Which Fallout New Vegas Faction Would You Belong To?


One of the most interesting things about Fallout: New Vegas is the faction system. Each faction represents a radically different philosophy, and there is something there for every single person who plays this game. The NCR are a large group of people who want to restore the rule of law and a functioning government back to America. Mr. House is concerned with the progress of humanity, most notably in the areas of science and technological innovation. Caesar's Legion wants to turn the wasteland into a vastly different place, and is willing to do whatever it takes to do this, although they claim that in the end their lands will be free from greed and corruption. And even if you don't agree with anyone, you can still ally with the Yes Man, who basically lets you do whatever you want.

The faction you ended up picking during your playthrough might not necessarily be the one you agree with. Sometimes we pick the faction we think we like, rather than the one that meshes best with our personality. But this personality quiz will show you which faction lines up the most with your personal beliefs... And you might be surprised at the result...

Question 1

What Do You Value The Most?

When choosing a faction in Fallout: New Vegas, it's important to consider what you really value in life. This will be a big factor in which side you take. Do you value your own personal freedom, and hate having others tell you what to do? Or do you value total obedience, and being in a society where there is no room for negotiation? Maybe you value democracy and the rule of law above all other values. Or maybe you just want to see the human race make progress...

Question 2

What Type Of Government Do You Like The Most?

When you're picking a faction in Fallout: New Vegas, it's also important to figure out what kind of government you want to take over the Mojave Wasteland and the New Vegas strip once all the fighting is over. It's an interesting dilemma, because this post-nuclear scenario is one of the few situations where you might have a clean slate to start over in terms of government. Democracy is pretty entrenched in our world, but in the Fallout universe there are opportunities to try new things...

Question 3

What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?

Another major choice when it comes to playing Fallout: New Vegas is your weapon of choice. Everyone who's ever played this game has a favorite weapon - that special gun or blade that you pull out as your last resort, or to finish your opponents off in style. There are tons of choices here, and what kind of weapon you choose really says a lot about your personality. Part of the joy of Fallout is being able to kill your enemies in a myriad of different ways...

Question 4

What Would You Do If A Wasteland Town Was Refusing To Follow Your Orders?

Being in charge of a stretch of land as big as the Mojave desert is all well and good in theory, but what happens when people start rebelling against you? You need to set an example and show others that questioning you is a bad idea, but how far will you go? Will you utterly destroy them, making other people fear you? Or will you simply leave them alone and not worry about them? Alternatively, you could bully them into doing what you want them to do without actually causing them physical harm...

Question 5

What Type Of Symbol Would You Want To Put On Your Flag?

Flags say a lot about the societies they represent. Flags are often very symbolic of the philosophies of the people who created them. Certain animals, for example, represent different things. Flags are common in Fallout: New Vegas, and when you see one you know that you're in the territory of a faction. Flags can either be a welcoming sign or a warning. Given the choice, a lot of us would make some interesting choices if we could pick our own flags...

Question 6

What Is The Most Important Project To Undertake?

Let's say you managed to take control of the Mojave Wasteland and all the things in it. Now you have the power to do anything. So what projects do you undertake? Would you create something that would benefit all of the people in your society? Would you undertake a project that would win you even more power? Would you turn your gaze to the stars, and do something that would take humanity forward? Or would you do something that would serve only yourself? The answer is up to you...

Question 7

Where Would You Put Your Base?

When establishing your rule over the Mojave Wasteland, a big decision is where to put your base. This place has to be pretty defensible, as people will know that's where you live and they might try to attack you. There will be a lot of people who will probably try to seize power from you, although this depends on how much people hate you. This choice says a lot about you and how much you value a military advantage over the luxury of living in a nice place.

Question 8

How Do You Propose Dealing With The Brotherhood Of Steel?

