Which Hollywood Star Did This Child Become?


They started from the bottom now they're here-- Hollywood that is. Have you ever wondered how your favourite Hollywood stars manage to be so glamorous? The style, the smile, the attitude, they seem to have it all down. But, they didn't always have such finesse... or maybe they did. From Oscar winner Brad Pitt to the pragmatic Jennifer Lawrence, see exactly where your favorite Hollywood stars started. You've seen them in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, How to Get Away with Murder, and Suicide Squad but can you identify them from their childhood photos? The quiz will put your knowledge to the test to identify actors from their photos and small description of their accomplishments and filmography.

Some of these stars may be easily recognized from their star-studded rise to fame and others have risen to the top of the Hollywood Crop as hard-working immigrants or American nobodies. They have nothing in common besides their achievements as actors, including Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy Awards. Most of these actors have made their impact in film and television within the past thirty to fifty years, but you will have to identify stars anywhere from a lead in Grey's Anatomy to a budding actor/musician.

Question 1

Guess who?

Obvious from her contagious smile and classic short hair, this star has not changed much. Here she is posing for her school photos, long before she "hits it big". The world has followed her every move since her big debut movie series, and her many trips and tumbles as she climbed up the Hollywood ladder to her Best Actress award in 2013. Her films boast a gross revenue of approximately $5.5 billion, showing girls around the world that being themselves and tripping up a bit is the best way to be.

Question 2

Which Hollywood Hunk is this?

Over the years this star's relationship drama has frozen the media and his fans in awe, watching him with his two soon-to-be ex-wives and six children. This Hollywood Hunk has starred in many major motion pictures, and also stolen many hearts. He has even made cameos in everyone's favourite 2000's show, Friends, as a quirky acquaintance named Will. Some of his biggest roles include the films Fight Club and Benjamin Button, and he has been nominated for several awards and has won a golden globe.

Question 3

Can you guess this star or will you be the master of none?

A first generation comedian, this actor has many stand-up comedy specials and a television series on Netflix that has recently released another season. The series received a 2015 Peabody Award for its original and comedic take on the modern-day immigrant. Both of this actor's parents made their acting debuts on the show, playing his parents as well. You may know him better from his role on the situation comedy entitled Parks and Recreation, where he plays a manipulative colleague of the main character.

Question 4

Guess this Jill-of-all-trades:

This famous actor has literally done everything. From acting in movies such as recently released Baywatch, to winning the 2000 Miss World pageant, she is successful in everything she does. While many know her for her acting, including roles in Quantico, an FBI agent drama show, she also is a singer. Her albums feature popular artists and are sung in either English or Hindi. Her song "Exotic" from 2013 features Pitbull. Her latest album was released last year, in 2016.

Question 5

Is that you ____?

Originally from Mississippi, this child grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot. Naturally, upon this path he became a Hollywood actor. He would be acclaimed for his powerful acting and powerful voice. When watching a film, this was the actor everyone wanted as narrator. His deep, soothing voice had him playing iconic roles like Nelson Mandela in the movie Invictus. This actor made a name for himself, and his abilities to inspire the masses not only from acting but in his personal life, where he runs a "save-the-bees" sanctuary on his ranch.

Question 6

Who is this child?

Known for her singing career, this actor's latest album was entitled "AKA" and featured artists like Tyga, French Montana, and Iggy Izalea. In addition, she has starred in several guilty-pleasure romantic comedy movies, like Maid in Manhattan of 2002 that her fans have binged throughout the years. She is the divorced mother of two children, which she co-parents with a Hollywood star/ actor/ singer. Currently, she is contributing to a a police drama television show, called Shades of Blue, on Netflix.

Question 7

Guess who this is

If you are a movie buff, then you have no doubt seen the classics of our generation; Pulp Fiction, Grease, and Saturday Night Fever are obviously on that list. This child would become a fan favourite and make appearances in all of those classic movies. Nowadays, he is the father of three ( 1 deceased), and has taken a step back into family life. Recently he donated a valuable historic plane from his collection to an aviation museum in Australia.

