Which Celeb Owns These Luxury Vehicles?


If you're going to be a celebrity, you might as well buy some sweet toys. After all, wouldn't you do the same thing if you had the money. People like to judge stars for spending all their hard-earned cash on pointless sports cars, yachts, private jets, and even submarines. But are they really deserving of all that hate? They're just trying to enjoy life. And it's fun to look from the sidelines at all of the incredible new toys money can buy these days. Some of them are simply spectacular. What if you had that kind of money? Which of these luxury vehicles would you choose?

There are so many amazing options out there, it's hard to decide. What's even harder is recognizing which of these amazing vehicles belongs to which celebrity. You have to know the tastes of various celebrities very well to be able to guess which toy they splurged on. Or maybe you just know that celebrity very well. Either way, this quiz is sure to be a challenge, and even if you fail miserably, you'll still get to see some truly amazing luxury vehicles that will blow your mind. So sit back, relax, and prepare to see what the richest people in the world have been buying recently...

Question 1

Jaguar XK120

This old sports car is every bit as beautiful as it was when it was first built in 1948. It was also very fast when it was first built, and experienced great success in rally racing, as well as famous events like the Le Mans. Only a real car enthusiast would own one of these babies today, and it has to be someone who has amazing taste. So who owns this car? You probably want to guess someone who is slightly older than average...

Question 2

The Venus

The Venus is one of the most impressive yachts known to man. It's over 250 feet long, and cost over 100 Euros. It was designed by Philippe Starck, and was named after the Roman god of love. It comes with all the most high-tech features that you would expect from a super yacht, so expect the owner of this yacht to be someone who is incredibly rich. It's a totally unique shape, and you don't see many other yachts like this one.

Question 3

Bombardier BD-700 Global Express

Most rich people have nice cars, but only a select few can say that they own their own private jet. One of the finest jets a celebrity can own is the Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. Bombardier is a Canadian company famous for creating some truly amazing planes. It's powered by two Rolls Royce BMW Turbofan engines, and comes with all the features you would expect from a private jet. It has 18 passenger seats plus a lounge or bedroom located in the aft.

Question 4

The Pagoo

While some consider owning your own private jet to be a sign of true wealth, others think differently. For them, the true mark of wealth is if you have your own private submarine. Many celebrities own submarines, but almost none of them reveal them. They are secretive vehicles that celebrities like to keep hidden. One such submarine is the Pagoo. This baby was built by a Canadian company called International Submarine Engineering Ltd. in 2007, and cost a cool $15 million.

Question 5

Pagani Zonda 760

The Pagani Zonda 760 is considered to be one of the most powerful sports cars ever built. You may recognize it from video games like Need For Speed and other racing games. It is characterized by exposed carbon fiber elements, making it incredibly expensive. Not only that, but only a few of these cars were ever built, making it one of the rarest cars in the world in addition. The person who owns this car recently crashed it, although the car is okay...

Question 6

Cessna 680

The Cessna 680 is another private jet that most people only dream about owning. It's a great plane, and a favorite for many celebrities. Its capacity is 12 people, and it's famous for being able to take off and land at short distances, due to the shape of its wings. It can also fly from Hawaii to Los Angeles 98% of the time, which is considered pretty impressive, given the plane's weight, as it's the third heaviest Cessna in this class of plane.

Question 7

The Seven Seas

The Seven Seas is truly an impressive yacht, and it's clear that this is a vehicle owned by one of the richest celebrities in the world. This one cost 184 million dollars to build, but the person who owns it is now trying to sell it, because it's not big enough! This really shows how rich people are never really satisfied, even with all of their amazing toys they can buy without a second thought. This one shouldn't be too hard to get...

Question 8

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

Some celebrities just love attention, and the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is perfect for this. This type of car is certainly flashy, and we all know how expensive they can be as well. But that money is well spent, because this car comes with some seriously impressive horsepower. And just look at the paint job. The rims especially are incredible, and remind me of an orange cream ice cream! Think about who likes to get attention the most, and you should find this one easy...

Question 9

Gulfstream V

You might be surprised at who owns this amazing jet. Actually, it's pretty rare that individuals own this thing at all, considering it was built and designed primarily for the US military. But once celebrities got their eyes on them, they came knocking, and the US military wasn't going to turn them down. This plane was built by Gulfstream Aerospace, and there were only about 200 of them built. The cost of each plane was about 36 million dollars back in 1998.

Question 10

The Main

The main is one of the most impressive yachts in the world. It's well-known for its amazing simplicity and elegance. The man who built it revealed that it was something “which I designed entirely, from the hull to the interiors, putting in everything I consider important at sea and, at the same time, introducing a concept of the home. And so I designed not only things like the sunbathing and dining areas, but also the parts where people really live, the most private parts.”

Question 11

Bentley GT Continental

Bentleys are an amazing type of car, and a real top choice for many celebrities out there. It's one of the most luxurious cars available, and it was built to accommodate those with the highest tastes and peculiarities. But as you can see, this is no ordinary Bentley GT Continental. It has been heavily modified, and this will give you a clear idea of whose car it might be. That layer of bright pink paint, along with matching rims and detailing, should make it pretty obvious whose car this is...

Question 12

Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

This two-door convertible is the choice of many well-paid celebrities. But you have to be a serious high-roller to afford this thing. Rolls Royces are always expensive, but this particular model has the honor of being the most expensive car that Rolls Royce currently produces, priced at well over $500,000. Think very hard about who among these people could afford a car that is half a million dollars. The car is no slouch in performance either, as it is equipped with a V12 engine.

