Disney Movies?

Disney began their movie legacy in 1937 with the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This classic tale of a girl being saved by a prince would spawn an entire corporation of films involving princesses, dark villains, and magical songs.

Since then, Disney has hundreds of movies to their name, ranging from subpar to unforgettable. They've also been the ones responsible for popularizing many fairy tales for a new era, including the likes of CinderellaThe Little Mermaid, and Frozen. With minor tweaks to make them appropriate for audiences of all ages, Disney was sure to remain on top of the movie industry for a long time.

With so many movies (both animated and live-action) under their belts, most have a difficult time remembering which characters belong to which film. While it's easy to place a main character with their movie, it's when you consider the side characters that it starts to get tricky.

How well do you know your Disney movies? You'll have to search through your memories as we test your knowledge of the characters. For this quiz, you'll have to identify, in each movie, which character does not belong to the film. In other words, do you know who doesn't belong?

Question 1

Which character does NOT belong to Pocahontas?

The story of Englishmen coming to the America and encountering the Natives is a classic staple of history. That said, Disney wasn't afraid to buck some of those facts in favor of creating a movie that audiences would relate to more. This is the thinking behind the creation of Pocahontas. While it had some of the best animation of its time, it was seriously criticized for the creative liberties it took with historical fact as well as inaccurate interpretations of its characters.

Question 2

Which character does NOT belong to Alice in Wonderland?

Alice in Wonderland is one of Disney's older movies. It tells the tale of a girl who gets caught up in events as they relate to the mysterious world of Wonderland. It's there that she meets all kind of whimsical creatures, like guards made out of playing cards, and a rabbit that is intent on always being on time. It's there that she works with the creatures of Wonderland to save it from the tyrant that rules the lands cruelly.

Question 3

Which character does NOT belong to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney's first movie, and what a debut it was. Its success popularized many story elements that would be used by the company in the future. Starring the beautiful Snow White as she is hunted by an evil queen, she learns how to see the joy in her situation when she comes across seven lovable dwarfs who take her into their home. That said, she still manages to be tricked into falling for the evil queen's schemes.

Question 4

Which character does NOT belong to Peter Pan?

Peter Pan is a whimsical tale that is as close to wish fulfillment as Disney ever got. It tells the story of a magical land where kids stay kids and adults are the enemies. It follows the adventures of a normal group of kids. However, they're visited in the night by the mysterious Peter Pan. After teaching them to fly with him, he whisks them away to the magical world of Neverland. It's there that they help Pan defeat Captain Hook.

Question 5

Which character does NOT belong to Cinderella?

Cinderella was a story that captivated a lot of young girls when it came out. It tells the story of a girl who is left to tend to a house at the order of her evil stepmother. Always trying to find the beauty in everything she does, she is beloved by all. Her life would forever be changed when she attends the royal ball with the help of her Fairy Godmother. She then gets her own taste of happily ever after.

Question 6

Which character does NOT belong to The Lion King?

The Lion King has gone down in history as one of Disney's best movies. Starring a lion cub as he learns that he is going to become King of the Pride Lands, it isn't long before his life takes a turn for the worst. His father is killed by his uncle, and he is exiled from his homeland. While taking care of himself in the wild, he has to learn to embrace his past and become the king he was always meant to be.

Question 7

Which character does NOT belong to The Little Mermaid?

The Little Mermaid tells the story of (you guessed it) a mermaid who has an interest in life above water. Having a strange collection of all kinds of strange objects, she is enamored with going to the surface. However, her desires get the best of her, as she willingly gives up her voice in order to gain normal legs and get to dry land. However, her sacrifice turns out to be in her favor, as she meets the man of her dreams.

Question 8

Which character does NOT belong to The Emperor's New Groove?

The Emperor's New Groove is one of Disney's more underrated movies. Starring a bratty emperor with a serious attitude problem, he gets on the bad side of the villagers when he decides to bulldoze their houses over. Before he can go through with the plan, though, he is turned into a llama by one of his old advisers. He then has to work with the villagers he wronged in order to restore his power at the throne and get rid of his adviser.

Question 9

Which character does NOT belong to Pinocchio?

What happens when a man wants a child but can't have one? He builds one, of course! Pinocchio tells the story of a lonely man who wants to grow a family. He constructs a wooden boy, who is then brought to life by a magical fairy. However, the boy refuses to listen to his father and causes a lot of trouble along the way. Falling for sneaky scams, the wooden boy has to learn a great deal of humility in order to grow.

