Which Batman Villain Are You?


Batman has one of the most impressive rogues' galleries to date. While nothing of significance occurred early on in his career, his mere presence invited opposition from more powerful foes. What started as a crusade to save Gotham City became a war to battle for its soul.

This goes beyond just the battles between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime. Numerous other villains have joined the fray and each have a vendetta against the one who threw them into Arkham Asylum in the first place. With their powerful abilities or superior equipment, they not only try to destroy Gotham as well, but kill the Batman in the process.

That said, not all of the Caped Crusader's villains think or respond the same way. As a matter of fact, many of them have their own goals in mind, and Batman is just a person who gets in the way. Others make it their personal mission to kill the vigilante so they can see their dreams realized. After all, every villain is the hero of their own story.

They might be deranged, but you may find yourself sharing their qualities as well. Get ready to battle the Bat because we're going to discover which of his villains you are.

Question 1

What are your plans as a villain?

Every Batman villain, while they often end up in similar conflicts, has a different goal. Some might use their powers to try and see some sort of difference in the world. Whatever their objective, they operate under the assumption that they're in the right (a topic for another day). Some of them aren't downright evil, but there are others who will never stop being a thorn in Gotham's side.

Question 2

What is your weapon of choice?

Each Batman villain has chosen their preferred instrument of attack. This means that Batman constantly has to adapt his strategy and fighting style depending on who he is going up against. Sometimes, this leads to a superpowered bad guy taking him head on, while other times, he is physically matched by someone who knows how to properly fight with their fists.

Question 3

What kind of henchman would you use?

The villains of Gotham know that for their elaborate schemes to work, they'd have to be in multiple places at once. While this power is still being worked on, they often rely on henchman to do their dirty work. When working alone, Batman will always have the upper hand due to his superior fighting style, but when multiple people are going against him, that's a different story altogether.

Question 4

What is your favorite Batman movie?

It wasn't long before DC discovered that Batman is one of their most marketable superheroes ever. Because of this, the Dark Knight has permeated our culture for decades. Numerous movies have been made starring the character, to the point where many of them nowadays are now celebrations of what the character has done over the years. As such, everyone has their favorite Batman movie.

Question 5

What is your favorite Arkham game?

When Rocksteady announced that they were beginning work on a realistic Batman game, there was a lot of hype. The character designs were terrifying, the Asylum was full of cryptic halls and corridors. As such, the Arkham series quickly became one of the most popular game franchises of all time. Even when Rocksteady wasn't able to work on a game, Warner Bros still managed to churn a few titles out.

Question 6

Which Batman comic would you most likely read?

As Batman became more popular over time, DC made a silent pact that they would never stop creating comics surrounding the character (at least that's what we think). It's not hard to imagine, then, that there are some that are universally loved and others that many wish would be left behind in the dirt. Just by title alone, it's up to you to decide which one you'd like to read- choose wisely.

Question 7

Which fighter would you use in Injustice 2?

Injustice 2 is the newest fighting game from Netherrealm (at the time this writing). In it, a slew of new DC heroes and villains were brought in to beat the living crap out of each other. When looking at the roster for the first time, there's always a character that's going to stand out. For those veterans of the game, they know exactly who they want to play and how to utilize their strengths.

Question 8

What is your view on ethics?

Ethical perspective is a large aspect of our society as a whole. After all, it largely shapes how we behave and see the world. There are those who imagine the world in a black and white manner; if you're not doing good, then you're wrong. There are others who see that bad means justify good ends; sometimes you have to do crazy things to get by. Choosing a stance isn't right or wrong, it's just appropriate for who you are.

Question 9

How good of a fighter are you?

When being a villain for Batman, one has to know how they're going to fight. After all, if the Dark Knight gets around all of their schemes, then he'll march right up and give you a right cross. Still, many of the villains aren't decent fighters, instead relying on other means or crutches to battle the vigilante. If we were the ones being the villains, we'd definitely make sure we knew how to fight well beforehand.

Question 10

How would you go about beating superheroes?

The villains of Gotham have it rough. They have to think of some way to beat the heroes that are in place to stop them. Many will often rely on complicated schemes or traps to keep them busy, but there are a few who will simply match the Dark Knight in pure skill and combat. Whatever your preferred method is, it's imperative that you make sure it will work, lest you be thrown in Arkham Asylum before long.

Question 11

On a scale of normal to insane, what is your mental state like?

Insanity is a genuine mental illness, so we'll treat it respectfully here. Often times, a Batman villain is the result of some soul having gone to some degree of insanity. It causes them to view the world differently or even see Batman as their tormentor. Keeping that in mind, it makes sense that they would respond in outlandish ways, as they're only operating in a way that they understand.

Question 12

What supervillain group would you lead or be a part of?

