Take This Quiz To See What Career You Should Actually Have

What did you want to be as a kid? Did you want to be a news reporter, a lawyer, or a teacher? And now that you've gone to college and earned your degree, you sit in your high rise office overlooking the bay in New York reading court case notes or you sit grading essays and crafting lessons plans for the next day and wonder why the heck you chose your profession. Maybe? Just a little?

Think back to those outdated career cruising websites you took quizzes on back in middle school. After snickering with your friends because farmer  and bee-keeper was your top five, think back to what else appeared there. Was it to be a painter or an architect? Maybe it's time to go back to school and reinvent yourself. Life is a constant identity question and your career plays a big part in that. It shapes how you perceive yourself and not to mention it takes up a lot of your life's time.

So, sit back and get those old creative juices flowing. Ask yourself who you feel like. Are you a philosopher deep down? Are you a political activist? It's time to take this quiz to find more clarity for yourself. You owe it to you.

Question 1

When you're bored, what does your mind wander to?

How do you fill the idle silences of your constant stream of consciousness? It's like a screen saver eclipsing your mind while you try to find the next thought. I told myself long ago what I wanted to fill those dull voids with. It's been a safety net ever since because let's face it: boredom is a bit painful.

Question 2

What inspires you?

Hey, maybe nothing inspires you. That wouldn't really surprise me. There's a lot of junk out there that's just rushed through deadlines, performance reviews, and beta tests to get products out there faster than other cruddy competition. It's a rat race, my friends. Welcome to capitalism.

Question 3

What do you think should be improved?

Come on, you got ideas. Let's ditch that phone of yours, turn off the TV, close the blinds, put the dog outside, and all that jazz so we can sit and think. We got minds. Let's use them. Have you ever wondered why we don't have motion sensor soap dispensers in houses? It ain't that pricey, trust me. I used to be an engineer believe it or not.

Question 4

What do you have an aptitude for?

What would you bring your mother home with high marks on? Was it writing, history, science? Nothing? I'm with ya there if it's nothing. However, I do truly believe everyone has a knack for something, something they are naturally inclined for. Everything in the universe has its own time and place.

Question 5

It's Valentine's day! How does your true love surprise you?

They should know who you are, deep down, maybe even better than you if they are an adequate lover and friend. It's their duty to be a connoisseur of you and you of them. It's that balance that hangs a marriage perpetually in blissful peace, a friendship of equal give in take like how trees give us the back the air we breathe out.

Question 6

How do you tell a story?

Have you ever listened to a recording of yourself talking about nothing in particular. I say nothing in particular because the content is irrelevant. It's how you say it is my point. Your "you-ness" is what I'm referring to. Do you talk quickly and excitedly or do you have pauses with "ums"? I'm not saying "ums" are inherently wrong. It's expression.

Question 7

What do you like to do in your free time?

Once you're down with that long commute back home and you can finally wolf down that TV dinner, what do you do with yourself? This is what makes your spirit soar and gives you something to talk about when you're staring back at your best friend's face when out to dinner with her on a Wednesday night.

Question 8

When picking out a dog, what do you look for?

Gosh, Goldendoodles seem to be everywhere these days. I mean, not if you look outside these days because it is about as cold as that girl's heart in that one Kanye West song. It's the kind of cold that makes you run from your house to your car to your office building. So yeah all the Goldendoodles are wrapped up in blankets all warm and cozy in their homes.

Question 9

You're sitting alone at a party, what do you do to pass the time?

I mean, aside from just finding the host and feigning exhaustion and blaming it on a long work week before telling her adios (which is what I'd do, shhhh!). Do you find some cute guy and ask them what series of life decisions led them to this party? Do you try to start a conga line?

Question 10

What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

As for me? It's totally Reese's Cups. I've been on a Reese's Cups kick for like the last...ten years of my life. It began in Kroger with my mom while waiting in those long shopping lines. I still eat them the same way I did as a kid. I would eat around the circumference, leaving the middle for last.

Question 11

What your favorite part of the holidays?

Yeah, I know I'm a nostalgic kid and that the holidays have come and gone and yadda yadda yadda, but they are still fun to think about and plan for. It's like why we have vacations. Sometimes we need things to look forward to.

