Which Final Fantasy Villain Are You?


The Final Fantasy series is renowned for many things, not least of which is its memorable villains. While other RPGs often relied on the trope of some mysterious dark force or dark lord or slumbering evil entity as its shadowy main villain, many Final Fantasy games have put the villain right in the players' faces from the early points of their games, allowing the villain to be a perpetual thorn in the players' side and making them all the more frustrating, annoying, and awesome (in a frustrating and annoying way).

Who could forget Kefka's climb up the Empire's ladder, culminating with the killing of Emperor Gestahl, or Sephiroth's discovery of his own tragic past and efforts to become a god. Several Final Fantasy games have been shared by dual villains, with one appearing to be the main threat for a time, but ultimately only being the cat's-paw of the greater threat.

Given the many wonderful villains in the Final Fantasy series, we set out to create a quiz that will determine which legendary series antagonist you would be. We're going to get inside your head and ask you to step into the role of villain, getting the lowdown on everything from how you would destroy cities, to what your favorite insults would be.

Ready to embrace your dark side? Take the quiz and find out which Final Fantasy villain lurks deep within your soul.

Question 1

How Would You Destroy a City?

If there's one thing great fantasy villains are known for, it's their love of laying waste to entire cities. The hero's hometown is often the target of this savagery, with the hero's family often being snuffed out in the carnage. The method which villains use to destroy those cities varies, though the end result is the same.

Question 2

What Would Your Special Move Be?

Every great hero or villain needs a signature special move, which dials up the pain on their foes in spectacular fashion. A villain's special move is often related to the weapon which they wield, or may instead be related to some aspect of the villain's backstory or their unique powers.

Question 3

What Would the Heroes Be Able to Steal From You?

Is there anything worse than a bunch of self-righteous heroes who proclaim you to be the "Lord of Darkness" or "Evil Incarnate", while they slink about on the battlefield, picking the pockets of you and your henchmen like common thieves? The little filchers will even equip special items that allow them to steal from you more easily.

Question 4

Where Would You Celebrate Your Victory Over the Heroes?

Even nefarious evil overlords deserve a relaxing vacation after conquering the world. After all, conquering the world is thirsty work, even if it was accomplished through villainy and deceit. Each of Final Fantasy's fictional worlds has an ideal vacation spot where that world's villain would likely head to bask in their glory.

Question 5

What Would Your Most Memorable Line Be?

Every good villain needs a memorable line, whether to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies or drive them to enraged madness with their sheer audacity. The vilest of memorable lines are often those whispered on the brink of death, which promise an eventual return one day, wiping those smug, satisfied grins off the victorious heroes' faces.

Question 6

What Color Would Your Hair Be?

Hair color has always been an important defining feature of characters in Japanese games and anime, with colors often being used to signify a character's personality. Red hair is often used to depict fiery personalities, while black hair is used for dark and mysterious people, and green for nerdy types.

Question 7

What Would You Say to Frighten the Heroes?

Villains are nothing if not frightening. They usually accomplish that feat by continually reminding the heroes of the fate that will befall them or the entire world should they fail. How effective they are at convincing the heroes of their impending doom goes a long way towards making a villain more vile and memorable.

Question 8

How Would You Dress?

Clothes don't only make the man, they can also make the villain. Character design goes a long way towards making a villain memorable, and that often comes down to their hair and clothing choices. A good outfit can make a villain even more sinister, while also revealing details of their heritage and personality.

Question 9

What Would Your Boss Music Be Named?

Final Fantasy characters and villains are often given their own unique musical themes, and in the case of the villains, epic remixed versions of those themes often accompany their battles with the heroes. Those stirring tracks make the fearsome encounters against those foes that much more enjoyable and often stand out long after the battle is over.

Question 10

What Would Your Signature Character Trait Be?

When you think of any particular villain, there's probably one immediate trait of theirs which springs to mind, aside from anything related to their physical appearance or their actions. Sometimes that trait could be a simple mannerism, such as the way they stand. In other cases it may be something related to their personality.

Question 11

Who Would Your Sidekick Be?

Even the strongest villains often have a sidekick to help them carry out their nefarious plots. Just as a company needs a CEO, so too does an evil villain need a Vice President of Villainy to delegate some of his wicked tasks to. In some cases, the sidekick actually starts out as the leader, before being usurped by the ultimate villain.

