Which Disney Hero Are You?


Disney heroes/heroines are central reasons for why we love Disney movies and television. Although they can be superheroes, they are more often, characters which we can establish a deep connection and self-identify with. Not only are Disney heroes/heroines characters which we see ourselves in, but they also can be people we aspire to be.

The level of detail put into animating heroes/heroines has changed vastly over the years. Disney movies from earlier years in the 1940s and 1950s appeared in 2D and were much blurrier by comparison. Early Disney movies were also unable to make characters have incredible life-like movements with the accuracy that is done today.

When we first saw Sully in Monsters, Inc., we were amazed at how realistic a monster could be. The animators of Monsters, Inc. spent hours and hours animating Sully's 2,320,413 individual hairs. In the sequel, Monsters University, Sully had over 5.4 million hairs. This goes to show the dedication that film creators at Walt Disney Pictures have provided.

By answering these simple questions we will match you with an iconic Disney hero/heroine. You may share more in common with these heroic characters than you realize.

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Question 1

Which Animal Best Represents You?

Disney animals are essential to many stories. Animals can be secondary characters in movies and television which accompany heroes in Disney Heroes. Certain Disney movies and television series will have animals as the main cast with only a few humans present or none at all. Disney heroes can come in many shapes and sizes. Which of these animals best represent you?

Question 2

How Do You Save The Day?

You cannot be a hero unless you save the day. If you don’t save the day then you can’t be labeled a hero and you would instead be someone with good intentions. Each hero has their own approach to conflicts. Some heroes will use brute force, strategic planning, careful timing, or an army of friends. How do you save the day in your Disney story?

Question 3

Choose Your Favorite Lunch

Many of us have a favorite lunch which we will enjoy at least once a week. You may even eat this lunch every day of the week. We can select particular lunch meals based on taste, nutrition, or because you can buy it for a bargain. Who doesn’t love the reasonably priced daily specials at the cafeteria? Which of these is your favorite lunch?

Question 4

How Smart Are You?

A high level of intellect in Disney heroes is not a requirement, but is a beneficial trait to have. Sometimes brute strength is not enough to best an opponent in Disney movies and television. Heroes are often required to think on their feet to overcome a villain. Intelligence doesn’t have to be used against a villain either, since some Disney heroes are inherently smart and it provides little advantage to their place in the story.

Question 5

Which Of These Characteristics Best Describes You?

Heroes and villains alike possess characteristics which indeed shape their character. Without these characteristics we would be unable to relate to protagonists in Disney media and they may not be worthy of our admiration. Thankfully, Disney heroes are awesome people with many likable traits. Which of these various characteristics best describes you?

Question 6

What Is Your Favorite Color?

Often characters in movies and television will be largely associated with a particular type of color. You as a hero may also have your own favorite color which you can be seen wearing often. By constantly attaching yourself to a color you are more easily identifiable and this can help create an aura.

Question 7

Do You Want A Reward For Saving The Day?

Some heroes are half-way there from becoming the white knight in shining armor. Often times heroes can save the day, but at a cost. Does this make them less of a hero? Maybe… Still they have many heroic traits and will often save the day. There should be nothing to be ashamed of for wanting a reward either. Being a hero is a full-time job.

Question 8

Choose A Weapon

Disney heroes would be defenseless without their weapons. In order to slay the dragon Maleficent or defeat the evil Emperor Zurg, Disney heroes should never separate with their signature weapons. Disney weapons are not only powerful, but highly inventive. Which of these weapons will you choose?

Question 9

Make A Wish

In Disney fables there are highlighted themes, which can deeply influence a plot. By entering the Cave of Wonders and taking enormous risks, Aladdin found the magic lamp. The Genie presented Aladdin with 3 wishes with only a few small limitations. If you came across a magic lamp, and was granted three wishes by the powerful Genie, what would you wish for? Make a wish.

Question 10

A Lion Is Quickly Approaching. What Do You Do?

Imagine you and a friend went on an African safari and were travelling in a Jeep. The weather was scorching hot and there was plenty of wildlife around including zebras, rhinos, and elephants. Suddenly your vehicle ran out of fuel. You and your friend were then stranded in the Savannah. A hungry lion was quickly approaching. What would you do?

Question 11

What Is Your Favorite Season?

Different plants will blossom and flourish during certain seasons and wither during others. The seasons of Disney films can be varying. With climates filled with snow, rain, fog, and wind the setting for Heroes can be peaceful or dangerously unstable. Do you prefer the warm and humid climates of summer or the cold and ferocious winds of fall. What is your favorite season of the year?

