Which Member Of The Always Sunny Gang Are You?


Since the show debuted in 2005, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has essentially set out on a mission to present viewers with the absolute worst people ever to appear on television. When one really stops and thinks about it, almost every sitcom character is a jerk in one way or another, yet the Always Sunny gang truly take things to the next level with rampant drug use, occasionally wanton violence, and outrageous sexual antics all a constant in their bizarre lives.

Naturally, fans of the show wouldn’t have it any other way, as the debauchery engaged by Charlie, Dennis, Dee, Mac, and Frank is also consistently hilarious. Ultimately, we would hope that no one relates too closely to the Always Sunny gang. Funny and entertaining as they are, the gang also shows a propensity for breaking the law with reckless abandon. That’s not even mentioning how they treat their fellow humans, including the very patrons of Paddy’s Pub that provide them with their living.

Pushing aside their worst instincts, though, the gang nonetheless has their lovable and likable qualities beneath all the surface negativity, feelings that many fans may indeed relate to. And let’s face it, some of us may just share their negative qualities, as well. To find out where in the group dynamic you would fall, take this quiz and find out which member of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang you are.

Question 1

Which role in the gang would you fill?

Every classic group in cinema and television follows a basic dynamic, something Mac is fully aware of when he breaks down the roles the gang are supposed to play when solving the gas crisis. Of course, that particular caper fails, and part of the reason is that Mac can’t figure out the specifics and keeps getting it wrong. The problem is that both he, Dennis, and anyone else who tries parsing out the jobs keeps giving themselves a self-aggrandizing position they don’t necessarily deserve. That in mind, this may be a hard question, but you’re more self-aware than those goofs, aren’t you?

Question 2

How do you attract the opposite sex?

Fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia know the characters on the show well enough we’d probably never want to date any of them. Sure, the Reynolds twins aren’t that bad looking, and Charlie’s got his lovable qualities, but there’s a good chance actually spending time with any of them could lead to a legitimate physical illness, especially if things get intimate. That said, their fellow characters on the show don’t know this, and thus they’ve all been able to seduce a partner or two as it went on. Does your method of attraction match any of theirs?

Question 3

What happens to you when you get drunk?

Nine times out of ten, people only open bars because they like frequenting them. From there, throw in the fact that ten times out of ten, people only like going to bars because they love drinking, and it’s no surprise the owners of Paddy’s Pub imbibe more alcohol collectively than any other gang on television. Not all fans of the show necessarily drink, but they definitely wouldn’t fit in with the gang if they don’t, so even if you’ve never been drunk, think about what you’d be like when knocking back a few beers down at Paddy’s.

Question 4

Are you an athletic, active person?

Unlike most people who spend their life drunk out of their minds, the Always Sunny gang are actually quite physically active. Well, half of them are, anyway. Mac, Dennis, and Dee all have gym memberships, and something about night crawlers sounds like it would require a strong lung capacity. Of course, this hardly means everyone watching the show follows the same lifestyle, as we can sit and enjoy the laughs without ever getting off the couch. Unless you want to, that is.

Question 5

What’s your favorite way to dance?

Ultimately, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia could be described as being about a gang of friends having fun. Sure, at least 75% of the time, that fun ends in horrific chaos and usually someone getting very badly hurt, but it’s the thought that counts, right? In any event, there’s no more visceral way to express how much fun you’re having than by dancing, and the Sunny gang find countless occasions to get down, get funky, and dance their asses off. If you were with them during such a party, what would we see you do on the dance floor?

Question 6

How often do you bathe?

Okay, so this probably wouldn’t be an issue for any other TV show on the planet, but this is Always Sunny we’re talking about. The gang rarely feels the need to put on airs about people, and for a couple of them, that might include almost never taking baths, showers, or undergoing any other sort of self-cleaning rituals. Hopefully, this is one area where fans of the show separate themselves from the characters they love, but in the end it’s your own choice whether or not you wash your body more frequently than every other Friday.

Question 7

What's your ideal job?

