Which Minor Rick And Morty Character Are You?

It's smart, it's irreverent, and it's willing to take you on an emotional roller coaster that ranges all the way from "stomachache-ingly funny" to "please, I have no more tears to cry". It's hard to think of something that hasn't already been said of Rick and Morty, but there's no denying, after three seasons it's grown to be one of the most beloved adult cartoons of all time.

Besides the appealing art style, trippy sci-fi themes, and consistently clever writing, the big reason why viewers keep tuning in whenever a new episode drops is because of the characters. And we're not just talking about those mentioned in the title of the show - or anyone related to them for that matter - what Rick and Morty continues to do since the start, is introduce a multitude of fresh, yet short-lived characters, that fans just can't seem to forget.

People can often take minor characters for granted, especially in shows where they aren't as interesting, but make no mistake, they are just as important as the titular ones. We've all thought about what it might be to be a minor character living in the Rick and Morty world, so why don't you take the quiz, and find out which one you are?

1You'd probably bring this to a potluck

Even Rick knows, if you're going to a potluck then you have to bring something, or else you just look like a jerk. Some people go all-out and make a homemade dish, while others just provide paper plates, what would you bring to a potluck?

2What kind of kid are/were you in school?

Anyone who's gone to public school can tell you that there's certain archetypes of students that you can expect to see, no matter where you attended. Between the teacher's pet, the cool kid, and the bully, where did you fit in?

3Something you'd find yourself doing on your day off

It's just like the classic song says, "everybody's working for the weekends". So whether you actually work weekends or not, it's safe to say that you look forward to your days off just as much as anyone else. What's something you might do on your free day?


4Your worst fear

Everybody has something that they're afraid it, be it some phobia to a specific kind of animal, or maybe an irrational fear of orange tables. Rick would tell you it's stupid to be afraid of anything, but don't worry, we won't tell him.

5Are you popular?

Popularity isn't everything, but it never hurts to be somebody who knows a lot of people. The more people you're friends with, the more likely you are to make some good connections that can help you out later. How popular are you?


6What's your clothing style like?

Believe it or not, what you wear can say a low about who you are as a person. It may seem superficial, but your clothing is the the most direct way you can present yourself to people before you've even said a word.

7How do you enter into a scene?

Listen, you're a minor character. That means that you're not going to have too much screen time, and you're really going to have to stand out if you want people to remember you. How might you enter into a scene?


8What's your feeling on adventuring?

At its core, Rick and Morty is a Sci-Fi Adventure series, meaning that adventuring is a key aspect in what keeps the show going. As a minor character, you may be someone that Rick and Morty encounter on one of their journeys, but how do you feel about adventuring yourself?

9How might you start a conversation?

Not everyone can be a social butterfly, but interacting with people is still important, especially when you have as many eclectic and zany characters as the Rick and Morty universe. You're not gonna have many lines, so you really have to choose your words carefully.


10Would you help someone in need?

No, Rick and Morty isn't a superhero show, and it's definitely not one with a black and white sense of morality either, but there's still definitely alignments that each character can be categorized into. Would you be willing to stick your neck out to help someone in need?

11Are you a fighter?

The whole premise of the show may center around Rick's genius giving him the ability to explore the entire multiverse, but you've got to have more than just smarts if you want to survive one of his adventures. Do you know how to fight?


12How is your relationship with Rick Sanchez?

If you're gonna be character on the show, then it's important we know how your relationship is going to be with one of the most significant mains. Rick Sanchez can be a jerk sometimes, and is ever the cynic, but how do you get along with him?

13How is your relationship with Morty Smith?

While Morty may be Rick's grandson, that's where most of their similarities end. Regardless of your feelings on Rick, you could have an entirely different relationship with Morty, or maybe you hate both of their guts and want to destroy both of them.


14Are you vengeful or forgiving?

Hey, people make mistakes, and that's okay, right? Well, not everybody abides by that same line of thinking, and can hold a grudge that spans their entire lives. If someone wrongs you, are you someone that becomes a machine set on revenge, or are you able to forgive and forget?

15Would you ever settle down and have a family?

It may seem weird to ask a question like this, but family is actually a theme that recurs quite often in Rick and Morty. Are you the type of person that while eventually settle down and have a family, or do you plan on flying solo forever?


16Have you had a rough life?

Many of the main characters in Rick and Morty have gone through their fair share of troubles, and it's pretty obvious that most - if not all of them - have some serious issues. This doesn't mean you have to follow suit, but have you had a rough life?

17How experienced with science are you?

In a show that involves spaceships that can travel galaxies, devices that let you enter into other people's dreams, and dimension-traveling portal guns, knowledge in science can come in handy. Were you paying attention in science class, or are you someone with absolutely no idea what's going on?


18Are you more of a student or a teacher?

Teachers and students both have important roles in society, with the student working on becoming a knowledgeable and useful person, and the teacher doing the best he can to assist him. Are you someone who's still learning, or are you someone who leads others to knowledge?

19Would you ever run for office?

At first glance, it may seem like a dream to be in such a position of power as President of the United States, or Prime Minister of United Kingdom, but these are actually jobs that are quite stressful, and require an enormous amount of responsibility. Could you do it?


20What's your biggest weakness?

No matter how smart, cunning, or powerful someone is, everyone has their weakness. Superman has kryptonite, vampires have garlic, and Rick has his nearly debilitating alcoholism. We swear this isn't a trick, we just want to know your character better. What's your greatest weakness?

21Which of these best describes your temperament?

Rick is a cynically mad genius, and Morty is an anxiety-riddled teenager who has become jaded with the universe. These are just two examples of some great character personality traits. Since you're a minor character it may not be quite as deep, but how would you describe yours?


22Pick a gadget!

One of the coolest parts of Rick and Morty are all of the awesome gadgets that are used in each episode. Perhaps you'd want to use the Portal Gun, and travel across different dimensions, or maybe you'd simply want to use the Butter Robot to help out during breakfast.

23Are you smart?

Yes, contrary to what many people may believe, you can still be smart without being knowledgeable in the field of science. That means that even if you don't have Rick's Sci-Fi skills, you do still have the potential to outsmart him in other ways. Would you say that you're smart?


24Are you human?

This question may come off as kind of strange on just about any other kind of personality quiz, but when it comes to Rick and Morty, a show where we're introduced to new aliens and species on an almost episode-by-episode basis, it's very appropriate.

25Will we see you in Season 4?

Considering how unreliable minor character appearances tend to be, this might just be the most important question of all. Are we actually going to see you again once Rick and Morty returns with Season 4 in the (hopefully not-so-distant) future?

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