Only A Disney Movie Expert Knows Which Character Was NOT In These Movies

The popularity of Disney has made the library of animated films one of the most valuable properties in entertainment. Fans are highly anticipating the upcoming release of Disney Plus. The app will have original content, but the average Disney fanatic is most looking forward to having access to all the classic movies at any given time. The biggest fans like to express pride in their knowledge of these films.

We will put that knowledge to the test with a unique quiz designed to separate the diehard fans from the casuals. Various Disney movies will be featured, as it will be your task to correctly name the character that was NOT involved in each film. Each movie will feature three correct names and one that clearly does not belong. Find out how strong your fandom is, as only a true Disney movie expert can correctly guess which character was NOT in these movies!

Question 1

Toy Story

Question 2

The Lion King

Question 3

The Little Mermaid

Question 4


Question 5


Question 6

Beauty and the Beast

Question 7

Finding Nemo

Question 8

The Jungle Book

Question 9

Winnie the Pooh

Question 10

The Incredibles

Question 11


Question 12


Question 13


Question 14


Question 15

Lilo and Stitch

Question 16

Monsters, Inc.

Question 17


Question 18

Inside Out

Question 19


Question 20

Big Hero 6

Question 21


Question 22

The Princess and the Frog

Question 23

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Question 24


Question 25

Alice in Wonderland

Question 26


Question 27


Question 28

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Question 29


Question 30

Wreck-It Ralph

Question 31


Question 32


Question 33

Oliver & Company

Question 34

The Rescuers

Question 35

101 Dalmatians

Question 36


Question 37


Question 38


Question 39

A Christmas Carol

Question 40

The Emperor's New Groove

Question 41

A Bug's Life

Question 42

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Question 43

Lady and the Tramp

Question 44

Meet the Robinsons

Question 45


Question 46

A Goofy Movie

Question 47

Peter Pan

Question 48

The Good Dinosaur

Question 49

The Fox and the Hound

Question 50

Recess: School's Out

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