Which Breed Of Dog Are You?

Known for their loyalty and human-like emotions, these furry friends can be a companion for life. Dogs can teach responsibility and empathy to young ones and are the perfect addition to a well rounded family. However, since certain breeds come with specific dispositions, it is important to make sure you research what type of dog you are getting before you adopt them into your home. Golden retrievers are characteristically friendly and tolerant and have been extremely popular in the US after the sortie of AirBud. Other dog breeds are known for their intelligence and trainability like the German Shorthaired Pointer and Poodles.

Man's best friend offers a love of companionship and support to their owners. They will greet you with a smile and a wagging tail and often want to sleep on your bed and keep it warm at night. Doggos have even been credited to helping people work out because, again, depending on the type of breed, they need exercise as well. They can also help you enjoy the little things, like rolling down your windows in the car and feeling the breeze in your hair. Their adorability and love for you makes the maintenance for these furry friends worthwhile.

In answering some questions about your personality we will find our which dog breed you are most compatible with.

Question 1

What is your favorite sport?

What sorts of athleticism do you like to participate in? Some people really prefer working out independently while others find motivation in taking a class. Do you prefer contact sports, do you like racing against the clock or do you want to find inner peace? Some people find it suits them best to just observe.

Question 2

Do you shed a lot?

This question is about hygiene maintenance. Odds are if you have longer hair you will shed. Nothing against you, this is a normal and natural process-- just make sure you clean up after yourself if you live with people. If you don't shed at all hat's off to you that is awesome.

Question 3

What is your diet like?

How do you nourish yourself? Some people like to snack on little things all day while others prefer three regimented big meals. How and what we eat typically turn into habits because it is a thing we have to do daily. Do you have meat more than four times a week? Or do you not think about food that much until you are hungry?

Question 4

How often do you need to exercise?

Some people have their exercise schedule on point. They say they feel healthier and seem somewhat addicted to the endorphin rush. Others will go work out semi-regularly but only because they know it's a good thing to do. Still others need the beauty rest and seem to do just fine without exercising.

Question 5

If your partner or friend is ignoring you how do you react?

How would you deal with this type of situation? Both people and dogs have specific attention requisites and need to be shown love. If your partner or friend is otherwise engaged how do you handle this? Do you need to be loved and cherished most of the time? Do you need to be shown off? What is your baseline?

Question 6

Do you need to be outside?

Do you crave sunlight, fresh air, and grass? Does staying inside too long drive you crazy? Some people need the outdoors, even if it is just to clear their head on a long walk. Others are homebodies and see nothing wrong exploring the universe from inside their own house or apartment. Where do you fall between these two categories?

Question 7

What is your ideal temperature?

What weather do you most enjoy? Some people live in fairly stable places and experience mostly the same weather year round. Others live in more temperate climates where it can snow in the winter and you can feel like you're melting in the summer. What is your ideal temperature? Do you like weather swings between seasons?

Question 8

How do you feel about babies?

Some people will approach mothers or nannies with babies on the street to stop and interact with them. Others are less fascinated and realize what a miracle they are but also how loud they can be. Where do you fall on the baby spectrum? Do you find their small features just adorable? Or do you need a relationship with the little rugrat before you can fall in love with them?

Question 9

If you overhear a stranger saying negative things about you what is your move?

Some people can be extremely rude when they think there are no repercussions. One setting of this is the highway, people can be so passive aggressive when trapped in their safe little cars. However, when you overhear someone being overtly rude, what do you do? Do you give them the satisfaction of a reaction?

Question 10

What is an ideal Friday night in with friends?

How do you prefer to spend your precious Friday evenings? If you decide to stay in you're already opting for a more relaxed weekend. You know you will be waking up the next morning refreshed and alive. But just how relaxed are you? What is your favourite stay-in activity with friends?

Question 11

Where can you trace your roots to?

Some families have a very distinct lineage to certain members of the royal family in Europe or Africa. Others have a family history of farming and agriculture. Still others had wanderlust ancestors who chased gypsy wagons and the circus. What is known of your family history?

Question 12

How good were you at school?

Everybody has to go to school, whether you absolutely adore it or wish you could skip it altogether. How eager were you to strive in school? Some people seem to be natural wonders where they don't pay attention and receive high marks nonetheless. Others have to work really hard for them. Some students were just not bothered. Which were you?

Question 13

How outgoing are you?

How open are you to meeting new people? While some people go out in search of these opportunities others are less keen. Introverts might require that the people they are meeting have a specific personality or for the gathering to be in a small group. Other times it just depends whether you are in a good mood.

Question 14

How energetic are you?

What are your energy levels like? Though good habits certainly help people maximize their energy potential, the enthusiasm you project also depends on who you are as a person. How happy are you to meet other people, to do new things? What is your typical demeanor?

Question 15

What is your dream profession?

What did you want to be as a kid? Some people are wowed by all of the crime and spy movies they saw as a kid and want to spend their life dedicated to fighting bad guys. Others choose career paths based on how much they like working with people, or because they think their job involves a noble cause.

Question 16

Do you want to travel the world?

Is traveling the world one of the things you need to do while you're young? Do you have plans to visit certain continents and monuments? Or is travel unappealing to you? Some people think it can uproot your schedule and place you in too nomadic a mode. Where do you fall on this spectrum?

Question 17

How would you feel if your partner had friendly meetings with their ex?

How protective are you of the ones you love? Do you have a tendency towards jealousy? We've all heard the stereotypical scenario of a partner wanting to meet with their ex just to catch up. But how does this scenario make you feel? Are you uneasy or do you trust them wholeheartedly?

Question 18

Which drink best matches your personality?

Which drink do you go for at the end of a hard working week? Which best instantiates you? The bitter, hoppy taste of an IPA? The strong but graceful martini? The distinguished glass of red wine? Or are you the silly but endearing friend who only drinks milk?

Question 19

If you were a movie which one would you be?

The popular culture you love reflects on your own personality and interests. Do you prefer to immerse yourself in action flicks? Or will you only invest your precious time if you are learning something new about the real world? Do you like horror films? Or do you prefer warm romantic comedies?

Question 20

What do you do when it rains?

At this point, it's almost a cliché to say you love the rain. Do you actually love the rain or do you hate it? Are you the type who will rush outside as soon as clouds start to gather or do you stay inside curled up with a book? Or maybe, though you never admit it to anybody, you're scared of thunder and lightning?

Question 21

Which pair of pants is your go-to?

Do you go for utility or style when you are clothes shopping? Do your favorite brands include what is "in" right now or is it all about quality and longevity? Some people prefer to store everything in their pockets, while other pairs of pants don't have any pockets at all. Which pair is your favorite?

Question 22

How important is height in your search for a partner?

Whenever people imagine what they would look for in the perfect partner physical characteristics sneak in. And although they might not dictate who you choose to be in a relationship with they certainly play a role. How much does this factor affect your choice? How do you measure up?

Question 23

Is work more important than your social life?

Maybe you have your life planned out for the next five years to ensure you can achieve your goals. Other people sometimes leave room for life to intervene and overall will make their decisions based on their personal lives and needs. How do you balance your work life and your personal life?

Question 24

How would you take a dirty look from your roommate?

How sensitive are you? Some people can be described as emotionally aloof or tolerant while others are extremely sensitive and might experience mood swings and different mannerisms. How in touch are you with your emotional side? How do you cope with unexpected aggression? How thick-skinned are you?

Question 25

How is your general health?

Your general well-being can be influenced by many factors. Both people and dogs can be victim to genetic diseases and predispositions. Often these things are not brought on by any behaviour or volition but by sheer bad luck. How is your general health?

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