Which Disney Monster Are You?


The Disney universe has created a lot of memorable characters. From their ever-increasing roster of princesses to all of the villains we love to hate, there's no shortage of great people in those films.

On top of the standard protagonists and antagonists, there are several times where Disney used the template of a monster to create their characters. Sometimes, this can lead to an adorable little side character, or a villain who is worth fearing from start to finish. Whatever it may be, they're an important part of the Disney canon.

Part of what makes them so interesting is how relatable they are. Despite their powerful appearances and different attributes, they still have personalities like the rest of us, and it makes us able to identify with them. There's a moment in every Disney film where we can't help but see the perspective of a misunderstood creature.

Naturally, while many of us identify with these characters, it isn't quite apparent as to which one we relate to the most without a little prodding. If you're an avid Disney fan, then these questions will be a breeze to you, as we figure out which kind of Disney monster you are. No need to be scared, many of them are friendly.

Question 1

Your friend tells a joke that's not funny. How do you respond?

We've all been in this situation. We all have that one friend who isn't as funny as the rest of us. They go to tell a joke and it doesn't stick. They just stand there laughing while everyone else looks on, still waiting for the punchline. Some people, in this instance, feel that it's best to laugh anyway so their friends don't feel stupid. Others feel that it's important that they know they're not funny so they can avoid doing it again.

Question 2

What type of car would you like to drive?

A car is always an extension of ourselves. Those who drive beaten down cars are probably frugal with their money. If they don't need to spend it, they probably won't (and they're content as well). Those who drive sports cars are likely comfortable with dropping the extra cash on something that will have a more luxury feel. We all have our own desires and priorities, and that will show itself in the cars we get.

Question 3

Which animal do you like the most?

Animals are other organisms that coexist in our world (no duh, right?). Since the beginning of the Earth, they've been around and evolved into their own species, classes, etc. Nowadays, we have animals that live in different climates, have different attributes, and even sport different personalities. Whichever one you like is perfectly up to you, as you have your own reasons and preferences.

Question 4

Which historical period do you like the most?

As society has advanced, so have the periods in time. Many segments of history are clumped into different eras depending on what was popular at the time. The Dark Ages was reflective of the poverty of the people. The Renaissance was focused on art and innovation. The list goes on and on. While some may not know a whole lot about these eras, they have their own distinct style that will attract some.

Question 5

Which video game console do you prefer?

For decades, companies have been making video game consoles as a method of entertainment in our free time. While the industry has been in rises and falls, it's bigger now than it has ever been. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are simultaneously competing while keeping the industry afloat, and the PC market is exploding in a way that is unprecedented. Like most things, everyone has their favorite system.

Question 6

Which superhero do you like the most?

Superheroes are the big thing in our culture. Ever since The Avengers hit cinemas, every Hollywood producer and their cousin are trying to come out with a new film that capitalizes on this trend. Because of this, more unsung superheroes are gaining notoriety in the casual audience, and everyone has chosen their own favorite. Even if you don't like superheroes, there's one you dislike less than the others.

Question 7

Which sport do you prefer?

Sports are another popular pass time in our culture. In actuality, they're a bit of a trick on most people. You see, exercising is extremely boring to most individuals, but by encouraging them to do sports that are fun and interesting, we can get many to exercise and stay healthy without even realizing it. Sports are a huge part of the American culture, and with how massively we treat events like the Super Bowl, it won't be going anywhere.

Question 8

How often do you read?

Reading is one of those arts that is slowly dying out (at least in the traditional format). Because everything is injected into technology, there's almost no room for the paper industry anymore. Bookstores aren't getting as much business as they used to, and people aren't reading as much literature as they did in the past. While that's not true for everyone in the world, the vast majority is leaning in this direction.

Question 9

Which Disney character would you like to be your partner?

This question is sort of a mix. You have to identify what you want out of your intimate relationships (intimate doesn't mean romantic) as well as understanding the type of personality that will mesh with yours the best. There is an element of knowing which Disney movies are your favorite, but that's a small aspect of the question. There are many characters who have golden hearts, but picking which one to help you out is a different ball game.

Question 10

What is your primary goal in getting a job?

Work is something that everyone has to go through in their lives. Without a proper job, one will not be able to sustain their own costs of living. Instead, they'll have to rely on other means to make it on a day to day basis (most of which involve help from the government). That said, those who are capable and willing of taking charge know exactly what they want out of their own jobs, and that includes a primary motivation.

Question 11

What type of person do you admire?

The type of people we admire says a lot about the kind of people we want to be. Odds are that if you admire a successful and honest businessman, that's the kind of person you'll want to be in the future. Whatever we like in another individual will often shape the way we live our own lives. We'll want to employ specific qualities and strategies for living as well as avoid other aspects of life.

Question 12

Which activity do you like the most?

