Which Car Is Your Soulmate?


I hate to speak in stereotypes, but stereotypically speaking, guys love two things above all else: women and cars. They’re also pretty fond of alcohol, but that generally takes a backseat when there are breasts and horsepower to be had. Women often complain about their husbands and boyfriends paying more attention to their various vehicles than they do to them, which is understandably frustrating if you’re a woman, but also just plain understandable if you’re a man.

I’m sure there are many guys out there who would love to enter into a relationship with their car if it were possible. Unfortunately, it is not permissible by law for a man to wed or impregnate an automobile (yet). But what if it was? What if you could combine your partner and car to create the ultimate fantasy of all men? What kind of car would your wife or girlfriend be? We’ll likely never know for sure, but this quiz has been carefully constructed to give all who take it a fair estimate of the result of merging the four wheels of their car with the two legs of their partner.

What kind of car is your girlfriend or wife? Read on to find out!

Question 1

What time does your partner wake up in the morning?

You can tell a lot about a person based on what time they wake up in the morning. Some people are naturally early risers and can’t help but wake up at the crack of dawn, others would rather lie in bed all day but force themselves to get up early in order to get stuff done. Then there are those who stay huddled beneath the duvets until their alarm clock goes off at noon.

Question 2

What was the last thing your partner bought?

A person’s shopping habits are often reflective of their personality. A select group of people have literally millions of dollars to spend as they see fit, while the less fortunate must search beneath the couch cushions in order to buy milk and bread in the morning. Does your wife or girlfriend spend a lot of money? What was the last thing she purchased?

Question 3

What is your partner’s dream pet?

If you’re struggling to figure out how your wife or girlfriend sees herself, take a minute to look at the animals she is most fond of. You see, people usually prefer animals that they can see pieces of themselves in, so their chosen pets serve as a window to their true personality. What is your partner’s dream pet?

Question 4

What is your partner’s favorite food?

Your anniversary has finally arrived and you and your partner have decided to celebrate another year together with a private meal in your own home, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. She’s in work all day, so it’s up to you to prepare the anniversary meal. What do you cook?

Question 5

What does your partner drink on a night out?

You and your partner are heading out for a night on the town. She looks even more amazing than usual and you're not looking too bad yourself. You breeze into a nightclub and you approach the bar, tasked with ordering for both yourself and your wife or girlfriend. What do you order for her?

Question 6

You’re going mountain climbing. What’s the last thing your partner says to you before you walk out the door?

Mountain climbing is a whole lot of fun, but it can also be pretty dangerous. Even if you book a session with veteran instructors in a simulated environment, there is no guarantee that you will be coming back unharmed if you come back at all. Let’s say you’re about to head out for another mountain climbing trip. What’s the last thing your wife or girlfriend says to you before you leave?

Question 7

Your partner can’t sleep, what does she do?

Not being able to fall asleep is one of the most frustrating things in life. Lying there, tossing and turning, is enough to make an adult lose their mind. We all have our little secrets for curing insomnia, what’s your partner’s? What does your wife or girlfriend do when sleep isn’t coming easy?

Question 8

Complete this sentence: My Partner’s Brother Is…

It is often said that when you enter into a relationship with one person, you are not just dating them, you’re dating their entire family. If you don’t like your partner’s siblings, the chances are you’re going to have a hard time making the relationship work. Complete the following sentence: My partner’s brother is…

Question 9

What is your wife’s favorite sport?

The stereotype of women hating sports is even older than the stereotype of guys being obsessed with cars. The only difference between the two is that the former is absolutely incorrect. Women are just as fascinated with sports as men, albeit the sports that they enjoy may differ from those of their testosterone-loaded counterparts. What is your partner’s favorite sport?

Question 10

You have spilled wine all over your partner’s favorite dress. How does she react?

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have at some point drank far too much and spilled the contents of our next drink. In the case of such an event, the best thing you can do is apologize and pray you didn’t spill anything on your partner’s clothes. Let’s say you haven’t been so lucky and have inadvertently covered your partner’s favorite dress in wine. How does she react?

Question 11

What is your partner’s favorite season?

You can tell a lot about somebody based on their favorite season. Some people like the snow and hot chocolate that comes along with winter, while others love nothing more than to be engulfed by the sun of the summer months. What about your wife or girlfriend? What’s her favorite season?

