Which Guardians Of The Galaxy Member Are You?


Released in 2014, James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy introduced the world to a bunch of new heroes. Or rather, a bunch of incredibly flawed, quirky intergalactic criminals who banded together more to exact revenge than for any sort of noble cause. There was silliness, awesome action, and a strange but fascinating mix of alien cultures, and all of it was set to retro music from decades ago. After the release of the film, that same music got an enormous boost in popularity. Tunes of old were made new again and Marvel's newest and weirdest band of almost-heroes were characters that everybody could happily groove with.

From a psychotic raccoon with experimental enhancements to a giant tree who can walk, beat people up, and talk with the most minimal of vocabularies, the so-called Guardians of the Galaxy are weird and wacky but dear to our hearts. Maybe you identify more with Peter Quill, AKA Star-Lord, the music-obsessed rascal from Earth who falls somewhere between the likes of Han Solo and Marty McFly. Maybe you're more like Gamora, the green-skinned, badass assassin who doesn't accept anybody's nonsense. Or maybe you're too literal for your own good and identify with Drax, the warrior who always says exactly what he's thinking. And maybe, just maybe, you're more like Rocket, who's constantly fed up with everybody in the universe and just wants to tinker, make bombs, and blow stuff up. Find out which Guardian you're most like with this quiz!

Question 1

You notice an attractive female walk by. What do you do?

After docking in port after a long trip, you and the gang are walking around while the Milano is refueled. Out of the crowd emerges a stunningly beautiful female, who walks by whilst throwing a glance in your direction. What do you do?

Question 2

How do you feel about violence?

As a former intergalactic criminal, you've probably had to resort to fisticuffs to get yourself out of a scrape or two. Whether you need to escape an entire fleet of enemy ships or you're trying to take down a monstrous behemoth, sometimes murder is just the only way to go. But that doesn't mean you have to like it, right?

Question 3

You're offered a choice of incredible powers. Which one do you take?

While on your way to collect the reward for completing your latest job, you and the gang stumble upon a celestial entity being attacked by a swarm of hostiles. With some skilled piloting and well-placed shots, you destroy the attackers. The celestial, who's grateful, offers you a choice of superpowers, but you can only take one for yourself.

Question 4

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

After seeing a flashy ad for "authentic Terra ice cream", Quill is determined to fly the whole gang to this touristy planet to get a taste of it (and probably brag about Earth's immaculate cuisine). You eventually find the place, which ends up being a tiny little shack. You're offered a ton of different flavors, with the ice cream guy promising they'll all be delicious. Which flavor do you pick?

Question 5

Who annoys you the most?

You may be family, friends, or even acquaintances, but sometimes people just push all your buttons and drive you absolutely crazy. Some people get annoyed by a certain radio personality or are unable to stand the sight of a certain celebrity. For me, it's the lady who covers cultural events on my local news station. The Guardians have their respective people who drive them nuts, too.

Question 6

What do you think of your dad?

People's relationships with their parents can tell you a lot about them, especially when the parents are just as unique and memorable as their children. We've not met all of the Guardians' parents yet, and maybe we never will, but there are already some pretty special father figures between them.

Question 7

Who's your nemesis?

You can learn a lot about people based on how they treat their friends, and that's all well and good, but everybody has enemies, too. Whether there's somebody at work who just bugs the heck out of you or you've sworn eternal vengeance on the guy who drives one of your local buses, you probably have a nemesis of some kind. Try not to do anything too illegal to them, please.

Question 8

How do you feel about dancing?

If you asked your salsa instructor what they thought of dancing, they might spew out some corny line about dancing being the purest expression of love, sensuality, and all that jazz. If you asked your Uncle George, he'd tell you to take a hike, because he wouldn't dance if his life depended on it. Where am I going with this? Well, at least one Guardian of the Galaxy thinks dancing is a big part of life. You don't have to agree if you don't want to.

Question 9

You're due for a haircut! What do you get?

Rocket has started complaining that his fur is getting a little shaggy, so it's time for the gang to stop at a barber shop somewhere. Since the team's last gig didn't pay very well, you pick out a sketchy little place on Knowhere to get trims for everyone. The barber is an ancient-looking Xeronian, but the other patrons swear by him, so you go for it.

Question 10

What do you need to be truly content?

Everybody defines happiness differently. For some people, it consists of travelling around experiencing new peoples, places, and cultures. For others, all you need is a nice place to hang your hat and your favorite person to come home to at the end of a long day at work. But what specific thing do you absolutely need in order to be perfectly and absolutely happy? Only you can say.

Question 11

What video game are you playing right now?

After getting word from a friend of his who collects Terra items, Quill shows up back on the Milano armed with a huge box containing some of Earth's most current and popular video games. Rocket inputs their code into the Milano's computer, allowing the gang to play whichever of the games they so choose. Sure enough, you get overly engrossed in the game you chose. What are you playing?

Question 12

What unfortunate nickname do your friends use for you?

You love your friends, and they love you right back, but sooner or later they're going to have some fun at your expense (probably pretty often, too). Sometimes that manifests in the form of a nickname that you really, really wish they hadn't given you. Please, anything but Taserface! Oh, wait, he picked that voluntarily.