Question 10

Which character does NOT belong to The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was one of Disney's darker movies. It dealt with themes of societal expectations, acceptance, and even some religious implications. It starred a deformed young boy who was orphaned for being the son of a gypsy. He grows up locked away in a bell tower out of fear of ridicule in the real world. On top of that, he is further motivated to stay inside due to his relationship with a priest who takes religion to extreme measures.

Question 11

Which character does NOT belong to Sleeping Beauty?

Sleeping Beauty is the unfortunate tale of a girl cursed at birth by a dark witch. From that point on, it doesn't matter how hard everyone tried, the girl still met her fate and fell into a slumber that could only be awoken by true love's kiss. While criticized for how it portrays a woman needing to be saved by a man, it has one of the most beloved Disney villains of all time, complete with an epic final battle.

Question 12

Which character does NOT belong to Tarzan?

After a shipwreck stranded them on an island, a resourceful couple built a life for themselves in the trees. They even had a little boy together. However, that didn't stop a vicious leopard from entering their home and killing them where they stood. Hiding the baby, it was later taken in by a family of gorillas and raised as one of them. This "man of the apes" would be known as Tarzan. He would bring a new age to the gorillas.

Question 13

Which character does NOT belong to Aladdin?

Aladdin is a story that hinges around a diamond in the rough. Despite being labeled a "thief" and a "street rat," Aladdin knows that he has a good heart and is just doing what he can to survive each day. That said, his life changes forever when he encounters the mysterious magic lamp, which houses and eccentric genie who gives him three wishes. He then uses these to impress Princess Jasmine and turn his life from rags to riches. He also learns a few lessons along the way.

Question 14

Which character does NOT belong to Mulan?

Mulan is an empowering tale about a woman seeking to honor her family in a way that no one ever thought possible. After the Huns threaten to invade China, Mulan's father is called into war, despite no longer being physically able. In order to protect him, she disguises herself as a man and enters the war. With the help of her guardian dragon, she has to keep the secret alive whilst proving herself to be just as capable as any man.

Question 15

Which character does NOT belong to Hercules?

In this adaptation of Greek/Roman mythology, we follow the story of Hercules. While in the original text, he was half god and half man, the Disney film has him fall from Mount Olympus and lose his god status as a result. Because of this, he has to grow in the company of farmers and peasants. It's not until he becomes an adult that he realizes he was born of the god, Zeus. He has to embrace his heroic nature and take the fight to Hades.

Question 16

Which character does NOT belong to Beauty and the Beast?

Beauty and the Beast is a timeless tale about a good-natured girl who has to willingly place herself in captivity to get her father to safety. Held there by a beast who was once a dashing prince, she starts to see the humanity in this gruff character. Teaching him how to have good manners as well as how to see the good in other people, it comes as no surprise that they share true love's kiss for the Beast to turn back into a man.

Question 17

Which character does NOT belong to Bambi?

While The Lion King was known for killing off the main character's parent in a painfully tragic way, it was not the first Disney movie to do it. Bambi told the story of a young fawn who was taken care of by his mother. Unfortunately, his life was forever changed during hunting season when he made it to safety but his mom never came. Because of this, Bambi had to learn to embrace his own courage and become a powerful deer.

Question 18

Which character does NOT belong to The Jungle Book?

The Jungle Book tells the story of a young boy who was orphaned and left in the jungle. Instead of being eaten alive by the wild creatures that lived there, he was raised in good faith by some of them. Growing up to become a young boy familiar with the culture and landscape of the jungle, he was a formidable member of it. That said, he still had to deal with the reality that he was a man cub in an animal's world.

Question 19

Which character does NOT belong to Aristocats?

The Aristocats is a legacy film for Disney, due to it being the last animated feature that Walt Disney worked on before passing away in 1966. He had a heartwarming tale on his hands, starring cats from various worlds coming together. Due to a family of kittens being selected as the inheritors of a rich woman's estate, they are purposefully hunted. While away from their home, they meet a group of jazzy cats who teach them how to embrace their wild side.

Question 20

Which character does NOT belong to Toy Story?