Because there are so many heroes popping all around the DC Universe, there are likewise many villains who rise to battle them. Sometimes, the bad guys get smart and decide to work together toward a common goal. While this doesn't always mend together very well, it's still a scary proposition to see multiple supervillains on the same side fighting the same war. Separate, they can be easily defeated, but united, they are terrifying.

Question 13

Where would you like to live?

While most of Batman villains typically reside somewhere in the slums of Gotham, they each have their own unique takes on it. Some prefer to live small lives, while others have massive organizations that thrive just under the nose of the GCPD. Wherever you tend to fall is completely up to you, but choosing where to live will dictate the course of your villainy for a long time.

Question 14

Which Bat-Family member do you dislike the most?

While the Dark Knight's crusade began with just one man against a city of crime, it quickly exploded into a much more impressive organization, with numerous other characters joining the fight. There's even a Batman Incorporated, which allows for other Bat-Family members to operate in other parts of the world. Because of the sheer number of them, it's all too easy to pick a favorite as well as one that is despised the most.

Question 15

What is your favorite color?

One of the smarter decisions done by the writers at DC was giving each Batman villain their own color palette to go along with their distinct personalities. This way, people wouldn't visually confuse one with another, and when standing close together, they are visually distinguishable from one another. Likewise, we too sport different colors as a way of differentiating ourselves from the rest of the crowd as well as expressing our individuality.

Question 16

Given the opportunity, would you kill Batman?

Because Batman is the lifelong foe for many of these villains, it only makes sense that many of them would try to kill him. However, very few of them actually get the chance to do so, and when they do, they are faced with a choice. There are some villains who realize that the challenge that Batman offers is necessary for their fulfillment, while others just see him as a nuisance and want him gone.

Question 17

If Gotham were in danger from a more powerful source, would you try and stop it?

Many of the greatest Batman stories of all time involve him teaming up with other villains to take down even greater threats. Not only does this give us a better insight as to what makes these bad guys tick, but also helps us see how Batman operates as a protector of Gotham. Whether you'd help save the day or not won't make you a villain or hero, but it speaks volumes about the type of villain you would become.

Question 18

Which DC hero do you hate the most?

Unfortunately for the villains of the DC Universe, Batman isn't the only hero they have to worry about. As a matter of fact, there's an omnipotent Watchtower full of superheroes ready to spring into action whenever the need calls for it. Because of hero teams like the Teen Titans and the Justice, it almost requires that villains think outside of the box and even work together to get the job done.

Question 19

Which DC TV show is your favorite?

On top of having numerous comics, films, and video games, DC has also carefully constructed an empire of TV shows that currently dominate the market. Fans of a grittier side of superheroes would love to delve into Arrow, while others who like cop shows may enjoy Gotham a bit more. The key to creating shows like this is not having good television, but appealing to numerous different genres to bring all viewers in.

Question 20

Which method would you use to defeat Batman?

The primary obstacle of any villain in Gotham is the Batman himself. Constant villains have sweat blood and tears over trying to rid the world of this legendary hero. As such, each one of them employs different methods to accomplish this task. One bad guy may try to appeal to Batman's heroic nature by threatening innocent lives, while others may try to outsmart him with complicated traps and setups.

Question 21

Which actor is your favorite?

When a property is portrayed on the big screen, it requires a specific type of actor to make it work. In the case of Batman, not just anyone can be cast and put into an iconic role. Directors want someone who will do the character justice by providing a familiar persona while still fitting in the story that's being told in the film. Some actors have done this well, and others could use a little more work.

Question 22

Who is your favorite Batman villain of the bunch?

If we were to make a shortlist of all of the villains to ever fight Batman, we'd probably fill up this entire website. There are so many dark people in Gotham City that we're shocked that the Dark Knight could've fought them for so long. As with anything else, there are those that we favor and those that we'd rather forget about. Which is your favorite of the ones listed below?

Question 23

Would you work with Batman?

Working with Batman isn't an easy job. Just ask any of the Robins he's trained. Batman tends to be stubborn and does things his way and his way only. If anyone tries to change his methods, he won't hesitate to put them in their place. Still, this hasn't stopped some of Gotham's villains to join forces with the Caped Crusader as a means of reaching a higher goal. After all, there are some times where Batman and his villains want the same thing.

Question 24

Would you have a family?

The greatest villains in storytelling are those aren't just mustache-twirling bad guys. The best ones are human and have real connections to the world they live in. Their ideals are relatable and believable. That's where many villains have families that they are trying to protect and uphold through their actions. They will do anything they can to protect those they love, even if a man dressed like a bat gets in their way.

Question 25

If given the chance, would you destroy the world?

A big line of difference between villains is how they see the world they live in. Some operate because they want to become successful in the world. Others just want to watch it burn to the ground. In Batman's mythos, both types exist. However, one ideal over the other doesn't make the villains any more or less terrifying from one another. They all need to be stopped in the Dark Knight's eyes.

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