Which Greendale Community College Student Are You?


Despite consistently low ratings, for six seasons (still waiting on that movie), Community was one of the most popular shows on television amongst people who actually watched it. The quirky, unique blend of cartoonish humor and real world emotions made the bizarre happenings of Greendale Community College a huge hit with fans, few and far between those people may have been. People who didn’t catch the show obviously didn’t understand, but those watching knew exactly why fan devotion to the show was so strong.

More than just a hilarious group of friends in college, Community was about human relationships and personal growth, the college itself merely serving the background to incredibly strong writing and acting. That’s not to undercut the humor of the show at all, though, as Community was also one of if not the absolute funniest sitcoms of the modern era, to the extent “a laugh a minute” seems like an understatement. When one combines the characters’ emotional qualities with this humor, it should go without saying fans aspire to be like their favorite however they can.

Unfortunately, the low ratings Community received means it’s no longer on the air, and we may never again witness Jeff Winger and his friends go on a zany adventure. Unless, that is, you happen to be a Jeff Winger yourself. Or maybe you’re more of a Troy, Abed, Britta, or Annie, playing the supporting roles to Winger’s capers. If you can’t decide who you are, take this quiz, and we’ll find out for you.

Question 1

Did you perform well in school?

For as fun as it looked, none of the characters on Community necessarily wanted to go to Greendale. Let’s face it, community colleges have a reputation as being inferior to universities for a reason, and they rarely serve anyone’s first collegiate choice. That said, everyone’s reason for going there is different, as some great students wound up studying under Dean Pelton for one reason or another. Are you in Greendale because of bad grades, or something else?

Question 2

Which of the following subjects could you major in?

Truth be told, community colleges may not quite prepare students for the real world in the same way as more respected universities. They do, however, offer legitimate degrees all the same, and can serve a great jumping off point for further study in a given field. It’s almost impossible for us to list every single college major that exists here, but if you were to choose from one of the following fields to major in yourself, which would it be?

Question 3

How often are you on your cell phone?

In the modern era, practically everyone owns a cell phone, yet a divide still exists in regards to exactly what kind of cell phone you have. Does your mobile device simply make phone calls/is that all you use it for, or are you one of the people constantly playing Angry Birds throughout every waking moment? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, unless you’re also surrounded by people, in which case you might want to join in on the conversations.

Question 4

What clique did you belong to in high school?

One of the great things about college, community or otherwise, is that the nonsense of high school is finally over. In many respects, this gives people a chance to start anew and redefine themselves on their terms, free from years of childish murmuring do so without their consent. That said, some people were pretty fond of high school based on the crew they used to run with. Are you one of them?

Question 5

Are you athletic?

By and large, community colleges don’t have anywhere near the resources of larger universities in regards to their athletic department. However, because Greendale was on TV, at times it felt like they had more sports related options for students than anywhere in the real world. Hell, most colleges don’t even have a gym class, and when they do, billiards isn’t part of the curriculum. In any event, would you be taking these classes or would you stick to the classroom?

Question 6

What kind of music do you listen to?

No matter which answer you get on this quiz, as a big fan of Community, we assume almost everyone taking it has something in common: they hate the show Glee and all it’s success. It’s not even necessarily the fact Glee was terrible and ruined music on a weekly basis, but the study group were always vocal about their hatred of it, so naturally fans agreed with the notion. This doesn’t mean we hate music, though, so what kind do you like?

Question 7

Are you an honest person?

Of all the many unique stories that brought people to Greendale, Jeff Winger’s was nonetheless fairly unique. He had conned a major law firm into hiring him and quickly became their best lawyer despite never passing the bar exam or earning a law degree, a fact that inevitably becomes public and forces him to restart from the bottom. Given this background, there’s no surprise Jeff occasionally has trouble telling the truth. Are you the same way?

Question 8

Do you care about global issues?

In addition to all the studying and learning that goes on, for most students, college is a time of discovery, both about themselves and the world at large. With the world we live in, sometimes they aren’t all too happy with what they find out, leading to a penchant for protests, demonstrations, and rallies. Did you ever take a sign to a picket line, or were you shaking your head and wondering what the point of it all was?

Question 9

What’s your worst quality?

Stuck in community college and feeling like they’ve underperformed in life, the Community study group can all be pretty hard on themselves at times. Well, except Jeff, who is too self-obsessed to ever admit a fault. Of course, this is a fault in and of itself, and his friends all have a few problems of their own, some consciously and some not. Do your own quirks match theirs?

Question 10

What’s your favorite movie genre?

Thanks to the involvement of Abed Nadir, plus everyone else in the group’s ability to yes, and, many episodes of Community very quickly switched genres and turned into blatant parodies of classic film genres. Even when they were playing it straight, Abed and the others constantly referenced their favorite movies, sometimes blatantly and other times with expert subtlety. Which call outs had you laughing the hardest?

Question 11

Do you get along well with authority?

There are countless factors going in to what makes Greendale one of the strangest schools around, but the source basically boils down to the fact Dean Craig Pelton is running the show. To even call Pelton an “authority figure” seems like a bastardization of the term, and yet that’s exactly what he is, a fact the study group all deals with in different ways. How would you handle the Dean’s interference, or that of other people in charge?