Toy Story was Pixar's first movie, and it cemented them as an animation company to be reckoned with. Following the toys of Andy, it portrays them as conscious beings who have a life outside of their owner. The main character, Woody (also Andy's favorite toy), has to learn to get along with a new toy known only as Buzz Lightyear. The two have to work together to protect each other from an evil toy destroying kid and get back to Andy.

Question 21

Which character does NOT belong to Lilo and Stitch?

Lilo and Stitch revolved around a young girl who lost both her parents. She had to be raised by her sister instead. Where Lilo was exceptionally different was in her behavior. She could be considered "weird" by society's standards, but that's precisely what made her lovable. When an alien crashes in Hawaii and hides in Lilo's home (disguised as a dog), it's not long before the unlikely duo form a familial bond. That means that no one gets left behind.

Question 22

Which character does NOT belong to Tangled?

Everyone knows the story of Rapunzel. A girl with extremely long hair lets her hair down a tower to which a man climbs up to meet her. Disney took this premise and changed up the story a lot. They added a story about magic hair that could heal wounds and gave the dashing prince a much more interesting backstory and character arc. The result is a nice return to form for Disney that paved the way for their revival with movies like Frozen and Moana.

Question 23

Which character does NOT belong to Frozen?

Frozen is one of Disney's most popular movies to date. Adapting the Snow Queen from Hans Christian Andersen, no one would expect the unprecedented success the film had. Despite the fact that many people got sick of hearing "Let it Go" over and over again, there's no denying that the song itself is fantastic and well-composed. On top of that, there is an entire slew of interesting characters to watch on screen, especially Josh Gad's portrayal of the snowman.

Question 24

Which character does NOT belong to Moana?

Moana is Disney's most recent animated film (not including Pixar). It stars the daughter of an island chief. They are starting to run out of food on their home, so Moana decides to go searching for help across the sea, much to the chagrin of her father. Along the way, she encounters the demigod responsible for turning the world into chaos. After having some issues, they work together to save the day and restore peace to the entire ocean and its inhabitants.

Question 25

Which character does NOT belong to Finding Nemo?

Finding Nemo is a story taking place in the ocean. Marlin and Coral have a beautiful group of clownfish eggs. However, their nest is invaded by a barracuda and only one egg remains. Marlin, knowing that his wife and most of his kids are gone, raises this beloved child with the name Coral picked out: Nemo. Because of this, he is extremely overprotective of his only son, going so far as to freak out at the slightest sign of danger.

Question 26

Which character does NOT belong to Atlantis: The Lost Empire?

There are many stories about the fabled underwater sea of Atlantis. Countless explorers and scientists have longed to find this legendary relic, but none have succeeded. However, that changed in Atlantis: The Lost Empire. When a scientist comes across a strange object, he has great reason to believe that it holds the key to discovering Atlantis. With a crew of his best researchers at his side, they all embark on a quest in the depths to find the lost empire.

Question 27

Which character does NOT belong to The Lady and the Tramp?

The Lady and the Tramp is a classic love story that has one of the most iconic scenes in movie history. To this day, it is parodied time and time again, with the common audience immediately understanding the reference in the end. The film tells the story of a dog who is well-kept and raised to be proper meeting a dog who knows his way around the streets. The two form an unlikely bond and share a bigger connection throughout the film.

Question 28

Which character does NOT belong to Wreck-it-Ralph?

Wreck-it-Ralph was Disney's attempt at catering to the gaming audience. After decades of video games that were utter garbage, they put their own spin on it by creating an original world with several nod to gaming history. It stars Ralph, who is the villain of the game, Fix-it Felix Jr. He is despised by everyone in his world, which motivates him to become a hero in his own right and win a medal that would prove to the world that he can be a good guy.

Question 29

Which character does NOT belong to Oliver and Company?

Disney is no stranger to stories that pair unlikely characters together, which is the entire premise of Oliver and Company. It stars a kitten who gets left out on the streets. Instead of being fed to the sharks, it gets taken in by a group of dogs who show him the ropes of the world and how to live on the streets. Featuring plenty of jazzy songs, the movie became a cult classic among many Disney and cat fans alike.

Question 30

Which character does NOT belong to The Incredibles?

The Incredibles follows the tale of Mr. Incredible, a high-profile superhero with super strength. After a few incidents result in the injury of several innocent people, the country rules that superheroes are now illegal. Because of this, Mr. Incredible has to hang up his tights and start a modest family. However, his entire family is full of superpowers, and when a plot involves the disappearance of other heroes, they have to spring into action and save the world once more.

