Which Ex Are You? The Chill One? The Crazy One? Take The Quiz!


People handle breakups in a lot of different ways. Whether you were in a long term commitment throughout college and now you're both moving across the country from each other, or maybe you just had a summer fling with the barista who always gave you a discount, it's sure to bring a lot of different emotions and feelings to the surface that you never thought you had.

There are a lot of things to think about now that you're the "ex." Things like returning gifts, deleting phone numbers, and blocking them from your social media. Everyone handles these decisions differently!

Some people like to eat their weight in pints of ice cream while sobbing to romance movies and some people embrace their new found single status with grace and confidence. You're allowed to feel heartbroken, lonely, and bored, but you're also allowed to feel free, happy, and exited! Some people even keep friendly relationships with their exes, though many people would appreciate if they moved to the other side of the planet.

Despite all of this: love is what makes the world go around. And now that you're single you get to fall in love all over again! Not sure what kind of ex you are? Take the quiz below and find out!

Question 1

Pick an ice cream flavor to eat while you’re crying:

We get it: there was a two-for-one sale and that's why you're eating two pints of ice cream. Anything to mend a broken heart, right? We're not judging you! You have been through an emotional heartbreak and you deserve that ice cream! Spoon or no spoon - ice cream is the cure for anything.

Question 2

What would you title your screenplay based on your tragic breakup?

Was your break up so traumatizing and dramatic that it has inspired you to write a future award winning screen play? We totally get it! Use your emotions to feed your creativity. We're totally sure there's never been a relationship story like yours before!

Question 3

Pick a Nicholas Sparks movie to cry to:

Nicholas Sparks is a literary genius. So genius in fact, his award winning novels have inspired the award winning films that have helped us get through all of our break ups: the good, the bad, and the ugly. There's something dreamy about the beautiful actors who are cast, heart wrenching stories, and dramatic soundtrack music that helps us forget about our own heart ache.

Question 4

Which of your ex’s belongings do you refuse to give back?

Hoodies. DVD's. Phone chargers. There is bound to be a thing or two of your ex's belongings left at your place - especially after a long relationship! We get it - they totally told you that you could keep that DVD, but that's when you were dating! Do you really want to watch it now that you've broken up? Wait, are you wearing their favorite band t-shirt?

Question 5

Why did you two break up?

Relationships are hard, breakups are even harder. Especially when there are so many variables to consider. If there are a hundred reasons to fall in love with someone, just imagine what reason would cause the break up! Cheating scandal? Growing apart? Moving far away? Is it really worth the heartache?

Question 6

Pick a celebrity crush to help you get over your ex:

Sometimes you need something to take your mind off your recent ex. Maybe it's a good book, maybe it's a new hobby. Sometime's it's even a super hot celeb crush to day dream about in between spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough and glasses of cheap wine. Maybe you'll start watching their movies on repeat... I wonder if they'll sign our DVD!

Question 7

What song is ruined for you now that you’ve broken up?

Every couple has a song. You know, a special song that you claim is "your song" and every time you hear it play it reminds you of a special moment you shared with your beloved partner? Well news flash: now every time you hear that song you're going to be reminded about how much you miss them, or hate them, or how they broke your heart forever! Wait... too dramatic?

Question 8

Were you on a break?

Okay, this may or may not be one of the biggest relationship conflicts in the television series "Friends," but "Friends" has proven to be the ultimate goal for apartments, friendships, and most certainly relationships! And it's totally a real thing in real life. Sometimes a break is necessary for a healthy relationship! That is... if you were in a health relationship to begin with.

Question 9

Pick a new relationship status for Facebook:

In this modern time we have a lot of things to consider with relationships. Are you going to post cute selfies together on Instagram? What do you have them listed as in your phone? Also - what is your relationship status on Facebook? Sure, some people don't even bother with Facebook relationship statuses, but this can be a huge factor in making sure the world knows you're over.

Question 10

Pick a Taylor Swift song to describe your relationship:

There has never (we repeat - NEVER) been a pop star so iconic in her song writing ability than Taylor Swift when it comes to glorifying romantic relationships and heartbreaking, chart topping, revenge seeking breakups. She knows a thing or two about a juicy break up and we know every breakup playlist always has at least one T-Swift song.

Question 11

Did your mom like your ex?

It can really go either way. Mom's either have a total sixth sense about these things and can predict a lousy relationship breakup from a mile (or phone call) away, or they might just be so relieved you're finally dating someone they view the whole thing with rose tinted glasses (love is blind after all). If there is one thing a mother does have though it' an opinion and we know your mom had something to say.

Question 12

Which side did your friends take?