Truth be told, the Always Sunny gang seem pretty content in their lives as bartenders. On the other hand, that could be entirely due to the fact they almost never actually do any work, letting most of their patrons serve themselves while chasing their real dreams far away from Paddy’s. Sadly, it seems like none of them will ever achieve such true happiness, at least not unless their friends are playing an elaborate prank. Here’s hoping you find more success than anyone stuck in the pub for the rest of their lives.

Question 8

Which of the following describes your perfect relationship?

Deep down inside, even the Always Sunny gang are looking for love in one way or another. Wearing his emotions on his sleeves, Charlie tells everyone he meets about his obsession with The Waitress, and the others all date frequently enough it’s clear that dreams of romantic bliss never fully escaped their minds. Chances are this is one category that most fans of the show can relate to, whether they admit it or not. If so, what kind of relationship would make you the happiest?

Question 9

Who’s your favorite person in the gang?

For all their quirks, the Always Sunny gang are an incredibly entertaining bunch, a fact they definitely recognize about themselves and each other. In fact, a good portion of the time, it seems the only reason they hang out is the fact they can make one another laugh. They constantly argue, fight, and get on one another’s nerves, too, but ultimately, some hilarious caper or fun idea will bring them back together and make the friendship stronger than ever before. Who do you think you’d get along with the best?

Question 10

If there was no downside to taking drugs, which of the following would most appeal to you?

It isn’t in any way our intention to promote or condone drug use by this question, but let’s face it—everyone in the Always Sunny gang loves their illicit substances, and it’s not out of the question that some fans of the show could relate. It’s almost amazing how many drugs the gang does without ever once drawing police attention, so we’ll even throw in the suggestion there would be no negative repercussion to any of these answers in our imaginary, hypothetical world.

Question 11

What’s your favorite meal?

No matter how many times they get kicked out of Guigino’s Italian Restaurant, the gang keeps going back to the fancy establishment. After all, the place has the best fish in town, at least when that idiot waiter doesn’t run out of it. That said, the gang aren’t necessarily going to Guigino’s solely because of the food, as it’s usually more of an afterthought what they actually order. Their actual culinary tastes are a lot less traditional, anyway, with Charlie in particular making up his own meals rather than eating anything real humans have ever heard of.

Question 12

Why do your plans usually fall apart?

Always ready to go on their next caper, every member of the gang has plotted a master plan or two, employing the others to help them out in achieving it. Unfortunately, relying on their so-called friends is almost always the downfall, as no two members of the gang are ever on the same page. Forgive us if the question sounds a little bit negative here, but if you start hanging out with these people, you’ll probably wind up in the same situation, unable to pull off any master plans until you get away from them.

Question 13

How do you feel about your family?

In the modern age, the word “family” is more about the people one chooses to surround themselves with than the literal idea of shared bloodlines. Part of this has to do with the concept getting muddled over the years throughout confusing situations like the gang’s, where 4/5ths of the group are kind of related, but not really. Frank assumed he was Dee and Dennis’s father most of their lives only to find out he wasn’t, but he might indeed be Charlie’s dad, something the two didn’t know until they lived together. Hopefully, your situation makes a little more sense.

Question 14

Which of the following band names sounds the most like one you would join?

One thing a surprising number of alcoholics have in common is creativity, the beer flowing through their veins inspiring unique and out of the box thinking. Everyone in the Always Sunny gang is an artist at heart, some sculpting, some drawing, and all harboring secret dreams of one day being in a band. In a perfect world, these desires would have converged and lead to an epic musical force, but unfortunately, they all have their own ideas of music, which naturally conflict in a major way.

Question 15

Who’s your least favorite person in the gang?

Despite the incredible amount of time they spend together, it seems like the Always Sunny gang absolute hates one another’s guts throughout most of the show’s run. Dee definitely hates her brother and his friends, a feeling that is strongly reciprocated, and none of them except Charlie like Frank all that much either aside from the fact he pays for everything. No matter how much you like the show, odds are actually spending time with any of them could become a chore after long. Which member do you think would get on your nerves the fastest?

Question 16

What’s the biggest problem facing the world today?

