Which Mean Girl Are You?


Seventeen years after Mean Girls first introduced us to Cady, Regina, Gretchen and Karen, fans are still in love with this tale of high school treachery. Cady’s journey into the jungle that is an American High School is one that resonates with everyone - and makes us all laugh. Admittedly, most people probably relate more to Janice or Damian (or even Glen Coco), as that coveted popular table in the cafeteria isn’t the easiest to find a seat at… even if you have plenty of pink to wear on Wednesdays.

Hilarious and oh-so-quotable, Mean Girls is a modern classic, and one that we could watch over and over again. But if you were in the world of Mean Girls, and a student at North Shore, where would you fit into the Plastics? Are you the leader of the pack, like the powerful (and unpleasant) Regina George, or are you more of a pretty-but-dim hanger on like Karen? Are you still trying to make Fetch happen and hanging out on the sidelines, or are you the new girl in town, easily led and just a little bit naive? Transport yourself back to your Junior year, and take this quiz to find out which Mean Girl you are inside.

Question 1

What do you like least about your body?

Every mean girl has something that they just hate when they look in the mirror - or at least, something that they’ll complain about to their friends. Is it a particular feature, something no one else would ever think of, or that old standby of young girls everywhere - feeling fat? What do you dislike about your body?

Question 2

What is your favorite school subject?

High school isn’t really about school - it’s all about the friendships and relationships, as every popular girl knows! But there are classes to go to as well, and not all of them suck… which subject is your favorite? (Not counting the ones you like just because there’s a hot guy sitting in front of you.)

Question 3

What would you wear for Halloween?

Halloween isn’t just for kids, and when you get too old to go trick or treating, that means you are old enough for something better than candy - Halloween house parties! You’ve got a costume party invite, and you need to wear the perfect costume to impress your crush. What is it?

Question 4

How do you deal with a wardrobe malfunction?

You had the cutest outfit when you picked it out this morning, but now, something has gone horribly wrong! Maybe someone spilled tomato sauce all down your cute white dress, or the zip on your new jeans just split, or worst of all, someone else is wearing the exact same thing! How do you deal?

Question 5

How much slang do you use?

If someone ten years older than you listened to your conversation, how much of it would they understand? Are you constantly using the latest abbreviations and acronyms, and up to date on every slang term before everyone else? Or are you falling behind because you are kinda happy to just… say what you mean, without all that extra stuff?

Question 6

What kind of car do you drive?

A girl’s gotta have her wheels - otherwise, how are you going to get to the mall? Or even to school? No proper plastic is going to take the bus to school like some kind of loser! But the kind of car you drive says a lot about you… what do you have the keys to?

Question 7

What do you eat for lunch?

Lunch is the most important meal of the day - it’s when you catch up on all the gossip in the school cafeteria, and see exactly who is sitting with who. The food is also important, though, so what do you put on your lunch tray before you sit down to gossip?

Question 8

Would you ever try to break up a friends' relationship?

Your friend is dating (or crushing on) some guy and you just know that she shouldn’t be… what do you do about it? Are you the kind of person who would find a way to stop it, no matter what the cost, or do you bite your lip and let it go?

Question 9

How much time do you spend on your phone?

Your phone is your lifeline in high school - how else do you know what everyone is doing, all the time? How obsessed are you with your phone? Are you always on it, even in class, do you constantly update social media, or do you think that phones are actually kinda overrated?

Question 10

How many Candy Grams do you send at Christmas?

It’s the holiday season, and your school does Candy Cane grams! These minty little treats are great to show people you care about them - and to prove how many people care about you, of course. How many candy canes do you send, and how many do you get in return?

Question 11

What are your parents like?

When your friends come over after school, they’re going to meet your parents - so what are they like? Are they super-involved in your life? (Maybe even a little bit too involved in your life…) Or are they pretty much absentee parents who let you do whatever you want?

Question 12

What shade of lip gloss do you wear?

Ok, so lip gloss is a little passe these days, but let’s pretend it’s still 2004 and lip gloss is everything. What makeup brand and color do you slick over your lips seventeen times an hour to keep those lips looking as shiny as physically possible?

Question 13

Have you ever cheated?

Be honest… have you ever cheated on a boyfriend? There are some girls who can be scrupulously honest and faithful, so are you one of them? Or are you a little more likely to be in the projection room with someone from the swim team, even though you are dating someone else?

Question 14

Is butter a carb?

It’s really important to know when something is a carb, so that you can stick to your diet properly - whether it is low-carb or all-carb! So what do you think about delicious, delicious butter? Is it safe for high-carb dieters, or is it definitely not something carb-loaders should eat?

Question 15

Would you ever write a Burn Book?

The Burn Book: somewhere that you can write down every worst thought that you’ve ever had about the other girls at your school, no matter how mean. It’s such a great tool to get out your frustrations, but be careful, if people found out, it wouldn’t go well… Do you write in the Burn Book?

Question 16

Are you a good leader?

How would you rate your leadership skills, compared to other people? Are you always front and center with a loyal clique of friends and followers behind you, loving the attention and the responsibility… or are you the kind of person who would much rather do the following, not the leading?

Question 17

What's your dream job?

What’s your dream job, when all this high school craziness is over and done? Are you looking to move up the ladder in a high flying career where you will make lots of money, or do you have something a little less pantsuit and a little more personal passion in mind?

Question 18

How would you describe your personal style?

Everyone has a personal style - and it’s about more than just what looks good. Style is about how you present yourself to the world, and how other people see you! How would you describe your wardrobe, and what kind of message do you want to send with the clothes that you wear?

Question 19

Pick a hair color/style to have.

Which hair color would you have, if you could have any color or style in the world (without all the hassle of dying and styling and generally taking care of it)? Would you go for something totally crazy, bright colors or dramatic styles, or would you be happier with something stylish and simple?

Question 20

If you weren't a plastic, what group would you be in?

Obviously, as a mean girl, you are a member of the popular clique. But if you weren’t, for some reason, who would you be hanging out with in the school cafeteria? Are you a jock, a nerd (or even a mathlete), a cool Asian or one of the art crew?

Question 21

What do you wear to Spring Fling?

Spring Fling is the biggest dance of the year, and what you wear is so very important - everyone is going to be talking about it, so your outfit better be perfect! What do you wear? Did you order the perfect dress months ago, make your own, or are you in something else altogether?

Question 22

How are your grades?

Obviously, grades don’t matter as much as being popular - especially to a Mean Girl, but what kind of student are you anyway? Are you a secret nerd, constantly scoring high and hiding it, or are you unashamedly flunking out of every class, because you just don’t care?

Question 23

Are you clumsy?

You might be the hottest, most popular, most stylish girl in high school, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t a little clumsy at times… even the plastics can trip over their own two feet occasionally! Are you covered in bruises from falling down, or are you actually perfectly graceful?

Question 24

How are you at spontaneous speeches?

It’s Spring Fling, you won the crown, and now everyone is waiting for your speech (except the principal, who really doesn’t think it’s necessary). How are you under that kind of pressure? Are you great at making it up on the fly, or do you crumble and fail to impress?

Question 25

Finally - which Mean Girl would you be best friends with?

Which of the Mean Girls are you most likely to be besties with, if you weren’t all hanging out together as a group? Would you be drawn to Cady’s quirkiness, or are you more likely to want to spend time with Regina, even though she can be kinda cruel?

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