Question 13

What's your favorite song?

Spending a lot of time aboard the Milano means that you're pretty much constantly subjected to Quill's music, which means that sooner or later you'll discover you like some songs in particular and start singing along to them. Whether you do so under your breath to avoid all notice or at the top of your lungs is up to you, but eventually you'll be into at least one tune. Which song are you currently obsessed with?

Question 14

You're stuck in town for a few days. How do you spend your free time?

After a particularly rocky experience in an asteroid field, the Milano more closely resembles a piece of swiss cheese than a ship, so the gang decides to dock the ship and get it repaired. While the process is going on, you've got a few days to hang out and explore the planet you've docked on. What do you do while you're there?

Question 15

Which actor do you idolize?

Movie night aboard the Milano is an important affair. The most iconic entries in Terra entertainment are found and played by Quill, who demands that everyone sit in their comfiest chairs and eat enormous amounts of somewhat burnt popcorn. Thankfully, Quill's been convinced to not show the same retro movies over and over, so the gang has been introduced to some of the best movies around as well as the actors who star in them.

Question 16

How do you unwind after a long day?

After a tough day of flying across the galaxy, slaying monsters, beating up bad guys, and having impromptu dance-offs, everybody needs to put their feet up for a while. Usually, for a few hours every evening, you and the rest of the gang have the opportunity to do just that. What do you do during your relaxation time?

Question 17

What adjective best describes you?

If you were ever subjected to the painful exercise that is classroom icebreakers on the first day of school, then there's a chance you might've already had to answer this question already. No? Alright, well basically you just pick one of the options below that resonates with you the most. Yeah, sorry, it's not free range, so you can't pick "delusional", "insane", or anything like that. Stay tuned for the next version and maybe you'll get lucky.

Question 18

Someone steals one of your treasured belongings. What do you do?

You might not fancy yourself the most emotional person, but most everybody has some personal items that hold some sort of greater emotional significance. Whether you really love the family heirlooms on the mantle, wear some jewelry given to you by a loved one, or are completely and helplessly obsessed with your outdated Walkman, there's probably at least one item you care about deeply.

Question 19

You and the gang play Dungeons & Dragons. What class do you choose?

After taking a trip back to Earth, Quill is obsessed with this game he's heard about called Dungeons & Dragons, which you know for a fact is the nerdiest thing of all time. Still, you volunteer to go along with it. After doing some research, you've got your choice of character down to four options: a spell-slinging wizard, a magical entertainer called a bard, a ninja-like rogue, or a reckless and hard-hitting barbarian. Groot has kindly volunteered to act as Dungeon Master.

Question 20

Which superhero would you hang out with?

Fast forward a few years. Thanos has finally been defeated thanks to the combined efforts of pretty much every superhero in Marvel's arsenal. You, the Guardians of the Galaxy, are now totally free to do what you want. Thanks to your efforts in the Infinity War, you're now acquainted with all of your fellow heroes, one of whom is now your BFF after lots of good old bonding time. Now, at long last, you're finally free to hang out with them to your heart's content. Who's your new superfriend?

Question 21

You're browsing the Collector's garage sale. What are you looking for?

Every 250 years, Taneleer Tivan, better known as the Collector, goes through his vast trove and sets aside some items for a massive garage sale to end all garage sales, which is advertised across the galaxy. You and the other Guardians turn up on Knowhere and, after a 7-hour wait in a seemingly endless line, are allowed to meet with the Collector and browse his wares. What are you after?

Question 22

What's your outlook on life?

Whether you prefer to look at the glass as half full, half empty, or somewhere in between, the way you see the world plays a big part in determining who you are. You might be eaten alive by a giant monster and immediately think that you're absolutely screwed or, if you're decidedly less realistic of a person, you might think you're in for a really good time. Attitude is everything in life!

Question 23

You need a vacation! Where are you off to?

After a few months in a row of fighting space monsters, recovering all-powerful ancient artifacts, and destroying planet-size jerks intent on taking over the universe, you find yourself burnt out and in need of a break. The other Guardians concur, so you go your separate ways for a few weeks for some good old R&R. Looking to get away from it all, you pick out and travel to one of your favorite destinations. Where do you go?

Question 24

What TV show are you binge-watching right now?

In recent years, Terra entertainment has gotten so popular that it's spread to just about every corner of the galaxy. As a result, everyone keeps up with their favorite shows and talks about them all the time. You get so sick of hearing about one particular show that you decide to watch it yourself, because it can't possibly be as good as people say it is. You start watching, and the next thing you know it's 5:00 in the morning and everybody else is asleep. Welcome to binge-watching.

Question 25

Who's most important to you?

Everybody has friends, family, and loved ones (unless you're a total jerk, that is), but we all emphasize our relationships with some more than others. Some of us need friends' support on a daily basis to get through the day. Some people would do anything to spend more time with their significant other, who means the whole world to them. And other people steer as far from their family as possible, because they smell like sulfur and moldy cheese.

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