Quite frankly, the gang working at Paddy’s Pub have an incredible difficulty in viewing the world at large, too conceited and distracted by their own lives to acknowledge things that don’t directly relate to their lives. That said, the rare opinions they do have on global and political issues are naturally perfervid in nature, always ready to go to proverbial war over their ideals when confronted with a dissenter. Would you be violently agreeing with them and yelling at your shared enemies, or could you debate with the gang to the bitter end?

Question 17

What’s your favorite type of movie?

Without parents to guide their lives, the gang are very much children of pop culture, and indeed Always Sunny as a program could be described in the same way. When not drinking with one another and coming up with crazy plans, the gang are probably spending their time watching movies and TV like all the rest of us. Like anyone else, they all have their favorite types of movie, matching their personalities to a T. What kind of flick would you suggest on movie night?

Question 18

What was your childhood like?

Typically, when a person winds up as screwed up as the members of the gang, it’s due to some sort of trauma they experienced when growing up. Hopefully, you didn’t have it anywhere near as tough as Charlie or Frank, but the simple parental neglect experienced by Mac, Dee, and Dennis is far more common. The way Mac talks about it, there’s not even anything wrong with parents who don’t necessarily love you, so long as you believe they do. Has your childhood effected your outlook on life at all?

Question 19

Could you ever be a politician?

In the modern era of politics, literally anyone can run for any office and have at least some chance of winning the bid. This includes even the gang featured on Always Sunny, although the one time they tried, it didn’t work out all that well for them. As usual, the main reason their attempt at running for a local political position failed was poor planning, with Frank missing the point and Charlie’s illiteracy rearing its ugly head at all the wrong moments. That didn’t stop anyone from thinking they could still become a politician, though. Would it stop you?

Question 20

Who is your favorite Paddy’s Pub regular?

As the owners of a bar, the members of the Always Sunny gang interact with far more people than just one another. There are also the many patrons who occupy Paddy’s for whatever reason, plus the various unlucky souls who get wrapped up in their capers and schemes. In some rare instances, the gang might actually like these outsiders, only interacting with them due to genuinely affectionate feelings. Granted, these emotions are rarely reciprocated, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful.

Question 21

Which of the gang’s inventions would you get the most use out of?

In addition to their creativity when it comes to music, the gang have created their fair share of brilliant inventions that could change society, if only the rest of the world would accept how helpful they were. It’s one thing to simply invent a new product, but actually getting a patent and finding customers is a different story, one that pesky Lawyer always prevented the gang from truly benefitting from. At the same time, however, these inventions have become somewhat popular in the real world, if only by fans finding it funny to use them.

Question 22

What’s your favorite type of alcohol?

Considering the Always Sunny gang own and operate a bar, let’s get back to the subject of alcohol for a second. Not everyone who watches the show necessarily imbibes in the product, yet a good majority probably does, or at least has. If not, it would be pretty hard to relate with alcoholics of their caliber, because these people are blackout drunk almost 24/7. Assuming you were looking to get in the same condition, what booze would you consume to fit in?

Question 23

Who is the scariest character on Always Sunny?

All right, so the main purpose of Always Sunny is to entertain and create laughs, which the gang and most of their patrons deliver en masse without any difficulty. However, as one of the darkest shows on TV, there are also a few straight up monsters lurking throughout their version of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, some of these beasts are their closest friends and allies, which might explain how they became so screwed up later in their lives. What side character would have you running out of Paddy’s fearing for your life?

Question 24

What role would you play in The Nightman Cometh?

No matter how long Always Sunny remains on the air, there’s a good chance their finest hour will forever remain “The Nightman Cometh.” Though most of the gang has trouble figuring out the point, not sure who the play is “versus,” Charlie is 100% into his musical drama from the very beginning, with such an infectious joy the rest of the gang are eventually willing to join in. Because Charlie is such a pushover, everyone ignores his directing whims and plays whatever role they would want. In the same circumstance, what would you choose?

Question 25

Who is your least favorite Paddy’s Pub regular?

All right, enough joking about. None of us would ever actually want to be one of the members of Paddy’s Pub for a whole lot of reasons, least of which the idiots and savages they’d have to put up with on a daily basis. Outside of one another, the gang also have to contend with an incredible number of insane passersby either as patrons of their bar or people standing in the way of their schemes. Which enemy of the gang would you have the most problems with?

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