Which Member Of The Avengers Are You?


The MCU is an amazing place. It's a world full of people who go through astonishing tales of how they can change society. It's full of stories of where heroes decide to be heroes and move forward through this universe in their eyes. It's a blank canvas of mysteries and legends to be created and unfolded.

We too have our own stories and legends to tell. We see the world through our own eyes and realities. The things we experience shape how we view everything else. This is what creates different attitudes toward ideas or beliefs, as well as establishing how different we are.

In a general sense, we can often find ourselves relating to a fictional character in how we view the world or the types of actions we take. The MCU is no different. Everyone has their favorite Avenger- one that they can latch on and relate to.

The trick is discovering which hero you are the most similar to. This is a combination of your attitude towards certain ideas, your beliefs on many difficult matters, and you would respond to tough events in life. This is about the kind of hero you are, or in this case, the kind of Avenger in the MCU you are the most like.

Question 1

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. After all, the powers a person gains defines the kind of superhero they become. You're not going to see Superman take to the streets of Gotham and drive around in the Batmobile. Many people think about what would be the most practical thing to have, but don't read too much into it. Sometimes, you should just go with your gut and pick whichever power sounds the most fun.

Question 2

What kind of suit would you wear into battle?

For a hero to have a suit they wear into battle is more than just looking really cool (though that is a big part of it). What they wear is largely dependent on their skillset as well as the kind of opposition they'll be facing while they operate. It's here where many heroes have different equipment and suits to use. They're each complimenting their own powers and fighting styles rather than winging it and being impractical.

Question 3

What is your weapon of choice?

Every hero has to have a weapon of choice. Some are granted superpowers that negate the need for an apparatus, but not all have that freedom. The heroes that choose to join the cause but have no powers have to know how to fight and use the equipment they want. It's imperative that they select something that plays to their strengths so they can use it effectively in the field and avoid getting killed.

Question 4

Which MCU movie do you like the most?

The MCU is going strong with 16 movies and more to come. With so many films under their belt, everyone has one that they prefer over the rest. If you're into action comedies, then Guardians of the Galaxy is the way to go. If you'd rather have a more dramatic flick, then look toward Iron Man or Captain America: Civil War. Whatever your fancy, there's something out there for you- and we all have our favorites.

Question 5

What is your greatest weakness?

Because we are imperfect creations, we all have serious character flaws. At this point, you probably already know what they are and either attempting to deal with them or simply not care. Even the superheroes of the MCU have to deal with these flaws, and as a matter of fact, entire movies have been built around mistakes that they've made (or continue to make).

Question 6

What is your ideal romantic partner?

When it comes to choosing a romantic partner, we all have our work cut out for us. After all, if we're going to personally select someone to spend the rest of our lives with, it not only has to be a good choice, but a practical one. We're not going to be with someone we don't like until the day we die after all. Because of this, most people have their own type of personality they would much rather be with, and we don't blame anyone for a second.

Question 7

Which religion do you prescribe to?

Believe it or not, religion goes along with how we live our realities. As we experience life, we begin to understand how the world works through our own set of goggles. This interpretation of everything around us then shapes how we view certain events and actions. From that, we select a "religion" to try and make sense of the world and why we're in it. It's not right or wrong to select a particular religion, no matter what others may tell you.

Question 8

Which Marvel cartoon do you like the best?

Both Marvel and DC have been creating cartoons for years, but it wasn't until the MCU launched that Marvel began pumping them out like iron.Every few years or so, we get a reboot of a cartoon that's either loved or hated. That said, there are some shining examples of television in all of the sludge. Yet, if you're not a fan of Disney XD, odds are that you won't come across any of them unless you go online.

Question 9

Which villain would you want as your rival?

It's often said that a hero is only as good as the villains they face, and there's some truth to that. If the conflict that a hero overcomes isn't interesting, then what's the point of watching their journey? However, there doesn't have to be a physical antagonist. Sometimes, a character can conflict with themselves to provide interesting character studies as well as bring profound ideas to the mainstream audience.

Question 10

If there were a real-life Sokovia Accords created, how would you respond?

In the comics, the Sokovia Accords (Superhuman Registration Act) were much more sinister than in Captain America: Civil War. In the film, it's a document that we can actually see the validity of. Both Iron Man and Captain America take their stances, but we understand their points from both sides. Yet, if faced with an ultimate decision, there's a choice we would all make, and it's one that may split all of us down the middle.

Question 11

Which Marvel TV show do you like the most?

Marvel has had great success with their films, and after a rocky start, have also had success with their TV shows. What started with Agents of SHIELD has quickly bled over into the Netflix universe where the Defenders were established as the heroes of Hell's Kitchen. Each show boasts a different tone and quality, and because of the sheer number of them, it's easy for us to latch onto one and forget the rest.

Question 12

Your best friend turns out to be a bad guy. What do you do?