When you're in a serious relationship it's not uncommon for groups of friends to merge into one. After all, they're going to be there for the mutual parties, holidays, and social events. Everyone is probably friends with everyone by this point, so when there's a break up there's often some division (even if that wasn't the plan). If you're lucky some friends can even stay friends with both sides of the break up.

Question 13

How often have you looked at their social media profiles since breaking up?

It might be hard to forget all of the good times you have had with your ex - especially if your ex is constantly having fun without you all over you Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This is sure to cause some mixed feelings and total intrigue to find out how they could be possibly be enjoying life now that you're not in the picture. Is that even humanly possible?

Question 14

How did you two call it off?

We imagine there was once a time in history when most break ups were done by carrier pigeon. Just kidding (except we would totally do it now just for dramatic effect). But with technology, busy lifestyles, and lack of compassion, a lot of breakups aren't done face to face anymore. That typically only goes well for one person in the equation, but everyone handles things differently.

Question 15

Pick a quality you actually liked about your ex:

Okay, we know your ex is probably a total loser because they cheated on you in Vegas when you were supposed to be on a romantic vacation. Or maybe we don't like them because they broke up with you on your birthday last year in front of your entire family. Whatever! We know that once upon a time you two were dating because you were in love and you must have liked them for some reason.

Question 16

Do you still have your ex as a contact in your phone?

We know that by this point you've probably deleted the nickname for them like "Bae" or "XOSOULMATEXO," but have you finally had the courage to delete them from your cell phone immediately? What possible reason would you have to contact them? Unless they haven't returned your entire Taylor Swift album collections (which you totally need to get over them)... they need to GO!

Question 17

Pick a date activity to enjoy by yourself:

Sure, you may have always gone to the movies with your ex and now it's awkward. Or maybe you're worried everyone is judging you at that fancy restaurant because that's where they humiliated you by dumping you over a shared appetizer (and they even insisted on splitting the bill)! But you are strong and independent and you should be able to everything whether you're in a relationship or not!

Question 18

Do you miss your ex?

You're allowed to have feelings, you know. Sure, you may have been scorned for what feels like an eternity with such a dramatic break up, but you did love this person at some point and now they aren't in your life anymore. It's like the same feeling when you finish a whole pint of ice cream by yourself. You're sad it's gone... you probably should;t have done that all by yourself though (just kidding - live your life - eat the ice cream)!

Question 19

Pick a discount Valentine's Day candy to buy for yourself?

Your Valentine's Day may have been filled with red roses, cubic zirconia, and false promises before, but now you can bask in the glory that it 50% off Valentine's Day sugary goodness. It's the holiday all single people (new and experienced) look forward to. A box of chocolate for two? Scratch that! That's all for you, baby. And you deserve it!

Question 20

Pick a nail polish colour.

New chapter? New you! It's time to do something to really change your appearance and make your ex jealous! Or this can be for personal improvement. Whichever, not everyone has the emotional stability right now to cut their hair or experiment with uncomfortable shoes. That's why we are going to paint our nails! Even if that's not your thing, the colour can say a lot about you.

Question 21

Pick a code name to describe your ex:

If you're still in school or work in a similar environment we totally recommend acting civil and polite to your newfound ex. And if that's not totally possible... just make a code name! Something you can use to refer to your ex without totally giving them away. This makes all of your revenge plotting and social media gossip way less hurtful (and not crazy at all)!

Question 22

Pick a lipstick color to make your ex jealous:

That's right. If there's one thing you probably did a lot of while dating it was probably kissing. Well let's face it - you might not be sitting in trees K-I-S-S-I-N-G your ex anymore! But there's no reason we can't make them miss what they can't have. Pucker up! Even if lipstick isn't your thing choosing a color can say a lot about you.

Question 23

How long had you two been dating?

The length of the relationship can have a lot to do with how the break up goes. Short flings might have an easier time calling things off than those who have been dating since high school (or for all of high school, whichever). Break ups do have a lot to do with actual personalities as well, but it all melts together into one weird, dramatic turn of events.

Question 24

Fill in the blank: Roses are red, violets are blue, our relationship is over, and ______ .

Your relationship may be dead, but that doesn't mean romance is. You probably learned a lot while writing in tacky Valentine's Day cards you picked up at the drug store with your vitamins and boxes of kleenex. You also may have taken this break up opportunity to take up a new, creative hobby such as writing revenge poems. We won't judge.

Question 25

Pick something to treat yourself with:

Just because it feels like your hear has been run over by a lawnmower then fed to a lion's den at the local zoo doesn't mean you don't deserve happiness. Therapy, you also deserve therapy, but you should treat yourself! Just because your relationship didn't work out doesn't mean you can't love yourself! Self recovery starts from within.

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