The Brotherhood Of Steel is a major faction in Fallout: New Vegas, but they're quite small in comparison to other games. They are hopelessly outnumbered by the NCR, who are their enemies. So they pretty much confine themselves to a small bunker hidden in the Mojave. What to do about them is a major decision in the story, depending on which faction you decide to join. Each faction has their own opinion about how to deal with them. But what will you choose?

Question 9

What Would You Do About A Rampaging Group Of Raiders?

There are tons of rampaging groups of raiders in the Mojave wasteland, and they're one of the most common groups of people to fight as a player. From the strangely dressed Fiends to the drug-dealing Great Khans, there are many dangerous groups of these armed bandits. They pretty much only want to rob, kill and loot. So the decision of what to do about them is a major decision. Do you see them as potential warriors for your army? Or do you want to simply destroy them?

Question 10

What Is The Most Valuable Commodity In Your Ideal Society?

As the leader of the Mojave wasteland, you have tons of freedom to acquire whatever riches you desire (or at least try to). But what would you try to acquire? Would you concentrate on amassing huge amounts of money by increasing trade? Or would you start to enslave people and use that as your most important form of currency? Or maybe you would concentrate solely on developing and acquiring new and advanced forms of technology? The decision is up to you...

Question 11

What Are Your Preferred Military Tactics?

Conflict is inevitable in the world of Fallout New Vegas. The Mojave Wasteland is a dangerous place. As the iconic Fallout line goes: "War... War never changes..." And the Mojave Wasteland is full of dangerous things like raiders, deathclaws, and malfunctioning robots. But there are actually much greater threats in the Mojave. War is coming to the wasteland. And you have to pick sides. But when war comes, which tactics will you use? How will you win?

Question 12

What Type Of Armor Would You Choose?

It's quite easy to see which faction certain NPCs belong to in Fallout: New Vegas. All you need to do is look at their armor. This makes sense from a game developer's point of view because you need to be able to see if someone is your enemy at first glance. But the style of each faction also impacts your choice of who you join. A lot of people join whatever faction they think looks the coolest. But others choose the armor with the best protection, or the type that fits their play style.

Question 13

Which Real Leader Do You Admire The Most?

There are a lot of similarities between the various leaders of New Vegas and the leaders of the real world. Many of the leaders were clearly based on real people, and some are extremely obvious. Others are more subtle. But the game clearly gives you these recognizable figures as an attempt to make your choice easier. Some of these factions are corrupt, which draws obvious comparisons to politicians we know all too well even today. But which leader do you admire the most?

Question 14

What Part Of Pre-War Society Do You Miss The Most?

While we as players love to visit the universe of Fallout, the people living in it live a pretty grim life. All of the luxuries and things we take for granted in our world are gone. Although the world of Fallout takes place hundreds of years after the bombs fall, people are aware that the pre-war world was probably a lot better than the one they live in now. And it seems like each faction in Fallout: New Vegas wants to restore one part of pre-war society into their own vision. But what do you miss the most?

Question 15

You Want To Build A Railroad Through Small Town But They Don't Want It. How Do You Proceed?

Each faction would deal with different situations in different ways. What happens when people disagree with what you want to do? How do you convince them that your ideas are the best for them? Do you even try to convince them? Or do you just crush them completely, and let them be an example for the next group of people that decides to oppose you? Maybe there's a more imaginative solution where both parties can win... Who knows.

Question 16

How Would You Punish A Subordinate?

Having people who will respond to your beck and call is all very well and good, but what happens if they choose to disobey you, or fail to do what you ask them to? There have been notable examples of this happening in every faction throughout New Vegas, and each faction has a slightly different way of dealing with it. One faction might deal with the subordinate incredibly harshly, while another might go through the normal system of trial and punishment.

Question 17

How Would You Send A Message To Your Subjects If You Ruled New Vegas?

One of the most difficult things about running a society is spreading your message. Communication is the most important thing in any society - without it the people are isolated and disjointed. You must let the people feel like they are part of something if you want your rule to work out. So how would you send a message to your society? Word of mouth? Would you give a speech? Maybe you would rather try something a little more elaborate...