There are so many activities to do in our free time these days. Regardless of where you live, there's always something available for you. Like sports? Look around for a local soccer or football team. Do you prefer playing video games? Set up a decent PC and enjoy your time exploring other worlds. Whatever your speed is, there is something out there for you to try- and we all have our own preferences.

Question 13

Which term best describes your personality?

When you break humans down, you quickly begin to realize that we are all different. While we have similarities, none of us have the exact set of beliefs or value systems. Instead, there are differences in how we carry ourselves that promote a level of diversity around the world. When we're younger, people are quick to tell us how we behave, but once we're older, it's much easier to tell ourselves.

Question 14

How close are you with your family?

Whether they are related to you by blood, marriage, or closeness, everyone has their own family. As we grow older, we begin to better understand our attachments to these people, and it goes to shape how we conduct ourselves in the real world. Sometimes, we are placed in a family that's not very close, whereas other times, we get to be with our relatives during every birthday and major holiday.

Question 15

Which Disney movie is your favorite?

Monsters have been a popular trend in Disney films for a very long time. Not only are they blank canvasses for storytelling, but they are extremely marketable towards kids (who are the most likely to be interested in seeing Disney films). When done well, these creatures add an extra dimension to their storytelling that would be absent if other studios were in charge. We thank them for how they've handled their productions.

Question 16

Your friends make fun of you for something you do. How do you respond?

This is another situation that we have found ourselves in many times. Everyone has their own perception of certain actions. When a friend does one of these actions, many people may respond by mocking them. From that point on, we choose what we do with that behavior. A wise man once said, "Everyone shines their own light. If people don't like it, then shine brighter." What that means is, you can retaliate however you want, but it's no one's responsibility to tell you how to behave.

Question 17

Which Disney character do you like the most?

Disney has crafted an impressive roster of characters over the years. Because of this, it's extremely difficult to single one out as the all-time favorite. Many great movies have come from that company in the decades they've been around, and they have equally excellent characters. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your individual taste and deciding what you appreciate the most in a particular character.

Question 18

How do you treat the person you like?

How we act when everything is going well is one thing, but when a person we like enters the picture, it's an entirely different story. First of all, logic exits the room and we're left with a gut feeling that draws us to them. At that point, we're almost never in complete control of how we speak to them or behave around them, so it could end in either a phone number or a restraining order. It all depends on how you compose yourself.

Question 19

How much do you like jewelry?

Whoever came up with the idea of taking a rare material, putting it on a ring or necklace, and promoting people to wear it deserves an award of some sort. He (or she) is a brilliant person. The jewelry industry has only expanded in the time it's been around, and with it comes hefty price tags, gorgeous designs, and future husbands wondering how they're going to pay for it all.

Question 20

Which color do you like the most?

The perception of color is an interesting topic to delve into. Depending on how our brains are wired, certain colors trigger a positive response which leads to us picking what our favorites are. This is essentially the case with just about any of our favorite things, but it's the most interesting with color. It's little more than the way the light reflects off of something, but it produces so many different reactions.

Question 21

Which dessert do you like the most?

When it comes to dessert, there's no wrong answer. Whether you prefer a heaping bowl of ice cream or a mere Hershey bar, you're bound to satisfy your sweet tooth and decompress after a large meal. Dessert is always a treat to have, as it's sweet taste will always help us wind down at the end of our days. When done extremely well, a dessert is worth remembering for a long time.

Question 22

What kind of student are you?

In school, there are several different categories in which teachers place their students (subconsciously, of course). In these categories, there is a general trend to which the students behave. Some like to get work done ahead of time and kiss up to the teachers, others prefer to march to the beat of their own drum and tick everyone off in the process, etc. Whatever your style is, we're confident that it works for you.

Question 23

You're sitting down for dinner. What's the food you want most?

The subject of food is an interesting one as well. While everyone has their favorite, there is also an added situational element. Not everyone wants a specific food at all times. Some days, we're craving something in particular, and it may not always be our favorite food. The trick here is that we get the food we want on specific days rather than heading straight for our all-time favorite, or we'll get sick of it quickly.

Question 24

Which Pixar movie do you prefer?

Pixar and Disney are completely different entities. While the former is owned by the latter, that doesn't mean that Disney makes their movies. While they give Pixar direction, the company is in full creative control over their projects (unless they're assigned a sequel).Usually, Pixar works tirelessly to tell masterful stories that teach deep lessons without getting too preachy. They include stellar characters, writing, and visual style.

Question 25

Which method best describes how you handle conflict?

How one handles conflict is always telling of the type of person they are. In those moments, a lot of their fundamental ways of thinking are thrown out the door. In their place is a raw emotional response. Some people can remain calm and collected while others would much prefer to get even. Whatever your method may be, it has its pros and cons that affect the relationship you're conflicted in.

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