Question 12

Who is the most annoying person in Greendale?

Unfortunately for the members of everyone’s favorite study group, sometimes it feels like Jeff and his friends are the only people in Greendale anyone would ever want to hang out with. Actually, there are even a few people within the group some of us might prefer to ignore. Pierce not withstanding, the real freaks of Greendale nonetheless would appear to be the outsiders. Who puts you off the most?

Question 13

How often do you go to parties?

If there’s any plus side to Dean Pelton’s exotic behavior and horrible mismanagement, it’s that the students of Greendale throw more school dances than any other educational establishment on the planet. Naturally, these parties also all have elaborate themes, some of them seem more fun than others. Not that all of Greendale’s students appreciate this, with some like Jeff preferring to party elsewhere, or maybe stay at home. Where do you fall on the spectrum?

Question 14

Are you a heavy drinker?

Speaking of parties, even those of us who don’t care for them all too much can occasionally come around on the idea with a little social lubrication. Practically every character on Community has experienced this once or twice, with almost the entire study group getting hammered on Troy’s 21st birthday, plus a few other occasions. Would you join in on the fun, or are you the designated driver?

Question 15

What’s your ideal Friday night?

No matter what kind of school one goes to, from elementary school to high school to Greendale or even Oxford, after a long week of work, students around the world let out a sigh of relief in unison each and every Friday night. The two-day break from studying known as the weekend has begun, and it’s time to relax. Of course, what relaxation means is different to just about everyone. Which of these options sounds best to you?

Question 16

Have you ever been arrested?

Given the sheer number of schemes the Greendale seven plotted, it was pretty much inevitable they’d end up being questions by police once or twice throughout the show. Lucky for them, it was usually the same inept and uncaring officer who took their stories, meaning only someone like Britta could do anything so stupid as to actually get arrested. The real world isn’t so forgiving, however, so have you ever been placed in handcuffs?

Question 17

Are you a religious person?

Forgive us if this is a controversial topic for a simple quiz about a silly comedy show, yet the fact is, religion often played a pretty big role in some of Community’s plot lines. This was largely because of Shirley Bennett, whose staunch Christian views dictated her every character move. They also put her at odds with some of the other members of her study group. Would you argue with Shirley about the Bible, or join in with her preaching?

Question 18

Which of the following sounds like your love life?

In addition to all the learning that goes on, for many students, college is a time for sex, drugs, and rock and roll, with the importance of these concepts decreasing in value as they go on. This is to say the dating life of a person in college can sometimes be as important to them as their academic performance, with relationships coming first and school second. Is your love life active enough you could have this problem?

Question 19

What role would you fill in a study group?

Ultimately, Community was a show about friendship, yet on the surface, it was simply a show about a group of people in the same community college Spanish class. Because of this, throughout the entire series, Jeff, Annie, and the group are tasked with completing dozens if not hundreds of projects together, usually of the diorama variety. Would you be helpful in this scenario, or a total waste?

Question 20

Do you like playing video games?

In one of the show’s most popular theme episodes, a bizarre stipulation in Pierce’s deceased father’s will turned Community into an 8-bit video game. Called Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne, the game was a test to see if Pierce deserved his inheritance, and it also revealed just how much or little the characters had played video games in their lives. Some were experts, while others had no idea what they were doing. Were do you fall?

Question 21

Who is the worst teacher at Greendale?

Certain points of this quiz have been coming down pretty hard on community colleges, so in fairness, our perception could have simply been warped a little too much by Greendale’s own incompetence. From the looks of it, there’s pretty much zero qualification to become a Greendale Human Being, and that goes for both students and teachers. Which of the following so-called professors are you must shocked had a degree?

Question 22

Are you good at paintball?

Any other college in the world and it wouldn’t be an issue, but in Greendale, this may well be the most important query we’ve asked thus far. The entire campus gets embroiled into outright paintball related wars no less than five times across the show’s six seasons, a rate of almost one per year. These are staggeringly high numbers for any sort of violent outburst—would you be able to handle it?

Question 23

Would you date someone you work with?

All right, so being in a study group with people isn’t exactly the same as working at an office, yet the Greendale seven sure seem to treat it that way. Apparently, the group made a promise to one another they wouldn’t date during their studies, only for that decree to get broken again and again and again. Even if fans missed the episodes where it happened, they could probably guess who was behind Britta’ing that one.

Question 24

Would you be a good teacher?

For the millions of reasons Community was a fantastic show, critics nonetheless have one general issue with the plot that can’t be ignored or explained. Most community college programs last two, or at most four years, and the series lasted six. Switch around majors twice, and that’s still too long. To slightly fix this problem, Jeff Winger made the transition to teaching in season five. Could you handle that transition?

Question 25

Is there anyone in the study group you wouldn’t get along with?

Truth be told, most fans of Community would probably be happy getting any answer from this quiz, simply content to imagine hanging out with the study group at all. Even when the group started switching up in later seasons, it looked like a fun and enjoyable crew to hang with, barring a few notable exceptions. After all, a few of the characters were intentionally there just to annoy the others. Did they ever get to you?

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