Question 18

What Do You Think The Role Of Women Should Be In Your Ideal Society

Women play a huge role in the society of Fallout New Vegas. After all, they make up roughly half of the population of the Mojave wasteland. They are seen as raiders, traders, settlers, strippers, and even members of the Brotherhood Of Steel. It's clear that women are making do in a post-nuclear world just as well as men are. But various factions have differing ideas about what role women should play in their societies. Some believe in equality, while others have very different ideas...

Question 19

You Manage To Get A Power Station Running Again. Where Do You Reroute The Power?

Power is something that we take for granted in today's world. In the post-nuclear universe of Fallout, not many people have access to reliable energy, and electricity is seen as somewhat of a luxury. But there are a few power stations scattered throughout New Vegas, and some people are lucky enough to get access to power. But the for the factions of the Mojave, power is something that is fought and squabbled over. What they do with that power is a different matter altogether...

Question 20

You Decide To Create Your Own Form Of Currency. What Does It Look Like?

Currency is another important thing in most societies. Of course, much of the financial transactions in post-nuclear America happen through trade alone, but a universal form of currency is sometimes necessary. Most of the time, the residents of the Mojave use bottle caps for this purpose, but a some of the factions have started to introduce their own forms of currency to rival that of the time-honored bottle cap. But what kind of currency would you choose?

Question 21

You Fall Ill And Are In Danger Of Losing Your Leadership Position. What Do You Do?

Sickness in the wasteland is a lot more common than one might think. And the consequences of illness are a lot more severe. Most of the time, illnesses and injuries that would be a simple fix in our world are a death sentence in the wasteland. There's just not that level of medical infrastructure anymore. Besides a few wasteland doctors scattered throughout the Mojave, you might have to entrust your medical care to the the questionable services of an autodoc. But what would you choose?

Question 22

What Would You Do To A Man Who Stole Something Valuable From You?

One of the biggest choices in the story of Fallout: New Vegas is what to do when you finally catch up with the guy who shot you in the head and left you for dead. Not only that, but he also stole something of immense value from you. What would you do to a man who had done something like this to you? The answer is very indicative of your personality, and how forgiving you are. Truth be told, there's only really one outcome to this situation. But what would you do?

Question 23

What Would You Do If You Found A Group Of Drug Dealing Raiders In The Wasteland?

Drug use is a pretty prevalent thing in the Mojave wasteland. Chems are found throughout the wasteland, and it's even possible for players to get addicted to certain drugs. These drugs give certain combat benefits, but it's up to the player to decide whether it's worth it to get addicted to them. Chems are also a big part of trading in the Mojave, with many people trading and dealing in chems. But one faction, called the Great Khans, is famous for this practice. What would you to a group like this?

Question 24

What Would You Do If You Found A Group Of Drug Dealing Raiders In The Wasteland?

Drug use is a pretty prevalent thing in the Mojave wasteland. Chems are found throughout the wasteland, and it's even possible for players to get addicted to certain drugs. These drugs give certain combat benefits, but it's up to the player to decide whether it's worth it to get addicted to them. Chems are also a big part of trading in the Mojave, with many people trading and dealing in chems. But one faction, called the Great Khans, is famous for this practice. What would you to a group like this?

Question 25

How Large Of An Area Would You Ideally Like To Control?

Each faction has pretty differing ideas about what kind of area they would like to control. One faction pretty much lives for conquest, so they would basically never be satisfied, no matter how many tribes they conquered and lands they occupied. Another faction only cares about technology and thinks they have what it takes to make the Mojave theirs. Another says they're all about peace, order, and equality and just want to protect what they already have. What about you?

Question 26

What Degree Of Surveillance Do You Think The Population Should Be Subjected To?

