Which NBA Superstar Are You?


The NBA has no shortage of superstars. Just as all-time legends such as Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan retire, players with Hall of Fame potential such as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kristaps Porzingis emerge.

These aren’t just great players, they’re great people. They all have distinct personalities that distinguish themselves as humans. Kobe was the most competitive person of all-time; he wouldn’t lose to anyone at anything. Duncan was the nicest person of all-time; I don’t think he ever said a bad word about anyone.

Unlike many other sports, fans can see these personalities shine up close in person, and on TV during games because they don’t wear helmets. Nothing is covering their facial expressions after a huge dunk, or when they’re in a heated argument with a teammate, coach, or referee. It’s a huge advantage for a league that prospers when its players are being themselves.

We’re going to use this personality quiz, and compare it with what we know about the current star’s personalities to figure out which NBA star you are the most like. Have you ever wanted to know what your life could be like if you were 13 inches taller? It’s time to find out!

Question 1

Describe your “signature shoe”

You aren't a superstar in the NBA unless you have your own shoe. They may never make as much money, nor become as popular as the Air Jordans, but they’re even better because they’re yours. Tons of kids grow up wanting to design a shoe. It’s weird that they’d achieve this goal by making the NBA rather than by becoming a fashion designer, but hey, masculinity right?

Question 2

How tall are you?

Size isn’t everything in basketball. It may more important in basketball than any other major sport, but it still isn’t everything. Players have succeeded in all shapes and sizes in the NBA, from 5’7” dunk contest champions, to 6’11” 3-point contest champions.

Question 3

What position do you play?

This question is tougher now than it used to be. Today’s NBA doesn’t exactly put players in the traditional positions of the past. Because of mismatches, and constant switching on screens, you have to be able to guard different types of players, and in turn, play different positions. Which position would you play if you had the choice?

Question 4

What is your role?

Asking for your role on the team is different than your position, because players can take different approaches to their positions. Different players excel at different skills. One power forward might be a great rebounder, but one might be a good shooter. Good coaches set up their team to play to their strengths, so what do you contribute to the team?

Question 5

What is your play style?

Similar to how players have different roles, they can also have different ways of getting that particular job done. Some players are laid back while others are in your face all game. Some players like when the ball is moving and some like playing ISO ball. It’s all personal preference.

Question 6

How do you celebrate a big shot?

Big players make big time plays in big time games. It’s a cliche, but it’s one of the true ones. What truly separates the superstars from the average is their ability to perform in any situation, especially with the game on the line. There’s lots of emotions that you have to keep in check, until the ball goes in. How do you release that emotion after you’ve made the play?

Question 7

Favourite Basketball Play?

Not everyone is comfortable shooting a game-winning shot, just like some people aren’t comfortable trying to block a dunk at the rim. As coaches have said for decades, there are other ways to impact a game than just scoring. Some hustle plays like a steal or a block can even provide more energy for the team than a nice bucket. Then again, getting buckets can be fun, too.

Question 8

What do you wear to the post-game presser?

There’s been a long battle between the NBA and the NBPA over dress code for games. Players who were raised on hip-hop and in hip-hop culture began to wear clothes that represented that background to games. Because of public perception , the league made a ruling that outlawed “unprofessional” clothing in favour of “business casual.” While many players were against it, others made due, and found ways to express themselves within the new rules, shaping urban men’s fashion along the way.

Question 9

What do you say after a loss?

Post-game pressers aren't all about what you're wearing, sometimes you actually have to answer questions from reporters. Now you've been taught how to talk to the media without actually saying anything of substance, but sometimes you can't hold your tongue. After a particularly tough loss, what do you say to the public?

Question 10

What do you say after a win?

Interviews after a loss can be tough, but interviews after a win can be a lot of fun. If there was any trash talk either before or during the game that irked you, now is the time to strike back. It doesn't even have to be from the team you played that game! Former teammates, critics, reporters, owners; anyone can get it.

Question 11

Your contract expires at the end of the season, what do you do?

Unlike most other major sports, the NBA is considered a “players league.” This means that the players themselves have more control over their career than the owners do. So when you do sign a contract as a player, and see out the entire length, you can enter free agency. We've learned in the past few decades that loyalty is not just extremely overrated, it's a ploy used by teams to turn the fans against a player thinking of leaving for greener pastures.

