Name The Horror Movie And We'll Tell You Which Villain You'd Be

Have you ever been called a little 'off', or maybe just a tad bit 'weird'? Or maybe you're just really, really, really 'excitable'? And no one understands that sometimes you just want to be silent, and others you're just really energetic and feel like yelling loudly for no good reason, especially in a dark movie theater...

Are you also a horror movie buff? The person who knows the name of every horror movie from the classics to the latest installment of Saw? Is Halloween your favorite holiday because the idea of dressing up as your favorite serial-killer character has been what you've been looking forward to the entire year? Do you ever see these movies and find yourself rooting for the killers instead of the good guys?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you might belong in one of your favorite horror flicks as one of these masked, knife-swinging, chainsaw-wielding, ax-hacking, just-killing-for- the-sake-of-killing villains. Want to know the truth?

Below is a list of some horror movies featuring the scariest, most sadistic, maniacal and down-right nasty killers in horror movie history. Take the quiz to find out which one you're most like. You might just be shocked by your result...or not.

1What's the name of this horror movie?

This horror movie is about an escaped mental patient going on a killing spree in his hometown. He stalks a group of teenage babysitters and once night hits, strikes them down until only one remains. Forever redefining the meaning of 'trick or treat,', what's the name of this horror movie?

2What's the name of this horror movie?

This horror movie follows a group of teenagers trying to avoid an essential part of living: sleep. They know that once their heads hit the pillow, pure suffering awaits them at the hands of a serial killer living in their dreams. What's the name of this horror movie?

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