Question 12

What is your partner’s favorite band?

Music is wonderful for bringing two people together. Everything from a long car journey to a romantic night in can be enhanced by a good playlist. In many cases, music can make or break a relationship. Does your partner’s taste in music match yours? What is your partner’s favorite band?

Question 13

Your partner sprains her ankle during a long walk. What does she do?

Walking is a great way for couples to bond. With no inference from the internet, television, and other modern day distractions, couples are forced - if that’s the right word - to make conversation and learn new things about each other. But what happens if your wife or girlfriend sprains her ankle while out walking? What does she do?

Question 14

Your partner went to a new hair dresser and now has a terrible a haircut. What does she do?

There are few moments more humiliating than walking out of a barber’s with a haircut you know is absolutely hideous. You try to keep your head down, but you know everybody is looking at you, trying to figure out what went wrong. Your wife or girlfriend is in just such a situation. How does she combat her bad haircut?

Question 15

Choose the venue for your partner’s next birthday party

Finding the right venue for any birthday party is difficult, but finding the right venue for the birthday party of your wife or girlfriend is a whole other level of challenging. Your partner expects you to know her inside and out and is relying on you to find her favorite location when she isn’t even sure where it is herself. What is the perfect venue for your partner’s next birthday party?

Question 16

What is your partner’s best feature?

Everybody has one thing in particular that they love about their girlfriend or partner. A lot of the time, it’s a relatively simple thing. A tiny feature that most other people don’t even notice, but for the doting boyfriend it means the world. What about you? What do you think is your partner’s best feature?

Question 17

How many partners did your partner have before meeting you?

I know you probably don’t want to think about it, but your girlfriend or wife likely had at least a couple of partners before she stumbled upon you. I also know that it’s extremely impolite to ask somebody about their previous romantic endeavours, but it’s necessary to do so here in order for this quiz to be a success. So, dish the dirt. How many partners did your partner have before meeting you?

Question 18

Where did you meet your wife or girlfriend?

A person’s favorite places are generally an extension of their personality, so you can tell a lot about your wife or girlfriend based on where they choose to spend their free time. Without trying to explain what you were doing there, tell us where you met your wife or girlfriend.

Question 19

What is your partner’s dream job?

Not everybody is working a job they like, but it’s safe to say that everybody has a dream job. Your wife or girlfriend’s dream job is usually a good indication of their level of ambition and can be symbolic of a greater desire to make it out of their current situation. What is your partner’s dream job?

Question 20

What is your partner’s favorite color?

A person’s favorite color has a surprising impact on their life. It generally plays a major role in what clothes they wear, what they eat, and, of course, what cars they drive. If you have paid any attention to your wife or girlfriend in the time you’ve been with her, you almost definitely know what her favorite color is. Please, share it with the rest of the classroom.

Question 21

What is your partner’s favorite city?

I once dated a girl who was absolutely obsessed with Berlin. She was born in Canada and had never visited the city in her life when we met, but she ended up breaking up with me so she could relocate to Germany. It was sad, that’s for sure, but it taught me to always make sure my date’s favorite city was at most an hour’s drive away. What’s your partner’s favorite city?

Question 22

What is your partner’s favorite book?

The popularity of reading may be at an all time low, what with YouTube and Netflix making it easy to entertain oneself without having to think, but most of us still have at least one book that we love to relax with after a long day at work. What’s your partner’s favorite book?

Question 23

What is your partner’s favorite movie?

Okay, so maybe your wife or girlfriend isn’t all that big on reading. There’s nothing wrong with that, some people just don't like books. Of course, pretty much everybody likes a good movie, so let’s take a minute to focus on that. What movie does your partner love above all others?

Question 24

What is the most romantic gift your partner has ever given you?

For the sake of this quiz, we’re going to work off the assumption that you’re a good boyfriend who showers his girlfriend or wife with gifts and love letters regardless of the occasion. But should we assume the same about your partner? Is she as generous as you? What’s the most romantic gift your partner has ever given you?

Question 25

What is your partner’s worst trait?

Nobody is perfect. That’s a cold hard fact of life. As great as your wife or girlfriend may be, the chances are she has a number of subtle and glaringly obvious flaws that have been driving you mad. What do you think is your partner’s worst trait? I promise I won’t tell.

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