Which Drag Race Queen Are You?

About eight years ago, the Logo network blessed us with the creation of RuPaul's Drag Race and the world was forever changed.

The reality competition show, hosted by famous drag performer RuPaul, aims to find America's next drag superstar. Contestants compete in challenges testing their fashion sense, comedy chops, performance skills, and their ability to read other queens to filth.

The series has now moved to the VH1 network, spanned nine regular seasons and two All-Stars seasons, with the third in production. Not only is the show ridiculously entertaining, it has also improved LGBT+ representation in the media. It has created countless superstars since its creation and some of the most memorable moments on television.

Have you ever wondered which iconic Drag Race contestant you are the most like? Have you pictured yourself competing in the series, serving fish on the runway, and lip-syncing for your life? Would you be the glitziest, most glamorous pageant queen the runway has ever seen? Are you a fashion queen? A spooky or gothic queen? Would you serve clown realness or make the judges gag on your eleganza? Take this quiz to find out!

Gentlemen, start your engines! And may the best woman win.

Question 1

What kind of queen are you?

First things first: what kind of queen would you be to compete in Drag Race? Would you be a glam pageant queen? Or maybe you would be a hilarious camp queen? Are you a beautiful, feminine fishy queen? Or are you a spooky, goth queen?

Question 2

How do you make your entrance into the workroom?

Your entrance into the workroom is the first impression you get to make on your competitors and the viewers at home. You have got to make it count. They will all immediately judge you as soon as you walk in. So how will you introduce yourself?

Question 3

Which judge is your favorite?

Other than Mama Ru, who is clearly the best, who is your favorite person on the panel of judges? The loud and busty Michelle Visage? Fashion king Santino Rice? The hilarious and lovable Ross Matthews? Or singer and dancer Todrick Hall?

Question 4

Are you a shady lady?

Do you throw shade? Drag Race dictionary defines it as "The casting of aspersions. A form of insult. Bluntly pointing out a person's flaws or faults. Derived from the term reading." So are you the shadiest lady in the competition?

Question 5

What challenge would you dominate?

Which of the recurring challenges, both mini and main, would you totally crush? Would you be the winner of snatch game? Could you read every other queen ta filth? Would you dominate the runway during the fashion challenges? Or would you be the star of the musical number?

Question 6

Which prize would you want?

Contestants have the opportunity to get some dragtastic prizes when they win the main challenge. But some are undeniably better than others. Which of these prizes are you dying to win? A fabulous cruise? A shopping spree at Sequin Queen? A photo spread? Or a lace front?

Question 7

What is the best era of Drag Race?

Drag Race has been on for nine seasons now and a lot has changed over the years. Fans tend to have their preferred seasons and eras of the series. Do prefer the first three seaons, seasons 4 through 6, or season 7 to the present?

Question 8

What color is your wig?

You have to change up your wig color sometimes or else Michelle Visage will yell at you...but every queen has their default color. Which hair color do you think suits you the most? Would you wear a blonde, red, black, or brown wig?

Question 9

Would you wear flats?

The right shoes can make or break an outfit, but let's be real here: a real queen can't be boring. Some people might think it's totally acceptable to wear flats, but those people generally aren't the types who would rock a runway. So, would you ever wear flats?

Question 10

What is your best feature?

So, yeah, makeup is a thing -- a glorious, wonderful, amazing things. Maybe you're a total artist who can turn even the worst five o' clock shadow into a gorgeous contour. But, even good artists know what to play up and what to play down. What's your best feature?

Question 11

Which drag term is your favorite?

Draq queens have their own special language. Which drag term would you be saying the most often on the show? Eleganza, as in gagging on your eleganza? Sickening, such as "let's get sickening?" Is busted your favorite word? Or YAAASSS?

Question 12

Do you get along with the other contestants?

Some queens get along with the other competitors and others...not so much. Do you try to be nice and friendly with all of the other contestants? Or, to quote the great LaShauwn Beyond, do you believe this is not RuPaul's best friend race?

Question 13

Which aspect is most important: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, or Talent?

Charisma. Uniqueness. Nerve. Talent. These are the aspects RuPaul says is needed to be America's next drag superstar. You need all of them to suceed in the competition. But if you had to choose one, which quality do you embody the most?

Question 14

Do you think it's better to be good at many things, or the best at one thing?

A jack of all trades or a master of one? Which is the superior philosophy? Do you think it is more important to be talented at many different drag skills or would you rather focus on being the very best in one field?

Question 15

Would you play dirty to win?

If you really want to increase your chances of winning, you could get dirty. Maybe play some mind games with the other contestants, manipulate others a little...would you do that and more to win the competition? Or would you rather play it clean?

Question 16

Pick a hometown

Drag Race brings queens in from all around the country, from Californoa to New York. From Texas to Puerto Rico. Which of these cities would you want to live in? Pick a hometown out of these four cities: Boston, New York City, Dallas, or Los Angeles?

