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James Bond is a franchise that has lived throughout many decades, and as such it has changed a lot since its inception. Attitudes and trends have changed drastically since Sean Connery became the first Bond, and now with Daniel Craig finishing up his run as Bond, we're sure to see the character and flavor of Bond evolve even more down the road. Even the first Bond was an evolution, however. Many people doubted that Sean Connery could pull off the character when he was cast, because of how different he was from the character written in the novel. But he proved people wrong, and showed us all how Bond is a very flexible character. As long as you have the overall attitude right, you can take James Bond in many different directions.

The four main James Bonds were Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. Interestingly, by the end of their time as this iconic character, almost every single one of these actors absolutely hated the role and refused to act in another Bond film. I guess being so suave and dangerous can get tiresome after a while. Each Bond was so different. But which one are you? Take the quiz to find out...

Question 1

What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?

The different Bonds are set apart by many things, but one of the most notable differences comes down to their sidearm of choice. The classic weapon of James Bond is the Walther PPK, but this has been known to change with certain Bond actors, and the changing times. Which weapon would you want by your side?

Question 2

What Is Your Car Of Choice?

Besides the guns that we see the various Bonds waving around, there are also the cars to consider. These are often some of the coolest parts of any Bond film, and we've seen quite a variety of awesome automobiles over the years. These seem to change with the Bond actor. But which is your favorite?

Question 3

What Kind Of Suit Would You Wear?

After guns and cars, what is the third important part of Bond's equipment? That's right, his choice of suit. While the classic Bond attire is a Black tuxedo, many Bonds since the Connery era have chosen to bend the rules a little, bringing their own personal sense of style into the mix. But what type of suit would you choose?

Question 4

What Type Of Sunglasses Do You Prefer?

Okay so we've gone over suits, but about the finishing touch everyone needs for their outfit? That's right, we're talking about sunglasses. This item has also changed a lot over the years, from Sean Connery's Wayfarers to more exotic and modern options in recent films. But what sunglasses would you prefer?

Question 5

What Is Your Sense Of Humor Like?

Bond films might not be comedies, but they definitely have a joke thrown in once or twice. And the humor changes based on which actor is portraying the secret agent, as you might expect. Some are rather dry and to the point, whereas others are famously silly and ridiculous. But what kind of sense of humor do you have?

Question 6

How Would You Escape Certain Death?

A recurring theme in James Bond films is the ability of our favorite secret agent to escape even the most certain of deadly situations. He always seems to find a way out, and some are more ridiculous than others. In recent Bond films, directors go for a more realistic approach, but in earlier films you never knew what to expect.

Question 7

What's Your Favorite Gadget?

Another thing that really makes the James Bond films special is the multitude of gadgets "Q" provides to our favorite secret agent. These gadgets are sometimes practical, sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes just plain awesome. They've changed a lot over the years, depending on the actor. But which is your favorite gadget?

Question 8

What Is Your Ideal Adventure?

The general tone of the Bond films has changed a lot over the years. The types of adventures Bond has seems to vary depending on which actor is portraying the secret agent, and the decade in which the film is produced. Sometimes Bond's adventures seem almost comical. Other times they are hyper-realistic. But which adventure would you prefer?

Question 9

Who Would Be Your Ideal Bond Girl?

Aside from the gadgets and guns, something that seems to change from film to film is the Bond girl. For many people out there, the choice of Bond girl can be the deciding factor over whether they decide to go and see the movie in theaters. And there have been some seriously hot Bond girls over the years. But which one is your favorite?

Question 10

Why Are Women So Attracted To You?

No matter who it is that is portraying James Bond, they always seem to be a total chick magnet. It's just part of James Bond's DNA, and every Bond has tons of different side chicks and love interests. But each actor seems to attract women for a different reason. Some are more refined, others attract women out of sheer sex appeal. But why are women attracted to you?

Question 11

If You Were Stranded On A Desert Island, What Would You Bring?

James Bond has been stranded and left for dead countless times, but what would he take with him if he was stranded on a desert island. This says a lot about your personality, and the personality of the various Bonds. This also goes to show that there are some seriously ridiculous items out there that the Bonds have access to.

Question 12

Who Is Your Greatest Enemy?

