Which Disney Villain Are You?


Disney villains are consistently more interesting than their counterpart princesses. These antagonists are compelling because their writers explore the creative leeway allowed when a character does not have to be perfect. Instead, these villains can have quirks, flaws, and unconventional styles. This gives viewers a delightful array of different colours and flavours of evil. One thing they all share, however, is their love for drama. If a Disney villain does not spill their motivations or outline their evil plan in song, there is something wrong.

Another interesting thing about Disney villains is that they're not all chasing power. While some certainly have their eyes on the throne, others just need to fulfill their vanity, or to prove their masculinity to themselves. Some people think that this pursuit of goals sometimes make Disney antagonists better role models than the princesses. However,  the villains always pursue these things by force. Instead of going through structured pathways to fulfill these goals, the antagonists cheat-- that's what makes them villainous. Still, they are much sassier and definitively better than the two-dimensional protagonists.

Disney has drawn inspiration from Shakespeare, Hans Christian Andersen, and the Grimm brothers to find the potent mixture that makes a ruthless villain. Let's see which Disney villain you are!

Question 1

Are you more vain or power-hungry?

Are you driven by power? Or do you have more personal desires that motivate your evil-doings? Rulers must be either adored or feared, however these Disney villains have very different ideas of how they would rule. However, none of their tactics seem noble or wise. Either you are a leader who cares for his subjects but is promoting a different mission than his predecessor, or you are an usurper ready to take revenge on your enemies or the respective subjects you are to rule over.

Question 2

How would you describe your style?

Every villain has a distinctive style which is the exact opposite of the protagonist in the story. Disney contrasts their style to make the differences between good and evil more stark and to give the antagonist some depth. While all are malicious and conniving, they have different strategies to obtain what they most desire. Some of Disney's best villains have better style than the heros they are fighting against.

Question 3

How would you trick people into giving you what you want?

Disney villains are unsatisfied with the status quo in the kingdoms. They either want supreme power or some other more personal wish that they will pursue by force. They aim or achieve these desires by manipulating the protagonist and those around him/her. Obviously its important for villains to know what pressure points are the most vulnerable to get what they want. Which would you attack?

Question 4

Who would you choose for your sidekick?

Each Disney villain has a hilarious, somewhat incompetent sidekick who helps them fulfill their evil plan. The main villains constantly demean them and assign them to difficult, tedious tasks without appreciating their loyalty. However these characters help Disney keep the plot light and funny for children. Often they share the same downfall as their villainous masters but sometimes they betray their masters.

Question 5

What is your demeanor?

Some of Disney's villains have an uncomfortable demeanor. Maybe there are too many sexual overtones in the plot, maybe the villain is just being bratty. Nevertheless their character and actions are obviously what interests us about Disney villains because they are often more than two-dimensional antagonists. They have a purpose and a specific way of getting there.

Question 6

What are your favorite pastimes?

The villains spend their part of the story scheming away to disrupt the tranquil status quo. They also engage in other activities that solidify their embodiment of the villain for the audience. Often these actions display their flawed traits and many of the things that will contribute to their downfall. Disney shows us scenes of the villain alone, plotting and being themselves.

Question 7

What trait will be your downfall?

All Disney villains are either killed or disappear so protagonists no longer have to worry about them. Though protagonists have been battling them the entire story, it seems like their demise has more to do with their own personal flaws than any fantastic battle the protagonists could have waged against them. The Disney villains are the only characters who don't overcome their flaws and that is often at the root of their demise.

Question 8

How would you describe your hair?

Disney villains always have a creative flair and certainly different styles of wearing their hair. Some make dramatic statements like Cruella de Ville, while others are anthropomorphized animals. Regardless all the villains are stylized.

Question 9

What environment would you want to live in?

Though some of Disney's settings are made up, others are based on historical moments. Some highlight themes of colonization like in Pocahontas, or poaching like in Tarzan. Others explore aristocratic lifestyles and feudal systems in Europe. Which would be perfect for your lair?

Question 10

What is your weapon of choice?

All of the Disney villains attempt to achieve their goals through force and consequently these stories get violent. Each archnemesis has different strategies to disrupt the status quo in the kingdom. Their weapons of choice play to their strengths and relative power.

Question 11

What do you hate the most?

For each of these antagonists there are things about the ruling elite, or their enemies that they despise. This can be displays of affection or anything that is stacked against their favour. Often this serves as motivation for their plotting.

Question 12

Which are your power colours?

Each of Disney's villains come with their own strengths and powers. Often this is in the form of a type of magic they possess, other times it is just a skill for manipulation and scheming. However to dramatize these moments Disney floods them with colours associated with the villain.

Question 13

What is your preferred occupation?

Of course, while these antagonists are scheming they have a place in the respective society. They are generally ambitious and in search of another title that will make them more powerful.

Question 14

What is the most stereotypically villainous thing about you?

Often Disney saddles these characters with physical attributes or mannerisms that make the audience identify them as being on "the bad side". Sometimes that makes them even more deliciously interesting.

Question 15

What do you feel like eating right now?

Oddly enough Disney thought to include some of these villains favourite meals. This detail is often overlooked in other stories but it makes the villains more well-rounded characters.

Question 16

What are your accessories?

All of Disney's villains also have accessories that are personal to their mission and character. Sometimes they're referenced or around for comic relief.

Question 17

What is your catchphrase?

Many of these villains are after one thing only. So their catchphrase might come from their pursuit of this goal. It can also come from their frustrations along the way.

Question 18

How is the world set against you?

All Disney villains are out to set the world up in their favour; the beginning status quo is unfair in their eyes. They need to right these imbalances.

Question 19

Pick a theme song

All of Disney's villains are wonderfully dramatic and musical. They often have their own theme music where they outline their mischievous plans or flesh out their motivations.

Question 20

What is the best power?

All of the Disney villains have special powers or attributes they use to try and attain their evil goals. Sometimes these attributes can be the root of their demise.

Question 21

What terrifies you?

Unfortunately all of these villains meet their demise in one form or another. Some of their deaths are brutal, especially when they are at the hands of previous allies.

Question 22

Which one of these sidekicks do you hate the most?

While the Disney villains are plotting away they seem to get overtly frustrated with the protagonist's sidekick. The hero's sidekick is someone they can bully on the side while they plot to attack the sidekick's master.

Question 23

What is the most laughable thing you do?

Disney's villains are not threatening all the time. In fact, some of them hardly seem like villains at first. Many are *just* trying to exact revenge. Their funny qualities also make them more human.

Question 24

What is an item you cannot live without?

All of these villains rely on specific prized things to uphold their tortured characters. Without these things they would lose a little of their flare.

Question 25

What archetype would your badass character based on?

Disney's villains draw inspiration from a plethora of previous tales, fiction, and literature. While some pose very aggressive physical threats, others can manipulate the situation go fulfill their evil plans.

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