Question 12

Why do you play basketball?

As a kid, you kind of expect that everyone is in a profession because they like their line of work. While you quickly learn that isn’t at all true, you’re still surprised when you find out that this also goes for professional athletes. Sure, at some point it was fun, but it is a job, and they work just as hard as anyone else. Factor in all they have to deal with when it comes to injuries, and it’s no surprise that some only do it for the paycheck.

Question 13

What would you do if you didn't play basketball?

This is self-explanatory, but also kind of a tough question to answer since you probably already aren't a basketball player, and odds are your profession doesn't show up as one of the four options here. Your best bet is to place yourself in the shoes of an NBA player, and then think of a job you'd want to do if you couldn't ball for a living.

Question 14

What do you look for in a draft prospect?

You’d think with all the technology and stats available in this day and age that people could arrive at a consensus when it comes to ranking draft-eligible basketball players. But, people have different opinions on the skills and traits it takes to make a career in the NBA. Some GMs might prefer a one-of-a-kind athlete with potential, while others would rather take someone who can flat out ball, no matter what their measurables might be. What do you value in a prospect?

Question 15

What do you look for in a head coach?

In a player's league like the NBA, it's important to find a coach that gets along with the players on the team. If they don't, the GM/owner have to make the decision on who's more important to the team. Not all coaches serve the same purpose. A younger team might need a strict coach to teach them the proper habits, while an older team might just need someone to call the plays and not piss them off.

Question 16

Pick a colour.

This is an easy question; just pick your favourite colour! Colours can mean more than just visuals, they can also convey moods. Some colours are more aggressive, while others are more calming. Your favourite colour may be able to give an insight into your personality.

Question 17

Favourite Food?

One of the most common argument starters today is when people share their food opinions. For some reason, putting a tasty sweet fruit like pineapple on a pizza causes people to lose their minds. Calling a hot dog a sandwich is a declaration of war. People care about food a lot. What's your go-to?

Question 18

Favourite TV Character?

Binge-watching TV shows has never been more popular. Even though people may watch the same shows, they may not watch it the same way. Different people will relate to different characters based on their own personalities or situations. Who is the character that you empathise with the most?

Question 19

Favourite musician?

Your favourite music says quite a bit about you as a person. The genre of music is the first big indicator, but even within the genres your personality can really impact which music you enjoy. Two people can love hip-hop, but if one person prefers listening to lyrics and the other just likes to dance, they're listening to different music.

Question 20

Favourite board game?

I said earlier that food opinions can start arguments. Well, board games can start fights. Whether it's the monopoly board getting flipped, Scrabble words being challenged, or knocking the dominoes over, games and competition can get intense. Which game do you not lose at?

Question 21

Favourite former NBA player?

The NBA has a lot of stars today, but they had a ton in years past as well. In fact, it's those players who shaped the way the game is played today. Ask Kobe and he'll say he copied Jordan. Ask LeBron and he'll say he took stuff from Magic. Ask Curry where he learned to shoot and you're an idiot, the answer is his dad. Your favourite player of the past probably correlates with the type of player you'd be today.

Question 22

Favourite team?

Now for obvious reasons, you won't be picking from specific real-life teams this question, you'll be picking an idea that best represents the team you do cheer for. People have different explanations for becoming a fan of a certain team. Not all of them make sense, but they exist.

Question 23

Least favourite team?

Sports isn’t all about cheering for the team you love, it’s also about cheering against teams you hate. Watching a rival team lose is second only to watching your team win, and it’s a slim margin. You still get to trash talk if you both lose, right? There are many reasons to not like a sports franchise, what’s yours?

Question 24

What are you doing on a Saturday night?

This might be the question that best reveals the different personalities in the NBA locker room. Professional athletes need to blow off steam like everyone else, the difference being they get to do it in the VIP section. But, not all NBA ballers ball out in the club. For the married ones this makes a lot of sense. For others, it's probably just personal preference.

Question 25

You have the last shot, what do you do with it?

For the last question, we're giving you a last-second scenario. The ball is in your hands, the shot clock is off, you need to score to win. Let's say you're down by 1, and you also can't pass. I wanna know which move you go to when you're desperate. What's it gonna be?

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