Which Batman Are You?


Ask almost every person on the planet who their favorite superhero is and they’re almost guaranteed to say, “Batman!” Okay, some of them might say Superman or Spider-Man or Iron Man or The Hulk – but a lot of them will definitely name The Caped Crusader as their numero uno. Whether they were introduced to the character in his earliest days or by the campy 1960s TV show starring Adam West, by the dark turn he took in the hands of Frank Miller in the 1980s or by the gritty Christopher Nolan movies on the 21st century, Batman has been followed and beloved for decades. Sometimes he may do morally questionable things, but who doesn’t? It’s all in pursuit of the greater good, and we respect him for that. A lot of passing fans know Batman only in his original incarnation as Bruce Wayne. But a number of different characters within the DC Comics universe have donned the Batman cowl and taken to the streets of Gotham City for some rough justice over the years. Some have been more brutal than others, some more forgiving than others, and some more successful in their attempts to fight crime than others. Which one are you? Answer these 25 questions to find out!

Question 1

Are you the boss?

You know what I mean. Bruce Springsteen is the boss. Alan Sugar is the boss. And the original, first ever Batman is the boss. He set the benchmark for all who came after him. Every subsequent Batman owes a huge debt of gratitude to the original – the boss. Are you the boss?

Question 2

Do you value life?

Someone who values life would not blindly kill people. If it’s at all possible, Batman generally shouldn’t kill people. Not necessarily to the lengths that Superman and Spider-Man go not to kill, but Batman generally won’t kill. Except one of them will. Do you value life all that much?

Question 3

Do you think things through?

If you do think things through and consider all the possible avenues when you’re making a decision, then you’ll never kill someone without finding out where their hostage is first, thus allowing the hostage to die, too. So, do you think things through?

Question 4

What are your thoughts on torture?

Torture is an extreme interrogation technique that’s been used on and off by the US government for a long time. George W. Bush was a fan, but Barack Obama got it illegalized. However, Donald Trump thinks it works and he wants to “fight fire with fire.” What are your thoughts on it?

Question 5

Have you ever gotten a big promotion at work?

If you’re a hard worker and you’re loyal, eventually your boss will take notice and you’ll be in line for a big promotion. It’s how workplaces work – even the Batcave. You can work your way up the ranks to take the cape. So, have you ever been given a big promotion at work for your loyalty?

Question 6

How much of a badass are you?

Obviously if you’re going to don the Batman cowl in any way, shape, or form, you’re going to need to be a badass in some capacity. Batman as a character is the peak of badassery, but are you more of a badass than even the Batsuit requires? Are you tough, unflinching, and cool?

Question 7

Are you a sidekick?

In classic duos, there’s always a leader and a sidekick. One is always more commanding than the other, reducing his or her partner to the role of the sidekick. Every Batman has his Robin. Every Jerry has his George. Every Rick has his Morty. Are you the less commanding one in your real or hypothetical duo?

Question 8

Do you respect your elders?

So yeah, this is kind of a loaded question. It probably depends on who your elders are in the first place. But, are you the kind of person who defers to society standards and treats anybody with more experience than you with respect or do you think that respect should be earned?

Question 9

Do you have identity struggles?

A lot of people struggle with their identities, and these days, people are being more open about it, which is a step in the right direction. These could be struggles with one’s gender or sexual identity – or they could be jumping between the monikers of Robin, Nightwing, and Batman. Do you struggle with your identity?

Question 10

What kind of hero do you see yourself as?

There are all kinds of heroes in this world, especially in the comic book world of superheroes, supervillains, and everything in between. The Batman universe in particular is populated with morally ambiguous heroes, villains, and other members of the Batman family. But which kind of hero do you see yourself as?

Question 11

Which US President do you remember best?

Not everyone remembers who was the President of the United States when they were born. But they’ll sure remember one from when they grew up. Depending on when you were born, you’ll remember one President and their career and their administration more than all the others. Which of these do you remember best?

Question 12

Which alias would you prefer?

