Which Awesome 80s Harrison Ford Hero Are You?


Harrison Ford is one of the highest-grossing actors in history, and has played some pretty interesting characters over the years. But perhaps the most well-known of these characters are the many action heroes Harrison Ford has portrayed. For many decades, Harrison Ford was the go to man for any action movie that needed an awesome hero. Characters like Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Decker, and even characters like President Marshall from his later film, Air Force One. And Harrison Ford is still acting to this day, and plays a central role in the new Blade Runner movie, Blade Runner 2049.

Each of these characters are very different in their own way, and it's easy to see that Harrison Ford is an excellent actor from his amazing range and the way in which he makes each of his characters seem a little different in each of his movies. Some are lighter, some are darker, but each character seems to have a little bit of Harrison Ford buried down inside. And that's what makes a great actor - the ability to mix their own personality with each character they portray. But which one of these characters is closest to your personality? Take the quiz to find out...

1How Would You Get From Point A To Point B?

Every cool action hero also needs a way to get from one adventure to the next, and this is usually some kind of vehicle. Some of these vehicles were never actually given names in their respective movies, but that didn't stop them from being loved by audiences. Other vehicles are famous and celebrated among fans. But which would you pick?

2What Would Be Your Ideal Setting For An Adventure?

Every good action movie has to have a cool setting. The setting is what gets people interested in the movie. Sometimes the setting is fairly elaborate, such as in space or in the future of Earth. But other times, the setting can be just as interesting by going for something small and simple, like the interior of an airplane. But which one would you pick?

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