An interesting difference between the various factions of Fallout: New Vegas is the degree to which they watch over their population. In today's world, mass surveillance is a very heated issue. Are we comfortable with "big brother" watching our every move, both in the physical world and the virtual world? This is a question the factions of the Mojave have asked themselves, and they've come to some pretty clear decisions. But what level of surveillance do you agree with?

Question 27

What Is The Best Way To Protect A Population?

In order to have a functioning society, the population must feel like it's being adequately protected. Your leadership is meaningless if you can't protect your people. When people feel unsafe, they're more likely to rebel. So how would you go about protecting the citizens of the Mojave desert? Some factions only worry about protecting a small section of the land and population, but do so with overwhelming force. Others spread their soldiers throughout the land. What would you do?

Question 28

What Would A Subordinate Have To Do In Order To Earn A Promotion?

As a leader, you can't do it alone. You're going to need some people around you that you can trust, and for this you need to promote those who have wormed their way into your good books. But according to you, what would it take for one of your subordinates to earn a promotion? Would the decision be based solely on military ability and combat brutality? Or would the decision be based more on politics? Some wouldn't even trust humans at all... What would do you think?

Question 29

How Would You Keep An Eye On People?

We've already talked about the issue of surveillance in the Mojave wasteland. But how exactly would you go about keeping an eye on people (if you chose to do this)? There are many different ways someone might go about this, from spies to more advanced technological means of surveillance. Others might worry about it less, and rely solely on the reports of soldiers, word of mouth, and the advice of your most trusted advisers. But what method would you choose?

Question 30

What Do You Think Makes The Model Citizen?

A society can be summed up by its most average citizen. Looking at the microcosm of a society in this way can be enlightening. Various factions throughout the Mojave have very different ideas about what makes a "model citizen." Some think that obedience is the key thing here, whereas others believe service to the society or contribution to the progress of mankind in general is important. Others don't even think that citizens should have to do anything...

Question 31

Do You Consider Yourself A Peacekeeper or A Peace MAKER?

For those who don't know - there is a real difference between being a peace KEEPER and a peace MAKER. Peacekeepers go into a region with military forces but only to enforce and maintain a preexisting state of peace in an area. Peacemakers, by contrast, go into a region guns blazing, and force the people there into submission by any means possible. They are really just an occupying force. But which philosophy do you adhere to?

Question 32

Is It Acceptable To Use Your Power To Blackmail People?

Blackmail is sadly very common in politics. The political atmosphere of the Mojave is no different.There's a lot of questionable and shady deals going on behind closed doors in what is supposed to be the legitimate form of government in the wasteland. Sound familiar? It seems like governments are inevitably going to get corrupted at some point. Other organizations make it a point of honor to avoid all corruption and greed. But what choice would you make?

Question 33

What Would You Do With Your Captured Enemies?

You can tell a lot about a society by the way they treat their captured enemies. We've learned a lot about what we as humans are capable of during major wars, where prisoners are treated like animals by those claiming to be civilized. The factions of the Mojave also have very differing points of views on this subject. Most of the factions want to try to make use of their prisoners in some way, whether it's by enslaving them or putting them in prison (which is really the same thing).

Question 34

What Would You Do If Someone Approached You And Offered You A Bribe In Return For Political Favors?

Bribery, like blackmail, is a common occurrence in the political atmosphere of the Mojave, and another clear sign of corruption in the government. But does it really hurt anyone? Sure, it might legitimize the entire concept and structure of government, but there's no real victim... Right? Bribery or "pay to play" politics are as common in our world as they are in the fictional world of Fallout: New Vegas. The only question is how you feel about this practice...

Question 35

How Much Do You Value Personal Freedom?

Perhaps the most important question when it comes to which faction you choose is how much you value personal freedom. Personal freedom is a much debated topic in politics. Some would say that we should be free to do whatever we want, that there should be no rules, and that people will take care of any problems on their own without the help of a functioning government. But others say that a government is necessary to hold people accountable for their actions. What do you think?

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