Which Batman Villain Are You?


Batman villains are some of the most perplexing and unique villains of any comic book series. Many would consider Batman to have the greatest set of villains to have to face. The overarching darkness throughout Batman comics makes the story special in its own way. Sure there are many dark comic books out there, but none provides the creativity and deep conflicts that are seen in Batman.

The villains of Batman have different backstories and personalities which shape their overall character. The first villain was the Joker who appeared in Batman #1 in the spring of 1940. We barely understood the Joker until much later in the comic book series.

Many of the atrocities we see in Batman stories are related to each villain's backstory. Two-Face is an example. He is a character who was horrifically scarred from an explosion. For this reason Two-Face is deeply divided in more ways than one.

In this quiz you can find out which of the wondrous Batman villains you are by answering a series of questions. Which of the crazed Batman villain's do you expect to be? The results may shock you.

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Question 1

Which of these best describes your personality?

The personality of villains in Batman are deeply perplexing and disturbing. Their personality causes them to forever be locked away in the mental asylum named Arkham Asylum. Deep down they are very troubled people with multiple disorders. Often it is an event in their life which triggers this kind of behavior, but it also can be part of their nature. Batman villains are truly twisted.

Question 2

What do you care about the most?

Most villains have an ultimate goal. Villains in the Batman comics can be part of crime for personal gain or for money. There are examples where a Batman villain has no purpose and simply causes chaos for no identifiable reason. As Alfred once stated, some men don't want anything, “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Question 3

Batman has you locked up in Arkham Asylum. How do you escape?

Arkham Asylum houses the most criminally insane patients in Gotham City. Gotham City is extremely corrupt and has dangerous criminals. Since regular prisons cannot contain them, a separate facility named Arkham Asylum was created. Arkham Asylum has state-of-the-art security and numerous guards. Despite their high level of security, villains escape the asylum on a regular basis. Batman has caught you and now you are trapped. How would you escape Arkham Asylum?

Question 4

Batman will soon destroy your plans. What do you do?

As part of an elaborate scheme you are in the midst of a plot to destroy Gotham City once and for all. Batman is approaching and will soon defuse your bomb. If the bomb reaches detonation at this pace then there won't be enough time for you to escape and you would be caught in the explosion. As the villain you must make a quick decision. Time is running out. What do you do?

Question 5

What is your weakness?

No villain is perfect. Without weaknesses every villain would not be easily defeated. The one aspect, common within all villains of comic books, is that they must be defeated. They are usually defeated by the superhero in the story. Superheros and villains share this commonality of having weaknesses. If the superhero is powerful enough he will not need to use the villain’s weakness in order to defeat him. Which of these weaknesses is yours?

Question 6

You have finally captured Batman. Would you use this opportunity to kill him?

Many people think that villain’s goals in Batman stories are to kill the Batman. This is partially true, but when they are finally granted the opportunity, they were faced with mental dilemmas that they were unable to hurdle. This could be because these villains are partially good inside or possibly for other reasons. Would you kill the Batman?

Question 7

How evil are you?

In Batman: The Killing Joke, the graphic novel, Joker shoots Barbara Gordon for little reason other than to antagonize Batman. Gotham City is possibly the most corrupt city in any superhero’s city of origin. This corruption extends into the police force and with such a huge imbalance between the lower class and the rich; the city of Gotham is filled with crime. The villains in Batman stories will commit the most despicable acts. How evil are you?

Question 8

Do you use a serum to boost your strength?

Is your strength dependent on a strength boosting serum? Or are you a villain who is not concerned with strength. You may even be a character who is inhumanly strong by nature. Using a compound called “Venom,” you gain immense strength at the cost of being highly dependent on it. Without “Venom” you are hardly different than an ordinary man.

Question 9

Which of these Batman movies is your favorite?

Batman films are some of the best movies ever made. With voice actors such as Mark Hamill, who is also Luke Skywalker, even animated Batman movies have no comparison. Top-notch directors like Christopher Nolan direct Batman movies because there is much potential for a great movie. This question will bring us a step closer to finding out which villain you are. Which of these is your favorite Batman movie?

Question 10

Which of these deranged acts would you commit as a villain?

The villains in Batman are capable of committing the most atrocious acts imaginable. The writers have characterized them to be criminally insane and thus, there is little predictability in the villains of Batman. They are much like uncontrolled hounds much of the time, because there is little thought placed into what they do. Which of these deranged acts would you do as a villain?

Question 11

Choose an item

As a villain there will be gadgets and items that are tied with your character. In the Batman Universe, in order to distinguish each villain, they have their own signature gadgets and items. The Joker uses a calling card, among other items, to distinguish himself from other villains and to take credit for his work. Which of these items is your favorite and would represent you the best?