Question 13

Gulfstream IV

We've seen the Gulfstream V, but an earlier version, the Gulfstream IV, is just as popular with celebrities, and equally luxurious. It too is equipped with twin Rolls Royce engines, and is used primarily by the US Military. You've probably heard this plane referred to as simply the "G4." Now you know what those high rollers are talking about. Whoever owns this luxury vehicle has to be incredibly well paid, as it is priced around 36 million dollars. But it's not quite as advanced as the G5...

Question 14

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Only a true car fanatic would own a luxury automobile like this one. The Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren is a very unique car, and the clues as to why are clear in its name. Both McLaren and Mercedes Benz both had a hand in making this masterpiece, and it was a rare joint venture between the two companies. The result is simply stunning. The supercharged V8 engine, the advanced brakes, and the F1 inspired features make this a truly phenomenal car.

Question 15

Maserati GranCabrio

This Maserati GranCabrio could only belong to one of the world's richest and most adventurous celebrities. It's one of the most loved cars made by Maserati right now, and it's sure to turn a lot of heads as its driven down the street. It features state of the art design, safety features, powerful engine, and of course an incredible interior. The engine is a V8, 450 horsepower beast, capable of reaching incredible speeds. If you think of someone else who's famous for reaching high speeds, you're sure to get this one right...

Question 16

Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador is quickly becoming one of the all-time favorites for the biggest celebrities right now. It's not hard to see why. This thing just drips with style and incredible design. It really looks like a futuristic car... At least for the time being. It's even more stunning when it's in matte black, which is one of the most popular styles right now for paint jobs. Whoever owns this car has extremely good taste in cars, and is aware of current trends...

Question 17

The Eclipse

There are yachts, and then there is the Eclipse. This amazing yacht is in a class of its own, and only the richest people in the world would be able to afford such an incredible piece of maritime technology. In case you're wondering, it's the second-largest commercial yacht in the world. It also costs a whopping 340 Million Euros, which is about 500 million US dollars. When you see this yacht, there is only one word that comes to mind: "Rich."

Question 18

Tesla Roadster

A lot of celebrities are getting on the electric car bandwagon these days. We all know that some of them love to get passionate about the environment, and that's great. But they may want to think twice before asking some of us common folk to join them in buying fancy electric cars like the Tesla Roadster, because this car is out of most of our price ranges. This car combines green technology with stunning luxury to form an eco-warrior's dream.

Question 19

Ferrari Enzo

The Ferrari Enzo is a very special car. It was named after Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari. Although it takes its name from the innovator of the past, it is very much a futuristic car. It uses carbon fiber features, formula one technology throughout the car, and incredible braking systems and other features. There weren't too many of these cars ever made, so it was actually quite a struggle to get your hands on one. That means this car was reserved only for the high echelons of celebrities.

Question 20

Hennessey Venom GT Spider

This is another extremely unique sports car, and it's owned by a very unique celebrity. The car was designed and built by Hennessey Performance Engineering, and it's based on the British design of the Lotus Exige. However, this car outdoes its predecessor in every way imaginable. This particular model, the Hennessey Venom GT Spider, is considered one of the fastest street cars available today, and it has set numerous world records. Because of this, the car is not only the envy of many celebrities, but other car manufacturers as well.

Question 21

The Hokulani

This truly remarkable yacht is as beautiful as it is expensive. The Hokulani cost its buyer 4.5 million dollars, and it comes with every imaginable feature. It's about 46 meters in length, making it a truly massive yacht. In fact, it was a little too big if you ask residents who lived near the harbor where it was sitting. They said it was blocking their view! That's when you know you've made it big, when your yacht blocks people's views!

Question 22

The Necker Belle

This might not be a yacht, but it's every bit as spectacular, and even more unique. It's actually a catamaran, which means that whoever bought this must be a true sailing enthusiast. It's over 100 feet long, and it's a true example of stunning maritime technology. The person who bought this paid 5.3 million dollars for it. This ship might somewhat reliant on its sails, but it comes brimming with technology, and it even has a submersible attached to the bottom.

Question 23

Koenigsegg CCXR

The Koenigsegg CCXR is pretty much the holy grail of sports cars right now. As of right now, only two known celebrities even own one. While this might be because of their rarity, it's also because of their staggering price tags. Each one costs $5,000,000 to own. That's just ridiculous. But some would say the price is fair, given that this is considered the best sports car on the market right now. It features all kinds of crazy technology, such as carbon fiber,

Question 24

Maybach Exelero

This list wouldn't be complete without adding in a Maybach. Maybach has become famous for producing some of the most luxurious cars on earth. Many rappers own one these days, and that should give you a clue as to who owns this one. The company that makes these cars is actually owned by Mercedes Benz, and they charge a pretty penny for each one of these cars. This particular model, the Exelero, was just made available to the public after being constructed in 2005.

Question 25

Porsche 356

We end the quiz with a spectacular little car that still looks every bit as sleek and sexy even in its old age. The Porsche 356 is many centuries old, but it's a collector's dream. The person who bought this amazing piece of automotive history had to be someone with incredible taste. Looking at it now, it seems almost as if older cars still have an edge even on the most advanced cars coming out today, at least in the style department.

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