Which Marvel Defender Are You?


I could lead in with something about The Defenders finally coming, arriving, and leaving, but the show was too good to start with something like that. In fact, I think the adventure of Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Carl Lucas (I mean, Luke Cage), and Danny Rand deserves better.

Is there any proper way to honor them than to have some random person on the internet take a smart quiz to see which of The Defenders they're most like? I don't think so.

Come on, that's exactly what Matt was thinking his impact would be the first time he wore the Daredevil suit or when Danny was first taught the Iron Fist. Maybe Jessica even thought of the idea when putting whiskey in her coffee...

If you're worried about spoilers for The Defenders or any of the four shows, there really aren't any major ones although, as always with these smart quizzes, we may allude to certain plot points to test you. For example, if Jessica dealt with a corrupt cop and ended up killing him, we wouldn't mention that but instead ask how you would have handled the situation.

If that's fine, put some Wu-Tang on, pour some whiskey into your coffee, and let's go about saving New York...or, at least, seeing which of The Defenders you'd be.

Question 1

You have to use a weapon in a fight. What are you picking?

As you're fighting a large group of enemies armed with baseball bats, knives, and pistols, you stumble upon an armory. Guns aren't typically what you use, but the situation calls for it if you have any hopes of surviving. What are you picking?

Question 2

Which of the Avengers do you like most?

The Avengers are THE superhero group right now...well, until Justice League comes out. Which of the following do you like most?

Question 3

Which non-comic fictional character do you find yourself most like?

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe obviously lacks some of our own fiction, that doesn't change us asking which of the following characters you see yourself in? Is it Tony Montana and his ambition or Obi-Wan Kenobi's wisdom? What about John McLane's risk taking or Niko Bellic's determination? You tell me...

Question 4

Which of the following Marvel locations would you make your new home?

The days of hiding in apartments and warehouses are over as now, you're going to move to one of the main Marvel locations. No, you don't get to hang out underwater in Atlantis. Which of the following locations would you pick as your base of operations?

Question 5

What do you look for in a mentor?

From Luke Skywalker to Spider-Man, every great hero needs a mentor, right? Which of the following are you looking for when it comes to a mentor? Keep in mind that while this trait may sound great on paper, it's how they utilize it that will help - or hurt - your training.

Question 6

Which Justice League would you want to partner with?

Wonder Woman Quiz Justice League

I'm staying far, far away from the eventual debates about who would win in a fight between The Avengers and the Justice League, though I will raise this question: if one of those four came to the Marvel Cinematic Universe somehow, who would you want to partner with?

Question 7

You see two kids robbing a convenience store. What's your plan?

Crime never stops, but why are the little kids taking part? Before you can ask yourself that question, you see the convenience store owner, an older man that could be subdued with ease, running after the kids with a shotgun. If you stop the old man, the kids get away; if you stop the kids, there's still the sight of him chasing after kids with a 12 gauge. What's your plan?

Question 8

There's four bombs in New York. Where are you going first?

A terrorist attack on the city has been stopped...somewhat. As the leader prepares to kill himself, he tells you his men have placed bombs in four places: an elementary school, a church, a nightclub, and a subway. Where are you going first?

Question 9

A strange doctor who knows your identity offers to make you stronger. Would you do it?

After stopping yet another robbery, a bystander lets you know that a strange doctor - fully aware of who you are under the cowl - has a proposal: make you stronger to help wipe out the city's organized crime...as in kill them. This is also the same doctor suspected of torture at an insane asylum. What do you do?

Question 10

The media wants to report on your heroics. Which interview are you doing?

Well, you're certainly getting popular. In fact, several media outlets have made it clear they want to interview you, though each comes with certain caveats. Talking to a newspaper runs the risk of your words getting twisted or taken out of context, while radio and talk shows allow your voice to be heard. However, the radio show will include callers and the talk show will have an anti-superhero guest. Are you talking to the media or not?

Question 11

You learn Wolverine is joining you on a mission. What do you do?

Logan is in town! Yes, one of the criminals recently causing New York harm actually has history with Wolverine, meaning the clawed X-Men legend is partnering with you on a mission to stop them. The only problem? The mission requires stealth, something Logan may not quite be the best for. What's your gameplan?

Question 12

A corrupt NYPD detective offers to erase your file if you help him with a favor.

Is Rafael Scarfe back from the dead? No, not quite, but if a corrupt detective like him approached you and offered to erase your file if you helped with a favor, what would you do? If you don't, you risk arrest, but if you do, you'll potentially be in his pocket for a long time.

Question 13

You find out there's a bounty on your head. What do you do?

Following the criminal underworld closely, you learn that one of the major mob bosses has put a hit out on your head with an infamous bounty hunter coming to collect. Knowing this bounty hunter has tangled with the "gifted" before, what's your plan of strategy?

Question 14

What is your favorite color?

Colors are important to figuring out who a person really is. Pick a color!

Question 15

You're part of a group planning to break into an enemy stronghold. What's the plan?

After some research, you learn where the enemy group is running drugs and weapons from. The only problem, however, is that it will be strongly guarded with more manpower than you can cut through. Which of the following ways would you try?

Question 16

Which of the following dog breeds are you?

Yes, that's my dog. No, you can't have her. Of the following dog breeds below, which do you think you are?

Question 17

One of your friends asks you to spy her on her boyfriend...who she doesn't know is a superhero. What do you do?

One of the worst fears of any superhero is having their identify figured out, especially by a close friend or partner. Your friend asks you to see what her boyfriend, who she doesn't know is a superhero, is up to at nights. What do you tell her?

Question 18

Who is your favorite of the Defenders?

This is probably the easiest question on this list, so we won't bother wasting your time. Who is your favorite Defenders member?

Question 19

A lawyer wants to put you on trial for collateral damage to the city. How do you react?

Not every lawyer is going to be Jeri Hogarth, you know? One day, a lawyer says she wants to put you on trial because of the damage you've caused her clients. How do you react?

Question 20

What music are you listening to during your workout?

If Method Man doesn't reunite with Luke Cage again, we're going to be upset. Of the following songs, which would you play on your workout?

Question 21

Which sport are you most attracted to?

Even though I can't see any of The Defenders taking a day off to watch the New York Yankees, I can see each of them enjoying SOME type of sport. Which one of these appeals the most to you?

Question 22

On your day off, you get to pick a movie to see. What are you going with?

It's raining, crime is down, and you decide to take a movie day. Thankfully, the internet and Netflix have plenty of options for you to chose from. What are you planning on watching?

Question 23

The Hand has kidnapped an anti-superhero politican. What do you do?

The Hand are terrible people, even if The Defenders tried to make them somewhat sympathetic...or did they? There seems to be a bit of divide on that, but still, no one likes The Hand. One day, you learn they've kidnapped a politician who is proposing punishments on the "talented" and The Avengers. What do you do?

Question 24

You're designing a superhero logo. What do you emphasize?

Every superhero needs a logo, right? Well, probably not anymore, but there once was a time when nearly every superhero had their own logo in comic books and TV shows. When designing your logo, what's the main thing you're going for?

Question 25

How loudly would you sing the song to It's Patsy?

I'm so, so sorry for this, but I have to say this. IT'S PATSY! IT'S PATSY! I REALLY WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND I HOPE THIS DAY WILL NEVER END! How loudly would you sing this amazing theme song?

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