Question 12

What is your favorite outfit?

Like heroes, villains have outfits which seem to rarely change. Outfits are the easiest way to identify villains. Since the actors and drawing designs for Batman villains have changed so many times throughout the years, it would be difficult to identify them if they didn’t have a similar outfit. With slight variations, villain’s costumes have remained the same. The design for Joker’s creation was argued by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson who both tried to take credit.

Question 13

Choose a weapon

Often Batman villains can fight with their fists, but they usually have select weapons which they will use often. Some are simpler like guns and others can be intricate mechanisms like a “Freeze Ray.” What would be your ideal choice for a weapon in Gotham City? Villains can often clash with each other so this weapon may save your life.

Question 14

Are you trying to resurrect your wife?

Long-time Batman fans will understand why this question is being asked. This question will help determine which Batman villain you are. Did your wife die earlier in your life and as a result, you have been trying to resurrect her through criminal funding? You may not be evil deep down, but would do whatever it takes to bring your wife back from the dead?

Question 15

Which of these characteristics best describe you?

The characteristics of each villain vary. They all act towards evil and seek to destroy Batman when he gets in their way and this is one of the few things they have in common. Each villain has their own personality, backstories, and allegiances. This question will for sure help identify which Batman villain you are. Which of these characteristics describes you the best?

Question 16

How tough are you?

Villains' toughness help determine how evil they can be. Often the toughest villains are the most evil. Evilness and toughness do not have a direct correlation however, since toughness can only bring you so far against Batman it does not mean everything in the comics. Batman’s villains often have an extraordinary level of toughness compared to regular citizens of Gotham City, but the most dangerous villains are by no means the toughest. How tough are you?

Question 17

Do you have any scars?

Many of the villains in Batman are horribly disfigured. Their disfigurements are a contributing reason to why they have become part of crime. Explosions and sharp objects are two reasons for major disfigurements of villains in the Batman Universe. If you were a villain would you be horribly disfigured?

Question 18

What is your favorite color?

Each villain has their own signature color. They don’t openly recognize the color as theirs, but time and time again we see them using the same colors. These colors are used in gadgets, lairs, and outfits. When we think of certain Batman villains, we can quickly think of the color that is associated with them. Which of these colors is your favorite?

Question 19

Describe yourself as a villain

Villains are truly complex characters whose psyche we attempt to analyze extensively. Despite all the facts we have gained, we have barely touched the surface of what plagues insane criminals in Batman comics. Deep down some villains are purely evil, whereas others do evil deeds with a good intentions in mind. They see evil acts as necessary to reach their ultimate goal. Are you truly evil or which type of evil are you?

Question 20

Which of these Batman movies is your favorite?

This is the second question contained in this quiz that asks about Batman movies. How fun is it to talk about Batman films? Since there are so many Batman movies, (animated and not), it is only natural there would be at least two questions regarding Batman movies. Not all Batman movies are loved by critics, but they are a joy to watch despite their shortcomings. Which of these Batman movies is your favorite?

Question 21

Are you a brilliant scientist who is fascinated with riddles?

Do you spend hours upon hours in a lab cooking up riddles to confuse Batman? Since a child did you have this fascination? Sure most of your riddles are ultimately solved by Batman and it leads you to being caught, but you don’t mind. There will always be another riddle to solve. In addition to riddles, are you also obsessed with puzzles and word games. Are you a brilliant scientist who is fascinated with riddles?

Question 22

What would your hair look like as a villain?


Batman villains aren’t well known for their hair. It is a small detail that many may not notice, but some of the Batman villains have some wacky hair. Sometimes there is a story attached with why their hair looks the way it does and at other times there is no reason at all. Do you have wacky, wild, or normal hair? What would your hair look like as a villain?

Question 23

What was your life like before becoming a villain?

Just because these characters are criminals now, it doesn’t mean that they were always that way. The great thing about Batman stories is that they provide rich backgrounds for each villain who appears. The more popular villains, who make the most appearances are seen in numerous flashbacks that provide a glimpse into their early lives. What was your life like before you were a villain?

Question 24

Do you have a sidekick?

Sidekicks are present in comic books everywhere. Heroes and villains are often looked up to and for this reason many desire to be their sidekick. The sidekick role is not typically offered, but instead to become a sidekick you must follow the hero or villain around. If the hero or villain finds you useful then they may adopt you as a permanent sidekick. Robin is a well known sidekick in Batman comics. Do you have a sidekick?

Question 25

Were you created in a laboratory accident?

The creations of villains are done in similar circumstances. Sometimes a loved one dies causing the villain to turn to evil. Another frequent example is when a villain is betrayed and loses faith in society. Different types of events can occur in a villain’s life which triggers their insanity. What was the beginning of your origin? Were you created in a laboratory accident?

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