Obviously your preferred alias would be Batman, otherwise you wouldn’t be taking this quiz. But even those who have taken the Batman name and donned his cowl have gone by other aliases in the past, either in New Earth incarnations of themselves or before they became Batman. Which of these four aliases would you prefer to have?

Question 13

Which team would you rather be affiliated with?

Superheroes often join teams of their peers to fight powerful evils, and even lone wolf Batman (well, he occasionally fights with Robin, but at the end of the day, he is kind of a loner, being an orphan and what not) has found himself affiliated with a team or two over the years. Which of these teams would you rather be a part of?

Question 14

How do you feel about romance?

Some people get bitten by the love bug and some people think it’s a load of nonsense. You can either believe in fate and soulmates and love or you can shrug it all off. Which side are you on? What are your thoughts on the ideas of love and romance?

Question 15

Who would you rather have play you in a movie?

Let’s face it, this list of actors is not a particularly pretty sight. Half of them are barely known, let alone famous (although if you’re a true Batman fan, you should know them from Gotham and Under the Red Hood), and the famous ones are nothing to really brag about. So, the question really should be, which of these actors would you mind the least playing you in a movie?

Question 16

What mode of transport would you prefer?

If you’re Batman, you need a quick way to get around town. You’re wanted at all different street corners all over Gotham City every two minutes, the streets are riddled with crime. You need a mode of transport that you’re comfortable with to get you from point A to point B. Which of these would you prefer?

Question 17

What is the worst injury you’ve ever incurred?

We’ve all suffered some injuries in our lives. We’re only human. Some of us have incurred injuries worse than others. And some Batmans have incurred far worse injuries than others. Which of these four injuries is the worst one you’ve ever had? (If you’ve never had any of these, just pick the closest one comparatively.)

Question 18

Which villain do you contend with the most?

The rogues' gallery of Batman villains is vast and wide, and there are some real nasty cookies in there. But everyone who’s ever put their hands on a Batman comic has connected with one villain more than the rest, whether it be something they’ve done that’s personally hit you or you just like their costume. So, which of these villains do you contend with the most?

Question 19

How mentally stable are you?

It’s not necessarily a job requirement in the application process of selecting a new Batman that you be mentally stable, although it probably would help. It doesn’t really matter because being Batman will throw your psyche off balance either way. So, based on this scale, how mentally stable are you?

Question 20

What are your thoughts on the circus?

Circuses are creepy if you don’t like clowns, which based on the excitement for the new It movie, a lot of people don’t. But for some people, they’re a place for fun and wonderment, and for some people, it’s work. It’s where they go to work and do wacky stuff for people’s enjoyment. So, what do you think of the circus?

Question 21

Which of these weapons appeals to you?

Weapons make up a huge part of what being Batman is. Since Batman is just a guy in a suit (albeit a very accomplished, capable, and skilled guy in a suit), he doesn’t have the flashy Green Lantern rings, ability to fly, and underwater breathing that all his Justice League friends have. So, it’s all down to the weapons. Which of these weapons appeals to you the most?

Question 22

Which of these is your key strength?

Despite having no actual superpowers, anyone donning the Batman cowl should still have a great number of advanced skills and abilities that make them worthy of fighting alongside Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and, um, Aquaman – be it hand to hand combat or simply indomitable will. Which of these is your key strength?

Question 23

Which musical artist was everyone listening to when you were born?

Music forms a huge part of our culture, and in our particular culture, it’s ever-changing. No two years in music are ever the same as the beast is constantly evolving. But people’s music tastes generally stay the same throughout their adult life. Which musical artist was everyone listening to when you were born?

Question 24

How many languages can you speak?

Usually Batman is confined to the English-speaking Gotham City in the seedy underworld of the United States. But sometimes multilingualism is useful in being the Caped Crusader, as you’re sometimes required to head into other countries and bring justice there. So how many languages do you speak?

Question 25

What is your main weakness?

Everyone has at least one weakness. There are a number of people who come close, but at the end of the day, no one is perfect. Even Batman. Each and every person who has donned the cape of Batman has had some kind of weakness, big or small. Which of these is your primary weakness?

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