Which Disney Prince Are You?


Why is it that the Disney Princesses get all the attention? We’re here celebrating the Disney Princes - those handsome love interests that always get the girl in the end.

From the rebellious princes who have eschewed their duties to the kingdom for a little fun to those upright royals who would never dream of leaving the throne behind, there are all kinds of princes who are born to the throne in the magical world of Disney. Of course, just like the princesses themselves, ‘prince’ doesn’t always mean someone born in a palace. Plenty of the Disney princes gain their titles through marrying a princess, even if they were born a commoner. Others simply get included in our list of Disney Princes because we think that they deserve the attention, or because they’ve proven their worth as far as we are concerned, and if the Sultan can declare a commoner a prince…

Which would you be, if you were a cartoon character in a magical Disney world? Would you be born to royalty and loving every minute of it, or would you be chafing at the bit? Would you start off a commoner, and prove your way to prince-dom through good deeds and honorable words? Time to find out!

Question 1

If you had a genie, what would you wish for?

You’ve been led to the Cave of Wonders, betrayed by that creepy old man, and now you are stuck there with a magic lamp, and your very own genie! You use one wish to get out of the cave, and the third to set him free, but what is your last wish for?

Question 2

Are you a ladies man?

Being royalty, there are bound to be plenty of eligible ladies (and a few ugly step sisters) throwing themselves at your feet, but how well do you deal with the attention? Are you a smooth and sexy ladies man, or do you find yourself stammering and stuck for what to say?

Question 3

What is your pet peeve?

Everyone has pet peeves - those little things that irk us and drive us crazy, even if they don’t bother anyone else (or at least, not the person doing them!). These aren’t major character flaws, but just little things that leave you quietly fuming when someone does them near you.

Question 4

What would your weapon of choice be?

Nobody wants to fight, if they don’t have to… but if there’s no other choice, and your enemy is bearing down on you, what kind of weaponry do you bring? Do you have special training, or are you just going to grab something that makes you feel safe?

Question 5

Where do you live?

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home! Where do you come back to to rest your weary head? Is it nothing but the best palaces for you, a nice home in the suburbs with your princess, or a studio apartment in the heart of the city?

Question 6

How famous are you?

Everybody knows you when you are a prince, but even among royalty, there are degrees of celebrity. Do you love the public eye, taking selfies, and making yourself known? Or are you the kind of prince that would really rather not be famous at all, who prefers to hide from the cameras and live a quiet life?

Question 7

What kind of girl would you date?

As a handsome prince, the ladies must be lining up to date you, but what kind of girl would you love to take out? Is she sweet and shy, and the perfect kind of girl to take home to meet the parents? Or are you looking for something a little more wild and wonderful?

Question 8

Are you good with money?

Most royalty comes with a pretty sweet paycheck, but there’s also a lot of responsibility. If you fling your cash around, you are a wastrel, but you need to spend enough to keep up the royal appearances. How are you with budgets and finances? Are you on top of it, or do you hide your unpaid bills?

Question 9

Do you believe in magic?

The wonderful world of Disney is filled with magic, metaphorical and literal! How do you feel about the idea of magic in your life? Would you be utterly unsurprised if a fairy godmother popped up one day, or are you all about the cold, hard facts, with no room for anything else?

Question 10

Do you have pets?

The Disney princesses are well known for being animal lovers, whether they have a single creature sidekick (like Princess Jasmine and her tiger, Raj), or a whole slew of animal helpers (like Snow White and her forest friends), but what about you, Mr Prince? If you had pets, what kind of animal would they be?

Question 11

How musical are you?

Characters in a Disney movie could burst into song at any moment, with musical numbers happening all over the place and involving random passers-by… but how good would you be at the song and dance part of Princehood? Are you already capable of playing an instrument and singing at the top of your lungs, or would you be off-key and mumbling along?

Question 12

How physically fit are you?

There’s yet to be a Disney Prince who is really out of shape, but not all Princes have exactly the same level of physical fitness… and all that sitting down on a throne isn’t exactly helping. Are you fit and ripped, or are you relying on those perfectly tailored suits to keep you looking trim?

Question 13

How does your Disney movie end?

Finally, how does your Disney story end? Obviously, you get the girl (the prince always gets the girl), but how does it wrap up, and where do you go from there… are you married and ruling together? Have you forsaken palaces for love? Or do you pick a different path entirely?

Question 14

What kind of workout do you do?

So we’ve established how fit you are, but what kind of activity do you do to keep that physique looking good? Whether you work out daily or do the bare minimum to fit into your royal attire (and keep that spare tire at bay), or you can’t get enough of the gym, what’s your favorite way to keep fit?

Question 15

Are you looking for that special someone?

Sometimes it feels like everyone is looking for their one true love, the perfect princess to complete their duet… but what are you really looking for? Are you ready to get married and settle down, or are you more interested in having some lighthearted fun for a little while longer?

Question 16

How laid back are you?

Life can get stressful, especially when you have an entire magical kingdom to run, and villains trying to thwart you at every turn. When it comes to your general approach to life, are you wound tighter than your carefully-set alarm clock, or do you prefer to take it easy and just go with the flow?

Question 17

What do you eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - so how do you start yours? Is it something hearty but healthy? A little hair of the dog (or should that be beast)? Or are you too busy for breakfast altogether, and ready to get on with the day on just a cup of coffee?

Question 18

What is your biggest flaw?

Be honest now - what’s the biggest personality flaw that you have? Nobody is perfect, and even a truly charming prince is going to have some things that they should probably be working on. Whether you are a little too straight-laced, or your laces could do with some straightening, fess up to those faults.

Question 19

How do other people describe you?

If we were to ask your friends, your townspeople, even your royal servants, what would they have to say about you? Are you looked upon kindly by all who know you, or are they going to have some harsh words about you? Right or wrong, how would others describe you?

Question 20

If you weren't a Prince, what job would you have?

Let’s pretend for a moment that you aren’t royalty, with a career path in ruling a magical kingdom. What kind of work would you choose if you could do absolutely anything in the world? There are infinite choices, but follow your passion (not your paycheck) and reveal what you would do.

Question 21

What unique talent do you have?

Obviously, you are handsome, kind, and well-equipped to rule a kingdom… but what hidden talents do you have that might not be expected from a prince? Maybe something that you learned just for fun, or that you keep up as a hidden passion, what unique and quirky skill do you have?

Question 22

Do you get along with your parents?

Everyone’s got ‘em, but families can be difficult - and in the magical world of Disney, families are rarely even seen. What about you and your (royal) family? Are you closer than close with your folks, or are you barely on speaking terms with them these days?

Question 23

What's your worst fear?

Dig deep, for this one, and reveal… your biggest fear. Even the bravest princes are afraid of something - although they probably don’t talk about it too often. After all, being brave isn’t about looking for trouble, or never being afraid, it’s about doing the right thing even though the fear is there. (Thanks, Mufasa!)

Question 24

Are you a morning person?

Mornings - you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. Are you one of those early birds who leaps out of bed at the crack of dawn, ready to go… or are you more of a night owl, dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to mainline coffee?

Question 25

Have you ever broken the law?

C’mon, fess up! Have you ever broken the law? We’re not talking murder, or grand theft auto, of course, but one of those little laws. Have you swiped something from a store, run a red light, lied on your taxes, or maybe snuck into a bar underage?

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