It's a trope that has been a part of comic books and other stories for many years. What if your greatest companion turned out to be your greatest foe? It's the measure of many different heroes in how they respond to these situations. Will they remain true to their responsibility and take down their friend? Will they instead try to talk them down and make them see the good person they are on the inside? The choice is yours.

Question 13

Which superhero would you like to fight with?

As the MCU has expanded, so has the number of heroes to appear in it. This leads to bigger team ups and more massive Avengers films. The heroes have to learn to work together with one another and become a well-oiled machine over time. While they may not always work with the entire group, they have to rely on each other in some situations to more effectively complete missions and save the day.

Question 14

How would you describe your leadership skills?

Being a leader is something that remains poignant throughout superheroes. They each go their own hurdles and gain their own confidence. Most of them, as a result, have the capability to lead. When you bring a group of leaders together, though, that's where things get a little dicey (expertly shown in The Avengers). You're not required to be a leader to succeed in life, but it's important to know how good you are at it.

Question 15

Which MCU film are you most looking forward to?

While they're 16 movies in, Marvel has many bigger plans down the pipeline. The upcoming Thor: Ragnarok promises an exciting team up between popular heroes as well as the culmination of everything that's happened to Asgard. Captain Marvel looks to be an exciting period piece in the 90s. Avengers: Infinity War will then be the coming together of everything Marvel has set up since the very first Iron Man movie. Are you ready?

Question 16

How often do you joke?

Joking is one of the biggest problems that's been pointed out about the MCU. Instead of relying on cheese and drama, these films tend to undercut their moments with a lot of small quips and snide comments. However, it's not entirely the filmmakers' faults. As a matter of fact, we live in a culture where joking is a big aspect of our behavior. It may not be for everyone, but it's generally prevalent in most folks.

Question 17

Which adjective best describes your personality?

As we live our lives, we slowly develop particular qualities that feed into our own personalities. We will admit that it's difficult to define a person with just one word (as they are fluid and multidimensional concepts), but in a general sense, we can understand the bigger qualities of a human being. While all of these traits may be present in you, just select the one that motivates your behavior the most.

Question 18

What is your greatest fear?

We all have our own fears. These become apparent as we go through life to find that some things scare us more than others. Some people might be afraid of spiders while others keep them as pets. Having these fears is completely normal and it grounds in our humanity. The challenge for us and the MCU Avengers is that we have to learn to overcome them in order to define who we are.

Question 19

Which of these video games would you like to play the most?

We each have our own tastes when it comes to video games. It's a great thing, then, that we live in 2017, where we essentially have our pick. Would you rather live the glory days of 2D sidescrollers? Check out indie titles like GoNNER and Super Meat Boy. Are open world games your fancy? Breath of the Wild and Horizon Zero Dawn have you covered. Whichever games we play states a message about our personalities.

Question 20

On a lazy afternoon, which activity would you want to do the most?

As the world gets busier, we value our free time more than ever before. On those rare days where we have nothing to do, everyone has a preference as to how they would like to spend that time. Some people go insane from not having anything to do while others may prefer to just stay home and put their feet up. You may want to go outside and play some sports, whatever whets your appetite.

Question 21

Which viewpoint describes how you see romantic relationships?

Having a romantic connection is one of the biggest driving forces of our actions. From the moment we discover that we can have strong feelings for another person, our whole life changes. We start to look nicer in public, present a better image, and get tongue tied when we talk to those we are interested in. However, everyone decides on their own way of doing things (for better or worse).

Question 22

Which comic sounds the most interesting to you?

While they haven't been around as long as the big DC heroes, Marvel and their pantheon are still going strong today. What started as a cluster of a few popular heroes has grown into a vast array of different comics. They've even tried to streamline their entire continuity by rebooting their whole lineup. Love or hate what they're doing, it's hard to argue that they created some seriously impressive comics in the past.

Question 23

Where would you like to live?

When it comes to living space, the MCU handles this in an interesting way. Rather than give every hero their own house, it quickly threw everyone together in the same building so that the Avengers can be the Avengers. Fair enough. Yet, there are some other heroes who are more independent and have gone off on their own to live where they feel most comfortable (or wherever the next mission is).

Question 24

Which DC superhero do you like the most?

While the DC pantheon has become its own behemoth and does things very differently than Marvel, they have heroes that bear a lot of resemblance to their competitor. If you take a minor look at the Avengers and the Justice League, you'll notice some similarities off the bat. Because of this, people that favor one character on the Marvel spectrum will likely favor a similar character when looking at DC.

Question 25

People are in danger of dying and the only way to save them is through self-sacrifice. What do you do?

As superheroes operate more and more, sometimes they are faced with the ultimate test of their character. Usually these moments involve a tragedy that is looming over the heads of innocent people. The only way to stop it is by the hero sacrificing themselves in one final act of selflessness. Some heroes would willingly go down to save the masses, while others would use their brains to think of alternative ways.

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