Question 31

Which character does NOT belong to Dumbo?

After the financial loss of both Fantasia and Pinocchio, it was time for Disney to go at it again. This time, they created a heartwarming tale with an emphasis on happiness, which was necessary back in the 40s. The result was Dumbo, a movie starring an elephant with extremely large ears who learned to fly. He ends up joining the circus after being ridiculed by the other elephants, and it's there that he learns to embrace who he is on the inside and out.

Question 32

Which character does NOT belong to Inside Out?

Inside Out was a return to form for Pixar after the poorly-received Cars 2. It stars a girl named Riley, rather, her emotions. Inside her brain are five emotions working together to control her body and feelings that each have their own place. As Riley is moving to a new school and going through her maturing years, one emotion is often seen as useless. When everything starts to go wrong and Riley goes through an emotional breakdown, the emotions must learn to work together.

Question 33

Which character does NOT belong to Zootopia?


Disney had a serious ambition when constructing Zootopia. Movies based entirely on animals had been done before, but not with the level of worldbuilding that they were trying to achieve. Thankfully, their hard work paid off with Zootopia. The expressive cast of characters were each interesting to watch on screen. On top of that, the movie dealt with complex social issues without ever seeming preachy or needlessly political. That alone is worth commending. The rest of the movie is just as good.

Question 34

Which character does NOT belong to Sword in the Stone?

Everyone knows the story of King Arthur and the legendary sword, Excalibur. Disney decided that they could play their hand at re-telling this classic tale. Arther Pendragon, the King of England, died. At the moment of his death, a sword magically appeared in a stone. Only the true king would be able to remove it. Enter the unassuming Arthur Pendragon. Working together with the wizard, Merlin, he eventually proves himself to be worthy of the throne and the magical sword.

Question 35

Which character does NOT belong to Cars?

Cars is the Pixar franchise that raises the most questions. Featuring a society of anthropomorphic cars, most people are wondering how that world works. All philosophical questions aside, it is a valiant tale about how a rookie racer has to keep his ego in check. Feeling like a hot shot racer vying for the Piston Cup, he gets stuck in the town of Radiator Springs. It's there that he meets a strange cast of characters and learns a powerful lesson in humility.

Question 36

Which character does NOT belong to 101 Dalmatians?

We're not sure why or how two dalmatians were able to produce so many puppies, but that's the nature of 101 Dalmatians. Starring a massive family of dalmatians, they are wrapped up in a sinister scheme by a woman who wants to skin all of them to make expensive fur coats out of them. This spurs the two parents to go on a quest to save them and make sure their puppies come home safely, as well as fight the evil woman.

Question 37

Which character does NOT belong to Big Hero 6?

Big Hero 6 was a Disney interpretation of one of Marvel's properties, thanks to the deal the two companies had. The comic was an obscure adventure that was largely cleaned up for the animated movie. It starred Hiro Hamada, who was one of the most brilliant inventors of his age. He ends up going to the same robotic school of his brother. It's there that he gets involved in a sinister plot. In order to save the day, he uses his brains to come up with the team known as Big Hero 6.

Question 38

Which character does NOT belong to Treasure Planet?

Treasure Planet was one franchise that never got to see itself all the way through. Due to low sales, Disney didn't profit off of the film, and the sequel was never moved forward in production. That's a shame due to how well-executed the project was. Being a sci-fi adaptation of the classic Treasure Island novel, it provided a unique spin on a timeless tale. It also had a theme of fatherhood and had some groundbreaking technology for animated movies as a whole.

Question 39

Which character does NOT belong to Princess and the Frog?

Princess and the Frog takes the classic "Frog Prince" story and brings it to New Orleans. It's there that we learn about Tiana, the daughter of a hard-working man. After losing her dear father, she has a dream of putting together a cafe in his honor and put her cooking skills to good use. However, she quickly gets wrapped up in a plot by a voodoo doctor to steal the wealth of a nearby prince. She ends up getting targeted as well.

Question 40

Which character does NOT belong to Pete's Dragon (2016)?

Pete's Dragon was a live-action/animated hybrid movie that came out decades ago. In an attempt to revive it, Disney moved forward with a modern remake to bring the story to a new audience. With a desire to distance the remake from the classic in terms of tone, the musical elements were removed. Instead, they placed a lot of focus into making the dragon the main character of the story. Needless to say, their efforts paid off and the remake was a success.

