Which LOST Character Are You?


Where does one even begin to describe the enigma that is Lost? It has been over for seven years now, after five seasons of twists and turns and ups and downs that left some viewers wanting more, and others glad it was over. But mostly everyone can agree that there were many questions left unanswered, and that hole will never be filled for us die-hard Lost fans.

Whether you were a fan of Lost from that very first scene in the jungle until they all gathered in that church in the last episode, or you got too confused and tired of it to keep going, it is hard to argue that Lost was not a great show in many aspects. One thing that made it so great was the character development, which was largely done through the use of flashbacks. Through them, we got to see the characters' lives and secrets before they crashed onto the island. You probably identified more closely with some of them than others. Have you ever wondered who you are most like, and thus how your time on the island would be if you were there?

It is time to find out! Through this quiz, you will see which Lost character you are the most similar to. Will it be the practical Jack, the adventurous Kate, the wise John, the smooth-talking Sawyer, or someone else, entirely? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1

What is the first thing you would do after the plane crashed on the island?

People react to trauma in all sorts of different ways. As we saw on Lost, this is true of the characters, as well. Most people would be freaking out, and rightfully so. But others would be in shock, be trying to help the others, or maybe some people would be quick-thinking enough to try and salvage anything they could from the plane. What is your style?

Question 2

What is your job?

One of the great things about the characters of Lost is that they are all so different from each other. This is true in terms of their personality, and also their jobs. Sayid was an army interrogator, Sawyer was a conman, Charlie was a rock star- could these people be any more different from one another?

Question 3

What is your best quality?

There are so many great qualities a person can have, and most people have many of them. Just like the characters on Lost, you probably have several positive attributes about yourself, but in general, which quality would you say is your best quality?

Question 4

What is your worst quality?

Everyone is a mixture of good and bad. No person is either all good or all evil. And even though we love the Lost characters, they too had some bad qualities. In fact, some of them questioned the bad parts of themselves so much that they wondered if they were actually in purgatory on the island.

Question 5

What is your relationship with faith?

Faith is a major part of the Lost series. For much of the show, the islanders wondered if they were in a purgatory of some sort. There was religious symbolism throughout the show, and some of the characters and/or their backstories talked a lot about it, whether they believed or did not. Faith especially came into play in the relationship between John and Jack.

Question 6

Which superpower would you most like to have?

The plan crash survivors on Lost probably wished they had superpowers when they got trapped on the island. If they were like Superman, they could just pick up the plane with everyone on it, and fly it back to civilization. But although none of them had actual powers, there was definitely an element of magic to the show, leaving viewers feeling mysterious.

Question 7

What is your favorite of Hurley's special numbers?

Hurley's numbers were 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. What is the significance of these seemingly random numbers? Well, in Hurley's life at least, they were both lucky and unlucky. They won him the lottery, but that ended up being a curse. Then the same numbers mysteriously showed up on the island, and at various times throughout the show.

Question 8

How would you do on a long-haul flight across the Pacific Ocean?

Nowadays, you can take one plane to pretty much anywhere in the world you want to go. Nonstop flight routes are always being added, and flights that travel across oceans a very long distance without stopping are called long-haul flights. These can be more than 16 hours long in some cases! Scrunched with strangers back in coach, how would you fare in that situation?

Question 9

What is your favorite food?

Hopefully you are not too picky of an eater, because your choices on the island would be pretty limited. Besides hunting and gathering, the only food the survivors had to eat was whatever was on board the plane. Besides being very limited in quantity, that food would spoil pretty quickly. What favorite food would you be dreaming of on the island?

Question 10

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what one item would you want to have with you?

This is always a fun question to toss around with friends, never thinking it will actually come true. But for the passengers on Oceanic Flight 815, it did. Luckily, they were able to salvage many items from the plane after it crashed, and had a lot more than one item each.

Question 11

What is your favorite Dharma station?

The Dharma Initiative built several stations across the island, each with a different purpose. Research and communications were some of the main reasons they were built, and throughout Lost, various characters wound up at one station or another, again for very different reasons. For example, a pregnant Sun had an ultrasound performed by Juliet at the Staff Station, while the tail-section survivors of the plane crash lived inside the Arrow Station.

Question 12

What is your favorite game to play?

What kinds of games you like to play could be a good indication of your personality in this game of life. Although all games are meant to be fun, some are actually more serious than others. Some take a lot of skill and practice, while others are lighthearted and just for laughs. And of course, there are always those that fall somewhere in the middle.

