Which Fashion Brand Are You?


Impressive marketing strategies have us where they want us. People tend to shop at places they think reflect their personalities the most. If you're looking for a hiker's backpack, coupons and pamphlets point us towards brands like North Face or REI. If you're all about spanx and shoes sharp enough to slice steel, you're probably going to find yourself in a designer shop.

In a way branding saves us a lot of time because it gets us to associate brands with personality. We can think of an item we want and immediately know where it would be available. However branding can take over your life if you start getting too aesthetically in sync with where you shop. Sometimes advertisements and celebrity campaigns get us to want things we don't need and won't use.

Luckily there is an alternative to this because you can  design your own brand too. With Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets it is increasingly easier to design your own brand. I don't mean make your own clothes. I mean wear, feel, and make consistent choices that reflect the consistency of who you are (most of the time). Overall you can be in charge of your brand by being willing and open to express yourself creatively.

Which clothing brand reflects you the most?

Question 1

What is your type of vacation?

Where we choose to vacation says a lot about our personality, just like our clothes. Would you rather have an adventure of a lifetime exploring the seven natural wonders of the world, or relaxing and pampering yourself in some hidden spa? The difference between active and passive vacationers is huge.

Question 2

What is your most prized possession?

Imagine your house was burning down, what sentimental things would you bring? Of course people think of the necessary supplies they need in the meantime, but what is that one item you could never purge? What event or nostalgic moment does it remind you of?

Question 3

Which is your favorite movie?

When you sit down to watch a movie, what genres do you look for? Some people love films by directors with a specific creative flare like Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino. Others would rather turn on National Geographic or Discovery Channel. Or are you here for those veg-night romantic comedies?

Question 4

What type of books do you like?

What sorts of sources do you go to to fulfill your imagination? What authors capture what you see that is best and worst in the world? Some people prefer biographies to study how their role models achieved greatness, while others prefer to immerse themselves in something close to their genre and comforting.

Question 5

What sort of apartment do you imagine yourself in?

Have you always dreamt of living on the top floor of a twenty storey building? Or do you prefer a nice cozy small apartment? Apartment types say a lot about a person's aesthetic, after all it's where you live! What sorts of spaces do you prefer? Would you need a backyard?

Question 6

What sort of dog best describes you?

Have you ever had a furry friend? Dogs have been man's best friend since Ancient Greece and they have very distinct personalities. The type of canine you hang out with is probably the one you see yourself being. Would you prefer being carried around in a purse? Or do you need a beach or the forrest to roam free?

Question 7

Where do you like to go grocery shopping?

Where do you go grocery shopping? Do you like to plan elaborate meals or are you an order-in type of person? Do you seek out the cheapest organic fruits and vegetables or is the local superstore the only thing you have time for? Where did you get the food that's in your fridge?

Question 8

How many hours of sleep do you need?

Some people are very regimented during the week, if they have to wake up early they will do the most to get a full eight hours. Others have different plans, they prefer to spend time at events or evenings out, after all, you can sleep when you're dead. Still, others say naps are the best type of sleep to get. Which are you?

Question 9

Who were you in high school?

High school reunions are a funny thing because they let you, as adults, revisit the relationships and weird social dynamics you had as a teen. The only thing weirder is when people seem to have not changed. Which high school stereotype best fits your experience?

Question 10

What sort of music do you listen to?

Music encompasses style. We know this is the case because most musicians are also style icons. If you listen to their music you may want to style yourself after them as well. Brands have gone out of their way to have famous musicians become their ambassadors or link to their scene.

Question 11

If you were a food what would you be?

Do you have that one item you could eat for each meal and never get sick of it? What is your favourite food to splurge on? If the expression you are what you eat is true, then diets should reflect at least a little of your character. So which food below best embodies you?

Question 12

If you were an instrument what would you be?

Did you parents ever encourage you to try an instrument when you were younger? If so, which do you play? If not, which best corresponds to your personality? Everyone knows acoustic guitarists will always sing Wonderwall around the campfire and bassists are sexy but will cause drama in the band. How do you align?

Question 13

If you could be a sweet snack, which would you be?

Maybe you have a sweet tooth, maybe you don't but most people still have a go-to when they are craving something sweet. Are you a choco-holic or do you prefer something fruity? Maybe you just avoid sugar at all costs.

Question 14

If you had to be a TV series which would you be?

In all of the TV genres out there odds are there is one which matches your goal aesthetic. Do you prefer to spend time in the great outdoors? Do you like reality TV and love stories? How about horror? Did you love watching a bunch of Manhattanites in designer wear? Pick which of the options below is the most you.

Question 15

If you had to choose a sport which would it be?

Some sports are pretty inaccessible and you have to be born into them because they require a lot of equipment and training. Others are enjoyable at whatever age and you don't necessarily need experience to partake. Oddly a lot of people begin things like rock climbing when they're older. Which sport is the most you?

Question 16

What sort of coffee do you take?

How do you like your coffee? Does it need cream or sugar to be palatable? Do you normally make this at home? People are typically very specific about how they get their caffeine. Since drinking coffee is generally a regular habit, people typically have a specific way they are used to taking it. What sort of coffee do you like?

Question 17

What sort of plant would you be?

Plants have specific needs to stay alive. There is also a stark difference between house plants and wild plants. While you can enjoy an orchid, cactus, or rose in your house, it might be difficult to enjoy a redwood the same way. Which plant best represents you? Are you a classic or tall and magnificent?

Question 18

What is the most important accessory?

The brands that you have the chance to be sorted into all have distinctive items that you will find in any store of theirs. Which accessory do you think is the most important? Is it better to be comfortable or stylish? Is it possible to be utilitarian and cool? Choose below the most important accessory.

Question 19

If someone brings you the wrong order in a restaurant how do you react?

This has happened to us all before. The food industry is a hectic place and your server might forget something once or twice. How do you handle the situation? You do want to make sure you get what you paid for, but you also want to recognize that they are human and make mistakes. Do you have a temper when you are hungry?

Question 20

What sort of pizza do you like?

When you're ordering pizza with friends you always end up bickering over the toppings. Which brand or crust type are negligible details compared. Most people have a polar stance on whether pineapple belongs on a pizza or not. Which pizza do you prefer? Do you like it loaded with meats? Or do you go for classic pepperoni?

Question 21

What sort of shoes do you like?

Do you prioritize comfort over style? Would you give anything to get those three inches of extra height? Do your shoes need to match your outfit? Or do you have one pair for just about everyday? Choosing below which shoes you wear most will help us determine the aesthetic you are comfortable in.

Question 22

How do you carry your things?

As an adult there are many odds and ends you need to carry around with you. A piece of identification, money, and your keys are just the base of your essentials. What about a book or headphones for when public transit gets delayed? Some water to stay hydrated? Which bag do you use to take around all these handy things?

Question 23

What is your writing tool?

When you're going around your daily business you need to have something on you to record information. Whether that is for an appointment, a grocery list, or someone's phone number is entirely your business. What is the writing utensil you always turn to?

Question 24

What is your go-to alcoholic beverage?

Sometimes you need something to take the edge off a work day. What is the beverage you have waiting in your fridge? The bar you always frequent? What your go-to drink is can say a lot about your lifestyle. Can you normally be found in a dive-bar? At an uptown mixer? At home watching the game?

Question 25

What's your favorite color?

Psychological studies have shown that the colors that surround you, at least in a spacial sense, can dictate your mood. What colour would you match your mood to naturally? Would it be a fresh, deep green or a sarcastic and mysterious purple? A sweet shade of pink or a bubbly yellow?

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