Question 8

Which DC star is this?

This politically active actor has received an Honorary degree from George Washington University in addition to her great success in the world of Hollywood. Balancing her personal life and professional life like a champion, this star has acted in the movie Django and starred in a hit TV series spanning over several years. She has two children, and even filmed this Washington DC, White House drama series during her last pregnancy. She plays a scandalous character that is the White House crises "fixer" and mistress of the President of the United States.

Question 9

Can you guess this star who fought his way into our hearts?

Born Chan Kong-Sang to his family in Hong Kong, this talented child would grow up studying many fields. He would be known to his fans later for his stuntsmanship and acting in popular films like Rush Hour, an action movie about a Chinese Inspector Detective and a Los Angeles Detective, and its sequels. As a child he had studied drama and singing, but his martial arts training earned him his fame. His 2010 role in the Karate Kid remake was a mentor and martial arts teacher.

Question 10

Who's this tall, dark and handsome lad?

Notorious for his dark, brooding choice of characters for many of his films, this star has played the undead, a pirate, and a vampire. Surprisingly, one of his most classic roles was in a movie about chocolate, but he made his debut as a youth in an adaptation of 21 Jump Street. Since then he has married and has had a daughter, named Lily Rose. His family life though, has recently come under the attention of the media amidst allegations of wrongdoing.

Question 11

Who's that lady?

This Aussie actor is relatively new to the Hollywood scene but has made a fast leap to fame. We have seen her in Wolf of Wall Street, Focus, and Suicide Squad within the past five years. Her performance and mastery of accents has granted her diverse roles, and have left us in awe. She grew up in Queensland, Australia, and is pictured here with one of her four brothers. She and her husband, Tom Ackerly, recently married in a secret ceremony.

Question 12

Which model/actor is this?

This child grew up in London, in one of the wealthiest districts in the world, and made her acting debut in 2012. Her debut was a small role in the film Anna Kerenina after she had established herself in the modelling world through campaigns with Jason Wu, Dolce & Gabbana, and others. She even won Model of the Year awards in 2012 and 2014. Her next films, including the book-adaptation Paper Towns, gave her more mainstream following until she starred in the film Suicide Squad.

Question 13

This actor is no joke!

This actor has played one of the most famous characters of the Batman series, Joker, in a recent film. What few people may know about him is that he is also a songwriter and alt-rock musician of the group Thirty Seconds to Mars. His last album "This is War" came out in 2009. Meanwhile he has been acting in films such as Dallas Buyers Club and has won a Golden Globe and Academy Award. His rumoured "method acting", where he inhabits the character in his everyday life, has taken him far up the Hollywood ladder.

Question 14

She's the woman who has everything:

At birth named Caryn Elaine, this child would grow up to be a stand-up comedian and TV host. She debuted acting in a 1982 film called "Citizen...". Her acting career has given her a long list of achievements, including Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards; however, her role in The Color Purple has been one of her most impactful moves for her fame. This book-adaptation movie was a drama released in 1985 that focused on African American Life, but one cannot forget her great humour and impact in comedy as well.

Question 15

Which fantastic actor is this?

This actor is a staple of the Romantic Comedies genre. Although she has acted in a variety of films, she is notorious for her superhero role in a 2005 action movie and sequel. Along with her acting career, she has been raising her daughters and founding a company. Her business, The Honest Company, makes and sells products that are more natural and healthy than ordinary products. We would have to say that she is a fantastic role model for her kids!

Question 16

This 70's girl is_____?

Moving to the United States from Ukraine, this actor soon was sought out by a talent agent. After her stint as a child star, she and her co-star developed a story-book romance that we all secretly want. They had met on the set of the That '70s Show TV series and are now married. Together they have two children. Some of her other roles in films include The Book of Eli, a post-war drama, and Black Swan, a dark psychological thriller.

