Which Legendary Band Would You Rock Out In?


Have you ever listened to a song that made you feel so distinctly understood that it felt like it was written just for you? If you’re a music lover, chances are, you’ve had this experience countless times. Music might just be the most intimate art form, offering an undeniably personal experience that is unique to the listener. It is an unstoppable force, capable of granting catharsis, enabling escape or inspiring change. Sometimes, when you’re in a hopeless funk, nothing helps quite so much as dancing it out.

The beat is constantly evolving and while artists may strive to remain relevant, music itself will never go out of style. Whether you are in a band or just love listening to them, there is no shortage of incredible music and new groups are cropping up everyday. Only time will tell which artists will become renowned, and which ones that will fade into obscurity.

Are you a musician? Do you wish you were? Either way, you probably wouldn’t mind being a legend. Answer these questions honestly and we’ll tell you what group would be the best fit for you. Take this quiz and find out Which Legendary Band Should You Join?

Question 1

Pick a place to live.

Each of these cities has rich musical histories. While all four are undoubtedly awesome places to live, they are incredibly different from one another. Whether you pick a place to hang your hat based on climate, culture or both, which of these places do you feel would be best suited for you?

Question 2

Which type of cuisine do you find the most magical?

Your favorite kind of food really does say a lot about you. Are you a more adventurous eater or do you prefer what you know? We've all gotta chow down on something. Whether you eat to live or live to eat, which of these cuisines do you feel would make the finest feast?

Question 3

Pick a superhero cartoon.

Who doesn't love superhero cartoons? While it is true that Batman: The Animated Series set the gold standard for cartoon comic adaptations, many of us have very fond memories of X-Men as well. There is also no denying that Teen Titans (2003 of course) was also excellent and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is a more modern favorite.

Question 4

What instrument will you play?

Alright, it's time to pick an instrument. Do you already play one? Perhaps you're more of a singer and you want to stand in the spotlight. You may be content to play off to the side as long as you're doing what you love. Still, maybe you're trying to play all of the instruments. Anyone can play guitar, right?

Question 5

Pick a musical genre.

This will, no doubt, be a difficult call for music lovers. Even if your taste in music is eclectic, chances are, one of these genres speaks to you more than the others. Which band you should join will obviously be at least partially contingent your favorite tunes. So, if you have to choose, what will it be?

Question 6

If you could meet one of these rock stars, who would it be?

Unfortunately, the history of rock and roll is rife with casualties. Some artists leave their careers painfully unfinished, when they are snatched from the world far too soon. Others manage to live full lives, but their loss is still felt round the globe due to their musical impact. If you had a chance to meet just one of these guys, who would it be?

Question 7

What do you do when the music at a party is awful?

Few things can ruin a party more than someone's awful taste in music. The question is, do you let that stand? Sure, you could be a grownup and let it go, or you could take matters into your own hands. Most music lovers might just prefer the latter. After all, if you don't like good music, do you even deserve to throw a party?

Question 8

When do you listen to music?

In terms of integral aspects of your life, where does music fall on the spectrum? Do you love to dance or just live for live music? Perhaps you don't listen to music more often than most, or maybe you listen to it so much it's basically become a sickness. No judgment, but which is it?

Question 9

Pick a soul singer.

Without the rise of soul in late '50s and early '60s, music as we know it would sound vastly different. There are so many incredible soul singers that it would be impossible to list them all here, but we're giving you four of the greats to choose from. It's a tough call, we know, but you need to pick one!

Question 10

When was the last time you went to a show?

If you're a music lover - and if you're taking this quiz, you probably are - then you know how important it is to go to shows. There are few experiences that can come close to that type of energy! Sure, certain bands are better in the studio, but for most, the true measure of their talent is how they play live.

Question 11

What are your feelings on fast food?

The jury certainly is not out on whether or not fast food is good for you. Everyone knows that it's bad, but for each person repulsed, it would seem that ten more consider it to be comfort food. Well, one thing is for sure: you definitely can't beat the price!

Question 12

Which type of bear is your favorite?

Everyone loves bears, right? There are eight different species of this mammal, but these four are probably the most well known. Although bear snuggles are most definitely off the table – unless you're trying to get bear murdered – which of these creatures is your favorite? Sorry, but Fozzie Bear is not an actual option.

Question 13

Pick a pop star.

Not everyone is a fan of contemporary pop music, but even those who aren't have a guilty pleasure. These four women have all dominated the charts enough that even someone with only a casual knowledge of pop music has at least heard a song or three. So, when you're singing in the shower, whose tunes are the ones you can't help but belt out?

Question 14

How do you feel about drugs?

Make no mistake kids: drugs are bad. There is no denying that they are a pretty big aspect of the rock and roll lifestyle for many musicians though. How you answer this question will help to determine which band you should join. Do you have a tendency to party too hard or are your partying days behind you?

Question 15

How about smoking?

Sure, you could make the moderation argument for drugs and alcohol, but smoking? We all know how that story ends. However, that doesn't make it any easier to quit. Some rock stars smoked their entire lives, while others managed to kick the habit. Fewer still never even started in the first place.

Question 16

Choose one of these books to read.

Obviously, this isn't a fair sampling of your literary tastes. However, each of these four books was influential to a particular rocker. There's Jack Kerouac's On the Road, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's Venus in Furs, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Patrick Süskind's Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. What'll it be?

Question 17

Pick a spirit animal.

We've all got a spirit animal: that creature that best matches up to our own souls. Really, we are more like animals than we think - although an argument can be made that they are better than we are. What qualities do you have in common with members of the animal kingdom? Are you more wolf, turtle, owl or tiger?

Question 18

How do you usually dress?

Whether we are trying to make a statement or not, our clothes say a lot about us. Do you make an effort or just put on whatever? Perhaps you are a fan of the finer things, but maybe you'd wear your PJs all day if it were socially acceptable. Which of the following best describes your style?

Question 19

How will you approach the creative process?

The creative process isn't always easy and not everyone plays well with others. Tensions can run high when your art is on the line, especially when your vision isn't lining up with what your bandmates have in mind. Set the right tone by establishing what kind of artist you are.

Question 20

Pick a band.

Obviously, the music that you currently listen to is going to impact which band you should join. Part of their status as legends is in the influence that they have had on other groups. Each of these bands is important in their own right, but they have also been influenced by our legendary options. So, which of these four bands do you listen to the most?

Question 21

Pick another band.

We obviously can't get a good idea of your taste in music based on one question, so here's another choice for you. Four very different groups to help us gauge what band you would be the best fit for. So, which of these artists would you rather listen to?

Question 22

Will you keep rocking when you're old?

Not everyone has the same opinions on aging rock stars. Plenty of us want to hear our favorites making music as long as they live, but others feel it's better to retire while you're still on top. For many musicians, there is simply nothing that they'd rather be doing. What kind of artist are you?

Question 23

Which type of fruit do you prefer?

Not everyone eats fruit, although really, we all probably should. If you had to choose, which of these options would it be? Are you a berry person, looking to keep the doctor away or wanting that extra potassium boost? Is this question impossible to answer on the grounds that you hate fruit? We've got you covered.

Question 24

Pick a blues singer.

It's fair to say that rock and roll wouldn't exist without the blues. No band has become a legend without owning their huge debt to this genre. Each of these blues musicians was particularly influential. If you're a big music fan, this is a tough ask, but please pick your favorite.

Question 25

Do you want to be famous?

People become musicians for many different reasons. Some can't quite handle their immense fame, while others never experience the popularity they feel that they deserve. What kind of musician are you? Are you in it for the fame or is that not the point for you? Perhaps you are somewhere in between.

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