Question 17

How would you describe your look?

There is a variety of different looks to choose from when you become a drag queen, each with its own unique style and scene. Pick one of these adjectives to describe your look. Are you fierce, clownish, glamorous, or spooky?

Question 18

Which iconic drag race fight is the best?

Everyone is nice at first. But, as Mama Ru would say, backstage the competitors ain't nothing but some messy ass queens. Sometimes things get really heated and queens blow up at each other in some hilariously entertaining brawls. Which of these is the best?

Question 19

What is your runway style?

What is your style when you walk down the runway to present your look to the judges at the end of the week? Do you prefer to do a fierce strut and keep the focus on your fashion? Or do you like to become a character and ham it up?

Question 20

What is an essential part of any outfit?

What do you need to complete a look? What is the one thing you cannot walk down the runway without? Does your outfit need lots and lots of glitter or feathers? Do you need to make sure you are wearing amazing shoes? Or do like to show lots of skin?

Question 21

What is your favorite RuPaul catchphrase?

Which RuPaul catchphrase is your favorite? "Good luck, and don't **** it up?" "If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?" "Rupaulogize?" (Which was technically created by a contestant but prompty stolen by Mama Ru). Or "She done already done had herses?"

Question 22

What color is your evening gown?

For this week's runway challenge, you need to wear the most glamorous evening gown in your closet and dazzle the judges. What color gown will you choose to wear? A silver or a red? A black dress or a blue dress?

Question 23

Which Rusical is the best?

The series has put on some ah-mazing Drag Race musical episodes throughout the nine seasons, aka Ru-sicals. Which musical episode has been the best so far, in your opinion? Shade: The Rusical? Glamazonian Airways? Bitch Perfect? Or Kardashian the musical?

Question 24

Other than Drag Race, which reality competition is your favorite?

Other than Drag Race, which is the best reality competition show ever created in herstory, which reality show is your favorite to watch? Singing competition American Idol? So You Think You Can Dance? America's Next Top Model? Or Project Runway?

Question 25

What challenge would you struggle with most?

No one is perfect at everything. We all have something we struggle with. Which of the competition challenges would you have the most trouble with? Snatch game? Any challenge involving sewing? A challenge that tests your stand up comedy skills? Or dancing?

Question 26

Crap, you just totally screwed up...how do you recover?

Oh man...you just totally screwed up. Maybe you forgot your lines for an acting challenge or fell down during the runway - something super embarassing and noticable. How do you recover from your slip up? Laugh it off? Charm your way out? Or distract them with a death drop?

Question 27

You have to lip sync for your life! What kind of song are you hoping for?

It was not a great week for you and you have sadly landed in the bottom two. You have one more chance to impress the judges and convince Ru to let you stay - the lip sync. What kind of song would perform the best?

Question 28

Which clique would you want to be a part of?

Which of these two Drag Race cliques would you want to be a member of? The Heathers of season 3 or Rolaskatox of season five?Or have you learned to heed Michelle Viasge's advice and steer clear of cliques in the competition?

Question 29

Which RuPaul song is your favorite?

RuPaul has been cranking out the hits for many years. Each and every one of her songs is a bop, but which of these do you think is the best? Cover Girl, Jealous of my Boogie, Sissy That Walk, or Peanut Butter?

Question 30

Who is better?

Drag Race has created many stars over the years, but two overshadow all the rest. I'm talking about pageant queen Lil' Pound Cake from season 5 and miss Ornacia from season 6. Which of these two wacky creations is better?

Question 31

Which pop star gives you life?

Many drag queens take inspiration from famous singers and actresses to design their persona's look, voice, personality, and performance style. Which of these pop divas would you say inspires you the most? Pick one: Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Britney, or Madonna?

Question 32

Choose a lipstick color

Of course, you would have different makeup colors depending on the theme of your outfit. But we all have a go-to lipstick color, our default shade we feel the most comfortable in. What color is yours'? Nude, pink, red, or purple?

Question 33

Which crazy Drag Race moment made your jaw drop the most?

There have been some in-SANE moments throughout Drag Race herstory.Which of these moments made your jaw drop the most? That time Mimi picked India up during a lip sync? Willam getting kicked out? Roxxxy's iconic wig reveal? Or Pearl's face down with Ru?

Question 34

What do you want to be most remembered for?

What do you want people to remember about you? Which aspect of your drag deserves the most recognition? Do you want to be known for having a quick wit? Or for your quirky personality? Do you want to be hailed for your beauty? Or your talent?

Question 35

Whats your first move after your time on Drag Race is up?

Alas, every queen's time on Drag Race must come to an end. But the series is really just the beginning. It has the power to launch your career to new heights. You have got to take advantage of the publicity. What's your first move after the show ends?

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