Besides the Bond girls, the cars, the gadgets and the guns, you can always count on there being a cool villain in every Bond film. And when the villain is not sufficiently interesting or threatening, the film falls flat on its face. There have been some amazing villains in the past. But which one is your favorite?

Question 13

What Is Your Ideal Disguise?

Throughout the Bond films, our favorite secret agent often is forced to don disguises to infiltrate his enemy's base, or gain vital information. These disguises range from simple things like wearing a bowler hat to much more elaborate things like entire radiation suits. He is a secret agent after all, and disguises are part of his repertoire. But which disguise would you choose?

Question 14

What's Your Greatest Weakness?

James Bond is far from perfect human being. He drinks a lot, for instance. In one novel alone, Bond consumes 46 drinks within a relatively short period of time. He also smokes constantly. He is also seen to take risks even when it's unnecessary. But the weaknesses vary slightly based on the actor. Which is your weakness?

Question 15

What Is Your Greatest Strength?

James Bond has evolved a lot over the years, and one of the biggest ways he changed is how he gets the job done. His methods have evolved with the actors who play him, and each Bond is good at something, and that is what he usually relies on to succeed. But what about you? What is your greatest strength?

Question 16

What Type Of Animal Symbolizes You?

Each Bond seems to symbolize a different animal. They each have their own qualities. Some are suave yet dangerous, others are more subtle. The animal kingdom is a great metaphor for James Bond. He's operating in the wilderness, alone, and can only rely on his own survival instincts to complete his mission. But which animal are you?

Question 17

How Would You Kill An Enemy?

There have been some seriously awesome deaths over the course of the many Bond films. Each one seems to be more awesome than the last, and you can always count on our favorite secret agent to kill his greatest enemies in spectacular fashion. But what about you? How would you choose to kill a Bond villain?

Question 18

What Is The Worst Fate You Can Imagine?

Sure, James Bond always seems to escape from even the most elaborate and seemingly deadly traps and torture techniques, but that isn't to say he's immune from pain and the occasional scare. There have been many occasions where Bond goes through some really rough times. What is the worst fate you can imagine?

Question 19

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren't A Secret Agent?

Have you ever wondered what Bond would be doing if he had never become a secret agent? Well the answer to that question actually depends on the actor who is portraying Bond at any given time. They all seem to have different strengths but also interests and hobbies. But what would you be doing if you weren't a secret agent?

Question 20

How Much Respect Do You Have For Authority?

Each Bond has a varying degree of respect for authority. Authority in this case means MI6, the British Intelligence organization that employs Bond and sends him on missions. Some Bonds are very obedient to MI6, whilst others seem to enjoy breaking the rules and doing their own thing. But how much respect for authority do you have?

Question 21

Who Would Be Your Favorite Ally?

James Bond might think he can go it alone, but in truth he often relies on many allies during his various missions. These range from all sorts of people, from CIA agents to members of the upper class. While each one tries their best to help Bond, they also have a nasty habit of dying. Which one would you pick?

Question 22

What Is Your Favorite Location For An Assignment?

Many things change over the course of the various Bond films, and sometimes the most wonderful and eye-catching changes are the locations of these movies. You can always count on there being an amazing location that Bond will be running around in, and it's what makes these movies so amazing. But which location would you pick?

Question 23

If You Could Grow Out Your Hair Anywhere, Where Would It Be?

The various Bonds have always been very clean-cut and proper, with a few exceptions. He's supposed to be a distinguished man after all. But some Bonds have shown that Bond can look good even with a full beard. Others famously show off their chest hair. But what about you? Where would you grow hair?

Question 24

What Is Your Attitude Towards Women?

When the first Bond films came out, attitudes towards women were very different compared to the way things are now. The earlier Bonds would have no problem slapping a girl on the rear and treating her like a child. But as the movies got older, things started to change. But what about you? What's your attitude towards women?

Question 25

What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Every Bond has his own guilty pleasure. In fact, the various Bonds share a lot of the same vices. In the original novels, Bond was written as a heavy smoker and drinker, but in the movies he doesn't smoke as much. Some actors portrayed him as a cigar enthusiast. Others refused to smoke on camera. But what is your guilty pleasure?

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