Question 12

What Is Your Favorite Cuisine?

This will help identify which Disney hero you are in more ways than one. If you favorite cuisine isn’t on this list then choose your second favorite cuisine or another option. Cuisines are typically separated by religion or region the food was originated from. Even though cuisines from all cultures are shared around the world today, we continue to identify them based on their place of origin.

Question 13

What Is Your Greatest Strength?

As a hero in the Disney world you would need to have at least one type of strength. Imagine if you were in a Disney movie. How would you overcome obstacles without possessing some talents. If none of these selections is one of your strengths, choose the one which is the closest. What is your greatest strength?

Question 14

What Is Your Favorite Subject?

What kind of person were you when you went to school? Were you the jock, the math genius, the science brainiac, or the history buff? Assuming you went to school, then you will likely have found at least one subject to favor. Which of these choices is your favorite school subject? It may define you as a Disney hero.

Question 15

How Heroic Are You?

Mu Shu from Mulan

If you want to be a Disney hero you should at least be somewhat heroic. Heroes in Disney media are defined as heroes for many different reasons. Heroism is not based on the size of the individual, but the size of their heart. By always doing what is right and making sacrifices to help others you can be highly heroic. How heroic would you say you are?

Question 16

Which Of These Characteristics Best Describe You?

To accurately depict you as a hero we will need to learn more about you. Disney heroes are complex individuals with different traits. These traits influence their decisions and actions in their stories. Characteristics in Disney stories can be strengths or weaknesses. Which of these characteristics best describe you?

Question 17

Are You In A Relationship?

Who can forget the various romantic tales of Disney movies. Along with every Disney relationship brings a spectacular song which is composed by legendary composers. These songs include composers such as Elton John, The Sherman Brothers, Allan Menken, and Howard Ashman. The Disney relationships are perfectly tied into the plot and are like no other. Are you in a relationship?

Question 18

Choose A Biome

Do you have a favorite biome type? Biomes are located in regions of the world and have distinguishing traits separating them from other biomes. The types of plants, animals, and weather all play a part in determining a type of biome. A biome could even be in water. Which of these is your favorite biome?

Question 19

Pick An Accessory

Which of these accessories match you the best? Accessories are add-ons which make daily lives easier. Accessories can be parts of clothing or even a gadget uses on your computer. Without accessories we may still have built in bulky keyboards which are uncomfortable to the hands. Also we would likely used built-in speakers for IPods instead of overly priced headphones which have an astonishingly short life-span.

Question 20

Pick A Fruit!

Yum, yum, yum. In this delicious question you get to choose a fruit. Fruit’s taste scrumptious and they are good for you. Sounds like it would be too good to be true. Fruits in Disney media can have a significance to the plot of the story or they can appear in backgrounds as a decoration. Pick a fruit!

Question 21

How Would You Describe Your Sense Of Humor?

laughing hyena lion king

In the Disney world of movies, each character has a unique personality with a unique sense of humor. Some Disney films are ridiculously funny and because of this, among other reasons, we remember these movies years after seeing them. How would you describe your sense of humor?

Question 22

Why Are You A Hero?

The intentions of heroes are varying. The best example of a hero is someone who does good things for other people, because it is in their nature. Ideal heroes are good spirited and have few reasons as to why they are a hero other than because it is what’s right. Some heroes’ goals coincide with that of others and for this reason they do heroic deeds. Why are you a hero?

Question 23

What Would You Do If You Found Treasure?

While venturing through a town you came across a treasure map, which would lead you to a nearby treasure. You set sail in the morning and ride countless, massive waves in order to reach your destination on a tropical island. "X" marked the spot in this case, and you uncovered a treasure containing priceless gems. What would you do with this treasure?

Question 24

How Would You Travel A Long Distance Quickly?

Imagine your long-time companion was in danger. Your pal had been going for a hike in the mountains when they came across a giant dragon. Using an enchantment they were able to call you for help. The setting is years ago when cars were not invented. If time was running short, how would you quickly travel and save your companion?

Question 25

What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

No hero is perfect. If they were then their stories would be uneventful and would finish quickly. Since each hero has a weakness, villains will use this to their advantage to exploit the weaknesses of the hero. A well-known weakness in Disney is Ariel's inability to leave the sea. Since she is a mermaid she would be unable to breathe in air. Your weakness may seem insignificant in the Disney world, but it is more important than you will ever know. What is your greatest weakness?

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