Question 12

What Would Your Weapon of Choice Be?

Physical weapons tend to not be of prominent importance for many of Final Fantasy's leading villains, who often have such immense powers at their disposal that mere physical attacks would be entirely pedestrian and B-O-R-I-N-G. Nonetheless, they usually do have some form of weapon at their disposal, or a defined method of launching physical beatdowns on the heroes.

Question 13

Which Item Could Only You Use?

Item usage is a major component of RPG battles, and that occasionally extends to the game's villains. While spells and special attacks tend to be their prime methods of attack, villains aren't averse to busting out healing or other items when the need arises. Thankfully, they don't usually have any elixirs in their inventories.

Question 14

Where Would You Have Been Born?

Even fearsome villains have humble beginnings for the most part, getting their start as squalling babies in some backwater village or town. However, it's not always the case, as several Final Fantasy villains were "created", often as some sort of weapon or tool to be used by their creator. Even then, those villains still have a place they can call their birthplace.

Question 15

Which Damsel Would You Enslave As Your Bride?

Some evil villains are driven entirely by a desire to gain immense power so they can bend others to their will or destroy them. However, even the most hardened villain often has a soft spot in their blackened heart for a fair maiden, and in fact, the capture of such a maiden may be their real heart's desire.

Question 16

Which Hero Would Be Your Archenemy?

Being a villain ain't easy. You carefully hone your diabolical plans for years and come oh-so-close to achieving your dreams only to have some snot-nosed little hero who somehow got blessed with extraordinary powers pop up out of nowhere and ruin everything. Sadly, no matter which hero you choose as your archenemy...you're going to lose.

Question 17

What Would You Do When the Heroes Had Nearly Killed You?

One of the hallmarks of villains is that they often underestimate the heroes and toy with them for too long. While the heroes have been pummeling them with all of their best spells and skills throughout the battle, the villain's arrogance only recedes enough for it to bust out its best skills when it's already nearly killed. By then, it's usually too late.

Question 18

What Would Your Preferred Vehicle Be?

Conquering the world requires quickly traveling from one area to another, often just a step ahead of the heroes each time, and that usually requires some method of transportation. Sometimes it's just a teleport spell or accessing magic warp portals, but other villains travel around the old-fashioned way: in airships or on chocobos.

Question 19

How Would You Trick the Heroes?

One thing most villains have going for them is their ability to deceive the heroes, either by masking their true intentions or even by having the heroes accomplish something for them that they couldn't otherwise do. However, in the end the villains usually run out of tricks, which proves to be their undoing.

Question 20

Which Spell Would Be Your Favorite?

Villains are known for their destructive magic powers, often using some of the same spells that the heroes have access to against them. To prevent the heroes from being able to reflect their potent spells, villains will often reflect spells of off themselves. In other cases, their most powerful spells are unable to be reflected.

Question 21

How Would You Insult the Heroes?

Nothing drives heroes crazy and makes villains more despicable than for the heroes to be insulted by them. Villains may have signature insults that they use more than once, or they may deliver a particularly memorable insult just once that becomes one of their defining moments. Which insult would you use?

Question 22

What Would Motivate Your Pursuit for Power?

There is always reasoning behind the madness of any villain, even if they don't necessarily know it themselves. Their thirst for power often revolves around a god complex that makes them believe the world needs them to either rule over it or destroy it. Other villains simply hate existence itself and desire to put an end to it.

Question 23

What Would Your Occupation Be?

Even villains usually had a J-O-B, back before they began putting their plans for world domination in motion and stopped pretending like they were normal people. For all the hassles that would come with trying to conquer the world, it has to be said that being able to quit your job would be one of the best parts of the whole deal.

Question 24

Who Would Your Voice Actor Be?

A good voice actor can be all the difference between a terrific villain or one that comes across as cheesy or unconvincing. While some of Final Fantasy's best villains did not initially have voice actors, they have since appeared in the Dissidia Final Fantasy fighting games, where they've been given voice work.

Question 25

What Would Your Most Shocking Physical Feature Be?

The villains wouldn't be fearsome enough if they looked too plain, so they're often given a defining physical trait that makes them stand apart from every other character, though the traits themselves aren't necessarily fearsome in nature. Simply being unique in some way identifies them as being worthy of notice.

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