Question 12

What kind of things do you like to read?

It's good to be diverse in the information you read. Once in awhile try to pick up a study or a piece of teen fiction or a romance or a graphic novel. I just started reading comics this year and I gotta say it really brings me back to my childhood. It reminds of the good old day when I used to get Rugrats comics in the mail.

Question 13

Shoot, you're phone just shut off and you need help finding your way back home. What do you do?

I can just see it now. Coming soon in a theater near you, the latest horror story: being lost on a freeway without GPS to navigate you back home. Oh and your heat doesn't work so you might freeze to death, too. Not bad, eh Stephen King? I'm just kidding, of course!

Question 14

What's your favorite part in the Sunday paper?

I don't exactly get the Sunday paper. I kind of just see which online news sites will allow me to use their info before they try giving me the boot by asking me if I'd like to subscribe for a measly $12 a month. Um, no thank you! I'd rather just be uninformed then have to spend my hard earn money gathering information that should be free in my opinion.

Question 15

What's your favorite board game?

Do you have weekly family board game nights or weekly board games nights with your old college crew? If so, that's so great! Games help build teamwork and help you figure out what you're good at and what you should probably improve on.

Question 16

What's your favorite TV show?

Assuming you have a favorite TV show, that is. Hey not everyone does and that's cool. Some people prefer books, going on car rides, conversations with their spouse as their form of entertainment. Different strokes for different folks is what I always say.

Question 17

Someone tells you some juicy gossip. What do you do?

Let's hope you keep it to yourself for goodness sakes! Or if you're a blabbermouth you should either tell your friend that he or she shouldn't use you as a sounding board or you should try your best to forget what they told you. The second piece of advice is usually what works for me.

Question 18

What's your favorite sport?

Some people like watching them. Me? I like playing them. Remember back in the day when you used to get lost in a hockey match? Ah yes, those were the days of our youth. But adults can have fun like kids too. You just gotta keep looking and never giving up when you at first you can't find it. That's always the trick. Never giving up.

Question 19

You're planning a vacation. What makes the top of your priority list?

I just want time to sit and relax to be completely honest with you. Just sit back and Netflix and chill. Maybe watch a little bit of Bojack Horseman. I heard the second and third seasons were the best ones. The first one was...meh. But what about you? Where do you want to go?

Question 20

Why is your favorite movie your favorite movie?

It strikes a chord with you, I'm sure. But why? Is it the awesome soundtrack, the cast, the storyline, the set? All of the above? It takes certain minds to be able to notice all the little details that go into making a movie. So much goes into it to make it a totally immersive experience.

Question 21

How would you like your dream man to ask you out?

I mean, let's pretend that your current boyfriend or husband doesn't exist for a moment. Think back to old crushes on stars. Let's say Ryan Gosling shows up on your doorstep (or oh! oh! Andrew Garfield) with a bouquet of roses and says "Hey lady, wanna go paint the town yellow with me?" You get the idea.

Question 22

Oh no! You back into someone's car. What do you do?

This happened to me the other day. It really really sucked. I left a note in their mailbox since no one was home and I was afraid a gust of wind would tear it off their newly dented car. They still haven't gotten back to me which makes me wonder if that car was just some test put there by God...just kidding!

Question 23

How do you like to entertain small children?

Assuming you have to be around small children either because you're a mom, aunt or older sister of some sort. I usually just try to spin them around in my front yard and hope to goodness I don't accidentally let go of them. I haven't yet...don't worry!

Question 24

What do you give your best friend for her birthday?

Don't be like me and get her freshly sharpened pencils. Girls don't like that. In fact, I don't think anyone on the planet aside from me would like that as a gift. I'm so Type A sometimes it hurts. But let's talk about you! What would you get her if you really sat down and thought about it?

Question 25

Is this statement true or false: You would love to have an arts and crafts room

We all have our dream rooms. Some people would choose to convert their second bedroom into a gym, or maybe into a quiet room. Some might choose to make it a sewing room, or another popular one would be an arts and crafts room. Is that something you could see yourself wanting?

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