Question 17

Actor, activist, ambassador... (spy)?

A graduate from Brown University, this celebrity has always juggled stardom and education, as she started acting at an early age. Some of her movies include popular Disney adaptations and 2000's classic wizardry movies. Today, she spends much of her time forwarding literacy and women's rights causes even garnering attention from peace-keeping groups. She was honoured by the United Nations, becoming a United Nations Women's Goodwill Ambassador for her activism in 2014 and working alongside them in the HeforShe campaign.

Question 18

Help us figure out this star!

Educated at Auburn University, this actor spends much of her time now writing children's book series like her "The Case of the Time Capsule Bandit" series. She made her debut in acting in film A Time To Kill. However, her acting career has earned her accolades and awards, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for her performance. She has starred in The Help, a black handmaid's tale, and Hidden Figures, a movie about the women who out-worked astronauts to achieve a famous space orbit launch.

Question 19

Who worked their way from Disney to Hollywood?

This child has always been well known, shown here as a Disney child star. He is a Canadian actor and musician that made his debut in 1993 on Mickey Mouse Club House. For a drama movie called Blue Valentine, following a married couple's struggles, Ryan Gosling sings for her in the movie and for the soundtrack. The song is entitled, "You Always Hurt the One You Love". Recently, he starred in a movie/musical about aspiring to act with Emma Stone.

Question 20

Fast, Furious, and Strong...

Even from the beginning, it looks like this actor was passionate about sports! Originally having a career in football, he eventually was cut from the Canadian Football League team, the Calgary Stampeders. Later performing as a wrestler, he earned a nickname that we are all familiar with, because of strength and undefeat. As for his acting career, he starred in The Fast and the Furious series about street racers and fighting crime. This year he starred in the film Baywatch.

Question 21

This star played a 2000's comedy favourite:

Known best for his comedic roles, played throughout the 2000's, this actor started as an artist. For a while, he worked as a sketch artist for a courthouse, and in college he painted football portraits of teammates to pay for his tuition. One of his most famous movies, however, was the crime/comedy film that came out in 2004, where two FBI agents infiltrate and take over the lives of two women to protect their group against a large crime effort.

Question 22

Is there a doctor in the house?

Earning himself about $400,000 per episode at its peak, this actor's role in an eight-year-long TV series was a hit. The series followed a group of doctors, with their genius mentor as the lead, solving medical mysteries. Not only was this British actor intelligent in the show but in his life he is intelligent as well, being a graduate of Cambridge University. Some of his other surprising talents include singing and comedy. His 2013 album was called "Didn't It Rain".

Question 23

And another doctor?

This actor is the heartthrob material of a popular medical drama show that aired for 14 seasons since 2005. We saw his first film experience in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants as Lena's boyfriend and then in the thriller movie The Cabin in the Woods. Today he is an activist for the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQ+ issues, and raises his two children with estranged spouse Aryn Drake-Lee. Allegedly, the couple are divorcing and amidst a difficult custody battle.

Question 24

Who is this beauty?

This Welsh actor studied at the London Drama centre and then starred in London's West End theatre shows until he made his way onscreen. His roles have been extremely diverse; he played was in the cult classic The Hobbit, The Fast and the Furious, an action movie, and the new Disney adaptation of the Beauty and the Beast. He and Josh Gad were in fact nominated for their performance as a dynamic duo in the Beauty and the Beast for an MTV Movies Award.

Question 25

Finding ____ ?

She briefly attended New Orleans University to major in communications, but she now speaks to the masses through her popular TV talk show. Personalities from every end of Hollywood have been invited on her good-humoured and honest show. Some of her other accomplishments include judging on American Idol for a brief stint, and receiving a Medal of Honour from President Barack Obama. In a children's movie about the journey of two lost fish to find their son, this actor became most famous.

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