Question 13

What are you most afraid of in life?

There are so many things to be afraid of in life- such as a plane crash. The survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 lived through their worst nightmare, which then just kept on going and going because they were stuck on this strange island. But besides almost dying in a fiery plane crash, they have other fears too, just like anyone else. What are yours?

Question 14

How do you like to spend your free time?

On the island, the plane crash survivors always somehow seemed to keep busy, even after they were through exploring the island, setting up camp, and salvaging things from the wreckage. This is a good thing, because otherwise the only things they would have to occupy their time would be talking, walking, swimming, or reading the same few books from the plane over and over again. What do you like to do for fun?

Question 15

Who are you most likely to connect with as a good friend?

Luckily, if you got stranded on the island with this group of people, you would have plenty of different personality types to choose from in terms of who you hang out with. There is the witty Sawyer, the sweet Claire, the goofy Hurley, the cool dude Charlie, the wise John, the caring Juliet, and I could go on and on. So who do you most see yourself connecting with on the island?

Question 16

What is your biggest regret?

Life is full of mistakes and regrets, and this is especially true for the survivors living on the island. Each and every one of them has a past that in one way or another, is a little shady. As human beings who mess up. they all could have done things differently, and maybe it would have led them down a different path than being stuck on the island. Since hindsight is 20/20, what is your biggest regret?

Question 17

Which Lost quote do you most identify with?

Both of these quotes were very important parts of the show. The themes of teamwork and hope are both at the center of Lost. While both are essential for the islanders' survival, if you had to choose one that speaks more to you, would it be the idea of working together for survival, or the idea that without hope, things would be even more perilous than they already are?

Question 18

How do you handle stress?

Let's be honest; these plane crash survivors were probably under more stress than most people will experience in a lifetime. After a near-death experience, losing loved ones from the plane, having to worry about their survival and if they will ever get home again, and the threats posed by the island, it is understandable that they are stressed out. And they all handle it differently, which can be very telling about a person.

Question 19

How do you feel about living at the beach?

There are pros and cons to living anywhere- the mountains, the city, the countryside, and yes, even the beach. While the ocean is a great place to visit on vacation, or even own a vacation home, would you like to be there all the time? What kind of setting do you really see yourself living in, the beach or somewhere else?

Question 20

How do you feel about essentially living in your swimwear?

There are not a lot of choices of clothing on the island, so most of the characters are stuck wearing the same old things over and over again until they either find new stuff somehow, or are rescued and can go back to the real world and go shopping. For many of them, this means going shirtless (for the guys), or wearing bikini tops or other swimwear. How do you feel about this?

Question 21

Which is your favorite place to sit on the plane?

There were several flashbacks throughout the series of Lost, telling the story of these people's lives before the crash. Some of the flashbacks took place on the plane, on Oceanic Flight 815. Where each person sat decided if they lived or died. We don't always get to choose our seats, but if we did, which seat would you prefer?

Question 22

What type of person do you usually date?

Relationships with each other and the people they knew before the crash is what Lost is all about. There are numerous relationships between all of the characters, and some of them were romantic. There was Sayid and Shannon, Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Kate, Jin and Sun, Charlie and Claire, Hurley and Libby, Jack and Juliet, Sawyer and Juliet, the list goes on. And clearly by those examples, you can have more than one type.

Question 23

Do you believe in magic?

On the island, there are definitely some mysteries that may not be able to be explained except to say that it is magic. The island moves itself through time, there is a Smoke Monster, it healed John Locke's paralysis, and it acts like a cork, keeping in a malevolent force that if released, would destroy the world. The island, itself, is its own character, and whether or not you believe in magic, it sure seems like the island can only be explained that way.

Question 24

Have you had trouble with the law?

Multiple characters on Lost had run-ins with the law. In fact, Kate was being transported as a fugitive back to the States when the plane crashed- because she killed her stepfather! And she is not the only one who has had troubles with the law before, although hers were probably the most serious crimes. Have you had legal trouble in the past?

Question 25

Pick the kind of book you would most enjoy reading

Reading may very well be one of the only things to pass the time on the island while waiting for rescue- well, except for escaping the Smoke Monster, being chased by The Others, and being thrown around in time while the island "moves". So hopefully the plane had a good supply of books. Which would you most hope to find in the wreckage?

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