Question 41

Which character does NOT belong to Robin Hood?

Disney's Robin Hood was a twist on the classic tale. Instead of having the outlaw's merry men and stories of painful deaths, Robin Hood makes it appropriate for children of all ages. Turning all of the characters into animals, it appeals to a wider audience. That said, it still tells a similar story. King John has nearly taxed all of the citizens to death, leaving the sneaky red fox, Robin Hood, to rob the rich and give to the poor.

Question 42

Which character does NOT belong to The Rescuers?

The Rescuers is a story about the most unassuming heroes imaginable: a group of mice. These organization was established to solve problems all over the world. In the movie, Bernard and Miss Bianca work together to try and find an orphan girl who was kidnapped by a psychopath. That's the perfect template for some crazy adventures to ensue, featuring daring falls and tricky escapes. The movie proved to be popular enough with audiences to garner enough support for a sequel.

Question 43

Which character does NOT belong to The Fox and the Hound?

The Fox and the Hound is one of the most heartfelt Disney movies ever made (not necessarily heartwarming). It follows an elderly lady who finds a young fox and decides to take him in. Unfortunately, her neighbor is inclined to kill the fox, and she has to let him go into the wild in order to protect his life. Along the way, the fox becomes best friends with a dog, but Mother Nature is intent on getting in the way of their friendship.

Question 44

Which character does NOT belong to The Great Mouse Detective?

Sherlock Holmes as a character is extremely impressive as a property. Ever since Arthur Conan Doyle penned the story, the character has since reappeared and been adapted in pop culture since then. That's where The Great Mouse Detective comes in. The main character is a mouse that is heavily modelled after Sherlock Holmes. When a citizen gets kidnapped by a bat, it's up to the Great Mouse Detective himself to solve the mystery and take on the villain that orchestrated it all.

Question 45

Which character does NOT belong to Brother Bear?

Brother Bear follows a tribe of Inuit folk who live very spiritual lives. However, Kenai's life takes a turn for the worst when a bear comes in and kills his brother. Determined to enact his revenge on the beast, he hunts it down and avenges his brother's death. The spirits were angry at his needless bloodthirst, so they turned him into a bear himself. From that point on, Kenai gains a new perspective on his actions and life in general.

Question 46

Which character does NOT belong to Meet the Robinsons?

Meet the Robinsons stars Lewis, a kid who was orphaned and never knew his mother. Having a brilliant mind, he took to inventing to make the days go by. However, his life changes forever when he meets a young boy named Wilbur, who explains that he's from the future. He takes Lewis there and he learns several things about his own life in the process. However, like all time travel movies, things start to go haywire and are severely messed up in the process.

Question 47

Which character does NOT belong to Bolt?

Bolt is the main character of his own film. He was born and raised to think that he was a dog in an action TV show with superpowers. However, this lifestyle caused him to escape his own trailer and get taken halfway across the country. After that, he has to find his way back to Hollywood and learns a lot about his own life in the process. Teaming up with a few more strange animals along the way, it's a modern-day Incredible Journey.

Question 48

Which character does NOT belong to Chicken Little?

Chicken Little was Disney's first CGI movie, and it definitely shows. Adapting the Chicken Little story with the "sky is falling" scenario, it quickly goes off the rails. Following the main character as a clever, resourceful young chicken, it seems that everyone in his life is out to destroy his own self worth. That changes when he and his friends realize that he wasn't wrong when it came to the sky actually falling. As it turns out, it was the doing of aliens.

Question 49

Which character does NOT belong to Maleficent?

Most Disney fans are familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty. That said, the company was willing to take this familiarity and throw it out the window. Creating a movie based on the villain of the story, Maleficent, they hoped to tell a meaningful story about one of the greatest antagonists in Disney history. It creates a backstory where the witch was a guardian of a magical forest who had a set of beautiful wings. However, a young man betrays her, resulting in her villainy.

Question 50

Which character does NOT belong to Wall-E?

Wall-E tells the story of a robot programmed to clean up all of the junk on Earth. However, hundreds of years went by and all of the Wall-E robots are dysfunctional, leaving only one. The difference here is that the last Wall-E has a personality and a process of thought. He longs for a life among the stars. However, he gets an opportunity to do so when he finds plant life and gains the attention of a futuristic robot. He follows her to space and things get crazier from there.

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